Posted on March 2, 2012

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The GOP Seeks its own John Kerry 14:14:30
Ron Paul Wins Taunton MA Republican 2012 Straw Poll 12:24:32
Letter of Warning to the GOP 05:31:37
White House and Congress Should Beware the Ides of November 2nd 06:47:40
How The Media Got The Iran Inspections at Parchin Access Story Wrong 05:58:36
Reality Check: The Fiat Dollar is the Real Reason for High Gas Prices 00:20:00
Jonathan Karl, ABC NEWS TV commentator on Journalism 09:34:31
We Can Win Kansas 09:47:06
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Why Ron Paul? A final appeal before the WA State Caucus 23:54:44
Great article to help articulate Paul's foreign policy to others...and also break down their argument 23:53:01
Arian Foster: "I'm voting for Ron Paul" 23:52:51
Alert: Dr. Paul to be on CNN State of the Union w/Candy Crowley, Sunday March 4, 2012 23:52:43
I Wish Dr. Paul Would've Said This In The Most Recent Debate 23:50:30
Spokane Letter to Editor-tells it like it is 23:23:23
Packed House! WA event is huge 23:19:28
Santorum with Senator Arlen Specter in 1996 : "To Protect a Woman's Right To Choose" (C - Span Video) 23:14:24
Treas. Sec. Geithner 'Detained' by NYPD, Released, but Could Face Criminal Charges 23:13:43
On The Record: Romney Will Get All Virginia Delegates 23:12:40
Maine, wasn't the last little town supposed to caucus tomorrow March 3? 23:10:30
POLITICO: Santorum could be ineligible for 18 Ohio delegates 23:09:21
Tom Woods: War is Big Government's Best Friend, Awesome Speech 23:04:23
Celebrity RP endorsements! 22:53:37
Ron Paul in Alaska Sunday - Schedule 22:47:33
PHONE CALLS - Operation Win the Vote in Washington 22:45:13
234 words for your local paper 22:44:06
Biggest National Security Threat: The Economic Crisis 22:37:03
Taco Night and Ron Paul. 22:28:03
Santorum with Spector. Woman's Right to Choose... 22:18:06
1 22:11:56
Ron Paul says he is not 'status quo' in Washington speech (9:40) 22:06:03
Now that Olympia Snowe is leaving the Senate... 22:01:37
Prediction: Ron Paul Will Win The GOP Nomination On The 2nd Ballot 21:57:28
Ron Paul hints of voter fraud as to why he is not winning. 21:46:39
Maine - Castine Town Caucus tomorrow 9:30 AM 21:45:38
Silence on Andrew Breitbart's death is deafening 21:41:20
Why Awake Mormons Support Ron Paul 21:36:10
Mitt, the Severe Conservative 21:35:46
Gold Dinar,Silver Dirham 21:23:49
Washington voters please read! 21:22:04
Patents and Censoring Internet 21:10:40
Ron Paul gets a shot at first primary campaign victory in Washington state 21:09:39
Olympia Snowe: Why I’m leaving the Senate 21:05:19
Will Barack Obama be on the Maricopa County Ballot in November? Read more: Will Barack Obama be on the Maricopa County Ballot i 21:02:41
14th Amendment...p 20:59:13
50 state strategy 20:58:01
Santorum is concerned about imposing values on the American people 20:53:59
Georgia Pundit: For Whom Will You Vote? 20:53:04
Two interviews this Sunday! Candy and Bob.. 20:51:42
Cult 45: Cultural Campaign Idea 20:51:28
Inflation Is A Tax And The Federal Reserve Is Taxing The Living Daylights Out Of Us 20:48:45
Great Ron Paul cartoon..Ron Paul as... 20:48:21
If you haven't seen this damning Romney footage, PLEASE DO. 20:46:31
Morning Joe Scarborough could vote for Ron Paul... 20:43:27
Obama admits indefinite detention. 20:39:40
"Why Was the Fed Created?" with George Selgin - Ron Paul Fed Lecture Series, Pt 1/3 Mar 2, 2012 20:33:49
Rush Limbaugh = Slut For War 20:33:45
Surprise Surprise MF Global transferred $165 Million to J.P. Morgan 20:24:54
Short, fun, catchy Ron Paul song 20:23:53
Intrade Washington 3/2/12: Paul has 1.1% chance of winning 20:11:20
Another segment from today's Spokane speech... 20:06:07
Government Subsidized Chevy Volt Pulled from the Production Line 19:57:04
Ron Paul Endorsed By NFL Player Tony Pashos 19:46:28
2 sequential signed by RP $100 Trillion Zimbabwe bills (to benefit local FL efforts) 19:30:21
David Icke - The Change - turns into a Ron Paul ad 19:24:22
Need Help... 19:23:18
The TSA Boondoggle 19:13:24
Are The Votes Counted Yet? 19:11:19
Canadians protest looming war with Iran 19:09:42
VIDEO of dylan ratigan exposing fed and banking scams 19:07:00
Romney the Olympian Liar 19:06:41
Photos from Spokane, WA today... 19:01:45
stopped at obama impeach stand today AND 18:57:26
Video: He's not Status Quo-Ron Paul speech in Spokane, Washington 18:56:41
Bank of America's 'sneaky' new fees: An outrage? 18:52:08
How are you spreading Ron Paul's message? 18:42:40
Worth a try? 18:40:49
Ted Nugent endorses Mitt Romney 18:35:56
We Need to March in Washington DC For Ron Paul 18:28:05
Congressman Landry(R-LA) proposes Bill to Nullify NDAA 18:19:02
Help Canada's Libertarians 18:17:25
Peter Schiff explains how to *exit* a gold boom 18:13:43
New Music Video: a tribute to "The People" 18:13:21
I got an idea! LOOK! Twitter BOMB! 18:08:51
Following the Good Doctor's Orders— Have Fun! 18:08:27
Operation Hawkchicken 18:03:07
Paul Krugman Lies about Ron Paul's budget 17:52:07
Rick Santorum Took Tax Dollars For His Kids' Home Schooling. 17:47:51
Why isn't Everyone Phonebanking? 17:29:28
Libertarian commentary on the show "The Walking Dead" 17:27:11
'We've Got Israel's Back': Obama reaches out to Jews worried about Islamist violence 17:22:06
We need $836 Now to WIN Washington! 17:19:41
Tribute to Sandy Fluke 17:14:53
Romney video from 2002 Surfaces! 17:07:59
Mystery Novelist Digger Cartwright Endorses Congressman Ron Paul 17:03:09
There are still real journalists 16:49:11
Two questions about the nomination process 16:47:25
FDR: The Great Gold Confiscator, Audio - 1930s 16:46:04
Paul Campaign: GOP Insiders Engaging In “Shenanigans” To Prevent Congressman Winning 16:44:59
Voters in Illinois - Early Voting Has Begun! 16:41:07
Ron Paul is getting his own holiday! 16:39:54
FREE: 10,000 Powerful Bumper Stickers to Help Win! 16:39:30
Yet another noob with questions on investing in Silver/Gold 16:35:07
Destroying head stones in the commonwealth war cemetery in Benghazi Libya 16:25:32
Live Stream for Ron Paul Spokane Rally 16:23:59
Ron Paul rejected FEMA funds after Hurricane Ike hit Texas 16:23:05
Canvasing is soliciting? 16:08:17
Ron Paul slams “counterfeit” conservatives 16:03:04
All we need is a win 16:03:04
Help Pay for This Ad 16:02:56
Penn Jillette: Why I Am A Libertarian 16:02:20
Murray N. Rothbard: In Memoriam by Ron Paul 15:59:14
Ron Paul on Rothbard and the Great Depression [Video] 15:55:03
I LOVE Ron Paul 15:51:37
I'm So Angry! Please read this 15:44:23
Historic Debate on Monetary Policy Today in Utah! 15:21:36
Who Mitt Romney Really Works For! 15:14:18
Alaska Trip? 15:09:07
Need Advice 15:05:23
Did The LA Times Use CIA Assets to Plant "Cover Story" About Breitbarts Alleged 'Heart Problems' 15:01:15
Europeans first in America - 20,000 year ago 14:55:02
FREE Publicity Play or Skit 14:53:22
Jack Hunter Video: Ron Paul Brings Sexy Back 14:53:05
War: Big Government's Best Friend 14:52:12
Anti NDAA Resolution to pass in your County 14:50:16
Romney predicts he will win North Dakota 14:38:46
Paul Foreign Policy Most Like Reagan, Goldwater 14:19:42
Virginia Nullifies NDAA 14:19:39
Thank you Japan, this is just what society needs 14:14:53
Ron Paul: "He's Not A Communist" 14:13:47
(Dallas Tx) White Rock Lake "REVOLUTION PICNIC" 14:11:54
(RP) Foreign Policy Quotes 14:04:32
WA Times - 'America's Morning News' : Ron Paul "Townhall" Spokane, WA SOLD OUT! 14:00:03
RIAA godfather hopes that SOPA protests were one-time thing 13:56:50
2012 Mask Poll 13:48:26
Drafting Resolutions? 13:47:44
Seattle, CBS Local : Ron Paul Threatens To Disrupt WA. GOP Caucus 13:40:41
just wow...slanderous? 13:37:29
You know you are awake when! 13:37:10
Ron Paul Warming To Potential VP Slot? 13:33:09
Alert: Dr. Paul to be on CBS Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer - Sunday, March 4, 2012 13:25:06
Ron Paul - Ethics 13:24:02
WND VIA DRUDGE - Michael Savage : Was Andrew Breitbart Assassinated? 13:21:54
On the Redistribution of Wealth, Property Rights, and Inheritance 13:20:48
Another Sea of Love 13:15:47
Today on "The Alex Jones Show' - 3-02-12 - 11am - 2pm CT 13:14:37
"I am big believer in getting money where the money is,The money is in Washington." Romney '02 VIDEO 13:12:13
Buying Gold/Silver FAQ 13:10:02
Phoning people at home is counterproductive! It pisses people off! 13:07:12
Ron Paul Rap 13:06:37
FLASH! Breitbart Footage Shows Obama Palling Around With Terrorists (Video) 13:06:05
Gold Mining stocks – Still on the runway 13:01:57
Attention Minnesotans for Ron Paul! MN GOP trying to identify and disqualify elected Ron Paul Delegates! 13:00:21
David icke -the change 12:58:25
Must See! Interview for Silver and Gold Bugs - Great Insight into Market Manipulation 12:45:47
UTAH Liberty Candidates need help on this poll 12:44:58
All That Glitters: Considering Ron Paul's Ideas On Money And The Gold Standard 12:42:15
I was dropping change into my 5 gallon water jug piggy bank when it hit me... 12:24:34
Nullify Now Conference Including Tom Woods And Sheriff Mack 12:22:16
A college(Roanoke) study in Virginia puts out Virginia poll 12:21:16
Pls help give this Ron Paul news coverage 12:16:34
I understand Obama's tactic now... 12:12:28
Why Ron Paul's Ideas On The Gold Standard Are Revolutionary 12:10:13
What happend in MI? 12:06:08
Romney: "No One's gonna tell Ron Paul what to say!" 11:57:36
Latest MSM Hit Piece: Ron Paul A Sell-Out 11:44:44
Alert MI R3VOL! Justin Amash needs some BackUp: His Seat May be in Jeopardy! 11:41:12
Washington Caucus Polling 11:36:35
Breitbart Friend Reveals To Hannity: Obama Harvard Tapes Will Be Out ‘In A Week Or Two’ 11:28:20
Last person to talk to Breitbart about 50 min before he died / Interesting article 11:19:44
CNN Bret Bareback in Cinci 11:17:06
Last Day To Phone from Home! 11:09:33
Sheriff Joe Arpaio "Obama Birth Certificate and Selective Service Card Faked" 10:59:24
What if guns were illegal? 10:53:50
Tom Woods - War: Big Government's Best Friend 10:47:21
Who will win Washington? 10:45:50
Was Santorum really against the bailout? An Open Challenge to Supporters of Rick Santorum 10:40:38
RINOs - "REPUBLICANS IN NAME ONLY"(Romney,Santorum,and Gingrich) 10:31:33
Obama Has A Bain Bundler 10:15:02
Ron Paul: Love from India 10:13:37
Cop watchtowers in NYC? Have you seen this? 10:09:26
Ron Paul 2012: Break the Silence 09:55:55
The MSM is basically calling vermont and virginia for Romney 09:49:22
PolitiFact cringed when they had to say "Mostly True" 09:39:14
Federal Reserve Note Propaganda Campaign in DC 09:37:23
Blue Republican article - Seattle Times 09:29:11
Napolitano: Spies in New Jersey 09:28:29
Good Morning Daily Paul and Thank you 09:20:10
Twenty worst Republicans of the 20th Century 09:08:32
Video: Ron Paul : A 2012 Revolution (George Carlin Visits Thugz Mansion) 08:55:04
RON PAUL'S VA state Coordinator was WARMLY RECEIVED at the Mechanicsville Tea Party meeting Thursday night! 08:34:41
Will Damning Obama Footage Still Be Released After Breitbart’s Death? 08:07:25
Video: "It's a Revolution! Did We Think It Would Go Smoothly?" 07:58:06
Cuyahoga County GOP-Including Ron Paul 07:30:29
Why Libertarians should join/stay in the GOP 07:01:42
Idaho Voters, Presidential Straw Poll Online 06:51:39
Young Drivers Favor EVs 06:13:43
Must Read for all Veterans and Servicemembers 05:58:15
Ex-Senators Say Saudi Arabia May Be Linked to 9/11 -via- Yahoo News 05:37:00
New speech-jamming gun hints at dystopian Big Brother future 05:17:02
What the...Ron Paul will not be part of Wilmington forum 05:07:47
I dare you to listen to this . . 04:22:41
Idaho Straw Poll March 1-3: Let's Not Let Romney Win This One 03:37:21
Either Kick Butt or Be a Loser 02:34:17
Texas Republican Party & National Republican Party Insiders Are Scared Sh!tless.. "Texas Primary Election Reset for May 29" 02:27:54
Your True Birth (poem) 02:27:04
Ron Paul on Fox News after Michigan Elections (If GOP really wants to win, they should listen to his message) 02:25:58
Whoa! farther down the Zionist rabbit hole...More red pills ! More dots connect! 02:17:58
Veterans for ron paul march on the RNC 01:56:50
Very Easy Ron Paul Activism That I Ran Across... 01:55:31
The day of reckoning 01:46:00
Do you think Paul can win Washington tomorrow? 01:41:45
Recognizing Jesse Ventura 01:40:09
Update on today's South Dakota delegate process 01:31:23
The Texas Highway Patrol Navy. 01:11:09
Could Ron Paul Win the Presidency if He Had $10 Million Per Week? 00:59:50
The Campaign Chair for Shelby Co. TN needs ASSISTANCE 00:58:56
Honest man in Israel very relevant 00:47:33
The best thing Santorum ever said and probably ever will say! 00:45:42
Washington: March 2 (Friday) is deadline to register to vote! 00:44:54
Inflation Is A Tax And The Federal Reserve Is Taxing The Living Daylights Out Of Us 00:43:23
Getting out the vote for Ron Paul in WA with FB 00:39:53
Revolution on the March 00:23:01
Jon Stewart propping up Ron again 00:22:48
US Media Rigged Ahead of Russian Elections 00:17:23
Barack Obama vs. Ron Paul singing - Jay Leno 00:16:28
Drudge : Andrew Breitbart Talked Politics in LA Bar 50 Minutes Before Dying (Exclusive) 00:14:43
Peter Schiff's interview with Andrew Breitbart 00:14:25
Gary Johnson is polling nationally at 7%. If he can get to 15% ... 00:12:16
"En Route To Global Occupation" Book From 1996 Mentions Ron Paul As The ONLY 00:11:23
Economist Reporter Cuffed At Mitt Romney’s Michigan Speech: ‘I Just Wanted To Do My Job’ 00:09:00
Pennsylvania Man Claims to have had a Decade-Long Romantic Relationship with Rick Santorum February 21, 2012 By Sarah Wood 00:08:26
Ron Paul in Washington Today - Schedule 17:40:19