Posted on March 4, 2012

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Ron Paul Supporters in Oklahoma Fight Back and WIN 16:46:02
Super Tuesday is big, but it all comes down to California 11:06:20
AZ to Cali Ron Paul drop off 09:23:46
CONFIRMED - Ron Paul is coming to Alaska! 00:21:51
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Santorum BLATANT lie in interview with FOX news! RIPS RON PAUL! 23:52:22
Excellent Documentary On Putin, Russia & Western Intervention 2000+ 23:49:56
GOP’s Ron Paul draws large Fairbanks, crowd - Newsminer 23:48:14
Door Counters Needed for Super Tuesday 23:41:46
National Comparison sheet suggestion...REMOVE BACHMANN 23:19:00
Deleted 23:13:45
Ron Paul trending 6th on Yahoo! 23:12:06
LIVE LINK on FOX - Rand Paul representing Ron in Luntz focus group 23:07:26
This is how Ron Paul wins Virginia! Help wanted! 22:58:40
Another Neoconvert for Dr. Paul 22:53:19
Ron Paul to speak at Leid center, Lawrence, KS 22:49:37
A Video That Will Give You Some Hope- Delegate Domination In Thurston County Wa. 22:49:30
over 1100 in Fairbanks rally 22:46:15
How to win virginia? 22:43:34
Bad Lip Reading-This should have you laughing! 22:42:52
Rick Santorum – Cafeteria Catholic 22:42:39
From the Kos-Munist files-Democrats are afraid of Ron Paul, here it is in print. 22:36:42
Old Video-Santorum Says: Wmds In Iraq! 22:32:04
Awesome Sign Wave in Abilene, Texas! 22:27:41
what's up with the super pacs ? + super brochures 22:27:12
Rand Paul Defending Ron on Fox News 'Super Tuesday' Focus Group Hosted by Frank Luntz 22:19:55
Santorum/Iran Contra 22:18:25
UFO TV : Earth / Mars Connection (Video) 22:15:43
I wonder if we should start a delegate money pool 22:11:17
It's #RonPaulMusicNight on Twitter! 22:09:50
Andrew Breitbart : Just Another Weird Death? (MUST WATCH VIDEO) 21:57:11
How to reach Santorum and Gingrich supporters 21:56:04
WARNING: Some People May Find This Funny LOL 21:50:18
What place do you think we are in with the local/county delegates? 21:45:46
100th Monkey Effect ! You gotta See This! 21:42:55
Ron Paul Alaska Team Welcomes 'Key Endorsement' from Mrs. Joe Miller.. 21:37:29
Christopher Hitchens vs. Pat Buchanan Debate: Bosnia and NAFTA (1993) 21:35:56
Repeal RomneyCare 21:34:51
This NAMBLA Pedophile documentary was produced & financed by Mitt Romney's company Bain Capital 21:32:37
The Mitt Romney Report-Must Read site! 21:29:56
Good Grief… Romney Urged Obama to Embrace Individual Mandate in Obamacare (Updated) 21:25:46
Short Video-Crank it up! 21:15:52
Obama haymaker: Americans elect on 50 state ballots. 21:15:14
Super Brochures are working great! 20:54:17
Improve your worthless FRNs! (EASY way to spread Ron Paul!) 20:54:11
Missouri Headquarters Grand Opening - Tuesday, March 6th 20:41:49
Washington State Delegates! 20:41:01
1 20:27:19
Ron Paul Endorsed By Idaho State Senator Monty Pearce 20:21:52
More TSA Shenanigans 20:14:49
Single? 20:11:59
Ron Paul trending once again on Yahoo! 20:03:51
Documentary- Secrets of Body Language 20:00:37
How to become a Wisconsn Delegate for the Republican National Convention 19:56:54
WND Commentary : Goodbye, Andrew, and Thank You 19:51:03
I'M WIT RON PAUL - Hot New Ron Paul Rap Song 19:48:14
Get Ready For Some Tampa Bay Delegate Lightning 19:44:10
Idaho County GOP Disinvites Sheriff Richard Mack 19:38:31
*VIDEO* Kidz4Ron Paul presents ... "Canvassing" 19:38:12
Just Dug DEEP & Donated $200.00! Please Match Me! 19:27:25
Alex Jones on Coast to Coast W / George Norry Discussing Andrew Breitbart and The Obama Video 3-03-12 19:24:02
North Dakota Google searches a great sign for Ron Paul 19:21:44
BREAKING NEWS - Chicago Tribune : Judge Rules Eavesdropping Law Unconstitutional 18:53:05
Top 10 Worst Sources Of Aspertame (Nutrasweet) 18:40:11
Visualize President Paul! - Optical illusion - See Ron Paul appear in full color on any flat surface! 18:39:57
Photo- VIDEO- for Paul, please! 18:18:39
Where Will the Ron Paul Voters Go? 18:16:26
Solid Tips to make The Campaign even more effective. More to Come. 18:11:25
Jan Helfeld: Bernie Sanders On Government And Rights 18:07:10
My Life with the GOP as Explained by Sesame Street 18:02:28
N.e Ohio (cd-14) Update 17:47:08
Look What Oklahoma Did At Their County Convention! 17:46:56
Replacing National Sovereignty with World Government 17:43:09
Yes! Ron Paul Can Win! 17:42:23
Today on The Alex Jones Show "Special Sunday Edition" - 3-04-12 - 4pm - 6pm CT 17:36:51
Super Tuesday 2008 17:26:38
*This is the most important post I've ever created on the DP.* 17:22:21
Locations of State Precincts by State for Super Tuesday 16:56:45
Obama Lies, Tells AIPAC Democracy Only Form Of Gov. Founding Fathers Believed In 16:55:10
A Matter of Weed 16:49:06
TSA forces new mom to pump milk out of her breasts in public restroom 16:32:14
How Ron Paul can win this election! Read Now! 16:30:55
Ron Paul advocate gets local TV interview! 16:24:13
Donate immediately ! Donate donate donate more more more moneybomb! $ $ the deadline is midnight 16:11:29
Robocall Election Fraud In Washington State Primary, Ron Paul Sabotage? (3-4-12) 16:03:57
Ron Paul on Limbaugh: 'I don't think he's very apologetic' 16:01:17
Alright I think this idea will get us more VOTES. Thoughts? 15:55:17
They are all knee deep in sh*t and these are their responses. Gingrinch: I like this sh*t. Santorum: We need more sh*t. Romney: 15:54:03
ALERT: Benton County WA Caucus Numbers NOT MATCHING UP! 15:52:09
March on the RNC? 15:51:37
Voter Assaulted by WA GOP Caucus Worker 15:51:21
Confusion on Ron's abortion stance 15:43:01
The Realities of Super Tuesday 15:42:52
Washington State Republican Party website still showing RP IN SECOND PLACE! 15:38:32
Canadian protesters in Vancouver say "American Dirty Politics" have come to Canada! Robocalls on election day... 15:27:36
In Ohio, Ron Paul matches up best against President Obama 15:25:26
How To Take Control At The GOP Convention. 15:14:56
Live video Q&As March 13th w/ Tom Woods, Walter Block & myself! 15:11:32
1,500 kept out of Benton Co. GOP caucus 15:11:07
Rick Santorum blamed his lack of charitable donations on his disabled child - before she was even born... 15:07:49
Wisconsin Delegate Selection Process - How does it work? 15:06:28
Powerful message on Quran Burning 15:05:58
Virginia!? 15:05:10
Germany's highest-circulating national news paper: "Why America's youth is enthusiastic about Ron Paul" 15:03:47
A really beautiful Ron Paul speech :) 14:59:06
You Know HE Will Have a Balanced Budget 14:51:17
BREAKING NEWS: Mitt Romney Urged Obama to Adopt the Individual Healthcare Mandate! 14:41:15
Delegates to date? 14:23:48
Education on the Constitution and Bill Of Rights - What Do You Know? 14:19:40
March 18th; Chicagoland SUPER SUNDAY for Ron Paul! 14:05:43
*To The Ron Paul Community - Please Help This Go Viral* 14:01:02
9 Advertisers Have Dropped Rush - Let's Grow That Number 14:00:17
YES! Oklahoma R3VOLution SUCCESSFULLY fight off Establishment Ploy to deny Delegates! 13:59:15
My wife said today, “I think God has a plan." 13:56:29
What is GOOGLE doing wrong? 13:51:55
Why China Will Have an Economic Crisis 13:51:26
Fox News says Ron Paul came in 3rd in Washington! 13:48:49
Ron Paul in Idaho Falls tomorrow 13:30:05
Obama threatens Iran in AIPAC speech, defying Ron Paul's calls to stay out (VIDEO) 13:28:09
Poll: In Ohio, Ron Paul matches up best against President Obama! 13:10:19
Which Evil Shall I Choose? 13:06:24
Every republican delegate needs to vote for Ron Paul! Why... 13:04:53
Irony: Heavily Accented & Lispy Fmr.IDF Spook now Head of Ayn Rand Inst. Yaron Brook HATES Dr.Paul, ridicules as "Inarticulate!" 12:58:29
Ron's request- Super Tuesday Final Push! 12:58:12
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ron Paul: The only one who can run on his record instead of running from it 12:46:49
Sheriff’s investigation finds “probable cause” Obama’s birth certificate is fake - vid 12:44:00
Ron Paul - Cowlitz Caucus supporters turnout in support on 3/3/2012 - Awesome Video! 12:43:18
Freedom and Ego 12:42:23
How to convince Santorum/Newt voters 12:40:32
Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness. 12:22:49
Sunday Morning Boobtube Ignores Ron Paul's 2nd Place Finish 12:21:24
How YOU can win super tuesday! 12:16:55
We are winning this, I know that sounds crazy but, Ron Paul has won this, and the Neo Cons are mad as hell 11:49:17
END THE TSA NOW! Before this happens... 11:49:01
Is Ron Paul Winning Over Romney's Delegates? 11:48:27
Is there Liberty and Individual and Property Rights with the Republicrats (Video) 11:47:52
Romney adds to Delegate Lead with Washington win 11:19:23
Let's make Bieber fans join us! ..ok maybe not 11:11:50
How and why Ron Paul will win the Presidency? 10:21:11
keep voting private until after you have been counted? 09:50:22
Ron Paul 2012 - Preston & Steve's "Cardboard Classic" WMMR - Philly 09:47:47
Ron Paul Pull ALL the Stops 09:37:47
PROOF of the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment 09:03:30
Bad blog reporting 08:59:09
Marylanders Please Register Republican! 08:57:15
TheDailyBeast's John Avlon: Ron Paul’s Slow-and-Steady Strategy - March 4, 2012 08:55:18
China boosts defense budget 11 percent after U.S. "pivot" 08:43:40
Nothing Motivates the Republican Establishment Like the Threat of a Ron Paul Win 08:34:07
Just a thought 07:48:15
Are you a Democrat, a Republican, or a Southerner? 07:12:28
Police agencies in the United States to begin using drones in 90 days 06:58:01
CNN BUSTED | This could really help the Dr. 06:49:17
Is this what the Chem trials are for? It seems to be working...[VIDEO] 06:47:00
Encouraging Ground Reports of Victory: Sample Precinct Delegate Math from a Washington State Pooled Caucus 06:25:01
BENTON county voter FRAUD 06:20:04
States 05:33:46
(My News Article) The Awakening 05:12:38
Ron Paul Should say 05:02:32
When Are We Going to Tell The Truth? When! 04:42:18
Mitt VS Paul in Virginia... 04:07:39
Paul Second in Wash! Which Tuesday State will he win? 03:42:47
Anyone putting any effort into the outlying territories (Puerto Rico etc.)? 03:39:01
Was Maine Stolen from Ron Paul? 03:26:39
Cowlitz Co. WA is LEGIT! - We were treated well. 03:23:51
[VIDEO] Brand New Video - The Truth About Ron Paul 03:11:17
Fox News - Ron Paul's Goal: Win the Nomination and the Presidency 03:05:32
Patience 02:59:29
Ron Paul with Bret Baier after Washington Caucus (3/3/12) ITS ALL ABOUT DELEGATES 02:56:14
MSNBC: Ron Paul Wants Influence, Not Power 02:48:15
We're winning in delegates!(almost) 02:32:59
Full News Conference revealing Obama's forged and fraudulent Birth Certificate 02:32:07
Ballot Watcher Report! WA's 3rd largest County 02:29:24
Washington State Cheating in some precincts? 02:27:47
Santorum Not On All Ballots In Ohio 02:09:59
Old article: Santorum supports Jerry Sandusky? 02:04:24
A guide for Preparing for Super Tuesday 02:02:48
Ron Paul interview with Fox news after Washington caucus 02:02:01
Responding to Existential Fear Mongering 01:48:17
Shout Out to the Sign Wave in Peachtree City GA! Spontaneous Ron Paul Moment! 01:41:46
What has Ron Paul done? 01:40:42
Grinch: "Come unto me all ye who are... 01:35:22
Washington State Caucus Was Awesome! 01:19:54
General Motors Uzbekistan? 01:19:40
7% in Garfield County ? Come on 01:17:16
Billboard Moneybomb! 01:15:55
This Is Why! 01:13:52
Ron Paul Knows the Game and Talked About Election Fraud in this Video 01:09:25
GOOD NEWS! I and all the Ron Paul delegate hopefuls made the ballot today! 01:07:57
Alex Jones' Blueprint to Defeat the New World Order : Dallas, TX (1 of 7), 2012-02-19 01:02:29
OHIO Needs You! 00:45:50
BREAKING: New Book Proves Elections Are Rigged Against Dr. Paul, Available Free 00:45:50
Douglas Mcgregor retired US army Colonel -Will defense cuts put America at risk? 00:41:34
3PM Sign Wave - Indiana University Vs. Purdue University BB Game, Assembly Hall, Bloomington - We Have Big Signs, Come Wave One! 00:39:57
Masked Military Officer speaks out (War on Terror vs War on Debt) 00:33:55
Bottom line- how many delegates do we have? 00:27:29
Electronic voting CAN work beautifully, but it ISN'T 00:24:45
Ron Paul Sign Bomb at the today show NYC Tuesday 00:22:31
So what do we do when They ignore our delegates? 00:11:08
I think I know what was in Breitbart's Video. SDS=OWS? 00:10:23
Who would play Ron Paul in a Hollywood movie? 00:07:18