Posted on March 9, 2012

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My Ron Paul Moment of the Day 21:04:02
A Crack in THE FED's foundation 15:38:05
Ron Paul Responds To Comments By Defense Secretary 14:53:02
Former CIA Officer Robert Steele Slams Rick Santorum 12:43:55
Ron Paul Phone From Home Walkthrough 09:22:50
A New Day: Kansas. Three rallies Friday, caucus Saturday! 08:24:27
Daily Paul Featured on MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show in Santorum Ballot Story 05:20:42
Judge Napolitano on Robert Mueller: Can't Answer Basic Question About Due Process 00:08:03
Michael Medved evades, contradicts himself and suffers. 11:00:46
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WMD Déjà vu: Iran Has Nukes 21:18:28
Ron Paul's Fed Chairman 23:16:17
Are You A Sunshine Patriot? A quiz from Thomas Paine! 22:57:08
America for once you have a potential President!(Ron Paul) 22:54:25
Should Ron Paul leave campaign trail to support HCR 107 22:52:19
Attention Clark County, Nevada Delegates: Convention is Saturday March 10 22:42:17
Ron Paul is not GOD 22:30:23
Mummy of the Nephalim? 22:30:06
Rachel Maddow talking about RP and delegates now 22:27:12
Ron Paul Needs to Confess he is a Born Again Baptist to Win GOP nomination. 22:19:15
Justin Amash, the new Ron Paul? 22:14:31
"Get out of my bedroom. But leave your wallet." LOL! 22:14:01
The Greek Default, the FED, and the Perfect Storm for Ron Paul 2012 21:50:43
Maximizing Resources 21:50:16
Kansas Caucus on-line poll 21:46:04
Intrade Kansas 21:44:04
I am running for Precinct Chairman and you can help ;0) 21:34:48
National Defense! Please Visit The Niagara Falls AFB ASAP Ron Paul 21:33:01
Let's Be Realistic...We have to give up liberty to save it! (give up a luxury for liberty) 21:10:23
Which would benefit Ron Paul the most? 21:07:54
Excellent Video on Voter Fraud 21:07:05
Cutting Through The Matrix 21:03:26
Federal Judge: Citizens Need Not Ask Permission to Exercise 2nd Amendment Rights 20:56:32
Hitler Rant for Ron Paul 20:56:29
We just have to win 20:50:12
Operation Rescue president Troy Newman endorses Ron Paul for president 20:47:36
Go after the banks directly 20:43:03
HR 347: The Criminalization of Protest 20:37:19
Appropriate Theme Song Going Forward 20:36:02
Why we need to distribute these flyers now everywhere to win! 20:34:00
How much time do you spend researching your state's local candidates? 20:32:37
Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News 20:31:17
Obama Impeachment Process Started 20:22:26
The GOP Must Embrace Ron Paul or Lose 20:10:02
What can be done to stop dems from voting for Santorum ? 19:56:51
Politico : Gloria Allred Seeks Rush Limbaugh Prosecution 19:56:03
UPDATED: My meeting with our county Republican Chairman 19:35:06
Ron Paul seeks breakthrough in Kansas caucuses 19:34:51
The Cosy Conspiracy Explained 19:29:10
How To Increase Your Number Of Silver Ounces By Trading The Physical 19:20:05
Avoid Any Products Containing Aborted Fetal Cells 19:19:20
Ron Paul Fails Again To Identify YouTube, Twitter Impostors 19:09:44
How to convince people without calling them idiots! 19:07:32
New music video inspired by Ron Paul 19:03:26
What is it like to be in his presence? 19:02:49
The Importance of this Message is Self Evident at the Critical Juncture We Now Face: 19:00:22
Inflation as a hidden tax Mandrake mechanism jekyll island club house 18:57:03
Q&A with Naomi Wolf - 03/09/12 18:52:59
YouTube Time Machine: Ron Paul 2014 18:51:04
Don't Give Up! 18:49:03
Veterans For Ron Paul 2012 Spokesman on Alabama Radio 18:45:36
President Ron Paul 18:40:48
Ron Paul Campaign's Jesse Benton "This time it's about real political victory" 18:28:01
Please vote NO in our local online poll where Ron Paul will be tomorrow - you have 45 min. Question: Should Ron Drop out? 18:19:16 : Ron Paul's Vermont Performance Shows Path To Victory 18:07:33
I'm a Quitter, He's a Quitter, She's Quitter, We're a Quitter, Wouldn't you like to be a Quitter Too! 18:06:26
Maine State GOP committee meeting on March 10 - Censure! 17:50:23
Rachel Maddow "Rick Santorum has failed to collect enough signatures to make it onto the ballot " 17:50:10
Iraqi teenagers stoned to death for "emo" haircuts 17:48:58
Iran is Doomed, Just Not Before Election (vid) 17:48:48
New to DP 17:44:45
Unexplained “Phoenix Lights” explosion caught live on news broadcast 17:20:47
Amazing Couple 17:03:04
Hear it from the horse's mouth... Interview with Kony. 17:01:07
Profound Revelation #369754 16:59:28
ICLEI Agenda 21 Executive Order 13575 16:58:43
People are fighting back- Two Southern California cities sued for Constitutional violations 16:45:24
Jack Hunter: RP's Vermont Performance & VT r3VOL show Us a Path to November Victory! 16:42:24
Ron Paul Live From Wichita Kansas (Now) 16:41:52
was wondering if they also pick up conversations inside and outside? 16:39:44
Ron Paul President/ Mitt Romney Vice article 16:36:01
Good Video 16:35:50
War b/w CATO & Koch Brothers 16:34:52
Great al Jazeera discussion, rep Ron Paul for a while! 16:33:23
Moment in the Sun. Win Hawaii 16:25:33
Cronyism in District 18 - Anchorage Press 16:15:03
EconTalk - a stealth weapon 15:57:25
inspiration 6 videos from me im gonna do more of them! 15:54:55
Ron Paul Live From Wichita Kansas @3:30pm (EST) 15:36:00
Attn: Missourians, Arkansans, Mississippians, Kentuckians, Tennesseans, Sooners, Iowans, Illinoisans, and Kansans. 15:15:37
President Ron Paul, Vice President Mitt Romney 2012 15:14:50
Is this appropriate for the Daily Paul? (video) 15:13:22
delegates 15:01:19
"Ron Paul fans sing his praises, from rap to Johnny Cash"...the Houston Chronicle 14:59:24
5 Rich Men give 25% of all Super PAC Money- 1 Supports Ron Paul 14:52:01
Is aluminium [aluminum] really a silent killer? 14:49:52
Camo Cops Respond To Terror on Pittsburgh Campus 14:47:02
An Indictment Of The Leadership Of The Republican Party 14:46:22 - NSA Whisle Blower : "Obama Worse Than Bush" 14:40:13
FLASH! Maryland Cops To Be Trained on U.S. Constitution After Illegally Arresting Protesters (Video) 14:31:46
Want to help me donate to Ron Paul and get yourself a really cool souvenir? 14:25:28
The Neo-Conservative Takeover Of The GOP Leadership 14:03:53
"The Race" 13:57:10
Louisiana straw poll on 3/10 *Tommorrow* 13:55:46
Rush Limbaugh Show Littered with Dead Air as More Ads Jump Ship 13:46:32
U.S. State Department Hands Terror - Cult U.S. Base in Iraq 13:46:16
Very Important *Weekend Watching*; "FOR LIBERTY" 13:42:53
The WAR Machine vs The Peace Movement ! 13:42:38
Washington Blog - FBI Director : " I Have To Check To See If Obama Has The Right To Assassinate American Citizens on U.S. Soil" 13:40:02
Slate slideshow: Ask Me Why I Hate My Candidate 13:37:06
Latest MSN smear... Dr. Paul gives delegates to Romney for Rand appointment 13:35:10
Office Of The President? Or should It now be called: Offce Of The Judge/Jury/Executioner? 13:34:39
The Daily Bell : "Vaccines Didn't Cure Polio After All" (Video) 13:32:02
Ron Paul supporting city councillor resigns in Dallas, OR 13:29:07
Jordan Page "Liberty" (Acoustic Version) 13:25:59
Natural News - Aspartame Danger: Urgent Warning About Tumors and Seizures 13:23:53
The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf 13:19:35
FLASH! Virginia State Senate Passes Bill Forbidding 'Indefinite Detention' of Americans (video) 13:17:15
Romney likes Grits: Awkward attempt to pander in the South 13:16:18
TSA Threatens MSM Reporters Over Coverage of Body Scanner Story 13:08:48
Big Brother recruits an army of snitches - RP supporters are suspects! 13:08:27
2008 Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin on "Alex Jones' Show - 3-09-12 11am - 2pm CT 13:04:30
Question: If I go as a "bound" delegate, does the campaign I'm bound to pay my expenses in Tampa? 13:04:28
Please Support the Daily Paul 12:50:08
Principle Challenge 12:50:01
Idea for the Ron Paul freedom movement 12:49:16
Please Support the Daily Paul 12:49:12
Wonderful Online Article by 17-yr-old: Ron Paul Should Be the Nominee 12:46:07
♥ Video~ Al Pacino: "Ron Paul's Game of Inches" Wow! 12:36:14
"Where Does the Truth Go in the Empire of Lies?" 12:35:17
Keystone Pipeline / Strategic Oil Reserve 12:08:07
A new Way of looking at what we are trying to accomplish 12:02:35
GET FIRED UP! Illinois grassroots Paul supporters launch our visible campaign TOMORROW! 11:52:58
Is KONY 2012 cover for a new war? 11:50:47
Excellent post Super Tuesday breakdown by Doug Wead! 11:48:47
Veterans For Liberty - Times Union Article Too! 11:39:21
Real Rebels and the Counter Revolution 11:37:28
The passion of the OPPOSITION 11:33:35
Rand blocking tax treaties over fears of government snooping 11:33:30
Rand blocking bills aimed at new drugs 11:32:04
Rand + Sen. Lee Sign Letter Telling Obama to Speed Afghan Pullout 11:30:56
Endure! 11:21:36
Non-Paul Voters 50+ the hardest sell but we NEED them. If they could only compare them side by side, they'd see who is the best. 11:21:00
Are Mitt, Newt, & Rick on your City Council? 11:12:41
Pennsylvania for Ron Paul Facebook Page 11:10:42
ATTN: Southeastern Pennsylvania! Organizational Meet-Up Tonite (Fri, 3/9/12) 11:07:34
Bad Karma: Our Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid breaks down 11:07:13
For those new the DailyPaul. 11:05:20
20 is the Magic Number For Victory 10:51:06
Register Republican TODAY in Maryland to Vote for Ron Paul! 10:35:15
Tour needs better speakers who'll broaden support for a Ron Paul triumph 10:34:44
Eliminate the Elitest attitude here and maybe we could have more support for RP 10:28:09
Romney couldn't win the nomination until at least May 10:27:10
Kony! 10:22:08
ASSASSINATING CITIZENS: How not to fight terror 10:13:03
When you start to doubt yourself, the real world will eat you alive... 10:12:31
The youth is just not turning out... 10:12:02
I can't stop the GOP from drenching itself with gasoline, but I won't be the one to throw the lit match. 11:07:22
Mitt Romney invokes Bush administration 09:51:07
7 Topics in 7 Days - The Issues 09:50:21
You are known by the company you keep!(Mitt Romney) 09:48:14
THE RON PAUL REVOLUTION 2012 ! (This will definitely get you going!) 09:35:28
Conservatives Introduce Plan to Balance Budget in 5 Years-Eliminate Education, Energy, Housing, Commerce Dep 09:34:26
Is this the end of Boehner? FBI Investigates Republican Bribery Allegations Against Congressman Stearns, Boehner? 09:12:37
True Delegate Count & Achieving the IMPOSSIBLE 09:10:12
What Form of Government Do We Have? 07:20:03
Just posting some happiness... 07:04:38
How Ron Paul Can start WINNING! 06:39:29
Watch Diebold Hacking in Action- Outstanding Video 06:27:14
Yahoo is disgusting! 06:23:21
Help me stop GOP election fraud - Sign this petition! And spread the word! 06:12:14
NDAA 06:04:32
Virginia nullifies Obama's latest NDAA. 05:55:58
No more negativity! "NONE" 05:13:48
Ron Paul FIRES Leon Panetta and Eric Holder! 04:56:46
Coding for the People, by the People 04:24:16
Leon Panetta just gave Ron Paul a boost 04:00:47
It's time for a massive coordinated nationwide rally in support of Ron Paul and in protest of our corrupt election system 03:47:13
After this election cycle we must leave! 03:41:41
You Just Never Know When A Ron Paul Supporter (or two) Will Pop Into Your Life 03:31:54
Ron Paul Not a Hit With Youth Voters on Super Tuesday‎ 03:31:03
GOP can Nominate Ron Paul - or Join the Dustbin of History! 03:06:07
Will Ron Paul hold his own convention in 2012 like he did in 2008? 02:59:11
Crony capitalism: Green firms burn through taxpayer dollars... 02:53:15
September 5, 2011 Freedom Forum w/ Jim DeMint, Must Watch Ron Paul Easy Days 02:45:40
How did Ron Paul lose Alaska? 02:41:17
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano 1/3/2012 02:25:01
The Nuclear Double Standard On Israel Is The Main Obstacle To Peace 02:09:33
Frontloading HQ 02:07:20
Did threats silence media on Obama birth Certificate probe? 02:02:50
This is how we win: March 31th DAY OF ACTION 02:01:29
Mitt Romney does nothing against the Constitution 02:00:08
Ron Paul Campaign Contributions of Most Public Voices? 01:50:02
Administration removes GOD from Air Force logo 01:41:22
Strict Constitutionalist running for US Senate in AZ! 01:28:09
help 01:22:48
Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film 01:21:21
H.R. 347: Our Free Speech 01:18:50
Invisibility on Display: Mercedes Remarkable Invisibility Technology 01:18:41
Which Republican candidate stacks up best against Obama in Maine? 01:18:12
Poll the Tampa delegates before the convention 01:10:00
Do The Ron Paul Music Video (John Wall Remix) 00:58:33
Ron Paul Pledge 00:54:08
WaTimes: "Ron Paul's Moment in the Sun!" Hawaiian Republican advisor on Paul's advantages in HI 00:52:56
Does anyone know? 00:44:29
Free Christopher Tappin! 00:36:29
Fighting Agenda 21 in Sonoma County 00:35:45
Lets Take a Minute and Reflect…. 00:33:43
Santorum's Delegate Woes In Illinois And Alabama; Advantage Paul 00:26:03
Votizen is using social to disrupt how people will vote on next election 00:15:43
inspiration 00:14:39
Obama Banned This Video - (barry Soetoro) 00:13:37