Posted on February 25, 2012

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Ron Paul Speaks To Thousands In Oklahoma City 15:24:13
Ben Swann's 30 min Special Edition last night: Republican Nominees & Their Positions 14:02:39
Mischief in Michigan 10:08:55
Jonathan Karl of ABC NEWS says Ron Paul will reduce spending the most. 11:54:11
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Video: Ron Paul in Oklahoma City... 18:41:37
We will live forever as one! 18:37:17
Oklahoma City Video Link 18:17:57
More Light! More Light! 17:40:10
THE GREAT DEBATE : How Ron Paul's Presidency Will Reshape America 17:39:05
Help Compile List of Libertarian Newspapers 17:32:09
Incoming CME warning for tomorrow 2-26-12 17:23:34
WOW! ACORN has been busy in MN! 17:18:26
Where are the latest polls? 17:17:11
Canvasing Boston Style: Cold Weather Political Activism 17:14:46
Ron Paul wins [a] Maine [county caucus] 17:03:50
Pennsylvania Voters (Senate) 16:57:36
Money may buy votes, but as this pic shows, it sure doesn't buy actual supporters 16:53:46
How Ron Paul changed my life 16:47:07
Ron Paul Trending #3 on right now (02/25/12 at 3:37 PM Eastern) 16:39:02
New Jericho-Like Post-Apocalyptic Book 16:36:57
Will Mitt Romney need Ron Paul's delegates? 16:32:22
In Case You Missed It: Taxpayer Group Says Ron Paul is “without peer” 16:30:47
Jack Hunter: Why Attack Santorum or Gingrich but not Romney? 16:09:49
The Paul campaign on the Paul/Romney media obsession 16:00:17
Santorum's Nephew 15:58:12
Fox Focus Group Praise Ron Paul, Criticize Santorum 15:26:45
The Official (unofficial) Ron Paul 2012 PLAYLIST - Disc 1 15:25:07
Reason why Santorum is pushing the idea of Romm-Paul coalition 15:21:06
Poll: Do you believe that Congress should declare war before taking any military action? 15:12:22
Ron Paul Delegate Candidate Jason Penrod Fighting the GOP machine.. 14:49:27
The only candidate promising to Stop the Drug War 14:27:33
This Presidential Pic/Graph says a Trillion Words 14:27:15
Santorum comes from behind in Alabama three-way 14:25:57
Ron Paul is Trending #1 on Yahoo! as of 1:10pm EST. 14:10:28
The Fed, IMF, and World Bank funded by US taxpayer 14:04:04
Christians For Ron Paul ~ Help Spread the Message! 13:58:20
Via Drudge: Why College Aid Makes College More Expensive 13:57:26
Hey GOP! It's Ron Paul or No One! Send your Message! 13:41:29
1987 Bill Moyers Video Explains Current Iran Crisis and Much More... 13:37:41
RNC and Local Media 13:33:23
"Dearborn ☪Arab-Americans, Muslims Support Ron Paul" Detroit Free Press 13:30:37
Cartel Dumps 102.5 Million Ounces of Paper Silver in 7 Minutes, Yet RAID FAILS! 13:22:44
There's A Reason Why Education Sucks 12:53:46
Please Vote: Another attack on 2nd Ammendment 12:44:36
Alert, Alert! Cmu Attendees With Smart Phones! 12:42:21
Jim Carrey On Ron Paul 12:35:55
Portland, Maine Delegate Update 12:08:47
Ron Paul announces Super Tuesday rally in Virginia 12:08:26
Ron Paul Rally in Virginia... 12:04:03
Ron Paul on Patriot Act (In Moscow, Idaho) 12:03:46
Romney - A Vicious Campaigner, using vicious tactics 11:58:10
Ron Paul speech in Moscow, Idaho | February 17 11:55:27
Bill Maher Gives $1 Million To Obama Super PAC 11:38:50
The Fall Of Communism In Virginia 11:37:17
RFK's Son Arrested in Westchester Hospital Maternity Unit Clash, Police Say 11:27:50
Proof Dr. Paul is right about the War on Drugs 11:27:32
I Dreamed Last Night 11:26:35
Mike Church Goes Off On Tea Party regarding Dr. Paul (Audio) 11:25:25
DP Question of the Day: What is Your Online Discussion Forum Experience? 11:25:11
Fox News Edits Anti War Veterans Confrontation With Neo Con John Bolton (video) 11:24:09
Obama Blames Economic Woes On Tensions With Iran 11:19:13
Iran : Military Strikes Will Lead To Collapse Of Israel 11:12:07
The Frontrunner? : Meager 1250 Turn Out To Hear Romney Speak 11:07:55
How Can The Daily Paul Gain More Viewers? 10:53:24
Father Arrested, Strip Searched, After Daughter Draws Picture of Toy Gun At School 10:52:09
Latest Update on Texas Primary, mailing out of Voter Registration Cards-KTRH's Matt Patrick 10:38:17
I got on Michael Berry's show and it went FANTASTICally (is that a word?) 10:34:04
SMART Home Parody Commercial 10:22:30
Breaking: S&P Joins Fitch, Credit Suisse In Seeing Greek Bailout As Default 10:09:28
Great speech from veteran 09:59:12
Dear Leader, Junior might crank up production of $50 & $100 bills 09:37:44
What is an American? 09:26:50
New Video, The Night I Felt Jesus Cry, narrated. 09:02:35
Ron Paul a campaign for Rand Paul 08:58:40
PRESIDENT PAUL! HOORAH! (get the ringtone) 08:58:14
New Video: The Troops Have Chosen, Have You? 08:53:24
US continually operates under multiple “States of Emergency” 08:51:13
Oil executive son's testimony at Prince Rupert Northern Gateway pipeline joint review panel 08:46:07
An article I hesitated to post, so scary 08:29:16
Chuck Baldwin-What Ron Paul's Detractors Reveal 08:24:37
The Great Debate: How Ron Paul’s Presidency Will Reshape America 08:20:25
Disgrace * 06:50:45
Brad Pitt Endorses Ron Paul On The Daily Show, 2/1/12 05:50:28
Operation Smile for Paul in WA: Need 100 Out of State Volunteers! 05:49:29
Indiana Puts Santorum on the Ballot - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 05:26:34
Politifact rates Dr. Paul's $6/gal gasoline claim 05:13:46
The Deal with Jack Hunter: The Republican Mess 04:53:04
Don’t Arm Syria’s Rebels (by Malou Innocent ) 03:36:19
Santorum: "I barfed on the pizza..." Someone had too much fun making this video. Job well done. 03:32:27
Why Ron Paul Is the Steadiest Candidate in the Race 03:27:16
Mitt Romney in Michigan: At Detroit’s Ford Field, empty seats steal thunder 03:22:49
We're on a Mission from God ~ Rick Santorum's Wife Karen 02:48:38
Fear the Boom and Bust Cycle Rap 02:41:42
Ron Paul's Michigan Strategy 02:25:53
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VIDEO: First hard-hitting non-Paul attack ad on Santorum 01:57:31
[VIDEO] @Lawrence O'Donnell & the #HONESTMISTAKE 01:53:19
This is our last chance! 01:45:17
Ron Paul @ Oklahoma City TODAY! 1 PM 01:42:18
An Email to O'Reilly 01:20:19
Norway "Superkiller" Anders Breivik Appears to be a CGI Identity. 01:04:18
San Diego Declared "Ron Paul Country" 00:56:43
My Mexican girlfriend supports Ron Paul 00:51:56
CNN: Only Ron Paul Would Not Add To Budget Deficit 00:39:24
New RevPac Video: Ron Paul Outtakes from Maine 00:29:44
Ron Paul’s Blowback Claim 00:12:40
How Ron Paul Wins the Nomination: Break Down of Delegates, and Potential Brokered Convention 00:10:40
Satan Speaks to Santorum - and Has Some Words For Sarah Palin, Too 00:08:08
New Ron Paul video 00:04:29