Posted on February 11, 2012

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Ron Paul Speech After Maine Caucus Straw Vote Announcement 21:37:41
After we WIN with the rest of Maine, it's our job. Read this if you are enraged! 20:50:24
Politico: Romney's campaign might be involved in cancelling the caucus that Paul is doing well with only 80% reported! 20:40:12
Maine (Very Important) 19:51:29
Video: Ron Paul stars in 1983 Congressional Baseball Game 17:08:20
Ron Paul Interview on Fox News Saturday 2-11-12 14:16:47
The Judge Says Tone It Down... 13:09:09
Chinese for Ron Paul-Liberty Brings People Together 02:27:05
Doug Wead talks Delegate Strategy on Rachel Maddow 2-10-12 20:03:47
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Olbermann: Maine GOP Chairman, Charlie Webster, 'Worst Person in the World' 23:58:47
What if 23:50:02
What am I missing re: the Maine #'s? 23:47:37
The Great American Maine Robbery 23:45:18
1.3 million in Maine...6000 voted? 23:45:01
2+2=4 GOP Doesn't Care About Winning. It's About Control 23:40:22
Stop Discouraging People To Vote In Washington County! 23:26:35
3200 votes between us and two wins in Iowa and Maine 23:21:37
The People of Maine will be counted 23:21:02
Campaign asks for $5 million in a message from Campaign Manager. The answer is YES! 23:18:53
I think this is going to be another one of those deals where they come back next week and say 23:14:09
What If WE NEVER WIN but get more Delegates? 23:10:35
Whitney Houston has passed away! 23:10:31
Ron Paul: Tell Us How Much You Need 23:10:02
I'm sorry but, 23:09:20
?Love Thy Enemies... 23:07:18
Attention: RP Voters at Adelson Campus, Please Contact 23:05:13
I have 30,000 more brochures, 100 pins, 2000 bumper stickers 23:02:50
Media Bias and Countermoves 22:59:38
Actually, Ron Paul is doing the Establishment a huge favor. 22:58:20
He stood up for us for decades... 22:58:18
Will The GOP Chair In Maine Resign As Well? 22:57:59
McPolitics and Staying the Course 22:56:55
When are delegates announced? 22:56:25
Signs of Liberty 22:51:36
Maine Delayed Washington County and other districts to Feb 18th 22:50:42
Question for Maine GOP.. Where Is The Data? Where Are Your Detailed Results Posted For Each Caucus? 22:50:02
Maine GOP Chair disenfranchises voters - Says they DONT Count Sounds like Iowa Governor Part 2. - 194 vote difference 22:49:24
Signs of Liberty 22:48:18
Don't let The GOP or The Media Demoralize You! Hold Fast and Spread The Message of Liberty Throughout The land 22:40:29
Maine GOP Chairman: Any Caucus Votes After Tonight Won't Count Towards Total 22:38:46
Maine GOP Says Caucus Votes after Tonight Don't Count. What? 22:32:06
I love Ron Paul and I gotta face facts. 22:28:02
Think we can win Maine after Today? Republican Chairman Charlie Webster says Think Again 22:27:39
I talked to Patrick from the Campaign today 22:21:27
Smarphone APP idea for the campaign - CALLING ALL PROGRAMMERS! 22:21:01
Los Angeles Times has Maine marked down as a tie 22:14:53
TROLLS: Please be EXTRA ALERT for them TONIGHT 22:04:47
Paul Dogs on the Hunt 22:00:01
Maine GOP Chair: Students Should Pay Taxes If They Want To Vote (2011) 21:54:56
Evidence of Google Fraud? Perhaps. 21:52:13
Reuters: Five Heinous Criminals, Top Editors Arrested at Hack Media Mob Boss Rupert Murdoch's Underworld Sun Newspaper 21:50:41
REMEMBER THE MAINE: It takes on a new meaning now for the Ron Paul Revolution: Let's keep working like we're 20 points behind! 21:47:59
Mitt Romney Wins Maine 2012 Caucuses, Paul Supporters Question Outcome 21:45:50
Our Tireless Minority 21:45:13
Go Attend The Washington County Caucus! NOT OVER YET! 21:43:31
Why Do WE Have to Play "CLEAN" While THEY PLAY DIRTY? 21:42:02
Campaign Statement: Ron Paul Victory in Maine! 21:41:55
REGISTRATION DEADLINE February 17th! Do Or Die Time For Kansas 21:37:21
I'm Worried About Future Fundraising 21:37:18
hat if all "bound" delegates for candidates other than Ron Paul said we will not be delegates for anyone but Ron Paul at the 21:36:11
Please check to make sure all Romney's Maine Caucus Wins were advertised, if Not challenge them : SEE MAINE election RULES HERE 21:35:59
'Napolitano Suggests Vast Government Conspiracy' 21:35:40
Hero 21:35:28
Dont Give Up! We Can Still Win Maine! 21:34:36
For all the counties in Maine that will not or did not Participate - Ron Paul supporters look at this work around 21:33:49
It's time to sent the GOP a message! 21:33:30
Jack Hunter: Big Win For Ron Paul in Maine 21:26:12
List of Registered Republicans in my Area (NY) 21:25:57
Maine - Not over!? 21:25:10
Full-blown rabid Mamma Grizzly here. 21:23:38
Maine votes are the same no matter the % of precincts reporting! (Pics attached) 21:17:26
ViDEO: Dr. Paul's Speech @ Maine HQ after the 36% 2nd Place WIN! + CNN.Blitzer Interview 21:13:01
★Maine Party Chair Webster: "Votes after Saturday won't be counted" 21:12:04
Want a Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker? 21:09:17
Can't We Hammer the Missing Maine Caucus & Win Next Weekend? 21:06:57
Our work goes on and the message endures 21:06:43
Politico 20% of Maine Caucuses yet to vote in the coming weeks, only 3% separation - Um NO win yet Mitt 21:01:51
Nothing is fair in Love and War 21:01:03
Remember...They gave Santorum Iowa much later! This is a good day! 20:58:26
VIDEO For Those Who Wait 20:57:46
Fixing Our Problems, Not Complaining About Them 20:57:23
Maine is best Ron Paul result EVER! 20:55:35
Resolution to Adopt State Bank into Platform of All Parties 20:55:24
Many times early results had Ron way ahead only to fall back & place 2nd, 3rd, or 4th! Is election/voter fraud being committed? 20:55:19
I won't let Ron Paul down, will YOU? ( the ripple effect) 20:53:09
less than 3% separating 1st and 2nd, and they don't finish ? 20:49:18
Spinning the 2012 CPAC Straw Poll 20:46:43
George Carlin- The Game Is Rigged, You Have No Choice! 20:36:22
PENNSYLVANIA VOTER EMERGENCY! (Need 1000′s of Signatures BY FEB. 14 in Pennsylvania!) 20:34:19
Take a look at these results from Maine 20:33:54
Keep your head up 20:31:49
Question about fraud 20:25:17
Delegates yes but what about the non caucus states Like Tennessee or Virgina, You can not win a state by showing up on Saturday 20:22:46
Is it Over? No! 20:22:12
*Arizona 2012* 20:20:13
Ron Paul is leading! Must read for positivity 20:16:30
Drudge Report : Romney Wins Cpac Takes Maine, Paul Close Second 20:13:50
Listen to Kelly Clarkson! 20:05:57
Holy Cow Batman, My Local News Said That Paul Came In A Close 2nd! 20:05:46
What's Behind Ron Paul's Softness With Romney? 20:00:12
I hope Ron Paul goes on with it, but I'm just speaking the truth, there will have to be a 3rd party, because the numbers are ... 19:59:12
Ron Just said he has difficulty raising money 19:58:07
Ron Paul, vs The GOP They're at it again,It's a momentum game 19:53:24
How Did Black People Feel When Fighting Slavery? 19:51:03
194 Votes? Recount 19:50:29
Ron Paul Iowa Chairman to Head Iowa Republican Party 19:38:49
Msm And Cpac 2012 19:38:00
Great Grassroots TV Ad: Send to Unconvinced Over-45s 19:36:54
Is CNN allowed to show the FALSE delegate number ? 19:34:33
GOP sent a clear signal! 19:33:26
Screw The GOP 19:31:21
4th place at CPAC is great news, that means our supporters were too busy campaigning 19:21:28
I Finally Saw My First Newt 2012 Bumper Sticker Last Night 19:17:02
RP supporter AJ Spiker Elected Iowa GOP Chairman 19:13:50
Ben Swann breaks down the delegate system 18:55:17
Ron Paul Post Maine Caucus Interview W / Wolf Blitzer CNN Saturday 7pm ET 18:54:39
So how many delegates does Ron Paul really have? 18:51:42
Creating The First Online Ron Paul People Bomb 18:49:51
Dear, Federal Reserve Board of Governors 18:41:20
GOP Anounces Results of Maine and Pauls Maine Campaign Hedquarters Live Feeds Here 18:40:23
So will the CPAC straw poll over shadow the Maine results? 18:37:40
Jan Helfeld Video: Michael Steele likes Ron Paul on Redistribution of Wealth - 18:35:53
Adam Carolla Goes OFF on Big Gov't While Dr. Drew Pinsky Invokes Ron Paul :) (NSFW Language) 18:35:21
Krauthammer: Israel ‘will strike’ Iran to ‘prevent a second holocaust’ 18:33:39
Impostor? "Ron Paul supporter" @CPAC 2012 says shut up deal with it vote for Mitt? Fox News Plant? 18:11:53
More than 10 states consider alternative currency legislation as public interest grows 18:08:14
FOX on C-CRAP Straw Poll 18:07:11
Swedes for Paul - Paul's Going Forward - Music Video 18:07:01
Ron Paul Iowa Chairman to Head Iowa Republican Party! 18:04:39
WoW Denzel Washington Gets Water Boarded For New Film 18:02:09
CPAC 2012 - Sarah Palin Says,: "Obama Jobs Plan Is WTF?" 17:55:43
Misleading Drudge Report poll results 17:47:16
Paul on CBS Face the Nation ~2/12/12 17:44:43
Registration Deadlines Soon For Massachusetts And Kansas - Must Read! 17:40:06
Info On The Big States Down The Road With Biggest Delegates 17:35:23
Ron Paul 2012: Intergenerational Conflict? 17:33:42
KANSAS: Deadline to register Republican is FRIDAY 17:29:54
Ron Paul takes commanding early lead in Maine Caucus 17:29:49
Freedom Watch was canceled due to a capitalist conspiracy. 17:24:56
Adam Carolla "fuking-government-get-out-of-the-way" 17:14:43
Yahoo Lists the OTHER Three 17:14:17
Freedom Watch was cancelled due to a CONSPIRACY. 17:12:46
NEW Presidential Quiz NEW 17:12:11
Pennsylvania Voter EMERGENCY - Signatures Needed ASAP! 16:49:52
March 6th Idaho Caucus 16:49:43
Maine Caucus Results, Update 16:45:25
Robert Taft, Mr. Republican 16:44:52
Santorum Sign Wave In Ohio Cancelled 16:40:39
Criminals for Gun Control 16:38:41
Didn't Make it to Maine Today But I won an Obama Supporter 16:34:13
Sons of Liberty: libertarian metal 16:28:43
How I Scraped Together $207.43 for the Feburary 14th Moneybomb 16:21:07
Will Maine Give Republican Paul His First Win? 15:55:12
From Lew Rockwell: How to Support the Judge! 15:52:32
CPAC 2012 : Romney Wins Straw Poll with 38% 15:50:19
Ronald Ernest Paul expected to seize Republican Straw Vote in Maine today 15:48:54
POTUS uses Executive Order to formalize Global Government 15:46:03
Maddow: Does Ron Paul’s Delegate ‘Sneak Attack’ Strategy Undermine Voter Will? 15:41:05
ViDEO: Dr. Paul's Foreign Policy of Golden Rule: America vs.Jesus 15:36:18
I still have a few "It's Time for Ron Paul!" clocks 15:30:40
ABC has new show called "The Revolution" 15:19:27
70+ Ron Paul songs 15:18:13
Got cancer or know someone that does? Wanna get healthier? Check this out! 15:16:20
Ex-Marine Re-Occupies His Own Foreclosed Home in Fight Against Freddie Mac, JPMorgan Chase 15:07:01
Doug Wead to Alex Witt: "We've won the beauty contests. We are going for the delegates." 15:04:58
NV Clark County’s final results: Mitt Romney 9,797 Ron Paul 2nd with 3,271 14:54:24
Paul and Romney face off in Maine (Photos) 14:52:48
Why will Ron Paul not appear for an interview on Free Talk Live? 14:46:07
Today is the Tipping Point if Ron wins Maine! Steady wins the race. 14:44:30
Maine Caucus Updates - Report Your Experiences Here 14:37:15
Debunking Ron Paul's Lies (Satire)- Matt Walsh 14:35:27
This Is How They Treat Our Fighting Men and Women... 14:22:32
Very good news out of Iowa. AJ Spiker to replace Matt Strawn as RPIowa Chairman. 14:16:10
Ron Paul and the Maine Primary (video) 14:14:01
Getting Veterans to Washington, D.C. for the Rally 14:11:09
Flood Your Body With Oxygen 14:10:25
Ron Paul Projected Winner in Maine Caucus 2-11-12 14:05:44
Google Ron Paul: #1 hit - Romney? [was like that for 5 min] 14:00:27
Delegate question 14:00:19
InTrade Maine @ 18:04 EST - Paul 69%, Romney 32.9% 13:54:46
Early Maine returns: "Ron Paul takes commanding lead" 13:46:41
Ron Paul Interview On Fox Pre Maine Caucus 02/11/12 13:37:34
What happens with this morning big announcement? 13:33:32
Paul Winning W/ 42% 13:33:14
Drone lobby cracks open American Skies: "Enabling unmanned drones to fly freely in civil airspace" 13:32:52
Iran government cuts off internet access 13:31:35
Extrapolated Maine results 13:25:43
Maine: Washington County Postponed A Week! 13:25:38
*Emergency Notice to anyone yet to caucus in Maine* 13:19:14
An idiot supposed Ron Paul Supporter 13:13:57
The strategy behind the delegate process : Remember the 2008 election? This is how we WIN! 13:12:43
Peroxide Treatments(Update, thanks Everyone) 13:11:11
Dr. Paul on Fox News, Saturday, 12:15ish EST 13:10:12
Romney looks to end losing streak in Maine 13:03:57
Best place to follow results today? 13:01:10
The truth is a NeoCon's nightmare! 12:58:21
Awesome interview explaining the power of the delegates 12:34:43
Santorum Raises 3 Million in 3 days 12:21:39
Smarphone APP idea for the campaign - CALLING ALL PROGRAMMERS! 12:15:00
Brunswick Maine, and how we snuck a Win! 12:14:58
South Portland Maine Voter & Delegate Rep 12:11:08
South Portland Maine Voter & Delegate Rep 12:09:56
"ron paul is ahead in this election" 12:07:56
DailyPaul #opSwarmDigg - Rule the Net for Ron Paul 11:50:57
My Breakfast with Mitt Romney 11:37:05
Ron Paul Looks To Extend Mitt Romney's Losing Streak In 2012 Maine Caucuses 11:36:39
Rick Santorum Touts his Liberal Street Cred (Video)+Liberal Voting Record 11:31:05
Converting pro-war neighbors 11:28:53
In The Absence of Property Rights: case example 11:27:01
Veterans for Ron Paul at CPAC 11:20:36
Report on Portland, ME turnout 11:03:26
The Real Reason Guantanamo Should Be Closed 10:57:47
HILARIOUS video attacking Paul haters! 10:46:37
Report on Sanford, ME turnout 10:41:42
What better way to control a country? 10:39:48
GOOGLE RON PAUL ...something to think about 10:35:20
ALERT: Jesse Benton on MSNBC in 10am ET hour 10:27:30
The Cuban Energy Crisis 10:19:01
IF Ron Paul were….. 10:00:04
PPP Latest National Poll: Santorum Surges to First; Ron Paul 4th 09:53:38
Funny video... Women for Santorum 09:52:04
Maine Washington County A L E R T 09:48:08
The Hill: Chris Christie In A Brokered Convention 09:12:37
Reverent of Individual Liberty? You might be an "Extreme Right Wing Terrorist" according to recent DHS report 08:57:11
What would be YOUR strategy for a Ron Paul Victory? 08:51:05
What would happen if Ron Paul dropped out? 08:30:58
Toxic Artificial Sweetener ‘Neotame’ May Be Lurking in Your Organic Food 08:25:20
Overlooked and Undetected Infections - From Fungus! 08:23:01
The Rise of Christian Libertarianism - Interesting Article sent to me by a Progressive 08:09:13
Talk Radio Rebuttal Strategy... wisdom from... Ben Franklin? 07:44:48
Rupert Sheldrake: the 'heretic' at odds with scientific dogma 07:43:28
The Massive Theft Called a Central Bank 07:24:22
Obama admits in statement that local charity more effective 07:19:14
Ammunition for Dr. Paul 07:13:25
Lew Rockwell Interviews Ron Paul Before Maine Caucuses: 'The Youth Revolution' 10:26:25
Ron Paul Jazz Song: "He'll Bring Our Troops Back Home Again" 05:02:04
Amazing Gay Marriage Speech (Maureen Walsh) 04:02:16
*ALERT*- The Liberty Option Film 04:01:32
A missive from a friend worth sharing... 03:59:50
Best Jefferson quote EVER. America needs to hold Consitutional Convention. 03:50:43
Precinct Delegates, Caucuses, and Conventions Keys to Victory 03:28:27
Mark Levin's GOP can't survive much longer 03:27:31
legit questions for the Ron Paul philosophy 03:02:49
Ron Paul's Surprise Visit To CPAC Feb. 10, Well Sort Of (Don't Get Too Excited), Great Video Though 02:36:25
Talking strategy is strategic... 02:07:22
Willie and Waylon 01:49:56
Looking For Experienced Kansas Delegate To School Me On Our States Process, I Want To Be Prepared! 01:45:35
Thoughts on Maine - Ron Paul 01:34:56
Worldnetdaily censoring messages calling for Christian salvation now - For Christians 01:15:06
CBS admitting armed Syrian protestors are 'rebels.' Ammo for peace. 01:02:22
Frothy Sanitarium says 'Obama is helping Iran obtain Nukes' 00:59:59
How NOT to fall for the fallacy. Q:"Ron Paul dangerous for denying Evolution and Science"? A:"Do your homework, 1st. Get a clue" 00:58:24
I kind of think we need to talk about the delegate strategy in person, not on the phones or the airwaves 00:50:38
Another Ron Paul Supporter Running for Congress 00:31:52
Amazing "End the Fed" Speech 00:23:15
Saw the push for recording, how about a site to keep track of it? 00:21:58
From the Bureau of Homeland Morality. 00:20:06
Video: Dylan Ratigan (rightfully) loses it on air AMERICA IS BOUGHT 8/9/11 00:13:41
'No One But Paul' Money Bomb - February 14th 14:19:47
Karl Rove Unveils 5 Rules to Winning a Brokered Convention! 11:14:25