Posted on February 16, 2012

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Holy Freaking Crap ! They killed my FB friend ... Shot him dead holding 9 mo old grand kid ! 22:57:43
Mark Levin Gets Canned From WSPD Radio For Lies About Ron Paul, Hilarity Ensues 19:58:24
What to do if the Chairman ignores your Point of Order 18:27:46
A 104-year old patient came WALKING into my office today. 18:22:27
Maine GOP Recounting Votes ( ! ) 22:21:22
Guess What? SC Primary Results in Question! 17:24:59
Reminder: Ron Paul Won Ohio Straw Poll with 53% 08:47:11
John Stossel - Political Deception 04:13:55
All delegates that will be going to a state/county convention must watch this and not let it happen again 18:28:40
Maddow Dissects Maine Fraud - Caucus Continues This Saturday 23:53:38
TODAY: Ron Paul in Idaho and Washington State... 10:14:32
Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops! March on the White House - Monday Feb 20 10:18:01
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Local News Station Coverage of Campaign Event in Vancouver, Washington 23:50:52
YouTube Sensation Tay Zonday Explains Economy "Mama Economy" 23:48:07
Poll: Ron Paul beats Mitt Romney in favorable ratings 23:43:18
A Nuclear Iran and World Peace 23:39:08
Ron Paul Polling Better Than Obama in Ohio 23:38:36
HOLY COW: New Romney "Flip Flop" Being Reported In Maine - "figures for Mitt Romney and Ron Paul were FLIP-FLOPPED in Portland" 23:37:22
Something I Wish 23:36:29
Nevada election fraud evidence from precinct-level data 23:33:01
Will the real Remnants STAND UP. (Ron Paul is talking to you) 23:24:59
KATU report on Ron Paul in Vancouver, Washington 23:23:46
GOP establishment and political Elites: You are here by put on notice: 23:23:16
Hold Charlie Webster Accountable for his actions in MAINE 23:07:08
Underwear Bomber False Flag *EXPOSED*! Drudge Bomb! NOW! 22:51:40
Laissez faire books is a good source of Ron Paul's books 22:49:40
Ron Paul is the TRUTH. 22:49:16
What's Your Religion? 22:47:33
Mecklenburg County GOP Precinct Meeting and Straw Poll (2/16/2012) 22:46:46
Washington County will be counted! 22:40:50
We are the GOP! 22:32:46
Vote in these polls 22:31:51
New evidence of possible election fraud in Nevada 22:27:02
Ron Paul visiting Boise, ID - 2/18 @ 11:30AM - 6,000 Seats! Let's set a Ron Paul Record! 22:23:18
Short video from Vancouver, Washington 22:22:17
Doug Casey on Obama and the 2012 election 22:16:43
UPDATE: My letter to the editor got published! 22:13:14
Something tells me Ron Paul has already taken charge of everything 22:11:45
MSM: Ignoring Dr.Paul was their biggest mistake. 22:07:06
Quiz Update 22:05:34
What would James Madison think of Eric Cantor? 22:01:16
Ron Paul Endorsed by Idaho Bonner County Commissioner Cornel Rasor 21:21:34
Maine going to include Washington County results in vote total and recounting totals from all counties statewide 21:18:40
Rome Town Caucus, MAINE Yesterday- Anybody know results? UPDATE: Paul wins! 21:18:26
Ron Paul Endorsed by NFL Player Farmer and Former U.S. Senate Candidate Clint Didier 21:17:57
FLASH! Romney and Paul Cancel CNN Debate March 1 21:10:44
Pat Buchanan Blacklisted By MSNBC 21:09:19
ViDEO: Precisely What to do at an Illegal DUI CheckPoint - DO NOT COMPLY 21:07:48
Via Drudge - The Hill : "Ron Paul Raises 1.2 Million in Valentines Day Money Bomb" 21:03:37
50 amazing facts about Dr. Ron Paul (very funny) 21:02:58
With all this GOP corruption Ron Paul better run as a third party... 21:02:29
Obamacare: Richard Epstein And John Yoo 21:01:38
If you are a fan of Alex Jones 20:57:37
Honest, yet controversial facebook post! 20:55:21
Chicago Tribune on little ol' Maine 20:50:46
Veterans Today: 9/11 and Israel: Dr. Alan Sabrosky’s Candid Interview 20:48:03
Getting Delegates and volunteers to further expand Ron Paul's message in your community 20:42:31
Thomas Jefferson would vote for Ron Paul if he could 20:39:21
Maine GOP will count Washington County... 20:35:18
Mark Levin Canned? 2-16-2012 20:30:58
What I deal with, as a Ron Paul supporter. 20:23:40
Drudge: Santorum Drove Audi 20:22:26
What about from March 20 on? 20:12:58
My experience at walmart tonight. 19:41:34
Underwear bomber victim outs The FED Government during statement! 19:33:55
NEWSFLASH: Maine GOP to recount caucus votes 19:27:55
What's up with that? Ron Paul bows out of CNN debate in Atlanta. 19:23:14
South Carolina WAS Stolen from Dr. Paul: Role of Benchmark-Israel and Scytl-SOE 19:20:38
Foster Friess's unhinged rant 18:59:01
Lawmaker Demands DHS Cease Monitoring of Blogs, Social Media 18:56:41
ViDEO: Oh Yes, Gvt WILL be all up in yo Bedroom Biznezz: Rats call Cops on Valentine Celebration 18:40:49
What do I do if I disagree with the chairmans ruling! 18:26:52
is the UN steering the Truth Movement? 18:22:49
Hypcrite Santorum advocates capping medical malpractice to $250,000 unless it's his wife... 18:19:03
Jack Hunter explains why Santorum is no conservative 18:17:23
You Can't Stop The Truth 18:10:46
New Ben Swann Reality Check tonight on Maine 2/16 18:08:19
Georgia Debate Cancelled - All But Newt Bowed Out 18:06:02
VIDEO: Ron Paul speaks to 1350 people at Rally Speech in Twin Falls, Idaho 2/16/12 18:04:57
New article on "conservatives" and Ron Paul 18:03:52
SF Bay / NorCal - Feb. 25th - Rally for Ron Paul @ CA GOP Convention 17:58:48
Zero Hedge Quote of the Week 17:51:08
How would Ron deal with this Problem: 17:48:36
Getting delegates and volunteers to further expand Ron Paul's message out to your community 17:45:05
Colbert Show Cancelled! WTF 17:40:43
'Rebel Yell'? More Like, 'We Enable Warmongers' 17:40:09
March 1 Ron Paul Media Bomb 17:39:29
Underwear bomber to be given life? 17:31:48
US News: Ron Paul polling BETTER than Obama in the Swing-State of Ohio! 17:27:31
Conor@TheAtlantic: Rick Santorum Would Do LESS to Strengthen Families Than Ron Paul 17:22:24
Ticket to Paradise? 17:20:49
Underwear bomber sentenced to life 17:18:05
Things non-Ron Paul conservatives say... 17:10:36
Enough with the posts about "we won maine with 41/43% of the vote" 17:05:00
Things non-Ron Paul conservatives say... 17:03:28
Clint Didier (R-WA), Fmr.NFL.Player, Farmer, & Sen. Candidate Endorses Dr.Paul! Again.o) 17:02:32
Cool Ron Paul Rap Song I found 16:54:51
Should Ron Paul make one last trip to the colleges in Maine, This week? 16:44:39
Attention Texans: Primary date possibly changing to May 29th 16:37:43
Ron Paul in Vancouver Washington today at 4pm 16:34:36
ViDEO: 1350+ Idahoans greet Dr. Paul! Twin Falls, ID, Feb. 16, 2012! 16:29:33
The 2012 GOP Primary: Unmasking the Vote Manipulation! 16:27:01
How do I... 16:19:26
Gingrich supporters are organizing in Virginia - for Ron Paul! (is this a stealing delegates trick?) 16:17:45
Mitt and RICK bail on 3/1/12 debate. Should Newt and Ron have a gold standard debate? 16:13:24
It's different this time 16:06:33
Almost certain proof of SC fraud. This is HUGE. 16:01:24
Ron Paul Supporter Infiltrates White House and Shakes Hands With Michelle Obama 16:00:50
NDAA Nullification Heads to VA Governor's Desk! 15:59:06
Orrin Hatch and the convenient Constitutionalist. 15:48:28
Concious, self-inflicted decline 15:45:46
BREAKING: Romney to skip March 1 CNN debate 15:44:59
Robert's Rules of Order Training Resources 15:23:30
WatchTheVote2012 Releases Maine Caucus Results - Ron Paul Wins with 41% 15:21:37
ViDEO: LibertyFestWest, TX, Feb.11 - Kokesh, Molyneux, Page, Buehler, Church, Bleish, Oh My! 15:19:47
Hitchens On Gingrich 15:18:57
Show This To All The People That Discredit Paul... 15:16:38
John Adams on DVD for $10 15:07:45
Mitt Romney has decided Not to join a GOP debate scheduled for March 1 in Atlanta. 15:00:51
How Ron Paul may have won — and lost — Maine 14:58:50
Great article about the Maine debacle: How Ron Paul may have won — and lost — Maine 14:53:37
Who will you choose to represent you in Washington? 14:52:52
Birds of a Feather... a new Freedom State 14:52:31
REMEMBER: Missouri challenged all pro-Paul delegates in 2008! 14:48:56
Poll: Ron Paul beats Mitt Romney in favorable ratings 14:46:03
I Vote Ron Paul or, I Don't Vote. 14:44:06
An Important Video from 2008 Campaign DVD's for Delegates 14:34:38
Great way to increase your donation 14:24:28
LOL 14:23:00
Colbert report production suspended. 14:22:40
Psychopathy: and its relation with the world 14:18:09
Ron Paul Endorsed By NFL Player, Farmer and Former U.S. Senate Candidate Clint Didier 14:08:20
Paul's Delegate Advantage 14:07:07
Victory Does Not always mean Gain in Delegates 14:04:29
Rothschild loses libel case, and reveals secret world of money and politics 14:04:01
Coming to an elementary school near you soon. 14:00:26
Woods Law #2 13:53:19
Poll: Ron Paul beats Mitt Romney in favorable ratings. 13:46:11
Can We Stop the Next Hitler? 13:43:31
Mitt’s ticking Maine time bomb? 13:42:50
Michelle Obama greets a Ron Paul supporter during surprise White House tour 13:39:22
Dave Mustaine clarifies, doesn't endorse Santorum. 13:38:36
* Michael Nystrom * Please Consider PERMANENT POSTS 13:37:31
Voting results for today in maine? 13:37:15
Ron Paul to hold Thursday afternoon rally in Vancouver, Washington 13:32:34
Easily turn Maine around 13:30:51
A MUST SEE if you want to know EXACTLY how Election Fraud occurs in our country. WELL DOCUMENTED! 13:25:49
Latest Article on non-Ron Paul supporters 13:24:43
VIDEO:Ron Paul in Twin Falls, ID~ MODS PLEASE EMBED* 13:19:47
Guatemalan Leader : "The Only Way To Beat Gangs Is To 'LEGALISE' Drugs" 13:02:24
*IDAHO DELEGATES* ~ A Guide to the Selection Process 12:58:30
Alaska Bill Would 'CRIMINALIZE' Invasive TSA Pat Downs 12:56:28
VIDEO: Ron Paul wins favorability poll. Chris Matthews leaves him out 12:49:50
How Ron Paul is Secretly Taking Over the GOP 12:45:11
Inspiration. Listen to the LYRICS! 12:43:07
Inspiration. Listen to the LYRICS! 12:39:50
Colbert report being temporarily suspended for political reasons? 12:39:35
Ron Paul and his hilarious Op-ed Titles. : ) 12:39:32
Response to Tom Woods 26 Things article... 12:36:56
Latest Article on non-Ron Paul supporters 12:35:16
Love, Reality and the Time of Transition 12:07:27
Maine's (Washingtons) 300, where you there? 11:49:57
Free Ron Paul Bumper Stickers 11:43:41
Romney's "Deceptive" Michigan Phone Poll 11:38:09
Need a good chuckle today? 11:18:19
Ron Paul most favourable GOP candidate 11:05:24
He's building a movement. He's not just running for president. 11:01:13
The Gang of Four starring Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich 10:30:52
The news is spreading. Business Insider: “Ron Paul is Secretly Taking Over the GOP… 10:29:05
An Appeal to Heaven... 10:28:11
Deadly Alcohol Needs Global Regulation, Health Expert Says 10:23:25
Ron Paul 2012 - We Are The Many 10:16:46
My Email to the Maine GOP Leadership 09:59:19
Mitt Romney - Fortunate Son Protested Against the Anti-War Protesters 09:48:15
Obama Proposes Extending Tax Waiver on Mortgage Debt Forgiveness 09:44:29
Tavis Smiley Questions Minister Louis Farrakhan On President Barack Obama 09:43:28
Ron Paul Ain't No Fortunate Son 09:29:14
GOP chairman (Webster) predicted Friday that Romney or Paul will win Maine by 200 votes! 09:23:32
I will match donations 09:18:43
Mixed Messages Out Of Israel Regarding Iran 09:17:51
“Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” – Ron Paul 08:59:58
BREAKING NEWS: Webster AND Quatrano Caught in Lies 08:49:48
Getting Too Close To The TRUTH? 08:33:55
African Americans for Obama 08:10:03
Obama Wants to ‘Make’ Cheaper Pennies and Nickels 08:09:56
U.S. Prison Business: Privatize Profits, Socialize Losses 08:05:38
Victory in State Primary Does Not always mean Gain in Delegates 07:54:20
DUI Checkpoint Refusal 07:35:24
Iran: The Neocons Are At It Again 07:24:10 Is up! We need your help! 06:51:33
Who Carried Out the Terrorist Car Bombings in India, Thailand and Georgia? Iran … Or Someone Else? 06:20:20
CIVILIANS: Support Our Troops Choice for Ron Paul for President! MARCH ON THE WHITE HOUSE 06:15:03
Can we stop vote fraud doing this? 05:49:24
The Federal Crime of Election Fraud 04:48:44
Why is the Campaign Rolling Over when it comes to Maine? 04:35:28
Fun Video: To lift your Spirit 04:21:20
Maine: Dirigo meaning "I lead," home of the Whoopie Pie! 04:11:30
Campaign will not request Maine recount because: 04:01:09
MiniBrochure - Printer Friendly 03:49:20
Funny Ads Banned by MSM that support Ron Paul! 03:42:24
TSA support 03:41:11
LMAO : My Santorum Joke is True! 03:37:45
Abolishing Property Taxes in North Dakota 03:30:37
Santorum released his taxes and ... 03:14:14
The Story of Copper - From Ore to More! 03:07:39
How can foreign freedom fighters help you now? 02:59:20
I suggest we all display the flag "Union Down" on February 20th. 02:44:53
Why canvassing should be done as early as possible! 02:44:29
We all deserve to laugh.. Dr. Paul vs (pretty much the rest of the gov.)plus i need advice from fellow patriots 02:44:21
MARCH On The White House - A Message To Republicans 02:41:56
Donations outside of the US 02:25:25
Howard Fineman and Chris Matthews Talking About The Most Honest Candidate In The Race...Rick Santorum 02:24:08
AJ running features with graphics of the Kokesh March on D.C. 02:12:00
Ron Paul Infomercial 02:02:30
A Biblical case against Pre-emptive War. 01:47:33
News Radio 1310 KLIX to Carry Ron Paul Speech 01:42:57
Caffertyfile on Santorum. LOL! 01:41:36
PARODY: Amerika, The Land of the Snitch! 01:39:03
Spreading the Romney Bomb 01:38:00
Is it too late for me to become a delegate? 01:37:16
The Century of The Self 01:24:29
Santorum Second in Arizona, first in Michigan, first in Ohio 01:19:30
How do I become a delegate? 01:17:16
Help in New Jersey... Advice needed stat. 00:56:06
John Embry - Debt saturation ensures much higher gold and silver 00:55:04
Christian Science Monitor Article About Maine Recount! 00:45:06
My letter to the Maine GOP 00:37:21
How Will You Answer the Call? 00:24:38
Romney is running ads in Alabama 00:06:54
Will you all help get a list together of all politicians who endorsed Ron Paul 00:06:30