Posted on February 9, 2012

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I was pulled over last night by a Texas State Trooper 22:41:23
Fear And Loathing In The Maine GOP 20:14:22
FOX Cancelling Freedom Watch! 17:50:34
Are Ron Paul supporters leaving millions of dollars in free advertising on the table? 16:29:21
How my 85 year-old Grandfather helped win his precinct caucus for Ron Paul 12:52:16
RONVERTS: Breaking Up with Obama, Rebounding with Ron Paul 11:38:29
Clarifying the misinformation that "Ron Paul is on all 50 state ballots" 10:50:50
New Reality Check by Ben Swann on Delegates and Caucus Problems 02:37:24
Slate: Ron Paul Secretly Won the Caucuses... 12:09:48
Final Thoughts From My Nevada Precinct 1677 Experience 07:33:53
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Republics, Democracy, Delegates, and Ron Paul 15:29:21
There is some good in the world, and it's worth fighting for... 23:44:41
Rand Paul speech at CPAC 2012: "I Have A Question For The President... Do You Hate ALL Rich People?" 23:32:58
I just " tipped" Matt Drudge ! 23:32:49
My Speech to Be Given at the Nebraska Republican Primary for a Delegate Spot (Feedback Encouraged!) 23:20:00
On the Metro Train with Ron Paul in My Bag 23:12:33
Deception, Despair and Delegates. The real story of primary season to date. 23:06:42
US Army Establishes "Gold Standard" 23:06:40
We Have Seen the Enemy... 23:02:25
Deception, Despair and Delegates. The real story of primary season to date. 23:01:58
Virginia School System Goes Too Far in Mark Denicore's School Truancy Case 23:01:44
Protest the cancellation of "Freedom Watch' 23:01:23
A Good Day! 22:35:22
VIDEO : David Rockefeller on His Deathbed (Satire) 22:29:42
Freedom Watch Petition. Posted by Tom Woods on Fbook 22:18:43
Any Dallas Area Texans Out There? 22:17:57
"This Looks Like A Fortified Sniper’s Nest At The Super Bowl" 22:10:28
What Is Meant By Controlling Inflation And Protecting The Banking System 22:06:06
Tell Fox to Bring back Judge Andrew Napolitano 22:05:54
Devaluation: The Ultimate Taxation Without Representation 22:04:23
The Real Reason Freedom Watch Was Cancelled ? 22:01:26
Why FreedomWatch getting canceled is a good thing! 22:01:10
One GOP Strategist Predicts Paul on bottom of the ticket 21:58:13
Lack of ads could put Romney in jeopardy of Ron Paul victory in Maine 21:57:47
CHEMTRAILS- You might as well KICK ME OFF NOW because you pissed me OFF 21:54:05
Stand up for The Judge! 21:52:57
14th amendment vs Illinois Government 21:46:48
this could help dr. paul get elected need veteran help... 21:45:43
50 Things I Hate About Romney 21:21:39
Relocate America 21:19:12
Message from RevPAC 21:18:04
The Government is at it again 21:13:34
Contact info for Fox Business - let them know how you feel about FreedomWatch 21:08:54
Ron Paul is going to be at my Maine Caucus on Saturday! 21:02:05
Veterans For Ron Paul March- Local Grassroots Event 21:01:51
Robert's Rules 20:57:03
Question about voting in PA 20:44:30
The critical perspective REQUIRED to win: 20:40:41
HELP Ed the Vet get to DC for the Veterans For Ron Paul event 20:33:30
Rand Paul at CPAC 2012 & Introduces Amd. to End ALL Foreign Aid to Egypt! - Feb. 9 20:25:11
Paul V Blitzer 20:17:37
Drove by 520 Chestnut Street, Phila, PA 19106 today 20:16:35
What are the quotes you cherish? Share the wisdom of old or new sayings. 20:13:36
CHEMtrails are Everywhere! 20:07:44
Holy Cristos: WaPo Poll shows Liberals are as Murderously BloodThirsty as NeoCons! 20:01:06
Cease and Desist letter for the New World Order 19:58:38
Fox cancels 'Freedom Watch'! The attack on America is on. 19:58:27
More evidence of voter fraud in Nevada? 19:52:23
I think we need another post about Freedom Watch being cancelled! 19:39:56
Iran Worried US Might be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon [ONION] 19:33:33
Freedom Watch - Fox Business - Judge Andrew Napolitano - Being Cancelled 19:31:48
Show Judge Napolitano some Luv 19:28:25
Best Pizza In Chicago - IL Ron Paul Lovers 19:28:17
Maine caucus results- Ron Paul is winning! 19:18:28
Has there ever been a Military Service Money Bomb? 19:10:22
Met Sarah Palin's Parents Today - We talked Ron Paul! 18:54:57
Join "GOP Unregistration Bomb" petition! Here's one way to show the GOP that we're serious! 18:51:24
Adam Kokesh and VETERANS FOR PAUL DC March! 18:50:18
Reminder Delegate Deadline is Noon tomorrow in Indiana 18:49:52
Countdown with Keith ...: Democrats for Guantanamo and drones 18:42:55
Liberterrorianism 18:35:28
Delegate selection begins in Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Wyoming 18:24:25
FOX business takes Freedom Watch off the air! 18:22:27
Becoming a delegate in Idaho. 18:21:27
Freedom Watch has been cancelled! 18:15:51
It's good to know the law, LOL. 5 Police officers an a knowing Citizen 18:15:51
CHEMtrails are Everywhere! 18:08:31
Finally: Supreme Court one step closer to having live cameras 18:08:14
Syria: Haven't we been here before? 18:06:04
Rand Paul is about to speak at CPAC 18:05:51
Following President Paul's example. 18:02:54
Judge Napalotano's "Freedom Watch" cancelled! 17:59:55
Drafting a Mass Email and I need your suggestions 17:59:09
Screw You Harry (Reid) 17:57:32
So how do you think this will all playout ? 17:36:55
Golden State Video PSA 4 "Ron Paul is The Choice of The Troops" ! 17:36:44
Earn Copper, Silver, and Gold, company Launches on Monday 20FEB12 17:34:48
We Will Win: In 2nd Place, Delegates, American's Elect, Write-In and the Grassroots 17:29:42 Ron Paul gets most military donations 17:29:41
Rise Up Vermont! @ The Rally for Real Change! 17:26:21
Ron Paul is Way Too Radical 17:25:59
Youth for Ron Paul Washington fundraiser 17:25:50
Funny "Bored kids at political events". Where are the RP Kids? :) 17:13:34
Connect with your local meetup groups TO BE SURE Ron Paul is on the ballot 17:12:31
No More News & Politics Category on Youtube? 17:11:13
Lew Rockwell, Judge Napilitano, and Newt ... What are the possibilities 17:06:27
Romney/Paul ticket? I don't like it, opinions 17:04:09
RT Video: Justin Tribble 'People's support for Ron Paul will grow' 16:52:53
$26B Mortgage Settlement - My friends, have you seen this? 16:49:39
Golden State "Ron Paul is The Choice of The Troops" PSA 16:48:07
Gardening n00bs: Start with KALE! 16:45:21
World-Bomb, Earth-Bomb, Globe-Bomb 16:39:36
3 of a kind 16:30:57
Santorum misleading fund raisng emails 16:29:50
Pennsylvania's Ron Paul 16:25:10
Great RP ad! Check it out, pass it on. 16:23:00
Stay. The. Course. (hint: it's not really about Ron) 16:07:55
9 Reasons NOT to vote for Rick Santorum 16:00:37
Group Forces Congressional Hearing On Big Sis’ Twitter, Drudge Spying 15:58:28
Iranian Female Ninjas 15:35:33
The Death Throes of the Neocon Right 15:34:43
From BREITBART regarding CPAC 15:33:40
Government Uses Anti-Terror Laws to Crush Dissent and Help the Too Big to Fail Businesses 15:30:49
25 facts about the baby boomer crisis 15:28:45
Tim Thomas for Ron Paul 15:27:07
Are you going to the Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops March on the White House? 15:24:54
Ron Vs. Mitt Comes earlier than Virginia! Its taking place in Maine! 15:16:52
Lew Rockwell and Gary Franchi to come on the Alex Jones Show 15:11:39
RON PAUL Billboard on I-40 in Northern Arizona! 15:03:06
Starting a PAC/Fundraiser for delegates? 14:56:52
Nevada Vote Fraud Official 14:49:50
Ron Paul Swag is the WORST! 14:33:05
The State we cannot win 14:29:13
Who is on the ballot per state? 14:28:34
Ron Paul will be in Maine on Saturday 14:27:12
Ben Swann:Reality Check: Caucus chaos and why delegates are what realy matter 14:27:09
Ordering a pizza in the USA of the future 14:25:31
Throw a Frisbee? That'll be $1,000, please. 14:22:10
How many of you are doing phone from home? 14:17:30
NO JOKE! MSNBC officially goes Onion: 1000's of Female Persian Ninjas! 14:13:19
Ron Paul Issues Statement on Obama Contraception Decision 14:04:53
"The Law" By: Frederic Bastiat 13:49:25
TOP 10 Reasons why Ron Paul can WIN against Obama. (need answers) 13:46:25
The Gamesters of Triskelion: Earth Edition 13:41:23
*Graphic* Banks control the world 13:15:41
10 states freed from some 'No Child Left Behind' rules 13:14:51
Final Maine Caucus Request- Roll Call Now! (Urgent) 13:11:33
FLASH! Today Rand Paul To Address CPAC 2012 on C-Span 3:45pm ET 13:07:04
Maine Caucus Update - Roll Call Now! (Urgent) 13:01:19
Ron should reject, soon, being VP on the ticket UNLESS 12:59:25
$26B Mortgage Settlement: Good for Banks, Not So Good for Homeowners 12:53:44
1,000 Veterans Will March on the White House in Support of Ron Paul on Feb. 20 12:52:20
Americans Elect update 12:51:51
Ron Paul Radio is Back! 12:50:41
Help a Newbie - Questions About Becoming a Delegate in Michigan 12:49:58
MSM delegate count tables are a joke, so I made my own 12:43:40
CNET News: Meet ★Richard Mack★ Republican Challenger to SOPA's Author 12:35:28
Foreign Paul-icy 12:34:45
Lynne Torgerson 12:31:43
Super PAC supporting Ron Paul is operated by a 9/11 'truther' 12:30:54
You can't make up this stuff 12:24:41
Ron Paul Supporters Vote Often and Leave Early? 12:22:00
Ron Paul Secretly Won the Caucuses 12:19:25
Are You a RONVERT? Breaking up with Obama, Rebouding with Ron Paul! 12:12:06
New Big Donor Helping Santorum Win Plans to Continue 12:01:55
Help end the MSM! Become your own reporter with! 11:52:08
GOP reaching out to Ron Paul supporters- and my response 11:50:27
Paul responds to Hezbollah's presence on the US-Mexican border 11:46:16
2012 US Government Terrorist Identification Chart 11:38:33
Glenn Beck Topic 11:36:09
MSNBC smear piece on RevPac 11:18:07
The Youth Made America, A Few Average Ages of Our History 11:12:22
Final Weekend PUSH in Maine - Help Win Maine! 11:10:54
Buy Aimee Allen on itunes! 11:06:58
MSM bashes Ron Paul for "911 Truther" PAC ties! 11:04:12
If it's not Dr. Paul, I want it to be Obama 11:04:10
The Vote Pump! 10:55:58
Help Needed In Virginia grassroots campaign for Dr. Paul! 10:46:05 - The Federal Reserve's Explicit Goal: Devalue The Dollar 33% 10:38:19
New way to Attack Ron Paul 10:36:52
Maine exit polls 10:26:54
Obama is 'angry' at your Founding Fathers 10:22:46
The Path to Dignity and Progress 10:14:40
Poll alert, poll alert ! 10:13:27
Ron Paul Revolution beanie hat 10:12:03
A Primer on Gold: Independent vs. Fiat Money 10:08:04
Buchanan’s Revolution: How Pitchfork Pat raised a rebellion—and why it failed 10:06:39
ATTN Pennsylvanians IMPORTANT-Petition Signing 10:05:27
20% of Republicans leaning to Obama! 10:02:07
Do you go to a church/ House of Worship on the weekend? 09:52:45
10 States Receive Waivers From No Child Left Behind Law 09:32:44
Super PAC supporting Ron Paul is operated by a 9/11 'truther' 09:28:10
THANK YOU Revolution Super PAC 09:25:26
Ipsos/Reuters US National Poll, Ron Paul in Second at 21% 09:25:23
Ron Paul camp: We’re poised to win delegates 09:24:30
Maine Caucus 2012: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul Remain Undisputed Favorites 09:23:35
The X and Y Generations and Ron Paul: An Alliance for Our Age 09:10:06
Poll: Paul Does Better Against Obama Than Romney 08:40:34
Age is an issue in this campaign! 08:33:40
Ron Paul: Liberty, Freedom and Momentum 07:57:55
CPAC Organizers Trying To Avoid Another Ron Paul Straw Poll Win 07:44:29
I don't know who does the 13 minute videos for youtube ads, but I only watch about 10 seconds of them. 07:27:55
Chicago Police Chief: War on Drugs has Failed 07:13:28
Ron Paul: Why delegates are what really matter 06:38:57
My interview on RT about Ron Paul and Las Vegas caucus. 06:29:29
2012 06:18:20
Santorum: Pursuit of Happiness Harms America 06:11:51
Rick Santorum Wants to Fight Libertarian Influence in the Republican Party 06:10:18
France for Ron Paul 06:04:44
Globalist Campaign Calls for Abolishment of Constitution 06:02:34
Decriminalizing Drugs in Portugal a Success 05:45:45
differances between two federations Swiss/USA 05:43:26
Differences and similarities between Swiss confederation and USA federation. 05:38:16
This anti-right wing propaganda is scaring me. (GREAT POLICE ABUSE CONTENT) 05:29:10
GOP Strategist Jack Burkman: Ron Paul Will Be on GOP Ticket (Freedom Watch) 04:42:59
Ron Paul and his Foreign Policy 04:41:53
War Against Drugs Has Failed On Many Fronts, Panel Says - Dr. Paul's views are starting to be main stream! 04:38:23
Getting the vote out : Get Pick'd 04:21:02
Like Obama? You'll love Romney 04:10:37
Detroit News Poll, Santorum showing 50% 04:07:44
Your Daily Lesson 03:57:50
BRIBED Delegates 03:50:01
I'm not losing, I'm going down leaving a devestating blow. 03:35:25
RT VIDEO: Ron Paul Surges to Second Place Nationally - Now at 21% among Republicans 03:30:31
The core issue! 03:24:53
Ron Paul: the most rare sort of individual in human history 03:15:41
Why do you love Ron Paul? 03:13:00
How Lincoln Won the 1860 Republican Nomination and how Ron Paul will Win 2012 03:06:39
Video-Ron Paul at 10,000 ft. 02:45:52
Future Money Trends: Something Is WRONG with the Nevada Election Results 02:45:19
The Money Man Behind Rick Santorum: Who Is Foster S. Friess? 02:43:40
Full Moon where you are tonight? 02:40:51
Pixies? 02:37:30
Rudy Giuliani and Sept 11 02:35:34
What if 02:30:47
Want to get through the TSA screening process as quickly and painlessly as possible? In the hollidays 02:20:02
[Video] new campaign ad running on t.v. 02:17:42
Last day of raising funds for 2 billboards in PA/NJ border area, heavy traffic(200 short of goal) 02:10:06
U.S. Economic Collapse / Collapse Of The U.S. Dollar / Warning From The Early 1990s! 02:07:03
Ron Paul Returns to Maine Friday.. 02:04:42
AP writes: "Romney Wins Quiet NV Caucus" TWO DAYS BEFORE CAUCUS 01:45:42
*GOP Nomination* 01:37:01
Look Who's Polling Best Against Obama! 01:23:55
Delegate money bomb needs to be started ASAP 01:22:41
Crowdfund Ron Paul online ads 01:07:23
Action item: Support Ron Paul Now! Get Ready for Feb 14th Money Bomb! 01:06:46
What Could They Give Us For Our Votes 01:02:07
Documentary "The Fog of War" 00:58:33
Official Ron Paul HQ Michigan Meetups 00:57:56
Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary 00:55:34
! Ron Paul fares best of GOP against Obama! 00:53:26
Following the Constitution Is a Revolutionary Idea. 00:47:47
Tim Berners-Lee Takes the Stand to Keep the Web Free 00:33:22
Presidential Candidate Ron Paul An Anomaly 00:25:24
Except the Match up with Ron Paul 00:13:31
Chuck Baldwin "It's Going To Take 'We The People'" 00:07:41
Is Santorum anti-guns? 00:02:01
Idaho Super Brochure Drive 13:02:06