Posted on February 3, 2012

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'Weekend News:" Norm Macdonald endorses Ron Paul 2012! 23:23:41
Ron Paul Rocks Nevada! Gingrich "unraveling"...right before our eyes 21:05:39
You know you're a Ron Paul supporter if 23:18:34
Amazing argument in favor of Ron Paul by a former Romney supporter (who happens to be Mormon) 17:59:57
Chris Matthews Gets OWNED By Jan Helfeld! 15:07:25
Ron Paul Jabs Trump In Interview: 'Why Do You Talk About Him?' (VIDEO) 11:09:11
REPOST: How Ron Paul Won All of My Iowa Precincts 05:25:27
Clay Shirky: Why PIPA & SOPA are a bad idea 10:03:17
11 Maine State Legislators endorse Ron Paul 02:25:23
Video Update: Ron Paul on CNN's Piers Morgan Fri, February 3 21:33:58
He's talking about you 21:30:41
She's Back! Aimee Allen LIVE at the 'Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops' After Party! 00:00:16
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Paulites, A Moment Of Truth, Is Ron Paul Our Modern Day Messiah? A forerunner maybe? 23:56:04
Ron Paul Republican running for Congress (FL-18th district)...needs help getting petitions 23:45:30
After cleaning up Mitt Romney signs from my neighborhood 23:44:43
"Santorum across America" 23:43:59
Former MN State Republican Chairman, Chris Georgacas, endorses Ron Paul! 23:38:34
Why can't the British send their sons? Ron Paul OWNED Piers 23:26:32
Money Bomb Copycats. 23:19:38
You know you're becoming a Ron Paul Addict when 23:08:22
Texans star running back Arian Foster made his voting intentions known 23:07:58
Bank Failure Friday 22:54:01
Morals Issues not Criminal Issues (RON PAUL on CNN 22:46:25
Rush Limbaugh Calls Ron Paul A Terrorist, But Limbaugh's Record Is More In Line With Terrorism 22:33:30
Ron Paul Petition Signing Event- Glenside, PA -within 15 miles & support RP you need to come 22:27:04
Ron paul just said,"If a robber robs bank... 22:26:26
Why are Ron Paul supporters so intense?! 22:25:07
Ron Paul Ringtone 22:23:09
VIDEO: Dr. Paul's Direct Appeal to Nevada. Vote for Freedom, Vote for ALL Our Future! 22:15:03
Ron Paul Stops Debt Clock! 22:14:32
Israel Warns US Jews: Iran Could Strike Here 22:13:36
Occupy the Super Bowl 22:11:30
Another great Ron Paul Song 22:10:46
Text This Number Now To Donate To Ron Paul's Campaign 21:51:24
Very Funky New Ron Paul Song! 21:47:08
A picture paints a thousand words! 21:44:18
Ann Barnhardt Tells Romney To Go Home MUST SEE! 21:38:44
Ron Paul knows how to stretch a dollar — or 15 million dollars 21:29:06
Mises Institute's Jeffrey Tucker talks end the Fed on Russia Today 21:13:23
Nevada GOP Chair: It's Between Paul and Romney for Caucus Win 21:09:37
ALERT: Ron Paul on ABC's 'This Week' THIS Sunday morning 21:06:51
This video made me cry because I'm so ashamed of what we're doing in the name of spreading "democracy" 21:01:05
Blatant lie 20:53:15
What Is a Just War? 20:37:29
AZ State Univ. engages in ‘blatant censorship,’ blocks access to petition-hosting site 20:29:01
Jeffrey Tucker makes the Case Against the Federal Reserve and the Banking Cartel 20:27:11
Marc Faber endorses Paul 20:11:39
Ron Paul workout motivational video 20:11:18
MSN: Romney "explains" poor people comment ! Ya right! 20:08:48
How to mail Super Brochures? 20:01:12
pay your local newsstand 10 cents a paper and put in a Ron paul slimjim inside. 19:56:20
Should sugar be regulated like a toxin? "Seems like a good idea" 19:54:24
Corporatism Is Not the Free Market 19:53:49
Veterans March for Ron Paul and Concert Following with Jordan Page, Golden State 19:51:51
Letter from a slave to his former Master (1865) 19:48:41
Fantastic Article! A new Ron in the Oval Office? How Ron Paul can force a game changer 19:43:53
Amazing Painting "The Forgotten Man" MUST SEE! 19:37:35
Rothbard: Newt Gingrich Is No Libertarian 19:32:55
Professor of Journalism in Buffalo publishes distasteful libelous article about Ron Paul and dehumanizes his supporters. 19:26:06
Complain To Every Interviewer And Dr. Paul Won't Get Coverage 19:25:21
Missouri State Senator Introduces Nullification Bill 19:24:46
WSJ - Ron Paul to Nevada Supporters: Go Vote! 19:15:19
A3P racist webmaster hacked by anonymous getting verbally slammed and run off at CPAC by Ron Paul supporters. 19:10:13
Rick Santelli explains the new phony employment numbers - video 18:50:25
I Love The New World Order... 18:47:51
Gingrich voter fraud in VA? 18:45:25
Ron Paul responds to Reddit - 5 Part Series 18:45:17
Need help with a local news poll. 18:43:02
My last ditch effort to help Ron Paul in Nevada 18:42:32
What has become of our fundraising efforts? 18:41:39
Georgia judge rejects attempt to keep Obama off state's primary ballot 18:40:43
The Onion: Ron Paul Blames Florida Loss On Expensive Advertising Costs Of Poster Board, Markers 18:36:34
Now Ron Paul is a Neo-Nazi: More Smears 18:30:34
I Support Our Troops and Value Their Sentiment (article I just wrote) 18:26:18
Could we Please Just Bomb Iran Already ? The Drums are Beating. 18:20:44
C'mon Nevada! 18:14:50
Ron Paul: Ahead of His Time 18:08:19
Stunning Video: The Forgotten Man [EMBED] 18:02:15
Question Based on History of Terror Against the U.S. 17:58:54
Free Market Economics - The Fed 17:58:49
Received $60,000 Severance Package - Need Advice 17:58:05
Lobbying the lobbyists? 17:56:27
COMMENTARY: Ron Paul Is The Only Hope 17:53:56
Santorum Out! Fails To Qualify for Indiana Statewide Ballot. 17:51:22
Bumper sticker I made :) 17:45:52
Bill Kintner for Legislature (Nebraska) 17:44:02
Info on Voter Fraud 17:38:58
Shadow Government Statistics: True Unemployment 22.5% 17:36:38
New Video: Nevada Mormons with Paul! 17:24:24
Sign the "End the MSM Blackout of Ron Paul" Petition! 17:21:21
the media got it right? 17:19:44
Ron Paul InfoMoney Ideas 17:18:45
Beginning with Sunday AM Headlines over a few days: Ron Paul wins vast majority of 128 caucus delegates in NV, Maine, CO and MN! 17:17:39
Capitalism 17:08:44
The Ron Paul Notebook 17:03:42
DRUDGE: War, war, and more War. 17:02:14
Reno Gazette Urinal endorses Mitt! Please vote in this poll, too! 17:01:55
Bank of International Settlements, derivatives contracts contracts have an outstanding notional value of 707.57 trillion dollars 16:55:51
I just voted early for RP in Arizona 16:40:39
Follow the Maine Caucus Results BEFORE they are officially announced! 16:28:12
How do I become a Ron Paul delegate in Ohio? 16:28:09
Want a Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker? 16:19:36
Calling ALL Georgia Ron Paulers 16:16:16
Man those Snorgtees ads are 16:10:42
As Master Card Used To Say - Priceless! 16:10:34
The Next Step of the Revolution 16:06:59
Yahoo!: Reason for 1,000 to see Paul was because hookers might show. 16:04:07
Samaria 15:58:28
Yo Momma's Federal Government So Big! 15:56:51
Cadillac Ranch for Ron Paul 15:49:56
With Ron Paul..."Shift Happens" 15:42:56
Israel and the American Elections 15:37:02
Romney Sheeople Cyclone 15:35:43
Becoming a Colorado Delegate? 15:33:55
American Exceptionalism 15:30:39
Drums of War, Iraq All Over Again 15:28:49
Joe Paterno, Ron Paul and Media Bias 15:25:48
It's time for science to move on from materialism 15:17:37
Good article on Paul supporters in Nevada GOP leadership 15:11:53
Paraprosdokians 15:08:44
Failed suicide Attempt is a bad thing in the Military 15:04:52
[VIDEO] Ron Paul speaks to Minnesota Republicans! 14:59:01
Yahoo: Despite rumors, no ‘bunnies’ show to ‘pimp for Paul’ at candidate’s Reno rally 14:49:53
When we go out to a restaraunt 14:40:29
DP'er Talking Debt (The Fed, Ron Paul) on the Radio Today! 14:36:26
How many sign petitions for causes, email senators, etc on a DAILY basis? 14:34:12
WHY is this guy a senior advisor to OUR CAMPAIGN? 14:33:38
Rand Paul - open discussion 14:29:40
Tell Your Friends on the Left: California Green Party "Money Bloom" Feb. 4 14:20:05
13 States Consider Ron Paul's Alternative Currencies of Gold and Silver 14:19:25
Ron Paul Art 14:14:38
if Ron Paul is not 1st or 2nd lets declare fraud ! and stick by it 14:07:12
We are there because we are there. Because we're there, will be there some more. 13:55:40
Its time again to make history 13:52:16
Is Intrade wrong about Nevada 1-Mitt 2-Newt 3-Ron results? 13:46:11
VIDEO - Back Home, Lake Jackson Residents Take Pride In Ron Paul 13:43:28
The Ron Paul Revolution DEFINED 13:35:14
Despite all my rage 13:34:30
Reality Check: Is Iran really plotting an attack on U.S. soil? 13:33:06
Any Ron Paul supporters in Paris this weekend? 13:31:02
Jobs # Sucks - Don't Beleive the Hype 13:20:55
Jon Stewart features Ben Swann of 'Reality Check' while exposing the 'Bain Man' 13:20:11
REMEMBER HOW YOU FELT Deep Inside your Being after SUPER TUESDAY 2008? 12:46:51
Looking at the Numbers 2008 vs 2012 12:40:00
Revolution PAC maintains media boycott with Nevada Broadcast. 12:39:04
The Art of Mental Warfare. 12:33:42
Just got hung up on! 12:33:35
is it really this bad ? 12:32:55
Tomorrow's Headlines: "Ron Paul wins first State" 12:23:53
Trygve Olson should be fired as Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Advisor 12:22:10
I sent a "Thank You for supporting RP" to each of the Maine Reps DP Listed this morning. 12:12:49
Las Vegas Sun! 12:07:37
27 of 35 Bush Articles of Impeachment Apply to Obama 12:07:06
OH BOY! A Bunny Just Admitted to CRUSH on Ron Paul! 12:00:28
WV Vaccine Exemption-Need your help! 11:58:41
Considering volunteering for RP Headquaters in Virginia 11:52:35
Can Ron Paul Be Tamed? 11:46:31
Spectacular Comment Defends the "Hands Off" free market approach 11:45:20
Full patdowns and Xrays at the Superbowl 11:43:58
Ron Paul never compromised his principles for his political career; Why would he do so for Rand's? 11:40:03
Call me when the news picks up... 11:34:27
Northern Mn Ron Paul Ppl 11:31:28
Jim Rogers on Ben Bernanke, the Dollar and "Saving the Saver" 11:28:56
Ron Paul Getting Local TV Coverage in UTAH! 11:23:07
6th & 7th Lafayette, Colorado students are going to mock caucus 11:15:19
Romney campaign ad on Daily Paul 11:08:29
Tom Woods hosts Peter Schiff Show- Live Now! 11:02:07
Hey SuperPac- Air the Aimee Allen Video ! 10:43:32
No one but Ron Paul. (video) 10:39:14
Can Anyone Help Me Get To CPAC For Paul? 10:39:03
A Noble Lie 10:38:20
a vote for Obama is a win for Paul 10:33:07
Justin Raimondo: Dear MSM/WallSt.Bankster Sycophants, There's NO "Secret Alliance" w/Mitt or Any RINO! 10:23:53
Freedom: Delivering an Effective Message 10:21:10
Nevada - Corey Harrison and Chumlee of # 1 show Pawn Stars endorse Ron Paul for President 10:16:16
Freedom: Delivering an Effective Message 10:08:47
NYT: Wearing Guns, and Support for Ron Paul, on Their Hips 10:06:22
Treasury to issue debt with NEGATIVE yield? 10:05:26
RP's detailed "Plan To Restore America" and How It Will Help Nevadans 09:53:50
Mitt Romney 'Not Concerned About The Very Poor' Remark Now DNC Ad 09:53:45
Why the economy is improving 09:53:17
TSA agent arrested for allegedly stealing $5,000 from passenger's jacket 09:46:17
Santorum Voted to Subsidize Abortion, Planned Parenthood 09:44:25
Rand, Please do not accept a VP offer. 09:33:31
An Attack on Iran/Russia/China = Global Nuclear War - RON: please start saying "NUCLEAR WAR" 09:31:23
Ron Paul: Reactionary or Visionary 09:20:41
For the Record : Newt Faith and Family. Great Video! 09:19:37
Reject Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) Video *repost reminder* 09:01:23
Bernanke to Savers: We Don't Owe You A Living 08:59:33
My letter to Hannity 08:48:33
States seek Currencies made of Silver and Gold 08:42:49
Ron Paul Campaign Gary Howard Denies Anonymous' Claim of Link to American Third Position 08:41:02
Is there a Forum for metals professionals? 08:39:37
Nevada tea partiers Not Coalescing behind a single Candidate 08:35:58
Ron Paul: Racist newsletters still an issue? Article to share with those who won't drop it! 08:26:43
Film Critic Roger Ebert gives Ron Paul THUMBS UP! 08:24:28
Crimes And Punishments 08:17:16
Trillion Dollar Lawsuit To End Financial Tyranny - The FED is just the tip of the iceberg 07:54:31
May "The Weekly Standard" burn in hell. 07:42:39
The MATRIX and the US Constitution - What is the truth? 06:36:34
While You Were Watching the Super Bowl 06:32:19
The Real Reason Behind The Wars And Organized Uprising In The Middle East 06:06:10
Should You Believe the Nevada Polls? No. 06:03:14
The Organized Crime Syndicates in Israel and the U.S. 05:36:17
Smear attacks 05:33:49
Beer Spas 05:14:31
the 1st Libertarians in recorded history: the citizens of Argos 05:05:31
Virginia: House passes bills to allow primary write-ins, change primary date... 04:52:04
Ron Paul's Nevada supporters like his economics, liberal social views 04:39:34
Massive Wave of Endorsements for Ron Paul in Maine 04:19:43
Jamie Dupree Washington Insider Arizona Stays Winner Take All Despite GOP Rules 04:19:18
The Ron Paul Revolution DEFINED 04:10:47
People That Want Freedom Should Vote For Ron Paul 04:04:38
Is Brad Pitt a Paulite? Freedom Fever is spreading 04:00:41
Massive Wave of Endorsements for Ron Paul in Maine 03:59:16
Nevada Caucus Voters! Listen Up! Please read! Please! 03:56:37
Columnist Calls for Internet “Quality Control” to Quash Dissent 03:30:33
'US uses Depleted Uranium, makes graveyards in Afghanistan' 03:25:10
Do You Like Online Privacy? You May Be a Terrorist 03:22:34
Video: Better Off? Ron Paul for President 2012, the Revolution Continues! 03:20:15
Nobel peace prize jury under investigation 03:18:06
New NV PPP poll 03:12:46
CAFR reviews and the path to Ending Taxation progresses. Ready for a "Real" change? 02:57:57
Ron Paul is the ONLY Choice! 02:44:21
A Default or not a Default? Learn about the International Swaps and Derivatives Association 02:39:49
This is the quintessential American Voter? 02:39:37
Reddit and Ron Paul 02:18:25
a few more thoughts from Sam 02:12:23
This May Seem Like A Stupid Question but-Are We Trying to WIN? 02:09:36
Brand New Revision - Candidate Comparison Sheets For Canvassing! 02:06:13
Russia Warns US That WW3 Coming Soon! 01:59:18
Promote Ron Paul on Craigslist in Nevada 01:51:15
Lack of State Level endorsements (PARADOX) 01:46:54
You've forgotten how to be beautiful... VIDEO 01:37:28
Anyone but Romney 01:37:16
Any Activists in Southern Virginia? 01:34:41
Contact Shari's Berries... Boycott 01:28:15
How Will T-Rump's Endorsement of Mooch'in Mitt Effect Navada? 01:25:49
PPP CEO - Nevada is particularly hard to poll 08:52:19
WNY's most read newspaper is slandering Ron Paul repeatedly 01:22:46
Monitoring number of votes at the Adelson School by cam recording entrances? 01:16:51
Where Will You Be On Sunday, January 20th, 2013? 01:16:36
How The Swiss Opted Out of War 01:06:43
If I won the lottery this weekend, I'd go broke for Ron Paul 01:00:12
Any Fallout Between O'Reilly and Jerry Doyle Since Doyle Challenged Him? 00:59:19
Video: You Are Ron Paul 00:53:32
YAVI 00:44:46
Trying to convert a co-worker, but don't wanna be rude 00:43:53
Did Brad Pitt endorse Ron Paul? 00:41:42
2009 Chart of Establishment Elite 00:37:09
Tell your Democratic friends to read this: 00:18:53
ATTENTION: Kansas City MO area Ron Paul Supporters! Rick Santorum Rally! 00:11:37