Posted on February 5, 2012

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400 Delegates nobody is talking about. (update) 21:05:55
Paul Camp Cries Fraud Over Nevada Caucus Results 14:44:25
NYTimes: Morning Workers & Ron Paul Voters Who Went To Adelson Caucus Denied Entry For Not Signing Religious Declaration 04:55:31
GOP Vice Chair Orders Centralized Re-Count For Vegas/Clark County. 03:50:34
Yahoo!: For the Truth About Paul, Skip the Article and Read the Comments 00:42:41
Ron Paul 57.73% Landslide in Special Late Night Nevada Caucus 01:50:21
Sunday Morning: Ron Paul on ABC's "This Week" 08:33:00
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My Video Response To The Nevada GOP Voting Fraud Against Ron Paul 23:52:30
Demand a #nevadarecount on twitter and let's make it trend! 23:38:24
Video: Ron Paul Thankfully Excluded! 23:38:20
Colorado is Next - List Your County! 23:38:15
Getting the votes of Gingrich and Santorum voters in Virginia 23:36:01
Kelly Clarkson sings National Anthem at Super Bowl 2012 23:35:59
Its time to donate to the campaign 23:35:34
Ron Paul Billboard designs 23:28:11
How'd I miss this 23:24:21
Changing Party Registration to Vote for Ron Paul 23:18:21
Politico: It's Paul vs. Romney in Maine 23:17:37
Civil Liberties / Fein / Greenwald in Indianapolis 23:17:17
TOP-BILLIONAIRE donates to Ron Paul "Endorse Liberty" PAC! 23:16:04
PA GOP Senate Candidate Marc Scaringi Discusses the Gold Standard 23:08:44
Whatever You Think Happened In Nevada..Let It Mobilize You To 23:05:35
Undecided voter response to Rochester rally 23:00:49
Understanding How Votes Can Be Manipulated 22:59:48
Story From Precinct Where RP Got a Low Vote Total 22:55:34
Remember in 2008 When We Were Chanting YES WE CAN? My bad... 22:30:28
FOX: Ron Paul Has The TRUE Conservative Vote 22:26:13
POLL! 22:25:26
What's Wrong with Americans Elect? 22:08:42
FRAUD-PROOF idea for the future 22:02:57
Adelson Signals He'll Back Romney if Gingrich Drops Out 22:00:09
I don't get to vote, or have a say until June in California... 21:48:14
What about our own "Occupy" movement? 21:43:27
Ron Paul gathers most donations in my county! 21:25:07
Lets take all this in and concentrate on open protest, call the GOP HQ. and let them know about it 21:25:03
Larken Rose endorses . . . Mitt Romney. LOL! 21:21:47
I Quit 21:18:56
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong 21:17:04
Morale and Momentum 21:16:11
There needs to be an organized effort to record counting in Maine. 21:14:58
Yet another tool to help educate the unconverted: 21:09:54
Attention Daily Paulers in Washoe County, Nevada. Please post your precinct results here. 21:01:27
Can we Demoralize the Media? 20:50:52
In Nevada, the youthful voters doubled down on Ron Paul 20:40:14
It is official: Elections in America are a complete hoax 20:33:17
Its Time to Fish or Cut Bait - Our Power is at each and every Precinct. Let's use it! 20:31:10
I think we need to adapt. 20:26:24
So, GOP Found a scape goat willing to go to jail yet for a lie! (felony) 20:26:09
The Votes are coming out AGAIN 20:15:52
24 hrs Later and NVGOP Still Doesn't Have the Vote Counted? 20:12:30
CNN, FOX, MSNBC can't even get their story straight 20:04:43
Billionaire Foster Friess 19:52:43
Eli Manning injured in car accident! Will NOT play in Super Bowl - KTLA News 19:49:19
Amazing,Hilarious Romney pic...R Money 19:41:04
It's all about PAULMENTUM 19:27:20
Email Iowa and ask where the missing precinct votes are 19:26:12
That national anthem just killed me. 19:23:24
Establishment Media Coverage of Suspicious Nevada Caucus 19:11:55
Would some of the RP leaders in Nevada please explain what happened? 19:09:02
Show Support on your Twitter Profile 19:06:33
Old Aimee Allen Videos from 2008 18:54:25
Ron Paul political school 18:49:29
☀Submit Stories to Drudge☀ 18:45:06
Forget The Super Bowl, I'm Ready To Storm The Media 18:42:58
TRUETUBE ! will take a bullet to report the truth 18:36:02
Oklahoma: TODAY is deadline to register Republican 18:33:31
Questions regarding Nevada Sunday... 18:33:20
I can't believe the GOP is willing to destroy itself so Paul doesn't win 18:31:26
"Freedom's Coming Home"-by Liberty Seeds. New RP music video, lyrics by Robin Koerner 18:28:49
Politico: "Ron Paul underwhelms" 18:26:15
Are they really going to wait until the Super Bowl begins to announce the results? 18:14:46
Nevada GOP dealing with ‘trouble box’ of questionable ballots 18:12:43
Invisible Ballots - A Temptation for Electronic Vote Fraud 18:11:26
Colorado caucuses this Tuesday, Feb 7th. 18:10:49
Ron Paul Revolution Via Hip Hop 18:10:48
NV Reporter Tweets of Voter Fraud 18:09:44
Why don’t we count our own Votes in Nevada ? 18:05:42
Ron Paul revolution in Hip Hop 18:05:27
Why aren't *we* counting the ballots? 17:36:11
Edit: Apparently there was no fraud, people were just too lazy to go vote for Paul. 17:34:17
Europe Rises Up Against ACTA 17:28:05
Something fishy is going on in NV...Let's get 'em! 17:27:20
He Said, "I Love Ron Paul!" 17:24:22
At the very least, the RP campaign should demand a recount of the Nevada votes done under strict scrutiny! 17:18:14
Ron Paul Voter Pledge Map 17:17:36
Medial Cheat Sheet For Ron Paul 17:15:44
We're being cheated: If we allow election & voter fraud in GOP nomination process, how will RP handle it in a general election? 17:03:31
How to Caucus for Ron Paul in Minnesota 17:00:40
Missouri caucus 16:58:18
We have to keep our eye on the ball 16:57:06
Prayer is powerful. If you believe in prayer, please pray today and everyday. 16:52:42
Caucus MATH 16:52:23
Combinded Federal/State Disclosure and Election Directory 16:52:07
Robert Wanek Reports Nevada! Vote Fraud 16:45:00
Clark County Changed Precinct Numbers last month! Confusion for Caucus Voters 16:44:05
Wondering what people think about this idea 16:33:38
I think this may be a test... 16:33:34
Nevada vs. South Korea 16:30:52
How Ron Paul wins 2012 16:30:03
Protest Rally planned?,I'll be there! 16:25:21
Re-Post: Does Your Vote Matter? 16:20:42
Recycle Ron Paul 16:18:09
They need to keep Ron Paul in 3rd place 16:16:34
Everyone just needs to take it easy, breathe people. Patience 16:16:18
Ron Paul the Rockstar 16:03:17
Are you in Las Vegas? Do you have a web enabled smartphone? 15:57:17
Maine Party Chair: "Down to Romney and Paul" 15:54:45
Hang Together - a combine and conquer strategy 15:54:43
The People vs. Goldman Sachs 15:54:19
Amy Tarkanian Nevada GOP Chair: It's Between Paul and Romney for Caucus Win - The first piece of evidence 15:50:38
Actual vote counts from boots on the ground walking into precincts in Nevada and watching and counting votes. 15:49:29
Jesse Benton on Fox News 2-4-12 (video) 15:49:15
Some comic relief... 15:47:29
Ron Paul Sign Wave NY CD 3 - Massapequa Park Train Station 15:45:44
The Federal Reserve Note Party 15:41:31
Minnesota, Ron Paul's first win 15:37:42
Minnesota Looking Like Best Chance For Paul Victory 15:37:04
. 15:34:57
Proverbs 28:2... 15:30:40
It is obvious that election and voter fraud took place in at least Nevada and Iowa. Let's bust'em legally right now on MSM. 15:29:58
Why Is Romney Electable? 15:28:37
Lets Talk to the owner of the Wynn Hotel 15:27:51
Ron Paul will win My Minnesota precinct 15:24:10
Contact Las Vegas local news and demand coverage 15:22:04
They are updating results again Paul and Newt at 20% ea with 60% of Clark Co. reporting 15:20:31
Nevada Newspaper said taking long to count need more people to help count ballots 15:16:50
Politico - 2 Articles from ABC Newsweek 15:16:30
Time for the RP campaign to send our election lawyers to Nevada & somebody like The Judge to oversee the integrity of the vote! 15:14:37
NV Clark County Chairman David Gibbs ballots from precincts may be dumped ( removed ) from vote totals? 15:11:45
Las Vegas Sun: Nevada State GOP Chair Resignation Effective 12:01am Today 15:08:13
Nevada GOP Caucus Ballot Counting Timeline, Election 2012 15:03:34
Dear GOP: Is THIS Your Idea of a Fiscal Conservative? Newt already $600,000 in DEBT! 15:01:48
Be aware of a new email virus going around 15:00:36
Psalm 2 14:58:21
For Sure there is Fraud- 14:40:51
Rigged Election 14:40:24
How hard could it be to count votes?! 14:40:03
A seed of Truth and Hope 14:39:25
It's time the RP campaign calls GOP out for both voter & election fraud! We didn't contribute our time & money to allow this! 14:38:20
Newsweek Covers in the grocery store might explain a lot 14:37:49
I'm still here Dr. Paul and I am not throwing in the towel! Not today, NOT EVER! 14:34:16
New pro-Paul blog - feedback appreciated 14:34:00
Please Watch Rand Pauls Facial Expression in this Video 14:33:13
Ron Paul: 'Hard to Say' When He Will Win A GOP Caucus or Primary 14:30:56
Isn't it time we do something about the obvious election and voter fraud? It's going to sink us if we don't do something fast! 14:21:03
Send RP Jet to Baja to Bring Ventura to MN Right Now (TSA-Rape-Free) 14:17:41
Dr.Paul, " I Worry... 14:14:37
In light of the Nevada shenanigans we Dr. Paul supporters ... 14:09:36
FOX ticker telling people who won even though Clark is being recounted! 14:09:26
Where is the official campaign response? 14:07:29
Protest for Paul 14:06:40
I love Ron, But he has to expose what he knows about voter fraud 14:04:04
Are You an Amazing Ron Paul 2012 Supporter? Prove it! 13:48:49
R2 PaulBot.. May the Force be with you. 13:45:53
Ron Paul on Israel strike against Iran: ‘I would try to discourage them from doing it’ 13:44:04
Political Art: "Wake Up America" 13:28:51
Watch. Really excellent video on Libertarian principles... 13:25:04
Political Math Explained 13:18:27
Is there a way to create a "One-Stop Status" button on this site? 13:15:30
Gotta thank the republican party... 13:08:33
UPDATING: Clark County Now Showing 81.4% Counted 12:55:44
*WTF is going on?* 12:51:11
Hey People We DID NOT DO POORLY last night! 12:49:41
History- Ron Paul "I want to totally disassociate myself from the policies" [ of GOP & Reagan ] 12:48:08
Warning! Goldman Sachs for Obama 2008 change ship to Romney 2012... 12:39:28
*"Special" Caucus covering for CLARK COUNTY COUNT Slight of Hand* 12:31:46
FEC Listed RP Donors Make Great Convention/Caucus Delegates 12:15:05
Whatever else happens, Prepare now for a showdown in Tampa 12:13:36
We tried it your way and it's not working. It's time ALL of us had a serious discussion. 12:10:55
Ron Paul knows 12:08:49
Ron Pauls First Win 11:58:31
I thought my comment 11:53:50
At Nevada's Conspiracy Caucus, the Paul Army Wins 11:52:03
bullshit! Paul campaign needs to stick up for themselves, i.e. VOTE FRAUD! 11:38:10
How long? 11:36:53
GM foods not served in Monsanto cafeteria 11:34:54
Voter fraud solution 11:28:01
Act of Valor. What's this crap? TEAM AMERICA, F*K YEAH! 11:21:54
the voters are voting its the GOP, its not the youth or our people, its fraud and the GOP 11:20:02
Old but good: QE2 Explained 11:16:23
Dumping votes in Clark going on 11:11:35
I'm As Mad As Hell And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore! 11:09:48
Nevada Twitter Results and the Grassroots Vote Count 11:02:23
Troubles abound at special Las Vegas caucus - AP 10:59:35
LOL GOP let me tell you this, its overwith, the poor are growing, the 1% you all are getting old 10:58:50
Why aren't our supporters getting out to vote?! 10:58:47
I'm officially on the voter fraud bandwagon 10:58:45
What is going on in CO & MN? 10:57:07
Ron Paul Supporter Edward Dillard Allegedly Assaulted by Newt Gingrich Security 10:55:38
NBC2 Investigates: Voter fraud 10:55:33
2nd or 3rd = 2 DELEGATES 10:53:13
Nevada Clark County Vote Fraud 10:45:52
VOTE! Fox poll: "Should any of the GOP candidates drop out of the race?" 10:30:11
Ron's Middle finger to the FED. A way to impress voters. 10:23:39
Delegates/alternates - Visit And Click "convention" Tab To Register For March 12, 2012 Convention 10:20:11
Easy answer to vote fraud at cacuses 10:15:15
Nevada RP Vote Count Moved Negative ! 10:12:35
Song Video: Ron Paul Will Lead The Way 09:51:03
Voter Fraud & The Caucus Process: An Important Question 09:42:56
It seems certain that Ron Paul will do extremely well in Clark County 09:42:46
Does Your Vote Matter? 09:40:50
Jesse Benton on FOX News 02/04/12 09:40:40
Action idea: Defeating Israel-Firsters 09:30:01
CNN Video: 58% Landslide! Ron Paul Wins Adelson Late-Hour Caucus 09:27:30
I WAS THERE - Ron Paul dominates late-night Las Vegas caucus! 09:27:02
Revolution Poem 09:26:53
Repost after SuperTuesday- Yes, I'm venting!Why 3rd party? This is why. It is the principle of the thing. The System is Broken! 09:22:14
Stop ignoring the 10 year old Elephant In The Room. It's not going away. 08:52:22
Who's doing the best against Obama, in NH...Ron Paul! 08:26:59
Ron Paul Draws Large, Diverse Crowd in Pittsburgh 08:24:08
A possible reason for unexpected Ron Paul place in NV 08:04:10
Nevada...again? 07:36:23
Staying united & focused on the message of Ron Paul 07:26:31
Raucous in the Caucus 07:21:56
Ron Paul supporters vs Romney/Gingrich @ late night caucus in NV 07:09:42
Obviously people over 45 were the majority who voted for the establishment 06:50:44
MSM says it best: 06:49:58
OMG! Ron Paul! Nevada Caucus Late Night CNN Watch! 06:26:18
Any chance of a Paul Ventura campaign stop in Minnesota? 06:22:31
Nigel Farage: 'For Greece It's Diplomacy At Gunpoint, And Portugal Is Next' 06:20:28
Ron Paul Campaign Ad against the Patriot Act 06:18:53
The GOP Is Run By Communists (3rd Party Now!) 06:14:10
Ron Paul's Nevada County victories keep his momentum going 06:13:57
Just In Case 06:05:55
Clark County Votes May Get Dumped! 05:21:28
Three Percent in 1775 05:16:04
You people are forgetting about the largest voting demographic there is... 04:59:16
HSBC-Laundering-Billions 04:48:27
woody stroupe Nevada recount man 04:47:41
Late Night Las Vegas Caucus Forum Showers RP in Love [VIDEO] 04:37:22
Never to be reported about Ron Paul 04:37:06
Ron Paul is bigger than the presidency. 04:33:40
Our decision going forward 04:29:36
All of us decent honest Americans need our own state! 04:22:51
Twitter: Things Faster Than NV GOP... 04:08:59
Caucus voices for Ron Paul 04:05:14
Who do you think this guy would vote for? 04:04:00
War with IRAN will be for THIS reason only... 03:54:14
Of course we arent buying it, because it is a lie. Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap 03:53:40
Forget about Nevada, it's Super Bowl time! 03:45:36
Paul's letter of resignation from the GOP 03:43:40
What's taking SO LONG! 03:39:36
Paul supporter sues Gingrich over assault, seeks $75,000+ 03:39:01
George Orwell's 1984. 03:38:27
Do we WIN if THIS happens? 03:37:45
Don't think there isn't any one powerful helping us. 03:37:01
"Rabbi, I Didn't Realize There Were So Many Orthodox Jews/Adventists In Vegas".. "There Aren't Unless RON PAUL Is A Religion!" 03:30:34
Prediction: August 29, 2012 - Gingrich Drops Out - Pledges ALL Delegates To Paul. 03:25:56
Kelly Clarkson - A different Bomb 03:23:26
Surprise happening during Superbowl on TV 03:13:45
Ron Paul visits Colorado Springs 03:12:21
Ron Paul picks his vice president! 03:08:27
Ron Paul supporters dominate special Clark County caucus! 02:56:54
Poll - Will tablets replace personal computers? 02:55:15
Election Night Blues Ice Cream 02:45:07
AND here comes the smears... FoxNews/AP 02:37:19
Story of the Century: Voter Fraud and MSM Blackout of Ron Paul 02:31:01
America Will NOT FAIL. America Will WIN. Here's HOW. 02:26:31
The Political Compass Releases 2012 Primary Chart & Analysis 02:20:09
LOL! fairly accurate portrayal of our current foreign policy. 02:13:49
Paul Takes Area 51 02:06:41
What the hell is with CNN frontpage? 02:01:54
I think a good idea would be to put on a Music festival for Ron paul 02:00:43
Conspiracy, Paranoia, or Both? 01:56:08
Traitors to the Republic 01:49:47
Ron Paul Supporters Approach Critical Mass 01:49:24
Vote Fraud In the Nevada Caucus! 01:48:46
Campaign for Liberty - San Francisco (fka Ron Paul Meetup) Monthly Meetup 01:46:54
Ron Paul turns to Minnesota - LA Times 01:45:21
Question for Iowa, Maine, & Nevada Caucus-goers. 01:38:48
The Myth of the Rational Voter 01:28:07
CNN Frontpage Live Results 00:22:47
CNN - Late Hour; Everyone in the audience supported Paul. 00:20:43
The Adelson Caucus 00:13:06
Ron Paul ALWAYS Carries on... 00:07:04
Ron Paul on FOX News w/ Bret Baier 02/04/12 00:03:34
Sorry, I'm Not Buying 08:38:08