Posted on February 8, 2012

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★Will We Win or Will We Have Sob Stories? ~Win The Nomination! 21:24:58
Ron Paul Phone Interview /w Neil Cavuto - Fox Business - Feb 8, 2012 - in HD 19:33:54 The Screwed Gen-Y becoming Libertarian, NOT Liberal! 17:00:12
A Glimmer of Hope in MO 15:45:40
RP2012 Official Campaign Release: Ron Paul Winning the Battle for Delegates - What REALLY Counts! 15:39:27
I'm Outraged! Surveillance Drones Over U.S. To Be 30,000 By 2020! 11:40:42
Ron Paul says yesterday's GOP result 'opens up the door' to us 07:29:03
WSJ Economist: Ron Paul's 0% income tax would be world's greatest job creator 07:26:38
When Pro-Life Is Pro-Choice 23:38:37
Huge push for Maine 03:19:31
The Judge with Rand on What Happened to Ron Paul's Vote in Nevada 02:42:31
Ron Paul Speech in Golden Valley, MN - CNN - 2-7-12 00:53:31
Video Update: Ron Paul Interview with John King on CNN 03:00:28
$9.90 Super Brochure Mailing that Changed a County 19:37:02
The Santorum Zone 03:13:33
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Six States To Win 53% of The Delegates 23:59:42
News from Colorado 23:55:58
'Ron Paul's best election night' 23:50:33
Maine Final Day Caucus Information Feb. 11 23:48:30
Santorum Crazy about Romney - 'True Conservative' 23:39:42
GOP chairman says Michigan primary to have influential role 23:38:04
'People's support for Ron Paul will grow' 23:36:52
Donate for Liberty in Alamance County, NC 23:34:40
Can RP garner enough delegates in his corner to actually pull this off? 23:34:32
MN Caucus... Who voted Romney? No one raises hand, yet he won this precinct? 23:25:03
If there was no election fraud, then we're not getting our expected turnout on election day: We must get our voters to the polls 23:16:39
The Greatest Thing About Voter Fraud 23:11:28
Ron Paul and South Park. LET'S EMAIL MATT AND TREY 23:09:51
Shh... the plan is going forward.. muahahaha. 23:09:26
Gov. Christie: "I Admire Israel For The Enemies It Has Made" 22:58:19
Non Iran FP Bullets for RP to Use 22:53:04
Limited Time - Free Ron Paul quote book (Kindle edition) on Amazon 2/8/12 22:45:07
Does your job put you on a "Terror Watch" list? 22:45:05
New Video Only Ron Paul 22:44:29
Encouragement 22:40:54
We need a feud between the media. 22:37:31
Will NeoCons still love FOX NEWS after Reading this?... 22:36:40
My old world view in ashes.. in its place - a beast. This is why I MUST vote for Ron Paul. 22:33:30
155 Delegates in Texas, 172 in California, 95 in New York 22:29:42
Feb. 11 ceritifies or breaks us in Maine 22:24:05
Internment resettlement specialist recruitment ad 22:22:16
Reason parodies Eastwood's Chrysler/Obama Commercial 22:21:21
Santorum trying to get on Indiana Ballot 22:06:00
Infowars Issues Emergency Terror Alert 22:05:50
Spirit VS TSA Unintended Consequences 22:04:07
The 2 books that made my head spin 22:01:07
Making noise in Maine! 21:57:09
Paul Backers Ruffle Local GOP Feathers (Maine) 21:51:58
Koch Brothers Join Cheney and Romney Among GOP's Iran Sanctions Busters 21:50:01
Calling Ron Paul's foreign policy isolationism is like... 21:48:44
Paul Craig Roberts: Will Iran Be Attacked? 21:45:27
Contest Santorum in Indiana 21:41:19
RNC releases delegate count 21:39:21
Almost Puked 21:37:54
UDDATE: James Dobson Endorses Pro Abortion Candidate Rick Santorum. Did Dobson Read His Voting Record Beforehand? 21:35:39
Illusion Of Recovery – Feelings Versus Facts 21:24:52
GQ loves Ron Paul's sweater 21:22:43
WND Poll Results: Ron Paul Fares Best Vs. Obama Among Republicans 21:15:53
Jack Hunter: Straw Polls vs. Collecting Delegates 21:13:30
sample endorsement letter 21:10:56
How to make Ron Paul your President. 21:07:43
What Will Ron Paul Supporters Do To Counteract Fraud? 21:01:46
Fraud 20:59:29
Ron Paul Winning the Battle for Delegates 20:58:35
Ron Paul must ask people to vote in debates. 20:53:26
Santorum's nomination (and general election defeat) could benefit the libertarian movement 20:35:53
Obama's past! 20:32:18
Does Freedom Need Federal Intervention? 20:30:01
Time to Act is Now! We Need to Help Ron with a Win! 20:29:50
Nevada vote fraud official 20:16:54
the delegate process, its NOT as the press presents it. 20:13:38
Gingrich Plays The Fear Card Of Iran Attacking America With Nuclear Bomb 20:07:31
Why the NYT knows nothing about Gold 20:03:41
Ron Paul's Best Election Night 20:02:42
*NEW* IPSOS Poll: Mitt 28% Ron 22% Newt/Rick 16% among Independents+Republicans 19:59:23
This Sh*t Is Cold: Then They Ask Why People Dislike Them 19:48:26
Ron Paul - A Campaign For Liberty! 19:47:06
Can the Ron Paul supporters PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS? 19:45:52
Plea from Illinois - signs and slim jims needed! 19:43:48
NPR's Robert Siegel interviews 2 Ron Paul supporters 19:43:29
Excellent video 19:42:39
BBC News: Spying on Europe’s farms with satellites and drones 19:34:13 19:32:18
At the risk of sounding like a total newbie 19:27:44
Folks! Santorum's Victories last night meant NOTHING! Get the word out! 19:26:14
RP 27% in Denver , "Its Talk Radio Stupid" 19:13:42
My 1st Couple of new demographic converts to the RP cause! 19:13:40
Israel's president sends message of peace to Iran 19:12:23
Delegate Rule #38 & #15 Revisited 19:09:20
My Numbers Of The Nevada Caucus-need Your Help 19:08:54
Do you fit the government's profile of a terrorist suspect? 19:08:06
Ben Swann talks to Ron Paul headquarters Nevada voter fraud debunked. 18:55:10
Ron Paul is right on Iran and here's why... 18:52:43
"A fundamental principle of the operation of human society is to live and let live." 18:51:39
I'm sorry, but I still can't figure out what went wrong in Nevada. Look at this article & you'll be more confused... 18:44:51
Drone Strike Said to Kill 10 Militants 18:39:31
Sounds Fishy 18:25:43
ANY Celebrity Please Just Vist Iran! 18:25:40
People thinking about voting for Dr. Paul 18:25:28
Why we should NOT leave the GOP 18:20:45
Get Out and Vote or Shut Up! 18:17:14
Vp, cabinet, optimism, and random thoughts 18:14:37
Heads up - NPR about to interview two Paul supporters. 18:12:12
Info from Vegas (not good) 18:07:22
Enough "mathematical impossibility" misinformation 17:51:42
Cointelpro and how to recognize disinfo agents 17:37:55
Crying Voter fraud dosen't justify not showing up to vote! If you don't show up to vote your support its useless 17:27:28
♫ Goldstandard THE SONG: Video Contest 17:25:23
Message to Romney, Gingrich, Santorum & the GOP. GET THE F*K OUT OF THE WAY! 17:24:38
2/8 From Ben Swann's FaceBook 17:23:34
Ron Paul- please visit Iran now! 17:20:50
It Would Be Good For Ron Paul to Speak at Retirement Communities 17:17:29
Ron Paul Campaign Statement: There was no voter fraud in Nevada" 17:15:01
From Black Box voting about the NV Caucus 17:12:03
Yahoo Poll Front Page: Could Rick Santorum beat Barack Obama in the presidential election? 17:09:42
WOW $900 Trillion Dollar Suit Against NYC ACS 16:57:30
GOP To Me: Please Give Us Money! My Reply... 16:56:42
LOL: RP goes O.G.! Awesome Pix! 16:53:48
Obama's DOE spent 1/2 billion on a luxury yacht engine upgrade ! 16:49:51
The Blue Scare 16:48:39
James Rosen claims newest Paul press release on delegates "patently false" 16:41:39
Maybe Dr. Paul should emphasize his foreign policy approach in a different way. 16:41:34
FOX News just aired "...[Ron Paul press release] demonstrably mathematically untrue" 16:37:45
Registering Tim Tebow and Tom Brady to Vote in Minnesota 16:37:32
Virginia is URGENT 16:34:06
Government Jobs... 16:32:55
Win Maine and then Confront Romney One on One in Virginia! 16:22:22
Who Says There Isn't Election Fraud? 1993 Break-In to Main's Ballot Boxes 16:17:40
USN&WR: Romney Spokesman Says Ron Paul is a 'Serious Competitor' 16:13:55
Urging Antiwar Voters to Change Voter Registration to Vote for Ron Paul (revised) 16:12:37
" Occupy The Revolution " (concern for use of the term occupy) 16:09:35
CSM: Is Ron Paul at turning point in campaign? It sure seems that way 16:05:42
Win Maine and then go All Out in Virginia! 16:05:21
Level with me on this delegate strategy 15:55:04
Lean Start up method 15:54:31
Jim DeMint Just Took One More Step Closer to Endorsing Ron Paul! 15:52:49
Is Facebook marking pro-Ron Paul sites as spam? 15:45:28
Upcoming Pre Super Tuesday Primaries/Caucuses Info - Maine, Arizona, Michigan, And Washington 15:44:07
FOX News give Ron good air time 15:29:10
*Campaign Press Release 2/8/12: RP Winning Battle for Delegates* 05:25:45
Judicial Watch an important announcement! Voter Fraud! 15:25:08
It's not "why are they voting for X?", It's "what is the GOP's strategy to ensure a Paul loss?" 15:21:44
Minnesota and Colorado Caucuses End: RevPAC 15:19:05
What's next after Maine? 15:12:04
The Truth About Democracy 15:11:31
Ron Paul for president Russia? 15:05:48
best way to profit from the student loan bubble? 15:04:25
Intrade 02/08/12 update: general and Maine 15:02:49
I was on Talk Radio- Schnitt show 15:02:43
Tom Woods: 26 Things Non-Paul Voters are Saying 14:56:30
The Problem with a Delegate Victory 14:53:44
Profit Driven Prison Industrial Complex: The Economics of Incarceration in the USA 14:50:20
2008 vs 2012 RP Vote Graphic 14:45:24
Super Brochure - Florida and Missouri 14:45:04
Core Value of Santorum: "The Pursuit of Happiness Is Harming America." He Must be Stopped! 14:36:26
Obama Impressed By Marshmallow Gun? 14:36:05
Former CIA Counter-Terrorism Expert, and Ron Paul Supporter, Philip Giraldi Speaks 14:25:35
Church Protests Traffic Tickets 14:25:18
Where is Ron Paul Going To Be This Week? 14:15:05
If The Federal Reserve Is Abolished, What Then? 14:12:51
Student loans could be next 'debt bomb' 14:11:56
RP 27% in Denver , "Its Talk Radio Stupid" 14:11:06
If you are in Maine and still don't know where to go/what to do, here's the info... 14:09:14
Can someone explain this election process 14:07:15
Santorum Squirts Up From Behind 14:05:46
Petition to GOP- It's Paul or no one! 14:05:14
Hey RP, ATTACK Obama about the 30000 drones that are going to probably kill us one day 13:59:26
Where Ron Paul does well 13:51:29
Poll I took on Plolitical . Com 13:48:13
Ron Paul's Cross of Gold 13:48:10
Why Ron Paul says Mitt Romney can be caught 13:47:37
Letter to Mitt 13:46:20
Is the US Constitution simply a rough sketch or the DNA of our nation? 13:43:36
Updated: Rick Santorum's Other Big Unelectability Problem: He Didnt Make The Ballot In 6 States. Spread The Word. 13:42:17
Rick Santorum. Phoney "Christian Values". James Dobson "Family Values" Endorsement 13:31:38
Remember Da Maine, eh! 2nd place overnight 13:31:13
How do I become a delegate? 13:29:31
[Video] The Wizard of OZ "behind the curtain" Comedian Kyle Cease 13:28:30
The Santorum appeal 13:26:08
Fraud on the way in Wyoming 13:23:01
Who Stole Your Liberty? 13:19:11
Depressing and discouraging 13:14:24
Ralph Nader’s Advice to Gingrich on a Third Party Run: “Go for It!” 13:14:00
What is the soul of this movement! 13:12:02
What happens to the delegates if a candidate drops out of the race? 13:05:30
We're being infiltrated now more than ever 12:59:33
CNBC: If The Federal Reserve Is Abolished, What Then? 12:58:23
Did anybody else notice that it looked as though CNN was going into panic mode last night? 12:51:47
Time Mag: What is a Conservative? Talks about Ron Paul 12:51:19
Ways to fight the ongoing fraud 12:50:10
Endorse Liberty Ron Paul SuperPac New Ron Paul ad - running on TV 12:45:53
Please call in to the Ron Paul Radio and grow the support in the form of one voice 12:41:24
Tom Woods: 26 Things Non-Paul Voters are Basically Saying 12:39:14
Instructional Video From Blue Republicans How To Get Ron Paul Elected 2012 12:36:43
Practice What We Preach: Letter of Marque/Reprisal for Alleged Vote Fraud 12:23:02
A Message to the GOP/DNC Establishment 12:20:23
NY Times: Who’s Financing the ‘Super PACs’ 12:19:02
Just Remember: McCain LOST the next SIX contests in a row in 2008, yes SIX! 12:14:11
Still no mention of Ron Paul's excellent reply to Piers in any news articles 12:11:21
Ron Paul recently on abortion/pregnancy-prevention in case of rape: would like clarification on his position 12:10:59
Never Give Up! 12:08:32
If a 86 year old can rally 30 neighbors for Ron Paul, can you get 3? 12:06:12
Important: The truth behind RP low results and the Remedy 11:58:24
Congress passes bill to put Drones in US Air Space for Policing & spying on citizens, estimate 20,000 drones by 2020 11:56:04
War party is revealing itself - Pat Buchanan nails it 11:52:12
Remember, this is a "Campaign" for Liberty! 11:46:41
Is the campaign incompetent? 11:44:14
Are we strangers, Nehemiah 5:7 "Ye exact usury (interest) everyone of his brother,and I set a great assembly against them" 11:35:48
URGENT! We need a HUGE push in VA! 11:32:07
Thank you Santorum, Because We Just Won Virginia Buddy! 11:29:23
Listen up Maine, Texas, Arizona... 11:26:29
Rnc Unit Rule 38 Misconception It Does Not Conflict With Rule 15 The Binding Of Delegates. They Are Bound The Info Is Wrong! 11:19:27
Ron Paul SuperPac to amass Exit-Polling Army 11:15:02
Vote with your feet as well. 11:11:10
Read It, America!: Getting One Million Americans to Read the Constitution 10:51:11
How to Start a War: The American Use of War Pretext Incidents - Richard Sanders 10:47:09
Let me be very clear: RON PAUL HAS MY VOTE. PERIOD. 10:46:23
My Short Speech 10:41:25
Dont fall for it! 10:40:07
Zero Deviation Night in MN 10:34:48
Law and Order destroy Newt - lol 10:33:40
Drones over U.S. get OK by Congress 10:22:21
Student debt often leads to Bankruptcy, lawyers find 10:17:59
Has the campaign formally addressed our concerns about vote fraud? 10:12:50
National Media blowing off Santorum Win 10:12:49
What is the Mathematical Probability of zero deviation MN caucus? 10:10:20
Do you want to Know why Dr. Paul is so inspired and why he keeps on going, I heard this Message 30 years ago, The Fed 10:10:10
Prove Fraud-Wake Up Sheeple-Get Paid For It 10:00:21
I Still Call BS! 09:54:37
Massive Evidence of Vote Fraud In Nevada (video) 09:54:35
Best news I've seen yet! 09:51:19
Presidential Chances Over (Back To Reality)? 09:48:20
If we don't WIN Maine, it's time to go 3rd party 09:38:40
Santorum: "Government needs to be big if people don't order their lives correctly." 09:36:29
Banks Paying as Much as $35,000 Cash to Homeowners in Short Sales; Why and How Many? 09:34:44
Santorum ballot access issues aren't as bad as you think 09:30:40
Hacking Democracy - Full Movie 09:28:19
Missouri AG announces 136-count Criminal indictments related to robo-signing in mortgage industry 09:23:41
Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis - Active Duty Afghanistan Blows the Whistle! 09:19:49
Drones over U.S. get OK by Congress 09:15:30
I'm not religious, but today I prayed for people to be open to Dr. Paul's message of Individual Liberty, Peace, and Prosperity 08:35:49
make Maine the first win! 08:35:01
NEW VIDEO: A Wake Up Call.. 08:31:22
Ron Paul's Third Party Bid - Would He Even Have to Run? 08:31:16
Santorum is broke 08:15:43
Ron Paul Capturing Delegates Could Force Fed Changes on Republicans 07:55:31
All GOP candidates other than Ron Paul Blast Ruling Overturns Calif. Gay Marriage Ban 07:53:32
Ron Paul Calls For The Elimination Of Public Lands 07:38:51
AFJ Article - Must Read imo 06:58:03
The Age Of Aquarius and Liberty It's Inevitable We Will Win 06:38:57
My Letter To The GOP 06:05:58
My Shocker Prediction 05:58:19
Peter Schiff's new book 05:33:43
Okay now how does this work? 05:25:59
How come FAIR isn't more fair w.r.t. Ron Paul against MSM's Media Bias? 05:04:24
Will Ron Paul be last rival standing to Mitt Romney? (+video) 04:48:26
Started a new website - "Revolution Why?" - looking for input. 04:42:44
CELEBRATE! 04:35:55
Next Generation - I really do 'feel' for you...And Shame on your parents! 04:21:06
USA of RP Supporters 04:20:40
Ron Paul talks Nevada with Bob Davis on News Talk AM 1130 04:06:15
Lew Rockwell on Ron Paul as a third party candidate @ 3:08 03:59:01
Now that the gloves are off... 03:54:25
Piers Morgan Schooled by Ron Paul 03:35:13
Is The American Mainstream Media A Watchdog For The People Or A Lapdog For The Elite? 03:33:00
Get Your Free Case of Super Brochures, NOW 03:27:21
The Evangelical factor. 03:21:31
Ron Paul's 2nd Place Speech in Minnesota (Video) 03:09:14
Rick Santorums Abortion Problem.James Dobsons Research Problem: Do You Know The Person's Voting Record Befere You Endorse Them? 03:08:23
Ron Paul's Speech In Golden Valley, Minnesota 2/7/12 03:04:50
Undisputable Corruption In Nevada 2012 Gop Caucus! 02:59:59
Could Rick Santorum be worse than Obama? 02:58:30
Romney Accused Of Voter Fraud, Unlawful Gubernatorial Campaign 02:58:20
Paul Speaks At MN Caucus - CNN Cuts Him Off When He Starts Talking About NDAA 02:56:48
Precincts still being reported now (12:00am) PST, with votes not changing 02:55:24
Paul's NASCAR style campaign 02:55:14
Article - Dog Days for Newt 02:55:00
Senate Passes Bill To Allow Airports to Kick Out TSA Read more: Senate Passes Bill To Allow Airports to Kick Out TSA http:/god 02:47:37
U.S. Military Plans for Syria: Let The Insanity Begin 02:46:05
Okay Win This Saturday! 02:40:29
Priority! - ChipIn for Alaskan Delegates! Needed in order to WIN 02:39:26
UPDATE Politico: Santorum Crying Rejected By Indiana; Marion County/CD7 Deems Signatures Invalid For A Second Time, Issue Closed 02:39:01
The Texas Primary April 3rd - Information That Can Turn The Tide 02:37:16
Silver Dome Super Rally 02:32:15
Maine is crucial for this Campaign 02:29:59
The Future of Obama's America :"There's Nothing Left To Cut" In Greece As National Default Beckons 02:29:38
ANY LAWYERS OUT THERE? How do you STOP a Judge in his tracks from ignoring the Rule of Law in his Court Room? Can You? 02:24:42
Ron Paul has best finish yet in Minnesota primary with almost 30% of the vote! 02:23:01
Why They're Called The Stupid Party 02:22:19
How to outflank GOP 02:20:24
[Video]Brad Pitt Roots for the underdog Then he goes Ron Paul 02:17:38
criminal investigation against gingrich in virginia 02:14:36
I need help! Can someone verify Santorum opposed TARP? 02:14:34
Ron Paul: America's Last Hope 02:08:56
Santorum admits the truth without knowing it 02:06:58
Buchanan: U.S. Knows Iran Nukes Aren't Likely, Newt and Rick Want War. 02:04:59
Listen! How Ron Paul Can WIN and how RICK AND NEWT CAN'T AND WON'T! 01:58:23
Many people believe that Paul can't beat Obama even though they liked what he said. Tell them this. 01:58:03
Ron Paul vs. Media Industrial Complex 2012 01:57:05
Republican Party Official have said they will ignore the vote count! 01:55:52
A reminder - it's the delegates that matter - and Ron Paul gets delegates 01:53:10
Video: Ron Paul champions cause after second-place finish 01:52:53
Who's going to CPAC? 01:52:35
Wake Up America! From an Australian supporter of Ron Paul 01:52:08
I am here till June! 01:44:21
My Caucus Speech (Precinct 53, Jefferson County, CO) 01:43:22
What is the deal with the campaign? 01:40:52
Paul Supporters Wake UP! 01:40:23
TENNESSEE is waking up to Ron Paul! 01:36:41
My city had amazing results! 01:36:39
BLOWBACK: Pakistan joins Middle Eastern Countries that hate our freedoms! 01:36:35
Accurate Polls 01:34:11
Would he even have to run? Yahoo! catching on 01:21:54
Dear GOP - I will never vote for Santorum, so you might as well forget about that idea now 09:08:46
Petition for VISIBLE PUBLIC Nevada Recount 01:08:09
Angry America 00:53:40
Crooked, Phony "Christian" Politicians- Rick Santorum 00:39:10
Northern Colorado Tea Party Support Ron Paul 00:11:24
Did Charles Dickens predict the collapse of the Federal Reserve? 00:02:51
*NEWSFLASH - Ron Paul is NOT Jesus Christ* 00:00:13