Posted on February 29, 2012

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Ron Paul won Detroit... 20:03:30
A Ron Paul moment at my Republican Town Council meeting 20:02:09
VIDEO: Ron Paul questions Hillary Clinton 2/29/12 16:57:43
My email to Rush (MUST READ!) 13:57:46
The Importance of Gary Johnson 13:57:34
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carol Paul! Here's an interview I recently did with her! 16:56:46 New Jersey’s Oldest Weekly Newspaper Endorses Congressman Ron Paul’s Quest for the Republican Party Nomination 15:44:15
FORBES: Ron Paul Tells Bernanke He Killed The Dollar, Silver Coin In Hand 12:30:50
Super Tuesday Knockout Punch for Romney Appears Unlikely 09:57:05
Still Winless, Upbeat Ron Paul Vows to Keep Picking Up Delegates 07:48:46
My Ron Paul Tattoos on the Local News 01:28:11
Happy Birthday Carol Paul! Feb 29 B-Day M-Bomb ~ 00:57:15
Video Update: Bernanke on Ron Paul Hot Seat 2-29-2012 09:12:25
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Senior Romney Health Care Adviser Selling Consulting Services To Help Implement Obamacare 23:58:48
Open Letter to Glenn Beck 23:56:58
Another Victory for Ron Paul! 23:56:18
Ron Paul CANNOT be stopped! 23:52:52
Paul to Skip Huckabee Forum in Ohio 23:43:37
The Sunburn Anti-Ship Missile is a Nasty Surprise Awaiting our Warmongers in the Gulf 23:43:30
Talk Radio Propaganda influences vote - Where Paul WILL WIN based on number of stations in each state. 23:34:58
Fox News Shepard Smith - "It's Clear The Banks Run The Country" 23:33:25
A fascinating new legal challenge to the individual mandate. w/short Video 23:31:38
Washington State Caucus and keeping Votes 100% accurate 23:31:07
Government Debt and the Chinese Currency 23:13:55
Ron Paul coming to Alaska Sunday! (an easy win now!) 23:08:45
Anyone want to comment on Wyoming? 23:08:40
Ad Hominem and Polite Discourse 22:49:36
The Gloves are off Santorum, now you pissed me off! 22:47:47
Once all Bible believers understand God won't forgive you until the end, you will understand corruption 22:40:27
Would you move to the City of Ron Paul? 22:35:31
Highlights of the Audit The Fed Bill Hearings 22:34:26
Moving to Madison, WI Area 22:28:13
Amazing! The Republican Creed 22:24:31
Priority: Lets win WA and go SURGING into Super Tuesday 22:19:47
Can A Ron Paul Hacker Please Fix The Vote? 22:18:15
Cartel Dumps 225 Million Ounces of Paper Silver Over 30 Minutes As Gold, Silver Raided 22:05:40
Any update from the Michigan & Arizona delegate count? 21:59:27
Michigan 13TH Congressional District - PAUL should WIN a Delegate with 19% 21:56:46
"if injustice is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then I say break the law. 21:52:16
Compare Santorum's Spokesperson To Doug Wead 21:44:36
My dad always said it is easy to be an ahole, so here we are 21:43:42
“Failing to meet the promises we have made to our troops would be unjust and immoral” 21:34:25
Judge Napolitano: Tim Geithner Faces Criminal Charges for Telling AIG to Falsify Bailout Documents 21:33:47
FLASH! Obama Issues Policy Directive Exempting American Citizens from 'Indefinite Detention' 21:19:16
REUTERS : North Korea Agrees To Nuclear Moratorium, U.S. To Give Food Aid 21:12:45
Is Gold Backwardation Now Permanent? 21:11:39
RT: Will Defense Cuts Put America At Risk? 21:06:38
The Madness of King Obama : The 'FAKE' President (video) 21:06:22
Economist David Blanchflower: "Anyone who doesn't think inflation is the answer doesn't know what they're talking about" 21:02:41
Ballots Cast For Ron Paul In Holland Michigan,'08 vs '12 & Impact Of SuperBrochures 21:01:29
RT : France, U.S. Arming Syrian Rebels with Anti Aircraft Missiles - Report 20:58:56
A PERFECT quote for Ron Paul! 20:56:49
17 States Considering State Banks 20:49:08
Obama’s War on Pot Worse than Bush’s (Rolling Stone Magazine) 20:48:32
Stratfor Emails : Israel Has Destroyed Irans Nuclear Program (Video) 20:44:42
Video: Ron Paul vs. HIS BIGGEST ENEMY: Electronic Voting Machines 20:43:52
Obama Slashes Soldiers’ Benefits to Pay Back Healthcare Industry Donors 20:36:07
For Southern Californians 20:35:57
Here's a great post to put as your facebook status today 20:18:38
Ethicists: Killing Babies Should Be Legal 20:13:26
FORBES : The TSA is Coming To a Highway Near You 20:07:43
The Honorable Ron Paul : "The Prosecuting Attorney Against The Lie" 20:03:20
A Snow Storm Will Not Prevent My Ron Paul Support! 19:57:30
Georgia Theater Rally in Athens GA 19:54:22
Ron Paul Wins Clean Elections - How To Fix Elections 19:52:44
Need Radio Broadcast 19:51:07
Bill Burr Endorses Dr Ron Paul 19:48:43
How many families in America would 240,000 METRIC TONS of food feed? 19:47:25
Ron Paul on Fox News (2/28/2012) 19:38:20
The Revolution is alive and well! 19:38:13
Micah 2: 1,2 19:36:24
Libertarian Interviews the "sheeple", asks them tough questions [VIDEO] 19:17:59
Zerohedge: Ron Paul To Ben Bernanke: "People Lose Trust In The Government Because You Lie To Them About Inflation" 19:12:31
Roadside Signage for Ron Paul - Ucan2! 19:09:54
New Politics 19:00:04
The CFR is good! cuz the CFR says so... lol (video) 18:55:47
MI primary-results may be skewed by mischief votes that helped Santorum 18:48:38
Another Iran Backfire 18:39:35
"The Nomination would be handed to him on a Golden platter..." 18:39:30
Why do Obama supporters feel like they have exclusive dibs over the Daily Show? 18:33:02
Tonight - Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, Mike Church & many more - Q&A Marathon 18:26:07
Imperium in Imperio–The Old Republic-Gone for Good? 18:17:25
Ron Paul vs Hillary Clinton 2/29/12 Updated YT Link 18:17:16
Please Submit Names of "Pro-Slavery" Radio Hosts Here. 18:05:06
Mike Dillard Ad on Daily Paul 18:01:15
Sheriff Joe Arpaio to release results of investigation into Obama's citizenship & presidential eligibility tomorrow at 3 PM... 17:59:19
White House having big swanky dinner tonight to honor Iraq War Veterans 17:56:43
Been working my co-workers for their vote on Super Tuesday! 17:50:19
Great day in Texas for Liberty and the Paul Campaign! 17:47:59
SAVE THE RICH - Great Video 17:43:50
We got on the news after voting in AZ 17:43:49
Doctor vs. Colossus 17:29:35
~ 17:25:41
Unbelievable document proves vote fraud? 17:23:47
Birth Control 17:22:40
Glenn Beck tells Mormons: "against Mormon principles to support RP" 17:18:05
Advanced Citizenship 17:14:36
Tom Woods Video: Nullify the NDAA! 17:13:29
Christianity is libertarianism, an article to win Christians 17:01:56
Hillary Clinton on Ron Paul Hot Seat (Foreign Affairs Hearing Feb 29 2012) 17:01:39
NEEDED: OUT OF STATE Volunteers for Washington State Caucus 17:01:18
Why We Must Re-brand Liberty Inside the 2-Party Duopoly. 16:51:20
Ron Paul Just Put On A Great Show In Front Of Bernanke 16:49:14
Vote for Ron Paul supporter for Favorite Radio Deejay 16:48:47
Remember Why We Do This 16:43:48
Ron Paul's Budget Proposals Are Fiscally Irresponsible... 16:16:17
Joe Scarborough are trying to tell us he´s for Ron Paul! 16:08:20
Why did gold drop like a rock after the Bernanke hearing? 16:08:02
"Constitutional" Apostasy 15:46:04
Inspirational GOTV Broadcast for WA: I Voted for Ron Paul 15:37:24
ABC to air 'Good Christian Bitches' March 4th 15:28:18
Is Ron Paul (and Liberty) going viral? 15:25:35
Fiscal Affairs: Ron Paul's Budget Proposals Are Fiscally Irresponsible 15:23:34
Middlesex County, NJ GOP Convention straw poll 15:15:51
What's The Deal With Indefinite Detention? 15:14:52
Joe Scarborough (@Morning_Joe / @JoeNBC) Pledges $ to Ron Paul Campaign 15:10:09
Are Ron Paul supporters responsible for 'Snowe removal' in Maine? 15:05:48
Verbal Acuity Matters 15:04:30
EPA vs. Property Rights 15:01:18
Gold Falls 3% in an Hour Following Bernanke Comments, Iran Trading with Bullion as "Universal Currency" 14:58:16
Why Michael Steele Is Right IF You Are A Pirate: 14:57:57
Let Your Life Be A Friction To Stop The Machine! Fight On! With Video Link PLEASE WATCH! 14:52:48
Video: Ron Paul Holds Youth Rally in Virginia 14:49:33
The Chomsky Contradiction 14:48:54
Will Newt bow out after 14:41:32
Romney losing voters to Ron Paul 14:41:07
URGENT: Volunteers Needed Tonight in New Jersey! 14:40:59
Wyoming Caucus 14:36:43
Last day to register in Vermont 14:27:51
Made a Ron Paul Website for Class! 14:27:36
Ron Paul Campaign Announces First Leg of ‘Super Tuesday’ and pre-‘Super Tuesday’ Ad Buys 14:13:29
Ron Paul: The Revolution Won't be partisan 13:54:01
Smart Meters 13:43:03
Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal 13:39:07
Whistleblower Action Filed Against Fed 13:36:14
Fannie Mae asks Taxpayers for almost $4.6B after 4Q loss 13:34:19
Gingrich urges supporters to vote PAUL IN VIRGINIA! 13:33:39
The Kick Them All Out Project 13:28:45
Veterans for Ron Paul 2012 13:14:47
Bernanke killed the dollar 13:05:30
Info jamming the UN on agenda 21 3/22/2012 13:00:03
University of Alabama Sanctions University of West Florida Football = Perfect US/Iran parody 12:59:05
Mitt Tells The Truth: He's A Progressive 12:56:15
Total Recall: RP2012 Official Campaign runs 'Three of a Kind' Ad, ahead of SuperTuesday! 12:47:49
Candidate School? Are you interested? 12:45:39
"Anyone But Obama!" 12:43:44
Diplomacy...North Korea Caves on Nukes 12:41:11
Business Insider : "Ron Paul Is Putting On A 'Great Show' Right Now In Front Of Bernanke" (FULL VIDEO) 12:41:10
Ron Paul To Ben Bernanke: "People Lose Trust In The Government Because You Lie To Them About Inflation" 12:34:37
Urgent: Sweetwater County Precinct Caucus Today - Last Wyoming County Precinct Caucus To Vote 12:32:02
My Fantastic Free Market Analogy. Free Markets Explained 12:28:36
Stop Agenda 21 in NC OBX and Beyond! 12:27:46
Bernanke Stonewalls Ron Paul AGAIN! : "I'll Be Happy To Meet with You In Private" 12:25:29
Gold confiscation: Why U.S. gov't did it in 1933 and can it happen again? 12:17:29
The Dirty Business Called Politics 12:13:28
NWO collapsing? Is this why so many bankers are resigning? 12:10:06
. 12:09:36
What the future holds... 12:07:53
Ron Paul Intro in Springfield, VA Rally 12:02:29
Ron Paul campaign: Use your leverage! 11:55:30
Ralph Nader is on MSNBC right now announcing for President! 11:52:04
Ron Paul Campaign Announces First Leg of 'Super Tuesday' and 'Pre Super Tuesday' Ad Buys 11:45:08
The Generosity Of Ron Paul 11:44:52
Tax Return Received: $500 to Ron Paul Money Bomb! 11:40:18
In Case You Missed It : Santorum Aided 'Junk Lending and Bailouts' Hurting Minority Families Launching Recession 11:38:58
In Case You Missed It : Chicago Area National Taxpayer Group Endorses Ron Paul 11:33:41
Glenn Beck Destroys His Own Credibility by Attacking Ron Paul 11:33:07
A game of make believe 11:23:28
Web Developers > 11:20:18
How to be a delegate in NJ -MEETUP- 11:17:06
How the Fall of Greece Affects YOU – No Matter Where You Are 11:06:33
1 11:03:12
Red Ink Enviromental Catastrophe 11:00:50
Is Ron Paul, the new Grateful Dead Rock and Rolling Star, are we his Liberty heads lol lets jam in WA 10:55:18
Barack Obama Waives Rule Allowing Indefinite Military Detention Of Americans 10:53:21
THE PHONY RIGHTWING : Rick Santorum 10:52:24
We need cash! Fundraising+sign waving 10:50:36
Where did Santorum come from? 10:40:30
Ron Paul only has one full-time reporter 10:34:22
NJ Primary Election Ballot - contact me to sign 10:28:18
Beck really slamming Dr. Paul right now (2/29 - 0600 Pacific) 10:18:10
I Just Got A Letter From Santorum! 10:17:09
It's Halftime in RP America, Here are Some Halftime Adjustments 10:07:27
"Support from DailyPaul Drops off Dramatically" ,Lets make this statement go away! 10:03:11
David Walker sounding a lot like Ron Paul on Dylan Ratigan 09:40:36
They're Staying ! All my Ron Paul Stuff ! 09:40:30
Arizona & Michigan - Delegates? 09:23:49
Politico spin on Paul-Romney perceived alliance 09:22:55
How DARE Romney use his Olympics government money-grab... 09:16:26
The Real Dirt on Slick Rick Santorum 09:14:43
Warning could cause leaky eyes! 09:14:06
Inspirational video 08:48:06
Ron Paul Takes On Ben Bernacke @ 10:00am! 08:47:07
I wonder who this guy voted for? 08:42:18
Cost to "Support the Troops" 08:26:23
What Happened To Our Iowa Delegates? 08:10:26
Washington State! Time is NOW for this to be Ron Paul's first state WIN! 08:07:27
Ron Paul poll shocker: He beats Obama head-to-head 08:03:33
Ron Paul ‘movement’ comes to Virginia 08:01:14
Operation Grandma On Steroids Urgently Needed 07:56:46
Just uploaded a video I threw together in honor of Dr. Paul over Pink Floyd's song 'Dogs'... 07:56:21
What was the last war fought, where the enemy wore uniforms? 07:53:51
The long road to liberty. 07:38:21
The Collapse of the American Dream Animated (End the Fed) 07:13:35
1/2 of the 2 Ron Paul Votes I thought I had in Michigan 06:53:36
Mitt and Rick sound like Dr. Paul! 06:53:27
Two-Thirds of U.S. Deaths in Afghanistan Have Occurred Since Obama’s Surge 06:36:20
To people thinking of the lesser of 2 evils 06:18:52
Help me win this argument on Free Markets! 06:15:08
My logical thinking makes me a conspiracy theorist 05:11:55
Santorum: "The Abramoff 'K' Street Candidate" 04:18:35
Electronic Voting Receipts 04:12:29
I made an arts. (rage-comic-ish . a funny but hopefully informative intro to the GOP race) 04:05:13
VERMONT: Voter Registration Deadline Is Today! (Feb 29th) 03:43:21
Ron Paul's Early Life and Education ... REMARKABLE! 03:34:05
[Open Letter] To some American members of my family 03:31:51
Wingman for Dr. Paul - Mitt Romney "Restore America" 03:13:49
STATS: AZ & MI 2008 versus 2012 03:10:02
Obama Waives NDAA Indefinite Detention Rule 03:05:42
National Journal : Feisty Ron Paul Hangs In Despite Likely Poor Showing In Michigan, Arizona 03:05:33
Evaluating things at this stage of the game. 03:00:48
OMG: Psychotic Aussie "Ethicists," Yes, EthicistS argue FOR Killing Fetuses AND Healthy Infants! 02:53:48
The 1 Great Warrior is in each of you 02:44:34
Photos from the Michigan events Monday 02:36:22
Tom Woods: A Dozen Things Non-Ron Paul Voters Are Basically Saying! 02:33:23
Romney Flip Flops on voting in cross-primaries *Must See* 02:29:01
Don't give up yet. Read this Article About Michigan Vote Fraud. 02:28:27
Election Fraud Master List 02:28:22
$15,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo Fraud Exposed In Uk House Of Lords 02:28:07
A Brainwashed Nation 02:21:20
We're fighting for the look in his eyes 02:18:46
Forsyth County North Carolina RP Supporters 02:16:27
TIGERBLOOD! 02:01:14
- 16,000 Ron Paul Votes!? Electronic Voting Machines 02:00:28
It's time to MULTIPLY! 01:58:45
The Ron Paul "Grillin & Chillin" BBQ Cook-Off 01:57:29
New Ben Swann Reality Check 2/28/12 media blackout of troops 01:56:44
Ignored by local media (NBC) in MI at Republican Voting Party 01:53:46
Paul stuck on 11.6% most of the night in MI? 01:48:13
Ron Paul Crowd VS Rick Santorum Crowd 01:46:57
Its Carol Pauls Birthday! Everyone Pitch In! 01:37:43
Ron Paul Swagger! 08:27:51
CNN Dana Bash gleefully features a segment on DailyKos Op.Hilarity: Dems Push Santorum Vote in Michigan! 01:27:44
NDAA question about Obama 01:24:23
The evil machine will never allow for Dr. Ron Paul to win 01:15:36
Outside a dorm room at UT... 01:13:27
O John King 01:11:36
A nice visual comparison of Romney and Paul in Michigan 01:05:25
Israeli young people say NO more WAR 01:03:48
campaign money-making idea: high priced official campaign donation t-shirts 00:59:08
When Discussing Rick Santorum (Arm yourself with this) 00:53:46
can someone explain this exit poll video RP 29% ? 00:52:48
The Four Letter Word That Starts With "F" - What Could That Be? 00:51:31
Be a voter. 00:43:41
How Santorum Helped Fuel The Housing Bubble 00:38:46
Anderson Cooper JUST 'projected' 00:37:16
STRANGE:CBS Shows us doing the worst in Justin Amash's district 00:32:53
H.R. 347 Roll Call, here is the vote tally 00:26:50
I will sleep like a kitten tonight! 00:22:01
Facebook Like Bomb! 1 Mil Before Super Tuesday! 00:21:06
Ron Paul Michigan State University Full Speech 00:16:49
Sign the petition now to VETO HR 347 and save the First Amendment! Urgent! 00:09:58
Reality Check: Vets for Ron Paul 00:09:30
Only Providence Can Save America - We Never Really Won The Revolution 00:02:12
Join the Bay Area Revolution for a sign wave this weekend, Cupertino California 00:00:14