Posted on February 28, 2012

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Ron Paul Full Speech Springfield, VA Rally 2/28/12: ‘War Drums Are Beating’ 22:52:29
Wolf Blitzer Interviews Ron Paul 2-28-2012 22:30:00
HR 347 just passed - is this real? 22:29:34
[Picture] Ron Paul's Crowd vs. Mitt's Crowd in Michigan 19:22:45
Ron Paul plans Sunday rally in Fairbanks - Daily News Miner 16:46:00
Don't mistake me for a hippie because I support Ron Paul, I'm a combat veteran! - Video 12:10:59
Ron Paul Post-Speech Press Conference - Hudsonville, Michigan 10:47:26
New Rasmussen Poll: Ron Paul Beats Obama - Newt and Rick do not! 10:14:21
Ron Paul is Not the Future of the Revolution 22:03:43
AP source: Israel won't warn US before Iran strike 09:22:14
Santorum's theory on the collapse of the housing bubble: High gas prices caused the meltdown! 08:19:04
This Is It: Chance To End NDAA - Senate Judiciary Hearing 2/29 01:01:00
2011 "Political Photo of the Year" RON PAUL! 09:52:14
Short Video: Ron Paul Introduction & Crowd Ovation at MSU. 15:05:50
Arizona & Michigan Primaries - Results Thread 14:13:02
Michael Steele says taxes are voluntary. 01:08:48
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Can we keep everything about Wyoming on the front page 23:53:11
Turn out the Vote in Wyoming tomorrow! 400 more people and we win! 23:48:44
VIRGINIA please! 23:41:53
"Those Who Vote Decide Nothing. Those Who Count The Votes Decide... 23:34:46
Wyoming Voting, 83% reported already, Ron Paul in 3rd with 20% 23:29:11
Arizona Republican Party Helps Pervert Election 23:25:05
Ron Paul Rally Noon Friday in Spokane, WA 23:21:35
Demographics not message the issue 23:20:25
Must watch for activists 23:18:53
What is the Liberty Movement on Nov. 7th? Win-Lose-or-Draw... 23:14:20
Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Epic Rap Battle 23:13:54
Um? Rick Perry gets over 3,000 votes in Hillsdale county, MIch. 23:06:11
Super Tuesday Prediction 23:03:32
Where are the Arizona numbers? Why are they calling it for Romney when 0% have reported? 23:03:01
Ron Paul: 'The revolution has arrived' 23:01:33
Only one reporter is covering Ron Paul full time 23:01:10
Franchi on RevPac reports of Democrat robocall to vote for Santy 22:55:59
Detroit News 2/28/12 22:55:06
Ron Paul's Speech Night of Mich, AZ Primaries in Virginia 22:53:04
4000 People! 22:51:09
More proof 22:48:20
John Galt- You Can't Stop The Truth (Ron Paul Anthem) 22:43:03
Right NOW - Ron Paul on CSpan! 22:35:30
We are not here to win an election, we are here to win a country 22:34:35
Bring back Literacy tests for voting 22:32:03
1/2 Million IDIOTS in Michigan. 22:29:19
I Know What Happened To The Mi and AZ Vote 22:27:15
4000 mystery votes captured on live tv 22:26:40
The Mossad Has Long Given Marching Orders to AIPAC 22:23:58
Paul on Cnn Now 920 ET 22:18:58
e voting without fraud 22:18:43
Live Broadcast or Results RevPAC: Michigan and Arizona 22:09:30
Ron Paul beats Mitt Romney in my precinct in Michigan! 22:04:48
Michigan Primary in question! 22:03:05
Let's make #fucnn go viral on Twitter 22:01:19
This Michigan vote is killin me 22:00:41
NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate by a Veto-Proof 39-1 Vote 21:56:48
A Dozen Things Non-Ron Paul Voters Are Basically Saying 21:46:10
Just finished working my MI precinct! 21:34:36
Super Tuesday Announcement To The Media 21:32:44
Is this true? 21:31:58
Ron Paul Dearborn, MI 2/27/12 Full Event 21:31:25
Paul getting 18%vote in MI most populous county- Will get delegates 21:28:07
Ron Paul Peace Candidate Graphic, Please Share! 21:26:10
Ron Paul back in Washington later this week 21:13:31
Petition to Legalize Online Poker in the US Please sign 21:08:11
I voted for Ron Paul in Michigan’s Primary 20:56:45
My wife made this for the Campaign 20:41:45
SC Primary Poll If held again today, 20:41:15
1 20:39:06
Doug Wead Live now in VA! 20:32:15
Agenda for the Dark Ages 20:30:01
My Pledge For Ron Paul 20:21:53
I am at the Springfield VA event right now... 20:21:47
American Spectator Poll 20:20:51
Alternate Media Coverage for Tonight's Election Results 20:18:55
Department of homeland security is searching your Facebook for these words... 19:59:59
Lynn Davis "Buck" Compton (December 31, 1921 – February 25, 2012) RIP 19:57:53
So in the event that RevPAC finds some concrete, hard, voter fraud evidence... 19:57:11
March 25 Sunday -let's have a party in Lodi, California,and all meet at the 19:54:52
Michigan Democrat Party urges Democrats to vote for Santorum, says not to vote Paul, wasting your vote 19:45:43
When Your Military IS a Threat to Freedom: NEW WORLD ORDER COMBAT ARMS SURVEY 19:43:47
Ron Paul on CNN coming up next apparently.. 19:43:10
Rick's and Arlen's Love Affair 19:40:08
‘Dr. Liberty’ Ron Paul in Virginia as votes are cast in Michigan, Arizona 19:38:10
A smart 11 year old 19:36:46
Texas GOP to Consider becoming Winner-Take-All, Harming Paul DELEGATE Representation 19:36:38
Please Help my Mom and Dad by voting for Ron Paul! 19:36:22
someon explain michigans delegate process to me please? 19:20:11
Santorum 'snob' remark by Jon Stewart 19:14:39
Olympia Snowe to retire 19:09:48
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) Blocks Draconian Drug War Legislation in U.S. 19:03:11
Michigan mischief: ‘A deal with the devil’ Sickening Video 19:00:30
Ron Paul needs your vote right NOW in Drudge Report poll. Here's the link: http:/ 18:58:22
President Romney could not demand the resignation of Vice President Ron or Rand Paul 18:55:38
Attacks on the Constitution. [Judge Andrew Napolitano] 18:47:44
Is there anything else Michiganders and Arizonans should be doing today (before it's too late)? 18:32:08
Final Push for Super Tuesday: Bennington, VT Sign Wave 18:19:54
What it feels like to be a Ron Paul supporter... 18:13:54
Here are Those Republican Candidate Action Figures No One Asked For 18:08:18
Ten Signs You're in an Abusive Relationship (with your government) 18:07:24
Mitt Romney opens up about his relationship with Ron Paul (VIDEO) 18:06:17
This would be a good way to get people to come over to Dr. Paul 18:00:27
Ron Paul Endorsed by Vermont State Rep. Tom Burditt 17:59:13
Ron Paul receives major endorsement in North Dakota (Vote on Poll) 21:05:05
Watch the Michigan/Arizona results here. 17:52:05
Need help finding a debate video of RP 17:35:11
Front Page Drudge Poll Vote Now! 17:18:46
GOP war mongers 17:15:14
Drudge Poll - Dr. needs help! Now! 17:09:43
Obama to Cut Healthcare Benefits for Active Duty and Retired US Military 17:07:53
Ron Paul: Haters Gon' Hate 16:52:20
Protect Internet Freedom AT ALL COSTS! 16:34:27
Campaign Sabotage !? 16:26:22
New Drudge Poll 16:23:21
If 4,000 people in Michigan show up to hear the Good Dr., what else does that mean? 16:19:29
Hilarious - Vote Ron Paul 16:08:38
UPDATED CAMPAIGN WARNING! Something strange going on when voting in Michigan 16:02:20
*STOP DIEBOLD FRAUD* Please Read/Bump Muy Importante 15:51:39
Get to drudge and vote.. 15:50:17
Santorum is the "Democrat" apparently... 15:47:38
Trump On Santorum 15:42:30
R&B Video from Obama '08 15:42:06
Ron Paul Stamps! CUSTOMIZED! :-D 15:37:38
bomb Iran billboard getting international exposure 15:34:27
doobie in my pocket 15:34:10
CNN: Ron Paul Ad Shocks USA 15:29:20
Iran Moves Further To End Petrodollar, Announces Will Accept Payment In Gold Instead Of Dollars 15:03:01
Iran Moves Further To End Petrodollar, Announces Will Accept Payment In Gold 15:02:11
Forsyth County North Carolina Residents! 15:01:20
Feb. 27 Polls - Paul strongest - given that he drives the president’s numbers down further than Romney 15:01:12
Ron Paul in Dearborn Michigan 15:00:26
The best Ron Paul introduction EVER! 14:59:56
Panetta : Military cuts To hit 'all 50 states' - No mention of cutting miltarism overseas.. 14:58:28
U.S. Agencies See No Move by Iran to Build a Bomb 14:57:47
New poll at... 14:47:45
Critical mass in Michigan 14:45:48
Drudge Poll 14:45:29
Drudge Primary Open 21:08:02
81 Resignations From World Banks 14:40:20
Video Q&A w/ Tom Woods, Peter Schiff & More - 14:37:25
4-Way Poll w/ Paul as GOP Nominee (Let's Win this!) 14:35:52
Isn't it Mrs. Paul's birthday tomorrow? Let's wish her a happy birthday! 14:35:45
Mondotimes poll 14:32:20
A 4-Way Race: Can the GOP Win? Can Greens/Libertarians Get 5%? 14:30:17
Alabama Supreme Court Rejects Roe v. Wade-A new type of state interposition . . . 14:27:31
Anti-war "Stop Imperialism" Podcast Friendly to Ron Paul 14:26:48
Ron Paul Environmental Policies are Anathema to Liberals 14:22:13
How Gold & Silver Coins Are Minted in the 1920s - video 14:10:33
Retired General Barry McCaffrey consults NBC Execs and Producers on Potential Iran War - Presentation Enclosed 14:07:12
Frothy destroyed in this article 14:02:27
Anyone have the Poll Watcher App by RevPac? 13:59:35
Did you like the Vets for Ron Paul March in DC, Lets Help them make sure they can do it again. 13:58:59
Dr. Paul tried to stop Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae BACK IN 2002! H.R. 5126 13:58:17
GOP Establishment Tries to Shut Out Sheriff Richard Mack 13:58:14
Something odd about MI ballot 13:56:14
Order Ron Paul Blimp Balloons Today If You Need Them by Super Tuesday 13:55:33
GOP Convention Storm 13:53:18
MSU Rally - On Drudge Report (Top Left Link): Let's See If We Can Get the Main Picture - Send News Tips (Bottom Right) 13:51:48
APPEAL to Cong. PAUL from a Supporter in VA: Speak out on Iranian Pastor Youssef! 13:39:00
Suprise Brewing in ARIZONA? Please comment 13:38:14
Slow Jammin’ the News Late Night Jimmy and The Roots w/ Brian Williams 13:29:30
Ron Paul VA tonight! 13:26:30
Michigan OPEN primary today! (Video) 13:26:03
Ron Paul Stumps in Detroit 13:19:18
Fox Poll Now 13:14:54
Today on The Alex Jones Show 2-28-12, 11am - 2pm CT 13:10:27
Interview with Georgia For Ron Paul Press Secretary on Local Radio 12:46:41
Let's make a RON PAUL JOBS Board. I need electricians (San Diego, CA) 12:46:32
Is Mitt Romney a Servant of Satan? 12:44:48
Ron Paul Super PAC Breaks Exit Polling Monopoly using phone "PollWatcher" app! 12:30:30
Responsibility and Private Property 12:16:52
Sites to watch primary counts 12:16:28
Drudge Report: Ron Paul draws 4,000 at Mich state 12:16:15
local michigan poll 12:14:46
Tom Woods Video: A Dozen Things Non-Ron Paul Voters Are Basically Saying 12:06:20
Is Everything Illegal Now? 12:04:08
Liberty Challenge 12:04:02
"William Penn, America's First Great Champion for Liberty and Peace"; sound like anyone we know? 11:58:51
If Dr. Paul is the Republican Nominee, what will the Libertarian Party do? The Constitution Party? 11:42:15
Kid Rock Playing for Romney?! 11:39:38
Million Man March Money Bomb 11:39:31
How to FIX our ECONOMY (parody video) 11:35:30
Libertarians for Newt Gingrich? 11:29:02
February 29! Carol Paul Birthday Bomb! 11:24:17
Video- Are Americans too stupid to vote for Ron Paul ? 11:18:22
One Pissed off Canadian Housewife 11:17:59
Video: Ron Paul Speech in Dearborn, MI 2-27-2012 11:15:31
Linked to LA Times - Drudge Reports : Paul draws over 4,000 in East Lansing 11:01:36
Duty of Interposition–a Synopsis of Madison’s Report of 1799 on the Virginia Resolutions 10:43:51
11 reasons to get your kids out of the government schools 10:42:41
Robert Fisk : "The new cold war has already started - - In Syria" 10:35:24
RevPac to have boots on the ground today to break Exit Polling Monopoly 10:31:49
The Secret Media War of 2012 10:28:46
Countdown to Doomsday: Wyoming wants their own Army and currency 10:27:14
Wow I actually just converted some Teocons who I thought were impossible. Here's how. 10:26:49
Standard & Poors officially downgrades Greece's credit rating to 'Selective Default' 10:23:10
Durable Goods Orders Crash to 3 Year Low 10:10:24
The secret media war of 2012 10:09:34
Washington's farewell address 10:06:45
Israel to attack Iran without U.S. permission 09:58:46
*DRUDGE has second link at top for Paul's speech at MSU!* 09:46:03
I just voted in the Michigan Primary 09:35:22
You know the establishment has a plan B if RP gets elected 09:30:44
NJ Delegate and Precinct leader info 09:15:05
Do you sense my affection? 09:11:53
Urgent for Arkansans: Please vote up 08:55:59
$10 Million/Wk Campaign Funding Proposal: Are You Ready to Make History? 08:50:29
Ron Paul on Local Fox News channel in Detroit 08:47:01
International Student at Kansas State opines "Paul's ideas will save America's image" 08:45:50
Romney vs Paul "Who Can't Win?" 08:44:18
Do you sense my hate?... 08:41:56
Paul Craig Roberts: Silencing The Critics [Of War] 08:40:39
Noam Chomsky: Why U.S. Troops Are In Afghanistan 08:26:09
ZEROHEDGE: Free Market Regulation, Jamie 08:20:28
Atty General Holder insinuates Racial Discrimination by School Disciplinarians 07:54:13
Santorum admits using robocalls 07:53:22
Mathematical Case for Brokered Convention; How Ron Paul Can Throw a Big Wrench Into Romney's Campaign 07:42:17
Attend your local Republican party meetings. 07:33:16
I agree with Clint Eastwood 07:32:15
Urgent: Need Phonebankers Now! 06:31:33
Anonymous creates list of politicians to vote out of office 05:56:17
It's Ron Paul Weather in Flagstaff AZ 05:51:26
Commentary on the Rush Limbaugh Post 05:28:31
ALERT: Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on NDAA Wednesday February 29th, 2012 05:15:06
Paranoia from having purchased precious metals. 05:08:31
What Is A Mitt Romney Ad Doing On Daily Paul 04:09:06
MONEYBOMB going on right now! 03:53:55
Voter fraud and the future of the presidency 03:46:05
We MUST Win Washington! 03:22:04
Super Tuesday Money Bomb: Match My Measly Donation And Bump For Liberty! 03:08:43
Where is Sean Penn now? Why aren't all the anti-war celebs coming out in droves for Dr. Paul? 10:46:05
VIDEO: Auburn University Students for Ron Paul 02:52:18
Lottery Win for Ron Paul 02:33:20
Ron Paul has Excellent References 02:28:12
Wall Street Conspiracy movie 02:23:02
Can We Please Get a Ticker up On the Front Page? 02:18:41
Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) - N*s in Poorest - PLEASE SHARE 02:13:30
Witness voter fraud? Contact authorities! 01:54:22
Million Man March For Ron Paul 01:40:29
Witness voter fraud? Contact authorities! 01:39:14
Bobb Barr Says Libertarians Should Vote for Newt 01:26:24
Poll: The Dr. is losing this one 01:22:16
GOP Party opposes delegates / Ron Paul campaign using national strategy to get votes at convention. 01:20:13
How I Almost Gave Up on Ron Paul 01:16:19
Ron Paul Endorsed By Prominent Pro Life Leader from North Dakota 01:05:41
Ron Paul To Hold Election Night Celebration In Virginia 01:01:36
Our own Zak Carter - Awesome speech @ Veterans for RP! 00:58:35
Mathematical Case for Brokered Convention; How Ron Paul Can Throw a Big Wrench Into Romney's Campaign 00:42:33
IF Ron Paul Doesn't Win Tomorrow, Which Candidate Would You Rather See Win. Mitt or Frothy? 00:38:58
Ron Paul speaks to packed auditorium in Dearborn 00:08:52
Seeking your help in winning over a potentially influential supporter 00:04:28
New radio/webcast show "The Liberty Hour" 00:00:47
CBS NEWS: "Bloom Box" Powers Your Home - Free Energy Device - Made in uSA 01:24:40