Posted on March 5, 2012

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Video: Complete Ron Paul Speech-Idaho Falls, 3/5/12 23:58:18
Ben Swann On Fox News Panel About Ohio Primary 03/05/12 20:16:00
➤6 B.S. Myths You Probably Believe About America's 'Enemies' - 20:12:46
Leading VA Conservative Blog Endorses Ron Paul 20:08:14
USA Election Song: Ron Paul, You're the best man for the job 23:59:57
Video: Ron Paul Interview With Cavuto On Oil & The Dollar 03/05/12 20:35:10
Romney's Cousins United for Ron Paul - Will Speak at Idaho Caucuses to a Heavy Mormon Vote 14:43:50
Two 30-second MTV ads warn Americans what NDAA authorizes under ‘law’ 22:18:24
Blackout continues on CNN Money 11:24:31
FDA Declares War on Consumers – Ron Paul and Citizens for Health Fight Back 11:13:17
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/5/12: Audit the Fed Before It's Too Late 10:19:49
Attacking the Washington, D.C. Internet Voting System 06:31:17
Ron Paul In Anchorage March 4th 08:23:58
Why Is Ron Paul Running for President? 03:00:02
Non-Aggression Is Not Pacifism (Libertarians Hit Back) 09:21:35
Dr. Paul Predicts 3 WINS on Super Tuesday 18:31:28
Video Update: Ron Paul on TV News - Sunday Morning 09:23:32
Radio Host Michael Medved has to admit that Ron Paul is the only candidate who will reduce spending 10:00:13
Washington Caucus Results Open Thread - Paul Takes Second Place 09:07:20
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Yahoo Again!-Ron Paul Brings Hope to Our Government 23:52:53
Paul SHOULD Easily Win In Alaska, North Dakota, and Idaho 23:35:40
Ben Swann on Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier 23:34:55
Newt Trashed once again by New! Adele song 23:25:58
Girls and Guns... Firearm Ownership Rises Dramatically Among Women 23:15:10
Why is not working? Are they being shut down? Anyone? 23:13:47
"America is Dying, We Need A Doctor: Ron Paul 2012" Smiley Chris Rap Video 23:11:23 Debuts Online Show! Ep.1.Tom Woods & Megan Duffield of SilverCircle Movie! 23:07:39
Filmmakers Try to get Government Funding for 'Museum of Government Waste' 23:02:57
Liberty lady woke up from sleep! (poem) 22:58:32
Romney promotes Romneycare individual mandate to Obama in 2009 to enact at Federal Level 22:57:50
Ron Paul Delegate Washington State Domination! 22:56:56
Victory in North Dakota is within reach! 22:56:26
Netanyahu now speaking at AIPAC on FOX 22:51:06
Breitbart's Last Project: The Vetting, Part I: Barack's Love Song To Alinsky 22:49:11
Ron Paul gets endorsement from five members of Romney’s family 22:48:52
I just donated to DailyPaul, who will match me? 22:45:37
All Wyomians Please Read, Critical Convention Information for This Week! 22:43:12
URGENT! Upcoming North Carolina GOP Conventions 22:42:06
Solution Budget Crisis: Have enough in congress to refuse to fund all unconstitutional spending 22:16:26
Latest Ohio Poll: Ron Paul #1 Against Obama 22:15:05
Ron Paul Live Now: 22:09:33
Do you have Ron Paul 2008 stuff? 22:04:45
NJ Food Forest - please like my page 22:03:06
My GOP Convention experience this past Saturday 22:00:33
1300 Idahoans Greet Ron Paul At Sandpoint Townhall 22:00:28 Interesting 21:59:15
BREAKING: John McCain Is A Crazy Warmonger 21:56:36
Just Asking... 21:54:01
To all Tarrant County Texas voters 21:49:52
Advancing the forum topics - having trouble at DP 21:39:31
Are you in a state that borders on a Super Tuesday state? 21:39:03
Paul Speech in Idaho-LiveStream at 6pm PST Tonight, Monday 21:32:28
Great New RP song video: Peace In The Middle East 21:30:45
"He who saves one life saves the world entire" LETS DO IT! 21:30:33
Idaho 21:24:56
DC Blogger Matt Lewis Voting For Ron Paul 20:58:54
McCain calls for US led air strikes in Syria, Yahoo article 20:58:38
"get your hate out of my state" Rick's speech doesn't go too well. 20:49:16
SC County GOP: If You’ve Had Pre-Marital Sex, You Can’t Be A Republican 20:49:01
HELP!*LIVE* Idaho Talk Show Radio Host Talking About Idaho's Caucus 20:45:23
A Strategy to Win Over the Media 20:37:33
Yahoo Actually Posts the Romney Relative Story on Their Front Page! 20:34:34
Confession of a coward 20:29:26
I have just been accused of being a communist for supporting Ron Paul 20:22:19
Wanted to share this excellent video exposing Obama and Romney 20:09:43
Turnout the vote in Idaho! Phone From Home Now! 20:05:27
Is this real? Reposted! 20:04:32
RP Action Figures 20:02:13
Presidential Bloopers - New Ron Paul Video 19:51:57
Media Reporting More Ron Paul Endorsements 19:48:50
Almost $1 million dollars! Can we hit a million before Super Tuesday? 19:46:22
Ron Paul in Springfield, MO Saturday the 10th. 19:33:55
Major battle in Yemen 19:30:20
Ron Paul FLIX debuts new Internet TV Show with Tom Woods 19:27:43
Natural Rights vs. Legal Rights 19:18:24
How to become a delegate in Idaho? 19:15:32
The Vote is Rigged 19:04:36
[tube] Ron Paul Interview With WSPD's Brian Wilson 03/05/12 19:02:40
Ron Paul Road Warrior: Massachusetts (Preparing for SUPER TUESDAY) 19:00:05
Globalists flee Chicago For countryside! 18:52:14
Ron Paul understands the lessons of Jesus Christ. 18:36:53
OUR *UNITED* States of America! 18:34:10
Battlefield USA: Video of NDAA RollOut in Action, Violation of Posse Commitatus @ Austin Kite Festival 18:27:06
WaPo article: Holder says US can lawfully target US citizens 18:22:05
Don't Forget the ELECTORS - least talked about, but most important - US Senator, US Represenative, US Elector 18:15:41
Former Paul Supporter Goes Santorum and another goes Wells 18:11:00
Newsmax: Ron coming to Los Angeles for Fundraiser March 20 18:09:38
Why the sense of self-entitlement? 17:58:34
He Who Must Not Be Named 17:55:58
McCain Is First Senator to Call for Bombing Syria, Who Else? 17:51:48
Last day to vote! OhioRight Poll 17:49:49
Ron Paul signatures/petitions needed to get on Montana ballot by 03/12. - UPDATE 17:47:05
DOW megadrop later this week? 17:41:09
Ron Paul: Only Candidate Who Doesn't Deny His Record-Gets Another Endorsement 17:32:08
Silver and gold to EXPLODE higher and why the monetary base will never shrink! - vid - 11mins. 17:29:28
Most Re-Tweeted Ron Paul Tweet * EVER * A Hundred Times? A Thousand? A Million? 17:23:56
From Ben Swann 17:09:30
Ron Paul: Have We Lost Our Minds? 17:06:13
Really Stooopid Yahoo News Article - Fix this! 17:06:04
Obama would rather go to WAR than simply ARM our Commercial Pilots - Cutting Federal Flight Deck Officers 17:06:03
Rush Limbaugh is on the run! It’s time to go for the Jugular! bump Bump BUMP! 17:02:29
Ron Paul statement on High Gas Prices CNBC 16:59:40
DRUDGE Black Out on Ron Paul Since March 1st - Prior To Super Tuesday! 16:55:15
End the Republican Party! Start the Ron Paul Party! 16:52:55
Video: Dr. Paul's Complete Speech @ Fairbanks & Anchorage, AK! March 4, 2012 16:50:11
Ron Paul Community - Please Make This Go Viral 16:49:37
I have an idea about getting talk show hosts to agree about RON PAUL 16:31:07
Ron Paul 2012 Hip Hop Anthem: Exzoddia - Ron Paul For President 16:22:40
Rent Control Unconstitutional? Maybe. 16:03:59
Liberal anti-war groups condemn Obama, praise Ron Paul on foreign policy [VIDEO] 16:02:51
The DailyCaller : Liberal Anti - War Groups Condemn Obama, Praise Ron Paul on Foreign Policy [Video] 15:54:12
Ben Bernanke: Fed Chairman, Economist, and Grocery Store Patron 15:51:56
Von Ribbentrop & Molotov Make New Pact To Attack Iran...Media Covers Rush! Rush! Rush! 24/7... 15:48:11
LA Times paid $46 for 60,000 youtube views. The video? Paint drying. 15:44:24
This is NOT 1776... This Revolution is bigger, Humanity Rests on our Hands! 15:17:22
funny memes - condescending wonka 15:14:51
Women Sentenced To 12 Years For Stealing FREE Education. Santorum Mentioned. 15:14:47
liberals claiming proof of paul/romney collaboration - ron's super pac of all things! 15:13:51
Ron Paul gets endorsement from 5 members of Romney's Family 15:13:39
Everyone Listen! Virginia And Vermont Are Open Primaries! Read and Bump This! 15:07:01
Ben Swann was selected by Bret Baier to be on the "All Star Panel" for Super Tuesday - on FNC at 6:00 EST today 15:03:17
Ron Paul Dinner Club in Houston 14:56:13
Pastor Manning to Ron Paul: Keep the Faith! - Obama Smackdown! (video) 14:53:50
How to address neocons - Suggestions to future caucus delegates 14:50:22
Post Super Tues Results Here For Caucus States. 14:43:56
Ron Paul is the Oracle, and we are Neo 14:42:59
Ron Paul Interview W / Laura Ingraham Tuesday, March 6th @ 11:30am - 12 noon ET 14:42:24
$500 Matching Donor to Grassroots for Liberty SuperPAC to win ND! 14:35:03
Ron Paul Idaho Team Welcomes Five (5) Romney Family Members As Surrogate Caucus Speakers 14:33:44
UPHILL BATTLE: President Obama faces an uphill battle for re-election in Iowa. Against whom? Ron Paul 14:32:39
Romney Cousins for Paul 14:31:22
looking for overnight accommodations tonight in Rabun county GA 14:31:08
The Hill Blog: End the Republican Party; start the Ron Paul Party 14:27:32
Five members of Romney family endorse Ron Paul 14:25:11
Ron Paultobots have Invaded social media 14:23:16
OMG: Gloves are off! Lt.Col. Anthony Shaffer just admitted LIVE on Air that Awlaki was a KNOWN Triple-Agent for the FBI! 14:22:54
Document and track the Mainstream Media lies 14:17:47
Iceland considering Canadian Currency 14:15:07
Educational film on how the Fed steals your money 14:12:41
What else can be done at this point? 14:10:34
Pictures of the standing army the founding fathers warned against 14:10:28
Youth for Ron Paul Wrestling the big boys ..and winning! 14:10:12
Reminder: Iowa Republican County Conventions This Saturday 14:05:37
Looking for Delaware delegate information 13:56:25
Start attacking Obama... 13:56:23
Ron Paul To Speak In Fargo North Dakota at Statewide Caucus on 'Super Tuesday' 13:54:16
Sign Wave Rally Walk for Ron Paul Lodi, California March 25 Sunday 13:51:31
Unsung Heroes 13:47:32
HEADLINE NEWS - Feb. 2013 Asteroid Will Come Within 16,000 Miles of Earth 13:46:44
Practicing Jury Nullification 13:44:44
(Had to post this article since it was on Fox) Netanyahu to Obama: Israel Will Be Master of Its Fate 13:43:52
Has anyone aggregated info on caucus delegate status? 13:43:35
Ohio Poll : Ron Paul Most Competitive Against Obama 13:35:49
Avoid Stupor Wednesday after Super Tuesday 13:34:28
Do You Hate Cnn, Fox, Msnbc 13:34:04
Holder To Justify Killing Americans on Foreign Soil 13:31:27
Ohio Poll: Ron Paul Most Competitive Against Obama 13:31:21
Respectful article from The Hill: Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul exchange civil words 13:26:46
Vice President Rankings with Strengths and Weaknesses of each. 13:18:14
Ron Paul: No federal financial aid for tornado victims 13:15:26
Western Pennsylvania Ron Paul questions... HELP 13:12:32
March 10th Elmhurst, Il St Pat's Parade 13:12:10
*VIDEO* of our FIRST St. Patty's Day parade in Chicagoland! 13:04:05
The 5 Major War Mongering, Bankster Pimping, Corporate Fascist News Networks Don't Cover Ron Paul, But The Internet Is Buzzing 13:02:19
Today on 'The Alex Jones' Show - 3-05-12 11am - 2pm CT 12:57:50
US News says: Ron Paul Might Have Won Maine: Maine GOP says some vote counts reportedly ended up in the spam folder 12:57:18
Ron Paul outreach story from Durham, NC 12:52:57
Spread this Santorum clip around before Super Tuesday! 12:34:12
Ron can WIN in ND! 12:23:04
Washington robo calls telling voters that the caucus was delayed tracked to main phone number of the Washington Republican party 12:15:00
I have 50+ super brochures from WA State i want to send to someone! 12:09:18
Salaries: Dim Light, Long Tunnel - By Gary North 12:01:05
MSNBC Article: Romney Wins Washington Caucuses - Winner Will Not Be Known for Another Month 11:59:13
Reuters : U.S. Court Approves Warrentless Searches of Cell Phones 11:31:08
Final Push For Super Tuesday Ticker is Still Up! 11:30:19
Ron Paul - The Next Martin Luther King 11:28:47
Inspiration and ideas for Super Tuesday eve 11:21:09
Suspicious? Breitbart AND Bridges deaths two days apart 11:20:45
Imus w/CBS' Bob Schieffer this morning (Fox Business) 11:16:26
heh heh, a couple of amusing items in this article. 11:09:46
New Exclusive:Another Santorum Liberal Position Exposed 10:47:23
Just watched CNN (please forgive me) 10:45:57
Google docs Election fraud missing 10:41:47
Gun Rights 10:14:49
Ron Paul: Restoring Honor 09:32:53
What Suit Problems? REAL 'Experts' Agree: RP is the One "Who's Most Comfortable in His Own Skin & His Own Clothes!" 09:24:46
Great Article: Ron Paul deserves the GOP nomination and more media attention 09:22:20
Fashion-ists at the DP! Thank You! 08:55:39
Until RP calls out Washington about 9/11 I'm still leery... 08:43:37
Ron Paul PROMOTIONAL FLYER for the media brainwashed NEW VERSION 08:41:24
Japanese Natto, Nattokinase & Vitamin K2 (Resource Library) 08:36:17
Quick! spread to ohio 08:24:31
Text of Obama's speech to AIPAC 08:13:52
Same Lies - Different Decade - Letterman/O'Reilly - Flashback 08:08:08
Hacked school board election names drunken robot the winner in Washington DC 07:48:51
VIDEO: Ron Paul Anchorage Alaska Backstage Interview with Media 07:47:11
RINO in the White House the Worst Possible Outcome 07:10:16
Video: Alaskan R3VOL will brave Tundra, MSM & even Zombie Apocalypse to Vote4RP on Super Tuesday! 07:08:02
Rick Santorum is FAKE and a THREAT to All That America Stands For: My Mini-Doc 07:02:57
The Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. On Courage 06:32:29
Nassim Taleb, famed Author of Black Swan will speak @ Official RP2012 LA, CA March 20th Fundraiser 09:51:28
Ron Paul deserves the GOP nomination and more media attention 06:03:49
While We Were Sleeping: Asian Privateers setup Honest ComEx, Fed.Banksters SINK It, but the Chinese are only getting Started! 05:53:03
Virginia Is An Open Primary! 04:24:14
Benevolent Federal government finally allows truckers to sit in the front seat 04:23:52
Obamacare and Patriot Act 04:23:48
Vermont is an OPEN PRIMARY 04:20:02
Ron Paul Draws 1100 Plus Crowd in Fairbanks Alaska 04:13:20
Stop! Do This If You Want To Win! ID, ND! + Moneybomb! 04:04:34
News sources? 04:01:54
WA Caucus: The R3VOLution DOMINATES Thurston County Pooled Cacuses! 03:57:13
Oh yes, I am a sheeple! 03:54:28
Ron Paul deserves the GOP nomination and more media attention - Spartan Daily 03:46:20
Alaska! All the information voters need to know! 02:56:58
I will match the next 10 donations with $10 donations and so on... 02:54:04
Do This If You Want To Win! ID, ND! + Robobomb! 02:46:25
"Ron Paul" High School Senior Running For School Board In Howard County, Maryland - This is his March 11 MONEYBOMB site! 02:38:44
Psalm 15 - does this sound like Ron Paul or what? 02:07:16
SocioPathicGuild aka. TSA forces New Mom to pump Milk out of her Breasts in Public Restroom! 02:00:31
Green Papers Count of the Delegates 01:59:28
"Romney's Greatest Weakness" - Awesome TownHall column! 01:55:52
HUGE banners for CHEAP! 01:53:02
Obama AIPAC Speech 01:52:01
Watch This... It's Worth it 01:51:25
Lyrics for a Revolution 01:45:43
Spartan Daily San Jose, CA 01:44:22
'Targeted killing' of Americans overseas 01:38:40
A call to be steadfast 01:36:34
Rand Paul on Fox Forum Sunday with Frank Luntz 01:36:32
Alaska Endorsement: Joe Miller's Family Supports Ron Paul 01:28:59
Question about the Super Brochure mail in. PLEASE 01:20:08
I finally got to see Ron Paul in person! 01:00:35
fox poll - 30% currently 00:54:55
Ron Paul means so much to me 00:52:56
*Montana* Need 100 more signatures by tomorrow 5pm! 00:47:57
Anyone else experience religious zealots for Santorum? 00:34:29
Straw poll for pooled caucus 00:26:43
Blue Republican Post on Facebook 00:23:37
Going to District! 00:18:21
Oklahoma County GOP Convention Recap 00:11:18
San Pedro, CA Billboard for Ron Paul 00:10:00
Romney promises to balance budget by end of his 2nd term! 00:04:57
Sign Wave - Rural OHIO Town 00:04:45
CBS NEWS - Ron Paul: Limbaugh Isn't Really Sorry 15:46:47
2,000+ turnout! Freedom Broadcasting REPLAY OF LIVE Coverage of Ron Paul at the University of Idaho 18:55:00