Posted on March 6, 2012

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Got 6 votes for RP in Northern VA... and I don't even live there. :) 17:43:37
10+ New Voters in Alaska This Morning! It's Too Easy! 17:11:25
+10 more votes for Ron in MA. Got them all to go today. How did I do it? 16:00:26
Huge Ron Paul Banner in Worcester MA 15:52:03
Ron Paul on FOX News - Super Tuesday - 03/06/12 18:33:01
Just voted for Ron Paul in MA 14:36:12
Oregon - TODAY is PCP Captain Deadline! (3-6-12) 14:12:16
Excellent Article: Will Super Tuesday reveal the true number of Ron Paul supporters? 10:21:07
The Flea-Infested Hunt for a GOP Nominee 08:35:31
Audio Update: Ron Paul Interview with Laura Ingraham - March 6 10:33:53
The original Blue Republican asks the next President of the USA a question... 19:30:46
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The revolution Dr. Ron Paul started needs another tool 23:58:28
Want to really stick it to these brainless Americans? 23:55:17
What the Fcuk is Happening!? 23:50:14
NWO is going to give Romney Ohio 23:50:10
A Test of My Sarah Palin/Ron Paul Theory? 23:48:46
Are you in Texas? 23:45:07
My Dad's FB post after he finally converted to RP! 23:39:33
Vermont Fraud! 23:34:59
Why is the RP campaign not addressing the bogus "delegates to date" totals from the MSM? 23:24:52
Want to listen to the returns & not hear crap? Here's the RevPac coverage! 23:17:40
Do you know a single Santorum supporter? 23:17:34
Santorum takes ND?That's the last straw! 23:12:29
MSNBC Completely Leaves Out Ron Paul In Super Tuesday TV Intro 23:11:54
ND: did anyone record this on CNN? 23:10:45
There Is A Tipping Point For The Spread Of Ideas And It Has Finally Arrived 23:02:19
Precinct 814 Results in Loudoun Co., VA ... 23:00:39
Does America really support the troops? 22:57:41
Daily Paul REAL Delegate Count 22:50:40
Did you listen to Rick Santorum just now in his speech? 22:45:43
In 1993, Rick Santorum Said It Was ‘Wrong’ For Government Not To Be ‘Proactive’ About Health Care 22:37:22
Hey Alright! 1 full year without getting banned once! 22:34:38
How on God's Green Earth is Santorum leading in ND? 22:30:22
Riddle Me This...where are Ron Paul's votes in Sullivan County 22:26:46
Paul Mulshine/ Star Ledger: A realistic analysis of Ron Paul's strategy 22:17:35
Syria: Western Pro-War Propaganda Unravels as Fakery 22:06:17
Watch Ron Paul's Super Tuesday Speech: 'The Cause of Liberty Is on a Roll' 22:00:31
Hey! Looks like we will win 3 delegates in Virginia 21:53:35
Ron Paul Interview On CNN Early On Super Tuesday Night 03/06/12 21:51:42
Awkward. Newt Talking to Panetta in his sleep. Literally! WOW 21:47:10
Another #HonestMistake by Rachel Maddow (MSNBC Completely Leaves Out Ron Paul In Super Tuesday TV Intro) 21:45:46
Rick Santorum used religion and the name of God Himself as his crutch to move forward 21:42:33
Will Ron win delegates in MASS? 21:41:51
Ron Paul Remains Defiant Amid No Primary Night Wins 21:40:06
Either I'm a complete loser and so are you..really? Gingrich's wife? Theme songs? 21:39:29
Sarah Palin: We have troops overseas "in places where perhaps we shouldn't be" 21:39:09
Pennsylvania Listen Up 21:36:42
Santorum is about to win the entire state of TN - But... 21:36:05
Washington Delegate Deadlines *THIS WEEK* 21:34:44
Fox News not even showing Ron Paul in "Who's Winning in the Delegate Count?" graphic 21:33:14
Fake Santorum Fails Again 21:28:13
Bin Laden not buried at sea after all, leaked intelligence says 21:24:21
Romney wins Virginia, Chicago Tribune reports before all votes have been counted! 21:24:15
Fox News Keeps Mentioning Dr. Paul (Only for negative reasons of course though) 21:12:04
Romney won his home state. Will Ron Paul win Texas? 21:09:18
Pentagon Offering Free Military Hardware to US Police Departments 21:05:45
Buy Gold Buy Silver. Use Apmex. $1674 is so cheap. 21:01:29
Bold prediction! Ron Paul will get 5+ delegates in Virginia tonight 20:53:24
Update from Memphis, TN! 20:50:08
Are there more than one type of CONSERVATIVES? 20:49:29
Mitt Romney Versus Mr. Burns 20:42:58
Ron Paul on CNN RIGHT NOW. 20:41:15
Someone give Rick Santorum an Oscar 20:35:48
can't watch 20:34:59
Huff Post blogger: Why You Should Stop Supporting Ron Paul, Even Though It's Hard: An Appeal to the Internet 20:31:26
Gingrich Wins GA With 0.18% of Votes In? 20:28:09
[VIDEO] Funny Limbaugh on Ron Paul Video 20:24:00
Robin Koerner hits another one out of the park! 20:21:11
What is the delegate allocation process for Virginia and Vermont? 20:17:37
............ 20:16:38
Whoa Whoa Whoa! They said vermont is going to be very close now! 20:15:19
Paul gets 41 percent of the independent vote in Vermont 20:13:48
Obama trying to bribe the Enforcers in case of civil unrest? 20:10:20
Virginia exit polling too close to call 20:09:30
RevPac live now 20:08:47
CNN Exit Poll in vermont puts us in 2nd with 27 percent! 20:05:30
Jack Hunter DESTROYS Neocon Foreign Policy [VIDEO] 20:01:07
Daily Show poll 19:51:42
[Video] Ron Paul Interview On CNN Early On Super Tuesday Night 03/06/12 19:40:18
MS Media VS Paul Delegate Strategy - they Know it's working 19:40:16
Last Night Stewart's Moment Of Zen 19:31:10
Now, let us pray. 19:28:55
Huckabee REFUSES to allow Dr. Paul on 3/3 Forum Series via Satellite! 19:23:55
ROFL - Gingrich fell asleep 19:16:04
Paul will speak at the Fargo, ND Caucus - ANYBODY from around the state can vote there! 19:14:55
Wash Post: Where will Ron Paul’s supporters go for the general election? 19:14:45
MSNBC Completely Leaves Out Ron Paul In Super Tuesday TV Intro 19:13:47
AP shows Dr. Paul SECOND in Washington State on 3/3/2012 19:10:47
My friend just converted a delegate! 19:08:17
YAHOO!: Super Tuesday voters put imprint on GOP race (Dr. Paul OMITTED?) 19:08:04
Intrade: Super Tuesday 3PM PST predictions 19:04:26
*Live* May Palmer Interview 18:49:03
Is China a Bubble? 18:46:57
Mitt and his La Jolla house-For those outside San Diego this area is very exclusive 18:41:01
Louisiana Primary 18:36:26
Wikileaks: Pentagon Admits Plan To Direct Terror Attacks Within Syria 18:36:21
Ron Paul is on Drudge right nowND! 18:20:34
Thoughts on a final "Hail Mary" pass. 18:15:02
Voted in Ohio today 18:12:59
OK, this is so good that Ron Paul should make an ad out of it - MUST SEE! 18:11:59
Rally for Ron Paul & Freedom Fest, Raleigh 18:07:40
Newt Gingrich - Instead of voting for Romney or Ron Paul is not voting in VA 18:03:08
Dow drops 200 on Super Tuesday 17:48:36
End the war on terror - don't attack Iran 17:38:55
Obama Ally Won't Release Alinsky Tape 17:37:02
Phone From Home!If Your Done Voting! 17:36:41
PLease Help Support RBN who supports us all - Pledge Drive today 17:23:58
I got slammed for writing this on HUFFINGTON POST 17:21:32
Chances in Virginia 17:20:34
Pushed Out of Voting Precinct for wearing a Ron Paul Shirt 17:09:28
5th, 9th, & 14th Amendments of the Constitution, by Themselves, Protect Unborn Life 17:08:53
Mitt Romney's Family Endorses Ron Paul! LMAO 17:01:04
Urgently need an MS Excel expert to help clean up a caller list! 17:00:25
LADIES for Ron Paul xoxo 17:00:18
History Channel showcasing Ron Paul's initiative to audit Fort Knox. 16:59:50
Anyone know how each state's votes are tallied? 16:50:38
How to Vote in Ohio (Image) 16:36:39
Ron Paul draws big crowd in Sandpoint Idaho 16:35:59
RevPAC LIVE Webcast: Super Tuesday Results @ 6 -11pm CST Tonight! 16:20:49
☆ Ben Swann ☆ on Brett Baier (YouTube) - RON PAUL DELEGATE COUNT 16:17:55
Netanyahu : Because of the Holocaust we have to bomb Iran 16:17:28
Signs in Georgia 16:17:26
Win ND! Call Now Please! Need Grassroots Volunteers! 16:12:55
Robo calls in ND... 16:08:07
A Lighthearted Break from Super Tuesday 16:02:13
Obama Doesn't Bluff On Iran..Except to American Citizens 15:57:59
Louisiana Primary 15:45:25
'Dinosaur Media' Misquotes Ron Paul, Jumps on Congressman Over Tornado Comments 15:42:41
Help us win North Dakota Hundreds of RP Id'd just need volunteers to call! 15:35:06
Bruce Fein, Adviser to Ron Paul, on AJ; 2:15 pm ET, 3/6 - NOW 15:17:54
Weasel Zippers - Lindsay Graham and Joe Lieberman Join McRino In Calling For Airstrikes 15:17:52
EDIT: Was just interviewed as a pundit on local NPR station about Dr. Paul & Mr. Romney for the VA primary. 15:11:11
IMPORTANT! Worthwhile method to look into on how to SECURE VOTES for Ron Paul with absentee voting 14:58:25
Ron Paul Interview with John King USA On CNN 3-06-12 14:57:17
Brian Doherty: The Ron Paul Moment - April 2012 Issue of Reason Mag 14:56:59
Delegates for Santorum in TN - Where Are They? 14:55:43
Today on The 'Alex Jones' Show - 3-06-12 -11am - 2pm CT 14:51:07
YAHOO : Ron Paul Brings Hope To Our Government 14:42:41
WaPo: Meet Ron Paul, the Candidate with The Most Favorable Rating You Never Heard Of! 14:38:51
Just Voted Ron Paul in Ohio 14:37:38
Ron Paul Think Different Video 14:32:40
Rabun county exit poll 14:29:32
Meet The Lobbyists Helping Charles Koch Take Over The Cato Institute And Turn It Into Another Koch Front 14:17:21
Great anti-Romney flip/flop video 14:15:59
Breaking – Mitt Caught Lying about Individual Mandate: Romneyslayer Videos 14:08:47
Yahoo-Ohio Super Tuesday Voter Drops Mitt Romney for Ron Paul 14:00:23
18x25 Painting for Ron Paul 13:59:50
Hackers elect cartoon character to Washington DC school board thanks to electronic voting 13:58:13
[Video] CNN Doesn't Know What to Make of Paul vs Obama Polls 13:56:45
WaPo asks: Where will Ron Paul’s supporters go for the general election? 13:51:51
Precinct #814 in VA - Loudoun County 13:49:55
★ Most Re-tweeted Ron Paul Tweet Has Begun ★ Need Your Help [UPDATED] 13:48:41
USA! USA! We're #1! At all the wrong things... 13:40:36
Ron Paul Flix Launches Their First News Show with Silver Circle & Tom Woods 13:30:51
Who else thinks Gingrich will drop out after today? 13:27:19
It's Super Tuesday Potheads Vote For Ron Paul TODAY! 13:25:44
‘Syria Danny’ Caught Staging CNN War Propaganda Stunt 13:23:43
Florida Homeowner Foreclosure Stop Action SB1890 (Legal Home Theft Law) 13:19:25
Triage on Uncle Sam 13:18:17
Ron Paul heads for Super Tuesday delegate haul in fertile Idaho 13:18:17
Update from Virginia! 13:17:48
Share Your Favorite Quote About Voting 13:17:37
Ron Paul/ Tim Tebow Phone Call ! 13:16:10
Universal Prayer For Freedom By Daily Paul Anonymous Donor 13:13:43
Ron Paul Delegate Count (SUPER TUESDAY IS HERE) 13:13:09
Think Positive! Watch This :) 13:11:29
LADIES for Ron Paul xoxo 13:11:22
18x25 Painting for Ron Paul 13:09:03
Anybody in Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Is.? 13:06:08
Video: Martha MacCallum interviews Dr. Paul 12:54:04
To vote for Ron Paul in California, you need to be registered GOP 12:46:10
THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the Ron Paul Promotional Flyers #1 12:44:29
VIDEO The Mainstream Media exposed 12:44:00
The Blaze: "Ron Paul Said Supporting Santorum Means Rejecting the Tea Party" 12:42:51
Grassroots anti-Obama gas station "ads." Let's tweak it for us! 12:36:58
Colonel Doug Macgregor (ret) On the North Dakota airwaves today for Vets 4 Ron Paul 2012! 12:35:12
Ron Paul To Fox News: I’m Not Looking For Power, I Want To Have Influence On The Future Of The Country (VIDEO) 12:33:48
Jordan Page - Another Brick in the Wall the Ron Paul Remix 12:08:18
How Does Anybody Make a Living These Days? 12:06:43
HELP Call North Dakota! 11:59:16
David Gregory Likes To Pretend Ron Paul Doesn't Exist - Meet The Press, MSNBC 11:58:50
Watch how Industrial Hemp could save our economy 11:53:16
Important: VIDEO RECORD your voting today 11:49:18
NEW Ron Paul "Robot Chicken" Video 11:26:04
ALERT: Ron Paul on CNN (John King) in 6pm slot (ET), Mar 6 11:24:10
How the Media (Dis)counts Ron Paul Votes 11:22:29
I am watching all of the candidates closely 11:17:57
Ron Paul Has Words of Iron 11:12:56
'Tea Party' Marine Investigated For Disloyalty To Obama 11:10:06
Eric Holder and Assassination of US Citizens 11:07:02
The 'war on terror' and civil liberties 11:05:23
War on terror and civil liberties 11:04:17
Eric Holder and Assassination of US Citizens 11:02:47
Influential Texas Pastor Supports Ron Paul 10:59:14
Justin Amash - Leading the creation of the Party of Paul ? 10:57:44
'Big Sis' and DHS Move on Campus 10:52:24
Ron Paul supporter in the "Today Show" background 10:47:39
Who was behind the Delhi bombing? 10:47:17
Outside my polling station in MA 10:46:41
Mendocino RCC Congressional Nomination Meeting March 5TH 10:45:39
Chinese Herb Relieves Asthma Symptoms 10:42:27
LT. Col. Anthony Shaffer : Anwar Al Awlaki Was Triple Agent and FBI Asset Before 911 (Video) 10:33:06
Obama on open mic 10:27:44
Ron Paul cites conversation with Tim Tebow... 10:26:54
The Judge Returns! On w/Shep Smith discussing Insanity of AG Holder rationalizing NDAA & Am. Citizen Assassination Prog! 10:20:52
Ron Paul cites conversation with Tim Tebow in discussion over homeschooling 10:19:30
WARNING! Voter Fraud in OHIO! 10:17:58
What would Israel Look like if Ron Paul were President? 10:16:35
LifeLock sticks with Limbaugh - Can we change this? 10:14:49
What is happening in Virginia? 10:09:05
Judge strips Righthaven of rights to 278 copyrights and its trademark 10:07:56
Ron Paul Pic of the Day? 10:01:56
BEWARE of HIJACKING the SAMPLE BALLOT Endorsements! 10:01:25
Alaska, Idaho North Dakota - Super Tuesday Open Thread 09:45:20
The Ron Paul - One Million Lemonade Stands... Stand! 09:36:52
Another Bail Out Approved! 09:18:58
Ron Paul: A Boise Perspective 09:15:09
Idaho Local TV: Crowd Goes Crazy For Ron Paul Revolution 09:11:19
The Daily Caller's Jamie Weinstein: Ron Paul’s path to the nomination 08:52:54
Drudge - Wikileaked: Bin Laden Body Not Buried At Sea 09:57:33
Ron Paul PROMOTIONAL FLYER for the media brainwashed NEW OBAMA VERSION 08:45:03
Something is wrong 08:19:49
We did it! Nice Job America! 08:19:04
California Question 08:10:54
DP First - Fluoride Detox & Pineal Gland Decalcification - CHEAP remedy! 09:55:16
Ann Romney: I don't even consider myself wealthy 06:37:47
Lets follow the doctor and educate the people 05:11:00
Texan moves to run in the 12th district of Texas under the Occupy movement. 04:38:46
2400 Idahoans Pack University of Idaho Kibbie Dome For Ron Paul Event 04:09:51
Electability response - Three men make a tiger 03:56:01
Marriage: what are the legal ramifications of license vs no license? 03:50:58
Netanyahu Addresses AIPAC - March 5, 2012 03:43:33
personal ponderings: Liberty in my soul 03:32:42
debate questions 03:21:57
Over 2100 people in 1900 seat venue in Idaho Falls 03:03:42
Ron Paul geo-tagging map 03:00:14
Limbaugh has done more for the left than Hillary Clinton 02:42:32
Today We Knock and Drag 02:42:03
REPOST - Get The Mainstream Media's Attention! BOYCOTT THEIR ADVERTISERS! 02:38:11
GOTV To Win Alaska, North Dakota, Idaho..! 02:27:46
Prayer for Ron Paul's Victory on Super Tuesday 02:08:03
Great Video to share with those on the fence about Dr. Paul's foreign policy 01:57:56
Are we missing the boat? 01:51:04
Ron Paul/JFK/MLK comparison video 01:42:09
Knocked out of precinct caucus - now what do I do? 01:30:30
This is it - The tipping point! 01:28:34
Modest proposal to backdoor alternative currencies. 01:27:38
MSNBC and TED pushing UN agenda 21 01:26:37
[HELP NEEDED] Correcting the Facts of a Christian Group Respectfully 01:26:17
How China plans to change the way gold is traded 01:15:33
Virginia, is there really an Operation Hilarity for you? 01:05:58
Israel & US: Partners in International Crime - Land Destroyer 00:53:48
2 Wacky Ideas 00:22:32
WikiLeaks Global Intelligence Files - New Releases 00:13:18
What if a rally was also a caucus? 00:00:59
Reverend Manning - WHOOP EM RON! (Keep the faith!) 00:00:26