Posted on March 14, 2012

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I'm A Ron Paul Republican Too! 20:53:53
Reality Check: Would Syria airstrikes be an impeachable offense? 14:04:15
Ron Paul Won Hawaii - the Big Island, that is 12:50:15
Glenn Greenwald: Warmongers Kill the First Amendment & Trap Themselves with Terrorist MEK Payments! Hilarious! 10:43:27
VIDEO - Jack Cafferty: "The Military Industrial Complex Has Got Us By The Throat!" 15:05:10
OREGON DEBATE! Ron, please don't back down! 08:09:13
Never Quit. 09:31:10
Josh Tolley: Ron Paul is Going to Win – Mar 12 2012 16:55:03
Ron Paul Praised on CNBC by "Black Swan" Author Nassim Taleb 09:15:07
GOP Beauty Contests: Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi, American Samoa - Open Thread 02:23:51
Dr. Paul Coming to the University of Missouri - Columbia, Thursday 3/15/12 - Noon 12:49:30
David Gergen of CNN says Ron Paul has the most radical spending plans 08:26:00
RON PAUL @ University of Illinois this Wednesday, March 14th at 7pm! 14:37:30
DailyPaul Fundraiser: Ron Paul Revolution Decal or a short / easy book on the FED 10:00:18
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Ron Paul vs Petition guy at the market 23:56:12
Delegate fees due 23:35:16
Ron Paul WON Norfolk, Virginia in the Primary! 23:31:31
Ron Paul Needs A Major Sports Stadium Rally! 23:31:18
2008 Puerto Rico caucus: 208 votes cast, 188 took it for winner take all contest! Dem. primary 388,477 votes 23:10:58
Athens-Clarke County GOP County Convention Fraud Against Paul Supporters 23:06:28
Nationwide Ron Paul Rally Please Watch! SPREAD! BUMP! 23:00:52
TMOT sets us straight about KONY 2012 22:50:13
Trio of Polls Show Ron Paul Most Viable Alternative To Romney vs. Obama 22:45:21
Adam Kokesh speaks about Vet suicides, Rugby, RNC activities & staying positive 22:44:48
WHAT?! 22:44:16
Gary Johnson should drop out to endorse Ron Paul 22:41:53
Matt Welch GOP should have a candidate who can fix nation's serious debt problem 22:41:35
NEW SOUTH PARK - rippin on the TSA! 22:17:11
A nice song 22:15:33
VIDEO : Sen Rand Paul Offers Amendment S. 1556 To Suspend EPA Regulations To Fix Infrastructure Problems 22:15:16
Chuck Baldwin-the Brotherhood Of The Free 22:14:49
Illinois Rally = Inspirational! 22:13:32
petition to end electronic voting maching! 21:57:18
A Great Victory For Democracy 21:56:30
RP Republican jumps in WA ST's 6th CD Congressional race! 21:55:04
Must Read: Ron Paul favored candidate against Obama 21:52:43
PATRIOTS; The United States and Our Constitution Need You Now 21:50:29
Is The Republican Party Dead? 21:50:16
Interesting Take on Jack Hunter's Blog 21:46:40
The Federal Reserve is now on Twitter! 21:33:59
Should this be of concern? 21:31:05
Ron Paul in Good Company on Foreign Policy 21:24:58
Phone Banking: THIS IS HOW WE WIN 21:21:07
Can the truth ( about the fed) set us free? 21:11:52
Missouri Caucus Starting Thurs, March 15th to 24th - 52 Delegates At Stake 20:54:19
LMAO Santorum Doesn't Seem to Mind Offending Puerto Rico! 20:48:11
The next White House Press Secretary 20:43:49
Ron Paul Winning by a landslide on Fox News election page 20:42:39
Amazing Kansas Caucus Speech, Butler County 20:42:08
Ricky-Newt 2012 ! 20:34:10
Making 9 Million Jobless 'Vanish' 20:33:18
The Ron Paul Pyramid of Greatness 20:30:33
Drama of a Brokered Convention 20:14:33
Trio of Polls Show Ron Paul Most Viable Alternative to Romney vs. Obama 20:05:54
Dr. Paul on Rick and Bubba 20:00:52
Santorum tells Puerto Ricans to start talking American 20:00:23
Sibel Edmonds' Boiling Frogs - Media Sleepwalks, While History Is In the Making 19:54:46
Hey Mayor Nystrom, This One's for You: Final Nail in the Coffin of WRONGhaven dealt Today! 19:46:29
Ron Paul Live Stream University of Illinois 19:38:17
Only Remaining MSM Reporter Covering Ron Paul Is Pulled 19:32:08
Doug Wead: Ron Paul Gets No Respect 19:24:11
TIME Reporting: Paul "cutting deal" with Romney (Thread #1) 19:21:08
New daily libertarian podcast coming soon! 19:09:02
Gutless MSM's Official Agenda of Omission Revealed: Pulls Anthony Terrell from Campaign Coverage! 19:03:11
having a debate. I am trying to educate a few people 19:02:09
Great Revolution Song (Reggae) 19:00:12
Isn't there some FCC regulation about "fair" coverage? Watch the sheep in this video! 18:47:34
Infographic Of TSA - Yes, It's As Bad As We Thought. 18:46:14
US e-voting system cracked in less than 48 hours 18:39:58
Why are we all so upset when Santorum wins primaries? 18:25:52
THE DAILY SHOW: Young People Enthusiasm 18:22:12
Has Israel quietly dropped the military option? Yes 18:06:10
PA-18 Republican Primary: Liberty Candidate vs. Establishment 18:05:41
The HEIST of unimaginable, epic proportions! Understand what is happening here and you will understand our desperate need for 18:02:27
Tea Party Meeting 17:55:52
The Daily Show: Young People Enthusiasm and Rednecks 17:52:24
Ben Swann looking for info about statistics showing vote flipping. 17:45:04
Romney: Indiv Mandate is Ultimate Conservatism and No mandate is Socialism 17:32:06
Why is Santorum allowed to win? 17:22:42
Dr. Paul should run Third Party; Ron Paul's Hour of Decision 17:22:04
March 20th: Have Lunch with Ron Paul in Los Angeles, CA Before He Appears on Leno! 17:19:56
Paul supporters elected to local offices 17:10:30
Terrorist GOP holds Ron Paul Hostage with his Son Rand Paul - NOT LIKELY 17:02:11
Has anyone seen this crap? "Why Ron Paul May Cut a Deal With Romney" 16:47:30
Any work being done for the Utah CAUCUS tomorrow? 16:24:37
Which RP book would you intro someone with? 16:19:59
Ron Paul should introduce letter of impeachment against obama asap 16:19:14
Raleigh Rally for Ron Paul - March 24th, Raleigh, NC 16:18:38
Kony 2012 & the Problem of Good Intentions 16:15:39
March 14, 1900 Gold Standard Was Established 16:10:00
ZONATION: Open Your Hearts And See The Hate Behind Derrick Bell's 'Space Traders' Movie 16:08:39
Obama's Regulation Nation and A New Crackpot CO2 Theory 16:08:21
Letter to County Auditor to Hand Count Ballots 16:08:16
"God Endorses Ron Paul - You Should Too" Josh Tolley 15:43:28
Pro-Ron Paul activist group, WTPN's Facebook page hijacked by paid government troll 15:42:08
Is this the trust that the Establishment has in our troops?! 15:29:16
Help a Ron Paul Candidate win a Hawaii State Senate seat! 15:26:16
New South Park Tonight About TSA and Government Intrusion 15:23:58
Song for Ron Paul 15:23:29
NBC News Pulls Last Embedded Ron Paul Reporter Despite Delegate Momentum 15:12:12
Bound delegate strategy 15:09:05
Politico: NBC pulls Ron Paul's last embed 15:08:24
Let Everyone Know the University of Illinois Town Hall meeting will be streamed? 14:49:34
Abysmally low voter turnout for the GOP 14:46:37
Veterans object to "Obama flag" over Lake County Democratic Party headquarters. 14:44:41
How To Win America for Ron Paul and the Cause of Freedom in 2012 14:37:43
NBC News Removes The Last MSM Reporter Following Paul Campaign; False Claims That He's Done 14:31:46
Only Paul Can Beat Obama 14:20:41
On July 4, 2012, I Hope Dr. Paul Will Consider This Announcement 14:19:15
Penalty for Legally Bound Delegates Voting for Ron Paul? 14:17:48
And Miles To Go Before I Sleep 14:15:50
The only remaining msm reporter covering Paul has been pulled 14:14:01
Ron Paul’s Devious Plan to Steal the Presidency (blog by GOP member against Ron Paul) 14:12:57
'Red Deer Cave People' May Be New Species of Human 14:11:51
NY Times : After Massacre Aerial Recording Caught U.S. Soldier's Return 13:42:01
Petitions 13:29:43
Minnesota declares war on the USA 13:26:09
FLASH! (UPDATE) Only Remaining MSM Reporter Covering Ron Paul Is Pulled 13:23:32
Update - H Res. 583: "Kony Resolution;" 32 co-sponsors 13:19:53
My interesting call with the Republican National Committee 18:18:08
PRESS TV : Eurozone Formally Approves Second Greek Bailout 13:11:58
OUTSTANDING INFO HERESatanism and Pedophilia Crimes of The Global Elite with Director Sean Stone 13:01:26
Theresa Kormos Illinois candidate 13:00:21
VIDEO : Ron Paul's Problem, "People Under 30 Don't Caucus" 13:00:16
Liberty News - A list of resources 12:54:10
Delete 12:54:05
Twitter : Per Missouri GOP, "there will not be a straw poll" 12:50:14
Interesting numbers coming out of Alabama 12:42:19
Interesting numbers coming out of Alabama 12:35:58
American flag with President Obama's image (No its not photoshopped!) 12:21:23
Opportunity is knocking 12:17:01
Ron Paul's Problem: "People under 30 don't caucus." 12:08:57
Ron Paul Supporters Asked To Leave Romney Event in Missouri 12:05:55
I am completely dumbfounded that Santorum is getting actual votes ... it's just beyond me ... 11:56:04
My Video of Support 11:53:22
I'm moving and I need advice 11:47:00
Even When Ron Paul Wins Nomination 11:43:37
I'm Not Voting for Ron Paul 11:40:45
Think Your Vote Counts Or That It Matters? 11:38:12
Ron Paul and the silver circle he was holding on the Keiser report 11:32:11
Help for Wooing the Christian voters 11:32:05
YOU have to get out the vote 11:25:20 - Send a Message to the RNC & MSN! 11:24:25
Update: DON’T Meet Me at the (Blount County, Alabama) Polls w Video. 11:17:28
Unpublicizing Facebook Posts 11:05:14
Yoohoo! It's getting late... 11:03:40
Precinct chair upset with me 11:01:44
Could this be the reason Dr. Paul is not doing so well in the deep south? 10:42:56
How To Determine The Legitimacy Of Claimed Federal Power 10:35:38
Rally in Raleigh (ha!) 10:34:33
Spokesman of the grassroots Christians For Ron Paul on live with Josh Tolley! 10:33:08
How We Can Change The World! - Ron Paul Everywhere on A Single Day! 10:21:22
Ron Paul’s Hour of Decision 10:19:49
No. Really. We ARE Winning. 10:18:45
President Paul Has "Come-to-Jesus-Meeting" with War-vangelicals 10:13:22
~ President Paul Signs New Declaration of Independence ~ 10:04:51
Ron Paul Has Gutted the GOP - Zombie Party Can't Win 10:01:52
A Question for Illinois RP Activists 09:58:26
Pennsylvania Primary 09:57:02
Answer is simple, stop borrowing money and don't buy any U.S. Treasuries. 09:32:42
The war in Afghanistan will not end when the troops pull out 09:28:48
RP's results always decay late at night 09:14:43
THE REVOLUTION CONTINUES : Ron Paul More Than Doubles 2008 Voter Base 09:11:15
HOLEY-WTF? Gold-Sack Resignation = URGENT. 08:55:11
Major U.S. Airport To Evict TSA Screeners 08:48:22
U.S Soldiers Against "The Banksters War" pt.1 08:42:09
War is a racket Libya destroyed- next stop Syria and then Iran 08:30:19
At this point in the race for Romney... 06:42:39
Tucker Carlson calls for 'annihilation of Iran' 06:31:16
I Have a Hope. What If ? 05:22:20
Hawaii D.O.A. Evil Genius plan executed perfectly by Chang and Walden 05:14:18
Lying Liars and "Humanitarian Wars" 04:42:34
The Honorable Veteran 04:42:10
Ron Paul: The Message of Liberty Brings People Together 04:41:40
President Paul please help! Another Soldier from Tacoma arrested, threatening to kill his wife, girlfriend and superior 04:04:44
DEBATE VIDEO: China Does Capitalism Better Than America- Peter Schiff 03:57:12
Join me in the fight to spread the Ron Paul Revolution on Battlefied 3! 03:27:10
Ron Paul WIns by a total GOP takeover as a third party!? 02:24:51
Ron Paul And The Future Of American Foreign Policy (must read) 02:02:38
Rap News 12: Yes We Kony? 15:00:35
Interesting article about Art Robinson and his son 01:59:47
Joe Biden Goes On Record...Vows To Impeach President For Undeclared War With Iran! 01:08:01
Mississippi Votes stolen from Paul 00:58:53
Materials needed for upcoming Louisiana Primaries 00:55:35
How would Dr. Paul do against Obama? 00:52:41
Scrubbed Stupid Idea 00:46:19
Looks like HiJinks in Hawaii, No longer a cacaus, but a primary! 00:39:02
American Samoa Caucus Results 00:35:30
The Federal Reserve "Kids Page" 00:29:47
Mailman Steals My Ron Paul Sign 00:26:42
Who do these two remind you of? 00:17:34
HR 2028 Private Student Loan Bankruptcy Fairness Act of 2011 00:13:28
I can't stop. 00:05:51
Putting up signs in WI - Picture 00:04:54
Come on proud Southerners! 00:02:45
How Long Will It Be Before Mitt Romney is Doing ED Commercials? 08:22:13