Posted on February 12, 2012

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Republicans see need to give Paul a voice 22:45:22
Let's focus 22:22:33
New York Times (blog at least) has caught on to the happenings in Maine 22:13:18
February 18th, Washington County Caucus Rally in Maine! GOTV 500 Voters! Let's WIN! 18:51:30
Reading "War Is A Racket" converted me... Use it on others 18:12:36
My conversation a few minutes ago with Chris Gardner - Washington County Commissioner 17:09:06
Maine Caucus: Sunday NYT Front Page Picture Says It All! 16:46:30
Ron Paul on CBS's Face The Nation 12:13:01
Let's ENCOURAGE Ron Paul to ATTEND the Final Maine Caucuses Feb. 18 18:04:11
Ron Paul refuses to concede Maine - Official Campaign release! 01:32:08
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this more than an election, its the birth of a Faction, or a new party . when you see it that way then you'll have a purpose 23:54:27
Dylan Ratigan on the Fed and Money in Politics 23:50:50
Election 2012 MSM's decision 23:32:23
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." 23:30:03
How To Become a Delegate in Your State : Go To Ron Paul Delegates Dot Com 23:25:47
When the MONEYBOMB hits $5mill, How much more will YOU donate? 23:16:58
Money and the U.S. economy. The truth is spreading. 23:10:18
NYT: " Could Ron Paul Still Win Maine?" 23:07:36
"That Generation" is here. And it ain't pretty. 23:06:20
ALERT: Tucker Carlson's The Daily Caller is FUNDED by Frothy's Billionaire SugaDaddy! 23:05:52
Guam Caucuses this Saturday 23:03:06
Portland (Maine) Press Herald: Paul supporters cry foul over caucus tally 22:55:27
Maine votes not countong toward Paul,win is perfect ammo. 22:42:39
Can Ron Paul STILL win Maine? The NY Times Weighs in 22:38:20
"Fired by the campaign" - What is going on? 22:35:13
rEVOLution Really? 22:33:56
Ron Paul & the Youth Revolution 22:28:09
The Graceful Paul 22:26:56
war for your mind 22:23:32
Let's Win Washington County: Calling ALL New England Supporters 22:18:39
This Is Very Troubling - Please Think About This 22:13:38
What's up with EDISON RESEARCH and VOTER FRAUD? 22:08:00
Attention Alaskans: Ron Paul can easily win Alaska March 6! GOOD NEWS! This should interest all others as well. 22:01:59
Ron Paul's FULL Maine speech. (MSM can't cut this) 22:01:26
Sign the Change.Org petition for Maine 21:58:38
We have to get more local after this election 21:56:03
Federal Elections Commission Website 21:47:36
Someone in for a laugh ? 21:46:02
Gerald Celente - Jeff Rense 09 Feb 2012 21:28:58
Neat Movie Clip 21:21:17
Did Mitt Romney really win Maine? 21:16:33
Here Is How Romney Really Feels About Dr.Paul 21:15:32
Don't be a candyass 21:15:07
Hey, Ron Paul Said 21:09:01
Don't allow the FRAUDSTERS TO stop you from contributing FEB 14th 21:07:18
MASSIVELY updated adds stuff on Romney 21:07:12
Got phone call from Rasmussen polling and had no Ron Paul questions 21:03:25
1 21:02:57
How we win in the end, Stay Republican. 20:55:29
Help Registering to Vote in Georgia 20:55:17
One Day! 20:53:04
The truth about Nevada 20:42:15
Harvard Independent Endorses Ron Paul 20:13:46
Ron Paul Campaign: Establishment hiding Maine caucus results 20:04:03
Tom Morello gives Ron Paul a THUMBS UP (VIDEO) 20:03:58
National Election Pool - Are the networks counting the votes? 20:03:27
The Onion video: War for the White House and DieBold 20:02:01
true story, 19:58:23
I want to opt out of the snail-mail campaign! 19:47:09
Election Fraud Documented! 19:46:54
Washington County Maine not the only missing vote counts 19:41:51
WoW Santorum Accuses Romney of Buying CPAC Poll Win 19:41:12
Just for fun-to lighten every one's mood 19:37:02
George Will on Why Ron Paul is Right About Foreign Policy and Mitt Romney is Wrong 19:36:21
Ron Paul ads on youtube! 19:28:22
When will we begin to see if we are really getting the delegates 19:22:00
Looking for feedback on this speech. 19:14:06
Is Harry Reid Slipping SOPA Into A New Cyber Security Bill? 19:08:37
My run-in with the county sheriff's...two of them 19:05:56
Hawaii Radio Ad Buy! 18:55:01
Shorty Awards 18:41:11
States Free to Change to "Winner Take All" Option after Super Tuesday 18:33:52
Washington Post : "Germany Refuses To Sign The ACTA Anti Piracy Treaty" 18:15:25
Post Caucus Election Humor 18:11:51
This Is Very Troubling - Part 1 18:08:28
Petition to stand up for Washington County, MAINE 18:05:07
Does anyone have that video of a man talking about the number of causalities allowed per enemy targeted? 18:04:35
More Support for Ron Paul's on Virginia DC Metro Area Radio 18:03:06
Will Romney and Paul be on the same ticket? 17:57:41
.. 17:55:47
FBI focuses on sovereign citizen extremists, uses drones to arrest family 17:47:41
rEVOLution! Ron Paul overthrows Iowa GOP 17:44:24
More attempts to censor the web: If you have not yet signed the Stop ACTA Petition 17:40:38
Weekend Watching : Eustace Mullins On The Federal Reserve (Full Version) 17:39:02
No one tells the truth like Eustace Mullins! 17:23:41
one thing Ron did not say... 17:22:35
Santorum, Gingrich are FOX puppets 17:22:18
Point: Ron Paul’s Our Man 17:14:18
Progression of Ron Paul 2008 to 2012 17:14:09
Brokered Convention Nominee 17:08:41
You Know What To Do 17:06:07
11 yr. Navy Vet In Says We Are Not Defending America / We Invaded Another Country 16:56:04
Mitt Romney 'Wins' The Maine Caucuses, Unless Ron Paul Actually Won Them 16:53:16
Please share your Favorite Ron Paul Videos 16:45:33
Projected Delegate Totals following Maine Caucus 16:39:59
Patrick Henry Party? 16:36:03
Hello Ron Paul Michigan! Your RP Neighbors In Indiana Want To Know How We Can Help? Do You Need Any Resources For Your Primary? 16:29:40
1 16:21:13
Samuel L. Jackson: A tale of American Ignorance? (Endorses Obama) 16:19:04
Welcome to the United Soviet States of America 16:14:50
Is there a way for us to be robbed at the convention? 16:12:38
Danish Volunteer for RP seeks lodging in Phoenix, AZ! 16:10:33
Video: Ron Paul loses in Maine due to Election Fraud 15:53:03
Trouble between campaign officials and volunteers 15:46:58
Maine GOP Chair - Is this the best Maine can do? 15:46:40
Ron Paul, Rick Santorum Suggest Foul Play From Romney Campaign 15:43:21
ALERT: Repeat of Ron Paul on CNN (Piers Morgan) 9pm (EST) 15:42:12
Tony Bennett for Ron Paul? 15:40:13
The Delegation Process 15:29:32
This Smokie Has The Evidence 15:27:28
Buildings in Athens Burning - Live Stream 15:25:45
"I'm disappointed, but I'm really excited" 15:21:56
Charlie Webster : "Your Fired!" 15:10:54
ATTN: MN delegates-This was on my facebook page 15:10:43
The next MoneyBomb after the No One But Paul 15:10:41
Judge Napolitano fired after THIS broadcast of Freedom Watch. 14:52:11
Election Theft: "The Girl Scouts had an event today in Washington County that wasn’t cancelled!" 14:35:33
Winning California's 172 delegates - how? 14:32:47
Maine GOP leader's prediction one day before: "It'll come down to 200 votes" 14:28:18
The Duplicitous "War" on Drugs 14:25:42
If Saturday's Powerball winner ($210-million cash) 14:25:35
General Rules of the Maine Republican Party 14:24:39
The Media Turns A Blind Eye As The GOP Rigs Maine For Mitt Romney 14:09:50
What Awaits Iran? Iraq, Before & After - A SlideShow 14:08:40
Wow Webster knew the results friday ... I Call election fraud 14:07:55
Material re: Maine with which to arm the Daily Show 14:05:41
Is it time to send RP campaign lawyers to investigate vote/election fraud in Iowa, Nevada & Maine? How long before exposing it? 14:05:08
GOP and MSM Desperately Seeking Ron Paul To Take The Vote Fraud Bait 13:43:07
Maine Delegate Produces AWESOME New RP Song 13:39:08
Is the Maine GOP really going to disenfranchise a county and a half? 13:34:16
Actions speak louder than words 13:33:29
Bombard the Media! 13:30:28
If We Can Prove This We Can Destroy The GOP, Forever! 13:24:20
No matter what you think of the Catholic church or Birth Control 13:11:19
Okay - Here is What We Do URGENT (Maine tactic) 13:11:10
Keystone Pipeline, what do you think? 13:10:15
Jeb Bush Could Emerge as Presidential GOP Nominee at a Brokered Convention, says Top Republican 13:04:56
"Dr. Paul, why do you think you have such a young following?" 13:02:34
Fair and Honest Elections? : Why Did GOP Chairmen Matthew Strawn and Amy Tarkanian Resign After The Iowa and Nevada Cacuses 13:02:11
Wow... take a look at the Maine GOP facebook page (update) 12:57:53
Lincoln's Birthday 12:40:53
Charlie Webster alleges voter fraud...expresses outrage on behalf of "disenfranchised", 8 months ago 12:36:22
Did you like the Big Government Conservatism of the Bush years? 12:36:09
Halftime in America: Remy Chrysler Ad Parody 12:31:20
(video) Another good reason why the Dept of Education must go! 12:31:17
So What Are the Facts About Maine? 12:26:28
Another Romney Flip Flop, Win/Loss Is Only 6 Days Away 12:22:52
Another state's vote falls to the 'caucus' system 12:16:15
INPUT: After getting ballot access, how to promote delegates 12:14:32
Rp Not Winning This Election Is Not Only A Usa Issue Its A World Issue A Planet Earth Issue, Help Us Raise 50 Million For Rp 12:13:16
New strategy 12:11:27
F*K! the GOP, DEMs and The NWO! 12:08:32
Are you funny? Need your help. What is Obama saying here? Fill in the blank. 12:08:15
America Kiss Your Freedom Good Bye, We Need To Raise 50 Million For Dp 12:04:32
Mitt Romney Wins The Maine Caucuses UNLESS Ron Paul Actually Won Them 11:55:33
This Is What Needs To Be Addressed. Raising 50 Million For Dp 11:53:52
Clarifying Registering to Vote in New York State 11:49:26
Have you changed your Facebook profile picture Yet? 11:44:38
Quacks Like A Duck : I Predict Maine GOP Chair Charlie Webster (AKA, Charlie "M") Will Resign Soon.. 11:32:38
Ron Paul on Face the Nation CBS Today; 10:30 am 11:26:06
My Caucus Speech for Ron Paul (time permitting) 11:19:42
Maine Elections Chief Uses GOP List To Intimidate Student Voters 11:18:59
Time to stop whining, AND GET INTO YOUR WALLET AND PURSES 11:18:26
Freedom Watch Finished But Here's Your Guide To Libertarian Media 11:09:36
Comments? Ron Paul Official Campaign Problem ! 11:03:40
Santorum just said RP bought past CPAC poll wins 10:59:40
List of Registered Republicans 10:51:00
Ron Paul On Face The Nation This Sunday Morning 10:40:36
Money Money Money And More Money 10:35:56
How we Waste $154 Million a Year on a Useless Agency to "Help" the Arts 10:21:47
How do we know that caucus attendees are true rp supporters 10:15:20
How to Cherry Pick a Caucus 101 (or, How they got their total) 10:08:08
~Reuters Poll: Ron Paul Surges Nationally To 2nd Place 10:05:19
The next money bomb must show there's no chink in the armor 10:02:31
New Site uses Google Trends to Predict General Election 09:46:31
Have we all sent out the February 14th Moneybomb info to everyone we can? 09:39:34
Paging Dr. Paul, Paging Dr. Paul - Report to Idaho STAT - Santorum in ID 2-14-12 09:37:45
Dewey Defeats Paul? 09:27:51
Ron Paul Iowa Chairman to Head Iowa Republican Party 09:26:44
Tom Woods On The Fed 09:12:43
Going to have to call Maine for Ron Paul 08:51:26
Tom Woods: Conservatives And War 08:51:08
Wtf can't voter fraud charges be brought on Maine 08:48:51
Krauthammer: Israel ‘will strike’ Iran to ‘prevent a second holocaust’ 08:30:33
Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker 07:48:40
Ron Paul At The 1983 Congressional Baseball Game 07:39:03
It's just this simple. 07:19:37
3 Tour Combat Veteran Endorses Ron Paul, March on White House 07:02:29
hear me out on this one 06:49:10
Dr. Faber Video - Fox - sound investment strategies :D 06:30:29
This Has To Be Addressed 05:47:04
Third Party Question from Overseas 05:43:29
Elections in a totalitarian state (poem) 05:43:08
Live Stream Greece ! 05:37:31
They Cannot Kill an IDEA... 05:19:52
Judge Andrew Napolitano VP 05:14:29
A Important Warning To Rp Supporters 04:57:42
What Can't Ron Paul Do? You'll Love This! 04:41:14
Updated!-Who Is In Charge Of The Maine Gop? Contact Them! - CALL , EMAIL, FAX, TWITTER, FACEBOOK ! 04:32:05
In case you missed it, Whitney Huston is dead 04:28:16
TN: You a R3VOL? You Overweight? You on Nat.Geo. DoomsDay Preppers? We're gonna TAKE Your Guns! 04:21:09
IDAHO: Dr. Paul picks delegates to GOP National Convention 03:58:14
[VIDEO] Ron Paul vs. #HONESTMISTAKE (new/improved) 03:38:03
The Judge Axed By Fox Because Of This News Segment? 03:29:51
Peter Schiff takes on birth control mandate's economics 03:18:40
Mitt Romney, Not just a member, but "high-priest" 03:16:13
NEW POLL - Florida Radio Station has three candidates. Not what you think 02:49:27
What should we do about Maine 02:47:59
"Dangerous to the status quo" 02:39:10
So You Don't Like Dr. Pauls Drug War Stance? 02:37:56
Some observations from CPAC 02:26:28
RT Video: Why Fox Cancelled Freedom Watch 02:21:20
Regulations are Not Laws 02:11:33
Red Alert! Warning for Texas! 01:46:56
Next Up: Michigan and Washington 01:44:57
Former Romney employees hired to oversee Iowa and Nevada Caucus 01:42:42
English Warning To Americans: DONT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS! 01:38:53
Now is the best time to be an American - Ron Paul 2012 01:31:59
I have Qur'aans I will donate as educational tools 01:31:31
More millions in advertising left on the table ! facebook profile banners. 01:29:29
Whitney Houston WINS Maine caucus! 01:23:00
Michigan For Ron Paul!spread To Anyone In Michigan! 01:16:09
I'm Pissed, So where is our next target state? 01:12:26
Full steam ahead to Michigan! 01:01:29
(for delegates eyes only) Alaska republican platform and resolutions passed in 2010 (must read) spread like wild fire! 01:00:15
Tell Maine GOP Chairman Charlie it's unacceptable that 17% of Maine votes will not be counted. Contact him right now 00:57:35
John Tate Response to Maine Victory, Donation Time 00:57:14
LAPD Pioneers High-Tech Crime-Fighting ‘War Room’ 00:53:12
Whether Or Not You Believe Tonights Results, You'd Better Doubledown on Feb.14th. Nobody But Paul. 00:51:37
It's time to take this fight to the next level 00:45:57
Greek police call for ECB/IMF arrests 00:45:31
Your Soul is UNBREAKABLE! Tonight we're invincible . 00:39:59
Maine petition to COUNT ALL caucus results including Washington County! 00:34:09
Email I sent to Maine GOP 00:30:34
★Money Can't Buy Delegates★ 00:29:52
Could this have been part of our problem in Maine 00:29:38
GOP the world is watching, America the world is watching, do you realize that all her enemies will have this to remember when .. 00:23:37
Don't Allow Yourself To Become Dissuaded! 00:19:45
Maine GOP emails=Email bomb 00:17:15
Anyone heard from RevolutionPac on the firm they hired to watch this? 00:06:12
Ron Paul: It was almost like a tie 00:04:54
No time for feeling pity or remorse, We must carry on! 00:03:37
The Top Ten: Ron Paul loyalist alleges assault by Newt Gingrich aides 00:03:09
Reminds me of a quote from Socrates 00:03:04
The Sun is Setting - Tell Everyone You Know 17:26:24