Posted on March 12, 2012

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Just got 12 Missouri delegates! 14:41:33
Did the Media Black Out Ron Paul's First Win? 16:50:30
Fulton County GOP admits to procedural irregularity 12:44:32
Ron Paul Clobbered Romney Among Independent Voters On Super Tuesday... Virgina: 37% to 31%; Ohio: 37% to 31%; Tenn: 38% to 25% 06:51:51
GREAT Ron Paul Endorsement from Three-Tour Sniper/Paratrooper 06:24:44
Ron Paul Openly Muses About the Possibility of GOP Election Fraud 07:57:34
Howard Kurtz of CNN rejects logic 12:13:21
Thank you everyone. Daily Paul fundraiser 100% complete! 10:37:55
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We the people, are the rightful masters 23:47:14
Debate March 19 in Portland on PBS and NPR 23:38:29
Do you take time to send all the information that Dailypaulers take the time to post on Dailypaul for you? 23:35:47
The coup... 23:35:31
12 Fun Facts About Ron Paul 23:28:53
New Rasmussen Poll Obama 42% Paul 41% 23:20:51
Read the content if you want... but the comments are much better 23:19:29
A California federal magistrate denied the Paul campaign's effort to unmask "NHLiberty4Paul 23:15:46
Taking on Manhattan! 23:14:57
Help in persuading a neighbor to vote RP tomorrow! 23:09:38
Flasback 2008 - Ron Paul rally in Philly HUGE CROWD VIDEO 23:06:59
3 MORE RP DELEGATES: Our friend, TMOT, his wife and a friend! 23:04:51
Philosophical Rhetoric Vs. Realistic RP Administration (THE KEY) 23:00:07
Holy Schnikes! Obama's Favorite Congressman was a Commie! 22:58:41
Obama in 2009: if America keeps spending & not producing, other countries will stop lending us money 22:57:58
Veteran from Army and Navy, Mike Greco for Ron Paul! 22:52:48
Help in persuading a neighbor to vote RP tomorrow! 22:48:31
Spark within all of us 22:29:32
Must read about delegate strategy 22:22:12
Ron Paul Top GOP Candidate By Contributions In Hawaii 22:21:18
Game change 22:16:03
Is ANYONE as sick of the term "lawmakers" used to describe our elected officials as I am? 22:06:30
In Urgent need of a Graphic Designer 22:04:03
Is Second Place Acceptable? 21:57:49
Rachel Maddow just mentioned the Virgin Island win 21:53:05
Google Declares RevPac #1 21:52:08
Help a Ron Paul republican get elected in congress! 21:51:46
ATTN: Pennsylvania RP Activists 21:51:06
National Convention: Free flight and $15 rooms possible 21:45:00
Former CIA Officer Michael Scheuer on the Economics of War with Iran 21:29:26
What about these T-3's? 21:26:23
"Their instincts are opposed to war...they like my stand on the Constitution" Ron in St Charles on his support from young people 21:08:43
Ron Paul LANDSLIDE in Wright County, MN 21:08:34
Paul Veterans Set To March On Tampa Republican National Convention 21:01:24
Ron Paul on Natives and Tribal sovereignty? 20:53:08
"We are betting on the convention and 100 percent of our spending will continue to support Ron Paul," 20:51:48
"Under Bush & Obama We Are Out There Cultivating Wars!" Michael Scheuer pt.1 20:40:53
HuffPo: 3 Reasons It's Important to Support Ron Paul to Win the Nomination and Presidency 20:37:45
Ron Paul Hawaii Team Welcomes Hawaii Bar Owners Association Endorsement 20:37:24
Kyle Cease talks Media, GOP Primary, War and Ron Paul 20:34:39
Michael Scheuer on RT's Capital Acct. w/ Lauren Lyster-Economics of AIPAC's War vs.Iran & Syria 20:33:13
How do I become a delegate in PA? 20:32:06
Rand Paul: I'm Mad At My Dad! 20:24:38
Ron Paul on CNBC 'Sqawk Box' 3-13-12 20:14:38
Silver 20:13:29
Fully optimize RP's visit to California 20:12:01
Schedule : Ron Paul To Hold 'GIANT' Townhall Meeting In Illinois 20:06:10
This poll needs votes ASAP 20:02:27
Republican presidential candidates Ron Paul and Mitt Romney could defeat President Barack Obama in November 19:55:06
Weren't the updated / final Maine results supposed to be released on 3/10/2012? 19:51:48
Anarchist busts ass for Ron Paul 19:49:10
Cops are the MOB - Scathing Report of Communities Standing Up - from LewRockwell.Com 19:46:35
In the deep south, voters who want to ban interracial marriage support Newt by large margins 19:43:28
Internal Santorum Campaign Memo: Rick Can't Win Nom On Votes Alone 19:41:13
Monsanto's Roundup threatens stability of global food supply 19:40:03
Ben Swann Podcast- A Must Listen! 19:39:34
OUTRAGEOUS! TSA Shake Down Quadruple Amputee At Phoenix Airport (Video) 19:24:46
Huff Post article: "Top ten reasons why Dr. Paul is the only rational choice." 19:19:30
If the Government would just get out of the way, this is what would happen [Video] 19:19:07
1 HR. AGO - Rasmussen Poll : Obama 42% Ron Paul 41% 19:16:45
So, I had to write a poem... 19:15:13
Obama's Impeachment & A Soldier's Duty to his/her Country and to Liberty. 19:12:39
Ron Paul NEEDS to Address This on Wednesday at the University of Illinois 19:08:01
MAINE...any updates? 19:06:27
Sai Baba inspires 19:02:30
Endorse Liberty SuperPAC: Rumors of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, Going ALL for Paul to Tampa! 18:59:14
We Are Winning ~ Shut-up And Keep Working! 18:53:07
Dick Cheney deems Canada too dangerous for speaking visit 18:50:29
FED wants 8-12 graders to be taught that it is constitutional 18:38:31
How to Expose Fraud in the GOP Conventions! 18:18:52
Really? Now what should I do ? Need Advice! 18:14:26
Hijack the convention 18:06:57
Alaska delegates beware of possible threat! 18:02:27
Dr. Ron Paul: Champion of the Senior Citizen! 17:47:02
Fun, Fun, Fun: Sue Sues the United States for Tax Overcollections 17:44:45
Forget raw milk, failed drug laws, or other regulations... 17:34:32
Drudge reports Paul victory... 17:17:01
Ron Paul is not the AQUA BUDDHA 17:15:52
Chuck Woolery on budget cuts - funny video 17:10:22
*Please Read* 17:05:55
ALL 5 Versions of the RON PAUL PROMOTIONAL FLYER that Compares each of the 4 Candidates for GOP Nominee 16:57:56
Yahoo News 16:38:00
Attack on Christianity - vid - 10 mins. 16:32:19
Gov’t purchasing millions of pounds of ‘pink slime’ beef for school lunches 16:18:44
Louisiana: Early voting has begun (thru 3/17) 16:13:55
The majority of americans will vote for Ron Paul 16:09:31
Another reason Paul isn't winning popular votes 16:01:26
Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk 3/12/12 16:00:30
Obama Impeachment Bill Now in Congress 15:58:14
CSPAN: Role of the Federal Reserve 15:54:52
Ron Paul crowds video could someone make one? 15:36:44
Dr Paul's view on Health Care 15:22:06
New Anti-Paul Meme 15:21:49
Judge Napolitano on Fox right now! 15:20:31
Join Meet the Candidate Night and ask Tough Questions 15:11:51
Open letter to Carol Paul 22:04:40
My Big Apple Vote for Ron Paul; If he can make it here, he can make it anywhere :D 14:57:21
Aircraft Carrier Enterprise Sets Off On Final Journey - Direction Iran 14:55:53
Current vote totals from 14:46:03
Now we know why Obama choked on the words of his Oath of Office. Watch this.. 14:37:39
Even in Russia, they can see what's up 14:35:04
Must See Bill Whittle Video - Explains how Govt. has Twisted the Intent of the Constitution 14:30:58
WTP Constitution Lobby project!. Freedom Rising. Webinar today 14:25:47
Obama administration blocks Texas voter ID law 14:25:15
Hypocrisy Now 14:19:01
The largest town meeting ever! 14:17:47
I thought the argument that Santorum's support of Spector for passing Obamacare was made up... 14:16:04
The Remnant Meets the White Rose 14:02:46
Ron Paul: "No Time To Lose" - VIDEO 14:02:21
Embracing Our Veterans & Understanding Our Threats 13:38:19
Delegates! Start Saving 13:37:28
Jesse Benton Interview Example of "Sheep" Programming, Campaign MUST counter it ! 13:33:24
Make GOP voter fraud against Ron Paul 2012 Famous! 13:27:15
An Appeal to Anderson, Johnson, and Stein 12:45:45
JUDGE NAPOLITANO: Can the president kill you? 12:39:57
Drudge Report : Justice Dept. Opposes Texas Voter ID Law 12:18:00
Netanyahu's Quack Is Worse Than His Bite 12:03:57
3. Are Ron Paul's ideas crazy? 11:59:19
Ron Paul's first popular vote victory 11:59:13
Slam this poll ... "Which candidate has best chance against Obama" ... 11:56:17
A Most UnHoly Alliance - FakeNews: "Gingrich-Perry Pre-Convention Ticket in the Works" 11:51:52
Delete 11:49:25
Some talking points to those that voted for the PEACE candidate Obama. For those moms who "still like their Obama." 11:44:36
Santorum had voted against Katrina funds 11:43:24
Voter fraud 11:38:51
Paul supporters seize control of Las Vegas Clark County GOP 11:31:39
Foxworthy supports Mitt - You might be a Ron Paul supporter if 11:31:07
I donated to the Delegate Cause to advance RP Delegates... 11:29:01
Great endorsement of Ron Paul by the Daily Mississippian 11:28:52
A true American ideal: freedom from oppression 11:20:04
Govt Terrorists = Null & Void, Jim Stewart of Rawsome Tortured & Emaciated in LA County Jail 11:04:58
Ron Paul GI JOE style Shirts 10:54:54
Need help 10:48:19
conditioning the masses 10:27:35
We'll all be sleeping in bed with Obama 10:17:51
Trillion dollar lawsuit exposes secret Bilderberg Gold Treaty & funding of extraterrestrial projects 10:00:14
Liberty in Congress 09:41:49
The Pope agrees with Dr. Ron Paul that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not Just Wars. 09:30:34
Question: What happens to bound delegates? 09:30:16
Win the infowar - in your neighborhood 09:29:16
More Proof - Ron Paul Is Right on Foreign Policy 09:25:59
Where's the blimp? 09:19:41
Ron Paul gets first WIN!.. 09:18:04
Free Campaign Materials for Upcoming Primaries! I have about 9 signs, 1 banner, 08:57:29
Substantiating the allegations of vote fraud? 08:53:32
Someone we need to influence. 08:44:09
"I still like my Obama" 08:38:41
Voting for Obama out of spite! 08:18:28
a draft of speech sent to our non-RP county executive committee members 07:41:51
I love Ron Paul. Fantasies will not win elections, though. 07:32:40
Morning Joe lies, says Romney swept US 07:26:35
Any strategies for turning around the south? How about primaries in general too? 07:24:46
Damage control RE: 16 Afghanis killed? 06:55:57
Wake the Sheeple 06:46:59
Rush Limbaugh Scandal Proves Contagious for Talk-Radio Advertisers 06:45:38
I use REDDIT and the Police State is coming 06:36:30
Santorum: A quote machine 05:53:43
Patrick Henry - Associate Campaign Manager 05:49:14
Typical Ron Paul Supporter 04:38:06
Former chief of Mossad says attacking Iran not a good idea 04:08:29
How to become a delegate in Arizona 03:35:57
What should I do? 03:24:31
State Trooper going wild 03:18:36
Mr. Cardinal’s Futility 03:14:43
Classic Dr. Paul House Floor Speech Speaking on the UN/IRS/BATF 9/26/97 (VIDEO) 03:10:04
Alex Jones making new friends 02:56:47
There is a good chance Dr. Paul will win. 02:56:43
Oliver Stone's W. 02:46:46
True Hero (Must Read) 02:20:21
DP Handbook 02:03:39
Thrive has the potential to be a game changer 01:41:20
Above them all the American bird (poem) 01:16:43
MASS MURDER: Why Are We Over There? U.S. Army Sergeant Opens Fire On Sixteen Afghan Civilians As They Sleep. WTF! 01:13:05
Utah Caucuses this week; and why they're more important than the primary! 00:51:26
Looking back at one of many missed opportunities 00:51:13
David Stockman on Moyer: Crony Capitalism 00:41:11
CNN Reports On California's Eugenics History & How They Assisted The Nazis Eugenics Program 00:32:31