Posted on March 20, 2012

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Maddow admits GOP and media clueless to actual delegate count! 21:17:41
Win Texas and California with this Simple Plan 23:26:50
Ron Paul Is Winning ANOTHER Caucus, and The Media Isn't Telling You About It 18:40:41
Romney Supporters Gradually Turning 17:30:30
Tim Johnson Of Illinois "Ron Paul Is A Bastion Of Integrity" 03/20/12 21:40:50
Ben Swann Interview - Lose our vote, lose our freedom - GOP Delegate fraud 15:44:20
Ron Paul Issues Statement on Latest House GOP Budget Plan 14:23:47
Newt in the Red 13:46:35
St. Charles County Caucus RIGGED As Admitted on Talk Radio By Dokes 19:37:17
Indoor urban farm in New York helps feed hundreds of families 13:18:28
Judge Napolitano Video: Now Free Speech is a Felony 09:00:43
Santorum: 'I Don't Care' about US Unemployment Rate 05:55:08
Study: Romney Most Unpopular Presidential Candidate in Generation 05:53:13
Extra, Extra, Read All About It! New RP Article A Must Read - For The Comments! 00:34:21
Illinois Primary - Results Open Thread 21:35:48
Ron Paul on CNBC: 3/19/12 10:16:11
Santorum Endorses Romney 04:36:02
I've Got A Golden Ticket Contest! 21:06:34
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Calling all knitters! Community blanket for RP! 23:57:24
Government Buying Out All The 5.56 Military Surplus Ammo, 23:48:15
Please help us challenge corruption in Missouri by signing our petition (45 signatures needed) 23:45:42
Ron Paul Supporters educating people through yahoo in spite of yahoo. 23:41:16
Are you ready Louisiana? These colors don't RUN! We are going to FIGHT with every thing we have! 23:29:57
Obama exposé film: "Obama & 2016"...must see, this summer 23:23:45
Does The RNC Rules State That 5 Primary Or Caucus Wins Are Needed To Go To Convention? 23:22:41
New spying technology already in place! 23:21:04
James Turk & Alasdair Macleod Discuss The Gold Standard Vs. A Competitive Monetary System 23:19:54
#ThingsintheFederalReserveBasement 23:19:31
FBI Spied On Visitors to ‘Prepper’ Website 23:18:51
THE HILL : Billionaire Sheldon Adelson Gives Additional 5.5 Million To Pro-Gingrich Super PAC 23:05:58
Todd Snider: 'New York Banker ' 23:05:05
Significant professional film exposé of Obama - coming this summer 23:01:25
Warning To Future Voters Do Not Do What I Did 22:58:37
The Only Candidate Who Protects Consumers - Picture is worth a thousand words! 22:56:44
How to Rig An Election 22:50:56
Ron Paul Gives Law School Speech Asking Why Obama Believes He Can Assassinate American Citizens 22:47:58
Gingrich is Done 22:46:26
Romney trolls 22:39:10
OMG! Rick Santorum BIG ARROGANT Hypocrite! 22:35:41
The Mark R. Levin Amazon Conspiracy 22:32:50
Video - Crowd cheers Ron Paul on Leno (preview of tonight) 22:31:54
Signs the Corrupt GOP Fraud Machine Working Against Ron Paul is Beginning to Crack 22:23:21
Candidates' Top Contributors 22:13:56
Get Ron Paul on The Ellen DeGeneres Show 21:53:40
3/20 • The Hill: Federal Reserve Reaps $77 Billion Profit in 2011 • More Than US's Top 5 Banks Combined 21:51:29
Don't let Santorum usurp Liberty 21:50:02
Central Arizona - Would like to relocate - want to see if I can ask some help from supporters 21:44:15
How To Get The Youth To Vote 21:41:22
VIDEO: Obama's Executive Order Facilitates Martial Law 21:31:38
Professor Bernanke Rails Against Gold Standard 21:17:54
Illinois Beauty Pageant VIDEO 21:09:52
Activist/Comedian Dick Gregory Got Warning To Leave New York Night Before 9/11 21:08:22
FBI Spied On Visitors to ‘Prepper’ Website 21:01:13
Is the Republican Party Imploding? 20:51:07
NPR Just Lied About Ron Paul Again! Every Success That Happens To Us, They Report It As If It Is Happening To Another Campaign 20:50:23
New Exec. Order allows Obama to take over all liberties 20:36:09
Tim Johnson (R-IL) Ron Paul has more integrity in his little finger than the rest of the politicians on capital hill combined 20:26:14
Goldman Obama Vs. Romney Sachs 2012 20:26:04
Ron Paul Makes History in Hawaii’s Inaugural GOP Caucus 20:19:32
*WOW* Look at the Ron Paul Keyfob my Son made for me! 20:12:03
Please help us challenge corruption in Missouri by signing our petition 20:07:52
Khan Academy Explains the Austrian Business Cycle Theory 20:04:13
New to this site! 20:01:35
NW Houston ~ PRECINCT 553 ~ Barker Cypress, Hwy 6, West Little York, 529 ~ 19:58:47
Idea for small business owners to support Ron Paul and spread the message 19:55:57
Ron Paul's common sense 19:52:35
Ron in Burbank 19:48:23
Ron Paul to Hold Two Large Town Hall Meetings in Louisiana 19:43:22
ABC Posted GOP Primary Results 24 Hours EARLY! 19:41:47
New SuperPac for Ron Paul based out of Texas 19:33:58
Tim Johnson of IL - Passionate endorsement for Paul. 19:30:47
Ron Paul Is Winning ANOTHER Caucus, And The Media Isn't Telling You About It 19:21:47
Huge Ron Paul Money Bomb 19:19:07
Video of Eugene Dokes with one of his caucus advisors 19:07:15
Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation 19:07:10
NEW Texas Super Pac! - 'Liberty For All' - 19:02:49
Ron Paul Super PAC “Ball Booth” Commercial Exposes Electability, Record of GOP Candidates 19:00:19
What happens if Newt and Frothy... 18:48:09
★ Dangerously Vague Cybersecurity Legislation Threatens Civil Liberties ★ 18:47:31
Help 18:45:28
Dogs for Ron Paul 2012 18:44:14
U2 Bono caught in Tax Dodge/ While runs around countries telling them to give tax dollars to Africa. 18:39:43
Where is George Clooney's endorsement for the only antiwar candidate? 18:30:03
Did Ron Paul's Home Sale $ Go to His Campaign? Does RP have 'skin in the game?' 18:27:38
The Desperate Moves of the GOP 18:26:08
US no longer the land of the free - has more people locked up than Police State China 18:22:06
155 World currencies to reset? 18:20:52
War on Drugs Cartoon 18:17:21
New Reailty Check Tonight! Missouri Caucus 18:15:39
Pennsylvania Leadership Conference THIS WEEKEND Gingrich, Santorum and Romney (Representative) All Attending 18:15:09
Federal Reserve hurts American Retirees meanwhile posts $77 Billion in profits (March 20, 2012) 18:08:40
Contact Campaign thru NOW and DEMAND NO COMPROMISE! 18:08:00
. 18:05:05
LOUISIANA PRIMARY VOTER'S KIT. The Day to vote is MARCH 24TH for the Primary and April 28th for the Caucus. 17:59:11
Ron Paul Is Winning ANOTHER Caucus, And The Media Isn't Telling You About It ! Great Article 17:55:04
Kansas man gets 7 years in prison for possessing bath salts 17:55:02
BREAKING: ELECTION FRAUD? Why Did ABC-TV Post Illinois GOP Primary Results 24 Hours Early?! 17:54:27
Kurt Bills 2012- Ron Paul Republican Throws Hat Into MN Senate Race 17:53:23
Ron Paul WON the city of Detroit 17:53:15
Ron Paul Blasts Obama For Killing Americans 17:45:32
Start Passing Fliers Out With Voteing Date And Time In Your Area! 17:34:52
Voter Fraud 17:28:22
Former US Representative Patrick Kennedy Paid by Terrorists (Literally) + vid 17:27:45
Great Must Read Article! 17:09:44
Need help responding to my Santorum war loving uncle 17:09:40
Signs the Corrupt GOP Fraud Machine Working Against Ron Paul is Beginning to Crack 17:02:22
Newt in debt 16:58:55
Are Santorum and Gingrich just GOP-RNC Anti-Paul pawns? 16:43:32
Bernanke on the Gold Standard: Wall Street Journal 16:30:07
Give Me Liberty! MB and Pledge. 16:23:55
Ballot Problems in Illinois Elections! MUST SEE 16:17:37
NBC's Chuck Todd to Team Romney: "RIG a State Convention If you have to! I mean That's What Insiders do!" 16:08:18
Americans Elect 16:06:35
Predicted Election Outcome in Illinois by ABC? 15:58:57
Will the Real Mitt Romeny please stand up 15:54:44
How To Get Elected As A Delegate 15:50:14
Video, WND: Obama As Foreign Student-here to become US PRESIDENT! 15:44:41
Is Old Guard trying to get entire delegations disqualified in Paul strongholds? 15:39:59
free people do not need laws and regulations telling them to be good 15:29:10
VIDEO : Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out On Floor Regarding EXIM Bank 3- 20 -12 15:22:56
True Nature - Plain Sight 15:22:27
Vetting an OWS candidate for Congress 15:21:13
YOU are the Terrorist! US Navy Drill deals w/Vets Who go Postal After Multiple Tours! 15:18:47
Yahoo Admits Fraud in 2012 GOP Elections! MUST SEE 15:06:23
Breaking: 65 Illinois Counties Face Ballot Problems 15:05:43
Rick Santorum Pastor Tells Non-Christians To 'Get Out' Of U.S. 14:52:45
The GOP’s bloated Pentagon dreams 14:43:18
Social Network Bomb! Let us have fun! 14:39:38
Please sign our Missouri Petition today 14:38:39
19 Signs That America Has Become A Crazy Control Freak Nation Where Almost Everything Is Illegal. 14:29:42
Fraud Allegations in Illinois Before Elections Even Opened! MUST SEE 14:29:00
Let’s Keep Our Eye on the Prize! 14:26:32
I love news like this! 14:19:40
Ron Paul blasts Obama for killing Americans 14:10:39
Federal Government Forces Employers into Slave Labor 14:08:22
Is America Next? UK Govt officially bans Kids from... being Kids: No more BFF! Only the Collective Über Alles! 14:07:19
Is Ron Paul Winning? 14:02:02
This may go without asking... 14:00:26
Precinct chair info 13:57:12
"If voting changed anything, they would make it illegal." Thoughts? 13:44:48
CNN: Ron Paul Is Right! The MSM Drumbeat For War With Iran Is Contributing To The High Price Of Gas! 13:44:25
St. Charles County Caucus-Eugene Dokes Admits on STL Radio This Morning The Caucus Was Rigged 13:41:08
Ron on Tonight with Jay Leno 13:29:23
Bailouts and the cost AND Ron Paul! 13:28:07
George Washington/Ron Paul and the Revolution 13:27:34
Wi Primary Upcoming : Online Poll In Sheboygan Paper, Please Vote 13:24:35
Ron Paul blasts Obama for killing Americans 13:19:25
As to Employees, Federal Withholding Taxes are Unconstitutional 13:17:12
Ron Paul Makes History In Hawaii Inaugural GOP Caucus 13:13:44
MD Treatments Are Now THE NUMBER ONE KILLER of People in the USA 13:10:07
all in the same boat (CDN too) 13:08:09
BREAKING NEWS : 65 Illinois Counties Face Ballot Problems 13:05:38
FLASH! BREAKING NEWS - ELECTION FRAUD: Why Did ABC-TV Post Illinois GOP Primary Results 24 Hours Early? (VIDEO) 12:53:09
The Real Bunker Hunt Silver Story - video - Must watch! 12:39:38
Narrated MO caucus video for laypeople 12:37:25
Marc Scaringi, PA Ron Paul Republican For Senate In Dead Heat W / Establishment Candidate 12:35:16
Illinois Results Already In! 12:30:18
Nokia Envisions Magnetic Tattoo to Feel Smartphone Vibrations 12:19:46
Illinois results already in! 12:09:12
[video]Stealing a Nation - Our Foreign policy. WOW! 12:06:42
Rick Santorum under fire over ranting right wing pastor 12:05:49
2012 Presidental Platform Survey 12:04:13
A look at Paul Ryan's so called conservative voting record 12:00:02
Lt. Colonel Davis 'Truth, Lies, and Afghanistan' 11:42:14
Ron Paul Think-Tank - Open Thread 11:37:02
Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On Obamacare 11:34:26
Israelis and Iranians Seek Peace, Not War 11:31:41
Ron Paul Think Tank - Open Thread 11:28:49
I have been a Paul supporter since 2007. I live in Illinois. I will not be voting today. 11:28:01
Adam Kokesh: Obama, abandon your post or be relieved by force 11:27:56
The Legacy of "Nation Building" 49 killed by car bombings in Iraq. 11:23:56
Bank bailouts... 11:22:42
As the Winter Ends, the De-Dollarization Begins 11:21:51
Help pay my delegate credential fees! 11:21:47
The fix is in!... 11:21:17
I would like to read more about caucus experiences 11:20:48
► My New Heroes! 11:14:05
Texas Primary - Delegate selection to take place BEFORE May primary in April and Texas delegates now unbound after first ballot! 11:14:03
Rick Santorum Television Ads 11:01:14
Silver investment demand soars in India, China, also hedge against the decline of the US dollar 10:59:49
St. Charles County to Make Another Attempt at Caucus 10:57:45
Patch: "Presidential Poll: Ron Paul Supporters, Other Republicans Clash in Caucuses" 10:53:06 "The Paul Bots Are #Winning" 10:47:15
Ron Paul is our Thomas Jefferson of Today 10:46:14 "Was that Missouri or Russia where Ron Paul's supporters were arrested?" 10:44:39 "Santorum shows that good old neocon cluelessness" 10:42:17
CLNN Spring Break Report 2012 10:36:25
Is Ron Paul Facing Money Problems? (more positive than negative) 10:33:19
Fire Jesse Benton? 10:16:36
Please someone post this in ... 10:01:07
Dr. Paul Signed My Art! March 25th Auction CHECK THIS OUT 09:55:07
Looking Into the Future - Rand Paul 2016? 09:53:54
Urgent! Election Results Reported Prior To Election? 09:50:47
Keynesian Economics vs. Austrian Economics 09:29:32
"federal law trumps state law" 09:28:55
Andy Lees On China Coup Rumors 09:19:22
Ron Paul: the incredible shrinking candidate 08:52:58
2 Wins in Washington! 08:51:57
Knockout Blow in Illinois Today?! 08:36:35
You "Ron Paul People" Becoming a Threat to America 08:35:06
Rick Santorum - are people's memories that short? - MSNBC 08:29:30
Update needed on the 5 State win requirement to even be on the ballot in Tampa 08:25:01
Drudge is starting to look desperate 08:23:28
Bitcoin Pool in favour of the RP 2012 campaign! 08:08:17
Help! Police kill innocent man 08:08:09
ECONWAR: U.S. may bar access to the U.S. banking system for any Indian bank processing oil payments through Iran’s central bank 07:47:39
What the Campaign can learn from KONY 2012 07:30:42
let's focus on the Money Bomb 07:19:16
Senator Marco Rubio. 14 min video. 06:34:13
LOW Cholesterol: The Risks, Dangers & The Reality 06:05:10
U.S. War Game Sees Perils of Israeli Strike Against Iran 06:02:15
Another Hidden Bailout: Helping Wall Street Collect Your Rent 05:59:18
Sabato: Brokered GOP Convention Would Be Press Disaster 05:51:48
NH Woman Sued For Planting Flowers In Her Front Yard 05:46:15
Americans Elect can ruin us in the end 04:55:20
Piece On The Fed On MSNBC 2009 (Paul Mentioned) 04:49:57
In response to the document: Significant Evidence of Algorithmic Vote Flipping in the 2012 GOP Primary 04:33:07
Petition to the GOP to Remove Dokes & Spencer 04:03:07
Wow, Jesus was an anarchist! 04:00:01
April 3 Texas primary? 03:59:24
Free State Project (Liberty in our lifetime) is possible! 03:52:17
Paradigm shifter for the "Christian" republican... 03:47:25
Article Ron Paul Campaign Money 03:04:15
GOP is not letting me push Paul on state GOP Facebooks! 02:46:56
[DISINFORMATION / PSYOP] We Have Been Always Right All Along : These ARE INFORMATION WAR TIMES 02:43:42
ATTACK DOGS used on high school students in Maryland during walkout 02:22:06
Foreign Stock Trading Q 02:22:04
If I Were the Devil: Paul Harvey (Warning for a Nation) 02:17:29
Biff Tannen Would Be Insanely Jealous! The Illinois GOP Has Rigged A Delorean To Go 88MPH 02:17:24
Lessons of History and a profound warning from the "Old Right" 02:11:00
Yes, there will be a Statue of Doctor Paul one day somewhere: The Only Question is... 02:02:30
Battle of Athens, TN, Aug 1-2, 1946 When Americans were fighting against voter fraud 01:57:16
Excellent Debate on RUSSIA TODAY: "Run, Paul, Run" 01:55:19
"Malia Obama Vacationing in Mexico Scrubbed from the Web 25 Secret Service, 12 Friends Your Dime" 01:54:15
Committee Appointed To Review Iowa Caucus Cheating 01:48:58
Has this story been posted here? 01:46:26
RUSSIA TODAY: "Ron Paul right, US deep into fascism" 01:42:07
Did anyone catch the White House Sectretary Jay Carney on gas prices today? 01:19:08
Excellent gluten free, paleo breakfast bread/coffee cake recipe w/video 01:17:13
Illinois Republican Primary Results already being REPORTED 01:15:04
Robo-calls from Santorum and Romney 01:14:10
Government Explained 00:58:09
Should Obama assassinate Staff Sgt. Bales? 00:47:56
Link for delegate application and process for illinois please 00:11:00
Pre-determined Illinois Primary Results Leaked to Local Affiliate? 00:07:43