Posted on March 18, 2012

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We had a great day at our 3rd District Iowa Platform Committee meeting. 10:32:27
UPDATE: Iranian oil bourse will start trading oil in currencies other than the dollar from March 20 08:48:07
St. Charles Caucus HIJACKED - Bryce's Report 02:32:36
New York Times on Missouri Caucus Chaos 04:46:23
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Do we leave if Ron Runs? Or stay with GOP? Why isn't "BOTH" an option here? 23:51:50
Hawaii's "Caucus" Official Results 23:50:08
Romney Supporters Admit Cheating To Stop Ron Paul! updated. 23:43:31
White House web page on the Constitution 22:58:42
I hope Ron Paul wins... 22:58:30
Awhile back a Redress of Grievances was filed I believe with all senators, what ever came of that, does anyone know? 22:39:13
This Is Their Plan! 22:35:29
Need help with a Gold Standard issue (UPDATED) 22:21:21
What Are Your Favorite Alternative Websites? 22:20:05
KONYING is the New Planking 22:13:21
Pennsylvanians- Support Sam Rohrer For Senate 22:09:24
Tennessee joins Texas in fighting against UN's Agenda 21 22:00:15
Ron Paul Patriots Taking Over The GOP 21:53:38
Announcing the Veterans for Liberty Super PAC & VFRP March on the RNC 21:52:49
April 1st: April Fool's Day for everyone BUT us! 21:47:59
Arrest of Brent Strafford, St. Charles County Caucus 21:47:26
There is NO way for the Missouri GOP to know results YET - quit being Paranoid 21:47:19
RE: Ron Paul -Is it election fraud, MSM blackout, demographics or what, wonders the media 21:18:45
Agenda 21 for Dummies 21:15:21
Our Battle Of Ideas Is Between Individualism vs Collectivism. Learn More. 21:11:35
How does one become a delegate in New Jersey? 21:10:23
Ron Paul Third Party Surprise 21:09:16
It's Genius! 21:07:28
Delegate or Not, We should All Show Up At The State Conventions. 21:03:55
It's time to get personal on Romney. 21:01:12
Over 5 Months and 23 States Until Ron Paul Wins 21:00:32
BREAKING NEWS: Ron Paul Winning Nomination (Either Way)! 20:58:23
Why legalizing raw milk sales will significantly boost local, rural economies 20:37:15 : A "Good Day For Ron Paul" In Missouri 20:27:01
Ron Paul Backers 20:24:53
Our Meetup group's sign wave made the local news! 20:21:47
KWN w/Gerald Celente - 3/18/12: WW3, Fascism, $4T Gone, & Gold 20:21:10
Haaretz | Mossad, CIA agree Iran has yet to decide to build nuclear weapon 20:13:45
WND : "No Ron Paul, No Vote" 19:57:49
Michael Steele: "I Wanted a Brokered Convention" 19:55:42
No More Caucuses (Impact on Delegate Strategy?). 19:44:17
Ron Paul or nothing, Be heard at the GOP convention 19:42:10
Romney will win Puerto Rico's GOP primary, CNN projects 19:36:16
Paul Gets 1% of Vote in Puerto Rico 19:35:06
Sanford Airport opting out of TSA security 19:33:48
Hit Eugene Dokes where it hurts 19:19:17
Ron Paul Video Endorsement Day- March 31st 19:17:04
RevPAC Live at the Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade 19:09:19
Battle of Athens - True Story 19:05:27
Battle of Athens - Authorities Stealing the Vote in 1946 19:05:24
G.O.P. = Grand Ole Paedophiles - R3VOLUTION! 19:04:01
Five Biggest Reasons the Establishment Won't Vote for Ron Paul 19:03:30
Hilarious Kony 2012 parody (VIDEO) 18:42:13
Class Action Lawsuit against the Missouri GOP, the police, etc., is 18:40:02
Obama Admits Ron Paul Vote Fraud 18:30:38
Turkey urges citizens to leave Syria 18:20:39
...have people demand his death by U.S. forces. 18:06:28
Fuel Prices? Just paid $4.15 per gal of gas on 3/17/12 in Anchorage Alaska! 18:03:17
Afghanistan Video - The Battle of Ganjgal 18:01:30
Great video from Peter Schiff about recent economic statistics! 17:42:27
American Elect 17:32:19
Collected Caucus Videos, in one place 17:25:07
This is one way of Fighting Propaganda 17:23:22
Nemesis and the End of the Age: 188 Days 17:19:29
Ron Paul Believes vote tampering occured 17:12:03 - VIDEO, THE VETTING - HOLDER 1995 : "We Must 'Brainwash' People on Guns" 17:09:11
Voting without fraud possible? 17:08:09
The TSA Strikes Again: Now They Are Harassing A Child With A Broken Leg 16:46:11
Fraud in Clay County, MO 16:43:22
Urgent: President signs Executive Order Controlling ALL Natural Resources 16:43:11
One Legged Man Stands up to GOP corruption! 16:35:44
Alex Jones: Total Election Fraud Against Ron Paul Documented! 16:27:44
September Decisions or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ron 16:23:43
Delegate Chip in Pierce County, WA: Precinct Delegates need your help to make it to their County Convention PLEASE DONATE! 16:21:39
Noam Chomsky 2b Interviewed 2nite about Ron Paul and the Libertarian Movement 16:11:07
Media Blackout Of Ron Paul...they are really scared of Dr. Paul! 16:11:02
Enough with the OWS bashing! 16:10:59
Liberty Movement - the post Dr. Paul era 16:01:44
Are we in Martial Law? 16:01:16
Noam Chomsky to be interviewed tonight on Ron Paul! 16:01:07
Dr. Paul's short profound answer-Would it be a good TV AD? 15:58:07
*MUST SEE Election Fraud From Clay County, Mo* 15:53:16
FREE Advertizing Idea! Please read! 15:52:19
Theory- GOP PTB: NO delegates is better than Paul delegates! 15:48:02
How will you vote if Dr. Paul is not the nominee? 15:34:34
Santorum Doesn't Have Full Slate of Delegates on Ballot in IL; Tells Supporters in 13th Dist. to VOTE FOR PAUL 15:32:28
NSA Building Largest Spy Center Ever 15:29:59
Are you or is someone you know suffering from cancer? 15:28:46
Video Inside MO St Charles County Caucus - 3/17/2012 15:27:54
Turnkey Totalitarian State 15:23:42
I am selling some Sterling Silver so I can go to Alaska State Convention. Help (investors) Needed! 15:18:51
MARTIAL LAW? - Obama Issues Executive Order : National Defense Resources Preparedness 15:07:38
Tancredo says Paulites WILL back ANY Republican in NOVEMBER! 14:57:03
Jim Grant on the Federal Reserve - vid 14:46:21
A wallpaper for the cause! 14:42:42
NEW COMPARISON FLYER! Spread these to win! 14:40:01
I have an Idea for what may be the best and cheapest campaign tool for Dr Paul 14:32:04
And my journey will begin... 14:19:30
Ron Paul Supporter Arrested Outside St. Charles County, Mo. Caucus 03/17/12 14:14:06
George Carlin on Airport Security 14:09:46
NSA Spy Center in Utah - "We are that far from a turnkey totalitarian state" 14:04:19
Syrian Rebels are Foreign-backed Terrorists 14:01:42
My Brother is running for Congress! 13:58:26
My Brother is running for Congress! 13:54:31
Ron Paul Supporters Are Nothing But A Bunch Of Cowards 13:49:15
Executive Order Demonstrates Obama's Marxism 13:45:53
My Brother is running for Congress! 13:43:34
Federal Reserve Study: Banks worsening foreclosure crisis 13:41:31
Legalizing marijuana will profit the nation 13:41:04
Attorney asks for dismissal in WikiLeaks case 13:39:29
Do you really want to be free 13:39:11
Washington State Convention, Rally for Ron Paul 13:37:06
Missouri a cliff note version? 13:31:35
Eugene Dokes And Santorum 13:28:02
If you are a delegate or trying to become one, do NOT sign up for Americans Elect! 13:19:53
Tom Woods : Anti Paul Fraudsters In Missouri 13:04:38
City to family: Ron Paul signs must come down 13:01:55
Help needed in PA specificity Bucks County Pa CD 8 12:51:58
Rally for the Republic, Tampa Stadium, Aug, '12 12:37:16
Audio Inside St Charles County Caucus 12:30:01
Obama Signs Biggest Power Grabbing Executive Order EVER! 12:23:07
Clay County, MO and others that can prove blatant failure to follow state GOP rules or RRO you must file a CHALLENGE 12:22:47
Question about Dr. Paul's Environmental Policies 12:16:45
GOP shuts down debate, ignores its own rules, and has caucus goers arrested (Summary of Links) 12:09:49
Blatant Election Fraud Against Ron Paul at Clay County Caucus 3-17-12 12:06:01
Ok, I need some help here. Is this just fraud? 11:52:44
Did Obama just sign a Martial Law Executive Order? 11:37:29
Who do you think did 911? 11:37:12
Notice St. Charles CO, MO convention on Bleachers seats 11:25:53
Israel's Haaretz & NYT: "Mossad, CIA agree Iran has yet to decide to build nuclear weapon" 11:25:15
Some of the "how's" of possible election fraud to be aware of 11:24:10
Need Help With A Question For Santorum 11:23:12
Bottom line lesson from MO caucuses. SHOW UP. The battle lines are drawn for KC and STL. 11:08:39
We survived a tornado! And have yet to ask for federal or state money 11:06:13
Hey Slaves ! Read-it and Weep 11:03:13
Support H.r.3380 – The Dietary Supplement Health Protection Act 11:00:37
In Ron Paul's America There Would Be No War on the People 10:57:23
The dangers of Americans Elect 10:55:26
From Yahoo News! Missouri Caucus Anecdotes: Arguments, Arrests, and a Good Day for Ron Paul 10:50:17
Can we fill a football stadium? (Update) 10:44:26
March 18, 2012 - Puerto Rico 10:19:41
"The Road We've Traveled" 09:54:14
Sunday Shows Black Out Ron Paul: They'd Rather Speak to George Clooney 09:49:10
St Charles Caucus video recording 09:46:06
CIA Admit They Are Spying On Everyone and They Erased The 4th Amendment! 09:20:23
Who is the most electible? Poll! 09:03:21
Up Early with Chris Hayes 08:50:58
Urgent News If You Plan On Voting For Ron Paul! 08:14:44
Taliban talks off; Karzai tells NATO to pull back 07:29:39
(Video) Ron Paul Springfield MO Greene Country Caucus March 17th 2012 Highlights 07:16:01
New Ron Paul Video : Last Chance 07:15:16
The GOP/RNC won't ever just roll over and die. They're hard. You need to be HARDER! 07:06:34
Strong property rights 06:29:29
Michael Scheuer On Gary Bauer Ad Slandering Dr. Paul 06:28:23
Newspapers fastest shrinking industry in USA... 06:06:18
McCain and Israel's Bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty 06:05:23
Low-carb is heart healthy 05:36:11
Smoking Does Not Cause Emphysema 05:28:35
Gwynne Dyer: China’s impending financial crash 05:16:13
San Diego Tea Party Leader Arrested For Kidnapping, Rape 05:11:32
Sweet Victory: When The Science Says The Farm Beats Pharma 04:53:36
Congratulations from Occupy 09:39:05
Video footage from St. Charles, MO "Point of Order!" 04:07:00
Why Learn Robert's Rules? 03:54:20
>MONEY BOMB March 23rd< 03:33:10
Because Of Missouri's Mess Up, We Didn't Watch Seattle! ~ But Good Day - Great Job Guys! 03:16:01
Post St. Charles County Caucus gathering at a nearby park 03:09:46
An Atheist Credo 02:55:30
Get Dr. Paul back on TV! 02:53:34
Amazing video of Ron Paul supporters after missouri debacle! Must see! 02:52:32
If we're not getting arrested, we're doing it wrong. 02:46:15
*LATEST EX ORDER* is war Imminent? 02:09:58
George Clooney got arrested! 01:54:05
Homebrew News Coverage of Missouri Caucus Chaos 01:52:09
Obomney : compassion of the IRS 01:30:57
Romney rudely rejects suffering mans legitimate plea! 01:25:59
Brent Stafford this BUD is for you 01:20:25
What will you do if the Gov't tries to confiscate again?! 01:17:49
New Contest - Best Blowback E-Mail to Eugene Dokes 01:11:15
Eugene Dokes Facebook - Keep It Civil Please! 01:02:33
Douglas county, MO went all Ron Paul 01:01:21
Write In Vote Pledge? 00:56:25
Breaking: ABC Now Saying: Missouri Best for Ron Paul yet! 00:55:34
Maybe gas... 00:30:38
First positive Paul MSM article in weeks... ABC good day for Paul 00:30:09
Free Malachi York! Ron Paul 2012 00:30:03
Could someone please explain the delegate process to me in detail? 00:27:05
Daily Silver News: Ron Paul Wins First Caucus but Main Stream Media Changes Rules, Reports Romney Wins 00:24:15
If anyone knows how to make a Pro Ron Paul video from this music 00:11:19