Posted on February 1, 2012

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Washington Post: For Romney and Paul, a strategic alliance between establishment and outsider 23:17:21
Registered 12 People to Vote for Ron Paul Today 18:37:11
CNN to Dick Armey of FreedomWorks: 'Why are you not backing Ron Paul?' 17:52:14
Cavuto: Ron Paul to Announce Mortgage Relief Plan in Nevada 17:09:15
UPDATE VIDEO Interview:Ron Paul supporter says Gingrich security officer fractured his foot, Plans to press charges 17:08:25
"I'm Bill Gross And I Endorse Ron Paul For President" VIDEO 18:44:23
UPDATED: Look at these numbers! Very encouraging! 14:23:26
According to Sun Tzu's 'Art of War' 11:33:48
Help an Army Ranger Get to Ron Paul March in Washington 11:33:38
Happy 55th year Anniversary Ron & Carol Paul. God Bless You! 00:28:37
Ron Paul Campaign Raised $13 million in Fourth Quarter 2011 02:10:36
Ron Paul in Henderson, Nevada: "We Have Only Gotten Started!" 19:10:55
Daily Paul Radio Interviews Charles Goyette: 'Iran and India Oil for Gold' 10:01:45
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I just called Fox5 in Las Vegas about Ron's "Plan to Restore Nevada" 23:53:03
WI Poll Vote for PAUL 23:47:25
NATIONAL REVIEW: Paul looking good in Maine 23:38:12
California primary question 23:27:52
The First State Ron Paul Wins Will Be ? 23:14:15
Hard To Believe 23:14:00
Mormons For Ron Paul - 'He's More Conservative, More Electable' 23:13:39
New Book: The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution 23:13:27
10th Amd.Ctr: Washington State Legislators introduce Bill to NULLiFY NDAA! 23:05:59
The Ron Paul Dog (Video) 22:57:28
Georgia Ohio Tennessee - Deadline to Register is TODAY 22:52:22
For all you "Hawks out there..." 22:51:33
Lord Monckton agrees w/ Ron Paul about private currencies 22:50:40
One Man's Terrorist: My Anti-War Short Film 22:40:06
To add a facebook page "Muslims for RON PAUL" to 22:37:02
VIDEO: Fox Focus Group Clamors for RP! -Wed 2/1 22:36:42
My Cousin Eddie cam up with a RP Jingle 22:35:43
CARTOON - Bad News Obama, the Hole is Still Getting DEEPER! 22:31:58
There is no such thing as a former Ron Paul supporter and his supporters will only vote for Liberty. Ignore that and Obama wins. 22:28:47
Romney Supports Automatic Hikes in Minimum Wage 22:26:19
The Mainstream Media Are Screwing Themselves 22:26:13
Ron Paul's military spending proposal will bring back military budget to what year? 22:19:42
Hope - This is how it happens! 22:17:41
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy and the Republican Establishment 22:14:48
One Man's Terrorist: And Anti-War Short Film 22:11:11
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy and the Republican Establishment 22:08:25
BS!: Republicans exclude Ron Paul from 2012 CPAC event, even though he won in 2010 & 2011 21:54:10
Reality Check Featured on Daily Show! 21:46:57
What Does Your State Use 21:45:06
Virginia DRE Voting Machines 21:36:00
Gingrich being investigated for Virginia voter fraud 21:30:57
Why Ron Paul could Rally in February Caucuses - Article 21:28:36
Get This: US Funds Iran Nuclear Program - CNN News 21:27:44
Letter to the Editor, Media won’t acknowledge Ron Paul 21:26:11
The media's racist hit pieces are a poison pill for Dems. 21:19:20
"My Plan for a Freedom President" by Ron Paul 21:19:18
Here it comes.. The food and health police are on the way! 21:09:31
Ron Paul declined CPAC so that he could campaign 21:08:03
John Stossel Thinks Non-Intervention Is Good Foreign Policy 21:03:39
Fast Forward to November: HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE! 20:55:22
We Are Stronger When We Come Together 20:46:32
Stop Stealing Ron Paul's Ideas, Counter Arguments and More 20:40:45
WTF Florida delegates ARE going to be divided up. 20:27:54
* Poll, you know what to do ! * 20:15:38
Ron Paul should personally treat the young man's foot 20:13:12
Ron Paul needs to win two caucus states and one primary and he is on his way. People will wake up to the importance of delegates 20:11:18
Paul Pins Hope On Caucus States - NBC Affiliate KXAN In Austin, TX 20:07:32
Sometimes the most effective forms of media bias, are the most subtle 19:58:41
Mainstream Media is almost dead, get out your chainsaws 19:56:10
Paul Super-Pac has reporting snafu 19:47:50
Nevada Caucus 19:47:02
Nevada Caucus 19:47:02
List of Ron Paul Endorsements 19:44:29
Gingrich campaign caught in Virginia petition fraud conspiracy. 19:43:16
Ron Paul Releases Economic 'Plan to Restore Nevada' 19:28:27
Video: Fox News Cavuto "The Ron Paul Phenomenon - End the Fed" 19:28:00
Ron Paul's rocket to the White House 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF! 19:27:49
Anthem for Ron Paul 2012 - "Freedom's Coming Home" 19:27:02
Delayed Nevada results could raise questions about the validity of the count. -AP 19:25:33
Michael Scheruer-Interventionists ready a media lynching for Ron Paul 19:23:08
Tim Pawlenty Predicts Strong Ron Paul Showing in Minnesota 19:16:56
The math will set you free! 19:11:15
For Freepers Non-Interventionists are "Surrender Monkeys" - and they don't like be called neocons. 19:05:51
Ron Paul Celebrates 55th Wedding Anniversary, Surprises Wife with Gift 19:04:02
Ron Paul and Mitt Romney: A Two Man Race In Nevada - Fox News 19:02:57
The War That's Not a War 19:00:27
BREAKING: CPAC Snubs Ron Paul From Speaking! 18:55:49
Behind the Scenes: South Florida Grassroots' Final Effort to Sway Voters [VIDEO] 18:50:12
Absolute Proof of Election Fraud, the Most Powerful Article, Ever; Full Article at: http:/www​.nodisinfo​.com/news.​html or htt 18:45:46
Can I accept payments in gold, report face value as income? 18:35:40
CNN Catches Up To Ron Paul In Nevada For A Quick Interview 02/01/2012 18:33:47
What kind of money would it take to make Ron Paul's famous prediction speech into a national ad? 18:33:10
BREAKING: Republican Establishment Excludes Ron Paul From 2012 CPAC Event 18:27:11
Ron Paul Says Latinos Have Become 'Scapegoats For Immigration Issue 18:19:37
Jan Helfeld Interview - John King agrees with Ron Paul "the people are tired of wars" 18:18:47
Media reporting results before ALL polls are closed. 18:17:02
Paul campaign: Newt must pay medical bills for broken foot 18:12:38
*Breaking*Newsflash-This just In-WE CANNOT WIN by crafting our appeal to ONLY appeal to people JUST LIKE US! 18:12:09
Chat is crashing my! 18:02:39
Anyone in Nevada need a caucus speech? Here's mine. 18:02:11
Gallup predicts huge Obama loss when predicted state by state 18:00:20
Expose This Fraud 17:57:47
Q4/YE FEC Presidential Campaign Filings - Broken Down by State 17:51:17
Proof a child knows more than government 17:51:04
Why Ron Paul Has A Good Chance Of Winning In Nevada & Maine 17:47:37
Judge Napolitano On With Cavuto Talk About The 'Phenom' Ron Paul 02/01/12 17:35:01
Virginia Officials Confirm Criminal Election Fraud Investigation of Gingrich Campaign 17:25:05
99,734 people like Rick Sanatorium 17:23:01
The Future Destruction of the Republican Party 17:15:10
A good analogy for neocons to relate to 17:02:13
I'd love the chance to be a delegate for Ron Paul 16:58:48
Ron Paul's Grandchildren Sing a Ron Paul Song [VIDEO] 16:57:19
Can Ron Paul Win Maine? Yes! 16:56:25
Biggest bond fund manager in the world, with over $1 Trillion under management (sort of) endorses Ron Paul. 16:56:15
Character Counts 16:55:15
Ron Paul SuperPAC Media Psy-Op 16:55:05
Uh Oh: "China buying Gold like Cheap Cabbage, COMEX Gold Speculator positions Surge" 16:54:34
In Full, Ron Paul Speaks At 'Hispanics in Politics' Event in Las Vegas 02/01/12 16:47:29
Organize To Win Handbook - A Guide To Grassroots 16:45:39
Ron Paul - Liberty Integrity Prosperity - Blue Wristbands with White Print Project 16:41:10
Zerohedge/Bill gross Slight Endorsement 16:39:58
Why Ron Paul Has A Good Chance Of Winning In Nevada & Maine 16:33:09
here we go again now rons a nazi 16:30:54
Republican Establishment Excludes Ron Paul From CPAC 2012 16:30:23
"Ron Paul Could Have A VERY Good Weekend" 16:27:27
Romney already made a mistake today :) could hurt him 16:09:17
PayPal co-founder remains major Ron Paul supporter 16:07:44
Ron Must WIN Nevada and Maine 16:07:15
Peace sells...but who's buying? 15:57:28
Skype users needed 15:47:27
WOW! - Israel and the American Elections - video 15:47:10
Ron Paul Media Blackout Confirmed 15:42:56
Dissecting one of Ron Paul's Dangerous ideas 15:37:48
This Should Slow Romney Down A Bit 15:23:20
Ron Paul MUST Win or we will suffer until at least 2020 15:21:54
Ron Paul's Q4 Expense Reports Prove Frugality & Transparency 15:20:11
BE SMART: Calm Down 15:17:30
Ron Paul - Liberty Integrity Prosperity - Blue Wristbands with White Print Project 15:13:45
Tell me if this wont make people wake up! 15:12:13
Ron Paul needs to start calling Mit out on his Goldman Sachs connections 15:11:45
Iowa screwed Ron Paul out of ALL the Delegates? Check it out! 15:00:30
The ones who DON'T vote are probably easier to persuade than the neo/teocons who do. 14:58:56
Hacking Democracy 14:55:22
Wyoming - Does anyone know supporters in WY? 14:43:13
drug trafficking's big money benefits Big Brother and corrupt banksters 14:38:49
*WELCOME NEWBIES*Important Info just for YOU-Please Read/Comment- 14:34:01
Clearing The Smoke: The Science Of Cannabis. 14:33:13
Just called the register voters place in Louisiana. Wow this is sickening 14:31:10
In Which 5 States Will Ron Paul Achieve the Plurality of Delegates? 14:30:44
The 1 thing you can do to GUARANTEE Ron Paul WINS the nomination. 14:21:15
Paul Raised $3 Million More Than Newt In 4th Quarter 14:18:28
I Hung My Head In Shame 14:15:26
Ron Paul IS Truth - RP has B@lls 14:15:02
Fellow Paulers, I have a simple question 14:13:21
Why Ron Paul Has A Good Chance Of Winning In Nevada & Maine 14:12:01
Anyone watch Revolution PAC coverage of primaries? 14:09:29
The best of Ron Paul! 14:01:11
"Word" The Most Powerful GIFT we possess 14:01:00
Mitt Romney to Receive Secret Service Protection 14:00:22
How To Start A Movement (3 min video) 13:40:11
Ron Paul running 3rd party : How is coming in 3rd in a 3 man race a success? 13:39:28
MSNBC has never been more right, PEP TALK! 13:35:25
Sheldon Adelson donates $7m to Gingrich Political Action Committee 13:30:47
The 10 States Ron Paul is most likely to win 13:27:30
George Soros: Obomney for president 13:26:59
Front page needed - Veterans March for Ron Paul Money Grenade! 13:14:19
Friendly Press from the left 13:11:14
Movie Trailer for "One Man's Terrorist" Movie by the David West & the r3volution! 13:06:43
Jon Stewart's interview with Jonathan Macey 13:02:45
Letter to the Editor 12:59:39
This is it! 12:58:16
Doug Wead Responds: "i read it. masterful. lets get it out." 02:55:20
LOP: Where do you find GOP voters? 12:50:56
How to stop election/voter fraud 12:46:30
I reject our ISOLATIONIST foreign policy 12:39:20
VIDEO: ROCKS thrown into Glass of Washington RP2012 Official Campaign HQ! 12:36:20
FBI Takes Down Wrong Door (with chainsaw) 12:31:27
CARTOON: "Lockstep" - Ron Paul is the Only One that Knows the Path To Liberty! 12:30:34
The Aimee Allen Music Video would Be Better Than the Ads Combined 12:27:07
Best New Ron Paul Slogans 12:25:25
New Poll Shows That Only Paul Or Romney Can Beat Obama 12:17:02
Poll! (share) 12:04:04
CIA Agent Charged Under Espionage Act For Reporting Torture 11:58:42
Just got on the Neal Boortz show! :) 11:54:19
Plan "B" 11:47:53
I need some good advice! 11:37:05
Ron Paul outraises Newt Gingrich by more than $3 million - The State Column 11:35:52
11 Ways to Woo Way More Progressives 11:34:09
Social Security worse off than most think 11:21:40
Ranger zaps off-leash dog walker with electric-shock gun 11:16:19
My Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops video 11:16:07
Virginia AG Investigating Gingrich Campaign for Voter Fraud 11:13:55
Paul campaign headquarters in VA burglary Last night 11:07:35
Wolf Blitzer Interviews Ron Paul After Florida Primary: "I'm the Only Candidate Who Wants to Cut Spending" 11:06:37
Obama Eligibility …blow By Blow 11:04:56
Next Time CNN Asks About Racist Remarks in the Newsletters... 11:02:12
So what do we call the New Party? 10:52:14
Who else carries the torch of liberty in politics today? 10:44:36
Sen. Paul Joins Lawsuit Against President Obama's Recess Appointments 10:44:30
MN Caucus is Feb. 7th. Does Ron Paul have any Town Hall meetings set up? 10:43:49
Are there any recent polls in Nevada to look at? 10:40:37
NO WAY! Ron Paul Officially CUT From CPAC Roster? 10:40:23
FBI Called Off Gingrich Sting 10:29:23
Great R3VOL Site: - fit for Twitter Succinctness! 10:01:25
Let's Send A Message: "There is no compromise!" 10:00:39
Does anyone have Youtube of Jordan Page last night Henderson, Nevada? 09:58:19
Newt Gingrich:Cashing In on His Political Connections 09:56:50
Is globalization a good thing or bad thing? My business class is learning about it. 09:47:13
Rachel Maddow - 1/31/12 - Matthews says Ron Paul is the winner... "he's having fun!" 09:42:48
Ron Paul may win more delegates 09:40:43
The Rally Cry That Can Turn the Campaign. A Braveheart Yell of "FREEDOM!" 09:39:22
Foreign support for Dr. Paul 09:38:49
Rush Limbaugh lies on the air, AGAIN! 09:23:13
Big Government Romney 09:11:11
Crowd videos 09:09:45
Remember This Number: 38 09:08:33
[=NEW VIDEOS=] Romney family and their Rockefeller Republicanism 08:49:22
Daily Racing Rag: "Ron Paul Is No Peace Puppy!" 08:42:51
The Day the Dollar Fell (2005 docu) 08:36:23
Romney is "Ready To Lead" huh? Who's ready to follow? 08:13:56
Santorum, Paul take campaigns out West and vow to stay in race 07:55:36
Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker 07:39:07
How easy was it to STEAL the Florida Primary and WHAT can you DO about it? 07:23:44
George Bush elected with "Humble Foreign Policy", Ron Paul laughed at? 07:19:53
Why did Dr. Paul feel he had to call Romney? Will he be endorsing him? 07:13:07
If you respect the CONSTITUTION, you have to watch this! 06:50:46
Great Romney Ad, Pass it on. 06:39:27
Rothschild: "...almost complete control of national finance." 06:37:35
Total Number of Votes So Far? 06:27:23
Analysis: Financial titans rally to Romney's cause 06:10:42
Among the 4, what do Ron & Mitt have in common? 05:50:42
Effect of Intervention Policies 05:35:16
Goldman Sachs cooked Greece books. Max lets it rip. 05:06:01
Technology Entrepreneurs Line Up To Endorse Liberty 04:53:25
Technology Entrepreneurs Line Up To Endorse Liberty 04:52:16
7% and why it matters 04:33:02
WISDOM gets in a LIFE or DEATH struggle w/ ENTHUSIASM 04:15:14
What's up with " And I'm a mormon " 03:51:04
Ron Paul in Reno,NV Thursday 7pm + Sat Volunteer Effort for Caucuses! 03:38:28
Corruption of the GOP & MSM will not be rewarded by Ron Paul 03:22:34
Romney's Connection To Saul Alinsky 03:17:40
Urgent! Bernard von NotHaus Needs Your Help! 03:10:14
PayPal founder Peter Thiel contributes $900K to Ron Paul Super PAC 03:06:09
Washington State Says No To NDAA! 02:57:18
WE NEED THIS! Obama rolls out Square Mobile Fundraising Platform 02:35:32
In Defense of Extremism 02:32:41
Romney Gets Secret Service 02:30:05
Paul's Position on Homeschooling 02:25:07
Jerry Doyle Interview with Rand Paul 01/31/12 02:16:43
Romney Provides the Illusion of Support on his speeches - Ron Doesn't Need to 01:56:16
Must Watch Documentaries! 01:55:15
Yet another screwy idea: open source, transparent, global voting. 01:53:51
I Parental Locked Fox news on my cable box 01:30:49
Beware the Ides of March (Now is all you have) 01:29:35
Media already playing down Maine in anticipation of Paul win 01:27:37
Interesting Headlines 01:19:16
In Nevada, Ron Paul's backers are ready for the caucuses 01:09:48
Slow and steady wins the race - Ron Paul never planned to win Florida. He's looking long-term 01:03:32
Judge Judy - Here's Who You Support With Taxes 00:57:42
Romney to get Secret Service Protection Because of His Large Crowds! 00:57:08
Why the GOP doesn't start the primary process with states like California 00:28:07
NOW: A Real-Life Ron Paul Supporters' Emotion Meter (Amazing Statistics!) 00:24:26
State of VA Investigates Gingrich Voter Fraud 00:22:00
PHOTO: Putting It All In Perspective! 00:06:03
A Righteous Man : Jews for Ron Paul 00:05:56