Posted on February 21, 2012

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Daily Paul Radio Interview with 2004 WSOP Champion Greg Raymer 'All In For Freedom' 22:06:04
★ Ron Paul Patriot Nation ★ 16:22:55
Should I still work a job I hate? 16:08:33
Even Defense Contractors Support Ron Paul For President 15:30:53
Drudge Report: Santorum's Satan Warning 13:19:17
New Ron Paul Ad for Michigan - Rick Santorum a Conservative? 10:09:45
Ron Paul: ‘Hemp is a good product’ 09:00:37
#1 Most Popular in Latest New Yorker Magazine: Ron Paul's Libertarian Roots 07:07:50
Monsanto's Bt GMO corn to be sold at Walmart with no indication it is genetically modified 01:27:25
The Sermon 09:29:40
Video: Troops March on White House for Ron Paul 16:12:18
Michael Steele Thinks Medicare is Not Redistribution of Wealth. 03:09:54
The Real Delegate Score: Romney 93, Paul 82 09:26:58
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Nuclear Iran, Israel, Self defense Documentary. Must see to understand the current crises.. 23:54:22
Ron Paul Votes Stolen by Voting Machines (must see:) 23:53:29
The #1 killer of Americans is not terrorism 23:43:42
ViDEO Paul the TJ of our time .. Announcement? 23:32:35
Iran Worried U.S. Might Be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon 23:17:55
The Best Article I've Read on the Youth and Ron Paul 23:11:25
Ron Paul to gain speaking time in Feb 22 CNN Debate 23:01:04
ACLU sues Obama administration over assassination secrecy 22:58:44
President Paul and Vice President Romney 22:51:06
Slick grassroots Ron Paul ad 22:48:54
O'Reilly shows the Ron Paul 'Judge Nap for VP' clip tonight 22:47:47
Help Me Bring Freedom to Thousands of Georgians: Match My $100 Dollars 22:46:03
Lois Romano Outrage 22:45:35
Election 2012 : Just One More Crafted Illusion 22:35:11
RT Video - Patrick J. Buchanan : What Happens In Iran And Syria Is 'None Of Our Business' 22:31:55
Even Defense Contractors Support Ron Paul For President 22:25:24
FLASH! Paul Tied With Obama In Key Swing State Of Virginia 22:20:43
Inforwars Linked To Drudge : New Ron Paul Ad Slames Santorum As FAKE 22:16:32
Paul Tied with Obama in Key Swing State of Virginia 22:15:02 Coverage of the March - Great Story and Great Way to Help End the Corporate MSM! 22:13:07
Why Christians need to show Rick Santorum the door 22:10:58
How about we split the acttive topics into news, and take action categories? 22:08:09
Jagger, B.B. King, belt out the blues for Obama 22:03:30
Ron Paul's VP Choice! 22:02:34
ViDEO: Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops DC March + Aimee & More @ AFTER PARTY! 21:54:25
500 'Veterans for Ron Paul' march on White House to media blackout 21:52:00
Charity and Potential Ron Paul Publicity via Folding@home 21:48:12
Fact from Fiction: Is the Threat of Cyber War Real or is it Just Hype? 21:45:13
Video: Cops bust kids' lemonade stand 21:33:44
Frédéric Bastiat 2012 21:32:53
According to PPP poll, Santorum in the lead in Washington 21:26:56
Robert's Rules! Arm Yourself for the Conventions! 21:12:47
End of Financial Tyranny Part II 21:11:44
Romney: Spending cuts alone would hurt growth 20:49:05
Here is the movie that could catapult Ron Paul! March 27! 20:34:36
Sing your FREEDOM video Link 20:30:00
if you smoke in a car are you a terrorist? 20:26:05
Question on Washington Voting 20:17:17
Nullification 20:14:01
Ron Paul needs to select a VP Now 20:09:34
What Did Iran's President Really Say About "Wiping Israel Off The Map"? 20:09:32
sheriff paul babeu endorses ron paul's view on marriage 19:58:59
Kevin Trudeau's first amendment fight 19:52:17
UN Agenda 21 and America in 2050 19:48:55
FOX News Star To Be Ron Paul's VP? 19:47:03
I'm confident that Ron Paul will win once November rolls around. 19:45:21
VIDEO: Ron Paul Mardi Gras Parade in Dallas! Rocked! Check it out! 19:36:03 19:34:40
*VIDEO* Another STAGED Terror Attack (BY THE FBI) 19:34:19
Question: What and Who exactly is a "citizen"? 19:32:07
Diane Sawyer And Brian Ross Fear-Mongering On Iran 19:31:15
U.S. Media Takes The Lead On Iran 19:29:18
Dr. Paul 19:14:25
Internet Freedom: ACTA, OPEN, Pirate Party, .p2p and March 8th 19:07:54
Ron Paul Discusses Judge Napolitano as a VP Candidate! 19:07:25
The Oath that Dr. Paul took for Congress . 19:06:52
Ron Paul: middle class avenger 18:57:51
In case you are feeling down.. 18:54:54
Wisconsins Voter ID bill goes into affect. Welcome to big government in WI! 18:52:47
Question for the Debate 18:52:27
College girl has great business idea, how long until the government destroys it? 18:51:22
Rick Santorum is scary 18:47:56
Is Rick Santorum a Doctor? 18:40:43
Need advice, converting a Neocon boss.. 18:39:50
How Long Can This Go On - U.S. debt and deficits 18:37:20
Ron Paul vs. Keynesian Rick Santorum [Video] 18:30:45
Wisconsins so called Conservative leadership has sold out their people by inviting Santorum to speak at their conference 18:20:12
Arizona, Ron for the Border 18:03:42
Follow the Money... 17:56:29
Not only has Dr. Paul honored his oath to the Constition 17:56:06 a Site to Pledge your vote 17:54:34
SURPRISE! Dr. Paul Receives the Most Amt. of Contributions from Active Military AND Defense Ind. Workers! 17:48:28
Ron Paul Keep Social Security, SECURE Ad (not official) 17:46:24
A question for all ECONOMIC BUFFS 17:03:07
Complain to FCC authority about media bias - link below 17:02:58
False flag attack against ron paul tonight , jere brower again 16:58:34
A Civilian's perspective from the March for the Troops 16:52:31
Check out how my wife spreads the message of liberty. 16:43:09
Drudge covers Vets march! 16:37:23
Footage of veterans march to White House: Ron Paul 'allows the American people the freedom that we fought for' 16:32:28
Even Defense Contractors Support Ron Paul For President 16:26:43
[Updated] Smart Meters: We Texans are Pro-Choice 16:23:09
Inspirational & Uplifting Quotes 16:17:42
Hey just had a stimulating talk with my old school's principal 16:15:53
Wisconsin Conservative Leadership Conference Invites Santorum as a speaker?WE NEED TO PROTEST OUR LEADERSHIP! 16:07:34
Romney Burning Through Campaign Cash 16:06:41
Lets Throw Some Love $ to Justin at 16:04:06
Artists of all flavours/genres needed 16:03:12
Every Ron Paul Patriot ought to pass this test. 15:54:59
URGENT: Ron Paul Poll Watchers Needed 15:49:36
Looking for Graphic Designers and Videographers - World4RonPaul needs you! 15:48:47
One More Reason WE HAVE to Elect Ron Paul 2012 15:46:17
Using L Hand Sign 15:39:58
Why has Obama's legal team spent over $1.4 million blocking access to documents every American should have access to? 15:20:25
New Social Networking technology for Ron Paul staff to utilize 15:10:15
Ron Paul does best of the GOP against Obama 15:01:44
25 Free Ron Paul Bumper Stickers Remaining 15:00:49
* Made Drudge Report * Veterans 2/20 March for Ron Paul (Center Column, 5th Story Down) 14:59:35
New Book: Voices of Revolution: Americans Speak Out for Ron Paul 14:58:51
Can you say Nullification? Supreme Court Considers Delaying Health Care Ruling To 2014 14:48:38
Can anybody explain this? 14:43:33
Ron Paul Rally in Seattle Radio Coverage 14:35:45
[VIDEO] Sinead O'Connor The Times they are a Changing Unfinished Business 14:17:29
POLL: Santorum is Winning..Please Vote Now 14:14:17
Ron Paul might have won Maine! Votes ended up in the Spam Folder - Chicago Tribune, February 21st 14:10:49
Ron Paul Might Have Won Maine 14:08:24
coffee talk with Ron Paul 14:03:16
Sweet Slideshow of Twitter Users Photos of Yesterday's Veterans March on the White House 14:02:48
Texas Enacts New Delegate Process! 14:00:45
Laugh Break! - Well until you think about it. 13:50:38
Anybody have any comments on this: 13:48:07
Have you seen this crap hit piece? 13:43:09
Indiana Voters: Santorum 8 votes short of being on the Ballot 13:40:31
Ron Paul Michigan 13:38:04
BREAKING: CHICAGO TRIBUNE - "It Looks Like Ron Paul may have won Maine Afterall" - Votes went in email spam folder 13:25:05
Santorum attacks mainline Protestantism in general - up on Drudge 13:17:27
Started the Tea Party! 13:15:09
CNN Presidential Poll : Whose Policies Favor The Middle Class? 13:06:24
Calling All RP Supporters 13:04:38
FORBES : Billionaire Shelton Adelson Says He MIGHT Give $100 Million To Newt Gingrich or OTHER Republican 12:58:25
We Need Another Money Bomb before super Tuesday! 12:56:38
Gamers for Paul? 12:40:36
Great Piece on Yesterday's Veterans March on the White House! 12:36:39
Good MSM Story on the Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops Veteran's March Yesterday in DC 12:35:54
Some New, Positive Media Coverage of Yesterday's Veterans March on the White House 12:34:46
PayPal Co-founder Donates Millions to Ron Paul Super PAC 'Endorse Liberty' 15:37:22
Congress Gives States the Go-Ahead to Drug Test for Unemployment Benefits (and Stick Taxpayers With the Bill) 12:18:47
Excellent short video of Troops marching - echo in the streets is 12:14:51
Ron Paul is Crazy (Bizaro) 12:12:37
Drudge links ABC article On Veterens march on Whitehouse 11:47:18
Posted on Drudge * Veterans for Ron Paul Rally at White House 11:46:30
Google Trends of the candidates last 30 days. 11:41:20
I am in love with this chick 11:40:58
Iran war imminent? 11:40:10
Must See All the BIG BANKSTERS Resign Check it Out! This has to be MORE than a Coincidence - Where are they going? - list 11:35:56
Digital Journal - Hundreds of veterans march, rally at White House for Ron Paul 11:33:38
Poll: Santorum way ahead of Romney, Gingrich and Paul among Texas Republicans 11:01:24
Introducting A Monetary System Of The People, By The People And For The People 10:54:04
Liberty Essay Challenge 10:51:00
Pat Buchanan: 300 Nukes in Israel Yet Iran a Threat? 10:49:02
We need to get this on CNN 10:42:18
Please ask Dr. Paul to come to Manteca, California 10:34:30
Bloomberg News 10:29:33
Cop put woman in vegetative state 10:04:16
Establishment Media Ignores Massive Ron Paul Veterans March (Videos) 09:51:36
Calling Donors from to Remind about Caucuses/Primaries? 09:50:15
Aimee Allen Making Liberty Sexy: Veterans March After Party 09:42:06
A request from LiBerte 09:37:20
A "Bad Day" of Phone Banking 09:35:21
National Review Goes on a Crazed Attack of Ron Paul Monetary Economics 09:30:16
Ron Paul looks for Delegates, Respect in caucus states 09:27:11
In Virginia it's a Two-Man Race! Poll has Romney at 53%, Ron Paul at 23% 09:22:28
John Stossel is being the voice of Ron Paul on Fox 09:13:07
Missouri moving some caucuses 08:58:53
The American Revolution was actually...A REBELLION AGAINST THE BANKSTERS! 08:56:22
Ron Paul Wants Judge Napolitano As His Running Mate 08:12:30
2012: We Don't Need an Ayatollah ☪ 08:10:25
Because I just don't want to move to Canada. (Something to lighten your day.) 07:57:01
Sen. Linda McMahon will be at my Republican Town Council meeting on Thurs. Feb 23,2012 07:31:02
Checked NBC, CBS News... did not find any story on the Military March on Washington 07:27:40
Sh*t Santorum says 07:12:00
Transistor Made Using a Single Atom May Help Beat Moore's Law 06:54:38
[VIDEO] Ron Paul Debates MSNBC Panel of Experts 06:24:10
Leaked Memo Blows The Lid Off Of The Entire Greek Bailout (Government "Solutions" Knowingly Making Problem Worse) 06:22:40
Veterans March for Liberty and Peace (article + video on march) 06:20:04
ABC NEWS: Veterans for Ron Paul Rally at White House 06:18:48
Ron Paul money machine 05:01:45
Consequences To Expect If The U.S. Invades Iran 04:43:52
Knitters for Ron Paul! Looking to add members! 04:20:52
Monday Hangover: Ron Paul, US 'Fascist system' more like 'Dictatorship'!? 03:31:50
Anti-SOPA Oath Keeper Takes on Rep. Lamar Smith 03:19:50
4409 - How to CAPS lock a Highway for Ron Paul 03:01:36
Please vote for a new Forum to hold media accountable and get them in line 03:00:28
Loukanikos aka Sausage the Riot Dog 02:57:12
URGENT: #OCCUPY GLOBAL MEDIA or are you stupid or are you dumb 02:51:21
Another Young, Eloquent Ron Paul Supporter - Sea Change is Coming 02:50:25
Pat Robertson remarks on Iceland jailing banksters and gov't officials 02:38:13
Veterans for Ron Paul march on White House, turn their backs on Obama foreign policy position - 02:37:21
Video Veterans March on the WhiteHouse RevPac 02:34:58
$7 million Super Monday (March 5th Money Bomb) 02:32:31
Perfect Example Of MSM Taking Ron Paul COMPLETELY Out Of Context! 02:28:39
REVPAC & MOX VIDEOS: Troops March on White House for Ron Paul 02:20:41
CNN: Ron Paul Leads Super Tuesday Polls 02:20:23
Fuel for the Freedom Fire (A story of how my family joined the Revolution) 01:59:38
HUGE Arizona Sign Goes Up 01:59:06
Funny correction in article 01:55:52
BradBlog: They STOLE Maine Caucus for Romney, Period. Here's How GOP did It! 01:53:24
Are the Ron Paul crowds making policymakers nervous? 01:46:55
We need to get more creative 01:33:38
San Diego for Ron Paul holds Sign Wave in Pacific Beach for 3 hours 01:30:50
Liberty Candidates - Send some Jacksons 4 Jacqueline Money Bomb 01:27:44
Election Humor 01:24:35
"Hacking Democracy" 01:18:35
Ron Paul Super PAC Unveils Poll Watching Mobile Application 01:00:50
The Ron Paul Cash Machine Generates $ 00:30:55
Collection of Videos: Veterans March on White House for Ron Paul 00:27:49
Which Ron Paul book would you recommend? 00:26:55
Off Topic-Why do some people have their picture with their post 00:26:50
Yard Signs? 00:15:04
Troops March For Dr. Paul Rev Pac Video 00:14:01
Paul destroys Santorum at debate 00:09:24
How War Has Transformed the American Dream into a Nightmare 00:06:19
Where to move if Ron isn't the Prez 00:05:02