Posted on February 10, 2012

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* DRUDGE * Top Of Page Picture * Ron Paul * First Win This Weekend? 19:47:23
How Ron Paul Rocked Our Family (Mentions The Daily Paul!) 18:21:07
Former Ron Paul Staffer Don Rasmussen Breaks Down the Delegate Race 18:42:43
Ron Paul Second in Maine with 36%; Only 84% of Vote Counted - Open Thread 19:58:50
AVTM + Kurt Wallace on CPAC without Ron Paul 13:36:35
Gingrich Is Done: Billionaire Backer Cuts Support 13:05:22
Arrested Development Rapper Speech: "I'm Disillusioned With Obama and I Would Vote Ron Paul for President" 07:54:10
What if this is why Freedom Watch was canceled? What if it is already too late? 01:56:10
Veterans for Ron Paul March on Washington D.C. - Adam Kokesh Interview 09:32:08
Video Update: Ron Paul on CNN / Wolf Blitzer Feb 9 08:00:43
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Pretty Big Announcement for RP in ME tomorrow morning 23:56:36
Hey Warren Buffett Shut Your Big FAT Mouth 23:53:36
Andrew Breitbart @ CPAC 2012 23:48:48
Awsome freedom watch tonight, Judge said this week coming is his last and he had Jerry Doyle on 23:45:05
Willard Romney vs Barack Obama 23:37:48
Rand Paul Introduces Cost Savings Enhancements Act 23:34:36
Set your yard sign free! Pledge to go Mobile. 23:33:15
Do we have time? 23:30:53
Google posts Maine Caucus results early! Ron Paul comes in 3rd! 23:27:34
1948 [Brokered] Republican Convention 23:24:20
This would make a good poster to put up outside the polls 23:20:38
Wo Wo Wo! Google Reporting Maine's Tomorrow Results Tonight?! 23:15:50
Ben Swann FaceBook Page...Google Showing Results Already In in Maine...with Screen Shot! 23:15:39
Fox Business Advertisers on Twitter 23:04:38
Iran returns drone to US (kind of) 22:57:45
Gearing Up for World War III 22:55:59
WTF is this? 22:55:13
Newt Gingrich on drugs (satire) 22:52:57
From the WTF Department in Maine?! 22:46:41
Fox News Admits Ron Paul Is Obama's Biggest Threat 22:38:35
GOP Poll Show Paul Best Against Obama: 4 Points Away 22:36:53
The Gop Is Playing Dirty!New Maine Caucuses For Tomorrow! (announced Today!) 22:34:16
NRA official: Obama wants to outlaw guns in 2nd term 22:33:33
Are We back in Korea? Answer: YES! Update 2-22-12 22:30:20
Doug Wead Interview W / Rachel Maddow MSNBC 9pm ET 22:18:55
Never saw this one before 21:51:57
GOP Postpones Maine "Super Caucus" in Washington County to February 18 Due to Snow Storm 21:45:54
Indoor Veggies 21:40:03
NRA official: Obama wants to outlaw guns in 2nd term 21:37:06
Strategies for dispensing campaign slim jims 21:34:00
We Vote Ron Paul or NOT AT ALL 21:21:27
GOOGLE showing MAINE @ 100% Must be a mistake! 21:14:17
Help me argue for Ron Paul 21:10:34
So far, so good...SO WHAT! 21:08:00
Dr. Paul's non-interventionism would work in the Mideast and oil wouldn't be an issue 20:59:53
What If Headline : Third Party Party Candidate Ron Paul Wins GOP Nomination 20:56:55
Santorum thinks it is wonderful to assassinate fathers of young children. 20:56:03
Doug wead. Press secretary. 20:47:31
WSJ Economist: Ron Paul's 0% Income Tax = Massive Insourcing of Jobs into America 20:42:07
ALERT: Ron Paul on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday morning 20:36:05
Ron Paul sign wave: Give us Back our Constitution! 20:26:44
Ron Paul 2012! (Music Video) 20:26:27
Saw this new supporter site, Ron Paul Constitution 20:23:03
2012 election winner accidently revealed(A Parody that could very well be true) 20:21:52
URGENT! We need another ad to DESTROY Santorum! 20:15:27
RT America on Freedom Watch Cancellation 20:12:12
These videos had me laughing at the truth 20:04:43
Watch Santorum totally step in it! :) 20:00:53
Maine Caucus - WatchtheVote2012 Results 20:00:27
We have crossed a line: Ron Paul IS Mainstream 19:53:28
RT : Anonymous Took Down!...RMFAO 19:50:56
VIRGINIA: Deadline to register to vote is MONDAY 19:48:23
GOP changes caucus locations last minute. Click to find caucus. 19:42:10
Progressives? 19:36:04
Top Republican @ CPAC : "Jeb Bush Could Emerge As Nominee @ A Brokered Convention" 19:32:44
My Nam Veteran Professor is voting for Ron Paul 19:31:08
Santorum is the biggest threat to campaign 19:24:55
Iraq War Veteran: "U.S. Government doesn't care about poor working people" 19:19:59
Patti Pfeiffer - ' I don't consider Ron Paul anything but a distraction, albeit and entertaining one.' 19:19:33
Shhh, Don't Tell Anyone... Ron Paul is Winning in Maine! 19:13:00
Fed Friday: Ben Bernanke targeted by an ID theft ring 19:05:10
Ron Paul Take A Look At The Video 18:43:57
It's Officially Set In Stone Now 18:27:29
Rick Santorum Declares War On Heavy Metal 18:25:39
this FB page in Maine, list the NEW caucuse sites 18:06:57
Support the troops? 17:59:45
NEW AD Barack Obama: Serial Warmonger (Ron Paul Moneybomb FEB 14th) 17:55:04
Video - 'Bold Alligator' - 19k troops 17:42:18
Ron Paul Uprising DVD 17:31:58
Great interview by Nick Gillespie with The JUDGE 17:28:24
Fox News Axes "FreedomWatch" 17:24:57
Michale Graves (fmr Misfits frontman) endorses Ron Paul! 17:18:51
Fox News Advertisers you can contact about FreedomWatch being replaced by reruns 17:17:22
Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring War on Iran Without The Approval of Congress (video)s 17:16:55
Idea for the RP campaign to win over the senior citizen vote! 17:01:59
Dan Rather on Piers Morgan (video) : "I Agree with Ron Paul on Opposing The War in Syria 16:58:16
Way to get endorsements 16:55:33
Actor Bill Murray "I Think We Ought To Be Personally Responsible" 16:53:28
Esquire hit piece on Ron Paul and the Gold Standard 16:51:52
"Anonymous" - claims to have shut down CIA Website 16:44:42
"New" Caucus sites being added in Maine; is Sheldon Adelson holding one? 16:42:51
CPAC is a big deal now that Ron Paul is not attending 16:39:02
CPAC Turns Ugly 16:33:50
Pro-life leaders slam WH. New ‘compromise’ on birth control mandate 16:31:49
Sen. Paul Applauds No Child Left Behind Waiver Grants For Kentucky 16:28:18
Fresh from Maine: Must go viral! 16:24:09
The Gop Is Playing Dirty! New Maine Caucuses For Tomorrow! (announced Today!) 16:22:36
Attn: Maine GOP playing dirty: New caucuses tomorrow (2/11) 16:21:56
Caucus tonight in Wisconsin 16:20:07
Take a close listen to what Clint Eastwood said in this interview ... 16:19:53
I Don't Know If This Is True, Please Verify! Maine Caucuses Date Change! 16:14:42
Top Ten Tips for Winning Election by Wellstone 16:10:14
Ron Paul: Upholding the Constitution 15:39:32
Op-Ed: Doctor Ron, the Teflon Don 15:28:53
The neocons’ big Iran lie 15:20:23
CSM: Are you a true Ron Paul supporter? Take our quiz! 15:15:22
I Believe that Judge Nap Wants us to Speak Out 15:10:14
"POLICE - SEARCH WARRANT!" *Mother and Child Screaming* 15:02:52
Iran Blowback 14:59:18
What happens to the spread betting companies when the dollar collapses 14:54:09
Michale Graves, Former Misfits Frontman, Endorses Ron Paul! & Will Be At The March On The White House! 14:53:47
The Contraception issue shouldn't be about Church and State... 14:40:18
Win New Voters Easily with Dr. Paul's Health Freedom 14:27:12
Romney @ CPAC 2012 : "I'm the only candidate for President who hasn't worked in Washington.. 14:21:02
the REAL problem in America 14:14:48
Ron Paul on Face The Nation Sunday 13:50:27
RevPAC's Gary Franchi Talks 911 Truth with Alex Jones 13:48:13
Ron Paul Wrong for Once - Contraception 13:46:45
10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve 13:38:39
No one but Ron Paul (is telling the truth) *Video 13:35:12
What Do You Love More? 13:25:37
A way too bring the religious vote to our side 13:22:34
The Free Market My Basement 12:44:52
The Hill: Ron Paul should attack Citizens United and run as a reformist third party 12:39:55
What's up with Santorum and Opus Dei? 12:34:00
I used to come here and get news 12:22:04
Unintended Consequences of Iranian Sanctions 12:19:45
CPAC 2012: Rand Paul has a few questions for the President 12:09:06
The Republican Media, Ron Paul, and I by Jack Kerwick 12:07:22
Shy much? Do you grieve for lost loved ones? You are now officially "mentally ill!" 12:02:04
Maryland Blogger has a Message to Ron Paul: prove Fraud or Drop out 11:57:29
Santorum's CPAC Speech 11:56:06
Santorum is spewing at CPAC (CNN) 11:52:42
The Bible spends a great deal more time talking about money, economics, and thrift than it does gay marriage 11:49:01
FREE Judge Napolitano! 11:45:14
Cathy Young, contributing editor from "Reason", runs a hit piece on RP 11:43:39
Occupy gal vs. Ron Paul guy 11:37:25
Chuck Woolery on Democracy... 11:34:40
How war with Iran could begin 11:20:12
Economist David Henderson on Free Market Fallacies 11:17:43
"Sh*t Mitt Says" 11:07:50
Random Missesian song parodies 11:05:48
So which State is Ron going to win first ? 11:02:04
Michigan Sign Wave Feb 27-28 10:57:06
NY Times offering online course in political campaigning 10:46:52
Video: "Rand Paul Takes the Family Mantle at CPAC." Way to go Rand! 10:41:33
Ron Paul and Frank Zappa on the Danger of American Fascism (VIDEO) 10:34:43
Judge Nap's Freedomwatch Has Been Canceled... 10:29:20
Considerations for the 2012 U.S. Presidential Race from the Mind of a Political Independent 10:23:54
Ron Paul gets the most military donations 10:22:07
How Ron Paul rocked our family 10:12:52
Ron Paul Wins CPAC: The Story Is That Romney Came in Second. Of course it is... 10:08:23
Bill Murray on Squawkbox... 10:02:01
Why is Ron skipping CPAC? 09:57:53
The Political Transformation of Barack Obama - Politico 09:57:48
Rand Paul promotes Ron Paul's "No One But Paul"moneybomb! 09:57:30
Anti-Grav Skateboard - Publically Available Cost: 1 Million For Next Phase of Production 09:38:25
Why the 17th Amendment Should be Repealed 09:38:05
American Spectator: Rand, The Better Paul 09:28:02
The Real Story Behind the Wizard of Oz 09:21:23
Andover, Mass. voters to decide on silver dollars as pay alternative for town employees 09:14:31
Now that Ron Paul is NOT going to CPAC, the media is all over the news 09:06:43
RON PAUL and the DELEGATES Need 1000's of Signatures THIS WEEKEND in Pennsylvania! 08:57:41
met Ron Paul supporters on way from work 08:45:36
Delegates: If you are required to state who you support 12:32:02
Michigan Primary Not Closed - Though Labeled "closed" 08:13:11
Michigan Primary Not Closed - Though Labeled "closed" 08:09:04
Ron Paul Caucus Strategy: The View From Inside Is Looking Up 07:49:27
In Maine, Ron Paul Poised to possibly Prevail 07:47:58
Santorum's Billionaire Money Man 07:34:19
You may have to be 25-50 yrs old to appreciate this one. 07:06:12
Here is another great source to prove RP is right! 06:48:20
Rick Sanitarium Donations at 1 million in one day! Don't forget our MB 06:36:20
How does your brain interpret the data of the America Restoration Revolution? 06:16:18
The High Cost of 0% Rate 05:22:41
The Gov't is lying about Afghanistan! DUH! 05:10:04
Dr. Paul's many strengths (beware: late-night fangirling, non-rational post here) 05:03:43
Doug Wead's ChristianRadio Outreach - John Bona's - Jan. 25 04:47:01
False accusations of corporatism against RP 04:20:44
FINANCIAL TYRANNY: The Final Sections 04:14:08
Revolution PAC: A Jewish Perspective On Ron Paul At CPAC In Washington, DC Today [video] 04:09:59
Active Duty Army Lt. Col.: Truth, Lies and Afghanistan 03:56:28
Adam Kokesh "Hunting RINOs" 03:44:15
Washington Times article discussing troop support interviews. 03:42:11
What Should We Negotiate For? 03:24:55
Poll: Ron Paul surges to second place nationally, just eight points behind Romney 03:22:37
Photo Labels 03:00:49
Washington Times: Paul, Obama collect most military donations to run 02:50:20
Weekend (or Thursday Night) Watching: Great Myths of the Great Depression! by Stefan Molyneux 02:48:29
We Can Get There If We Try 02:45:02
The JUDGE and the DAILY PAUL? 02:43:09
Hip Hop Artist, Arrested Development, is Feelin' Ron Paul... 02:40:45
My first time at spreading the message to people I didnt know... 02:37:35
"Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism" 02:32:42
I quit watching tv when we invaded Iraq 02:19:02
Lew Rockwell Talks About Paul Campaign On The Alex Jones Show - 2/9/12 02:18:34
Contraception issue 02:15:11
* ALERT * Indiana Delegate Filing Deadline - You Must File Form CAN37 By Noon Today (Feb. 10) With Your County Clerk! * ALERT * 02:14:16
Did my Part in Minnesota 02:08:34
As my first post on DailyPaul, I would like to propose a new strategy 02:04:52
IMPORTANT Redistricting in Texas may stop the Primary in April 01:59:42
A Jewish Perspective on Ron Paul 01:54:09
Mark Levin Endorses Santorum 01:32:05
Operation TWITTERBOMB Maine 01:30:28
Find Rand in the Mad Movies with the LA Connection 01:28:34
Ron Paul may not be at CPAC event, but his gold standard ideas are there 01:26:42
[Video] Romney Even Flipped Flop over RON PAUL 01:25:55
Ron Paul & the healthcare/birth control/catholic church issue FTW 01:05:29
Lew Rockwell calls for FOX Network Boycott-complete with list of sponsors 00:49:47
Yes, They're ALL Jokers: Abbott & Costello as Wrongney & Grinch - Who's on First? 00:38:53
Ron Paul's Final Money Bomb: Feb 14th. Be there! 00:37:37
Washington Times quotes Alabama Soldier 00:35:27
Rand Paul "I Have A Question For The President... Do You Hate ALL Rich People?" 00:18:02
[Video] No more MEDIA BIAS 00:10:04
TYT - Liberal Hypocrisy on Obama vs Bush 00:06:02
How safe do I feel? 00:01:25
Maine Caucus Update - Roll Call Now! (Urgent) 12:38:50