Posted on March 22, 2012

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VIDEO: Rachel Maddow Thanks The Daily Paul! 23:04:17
Evening commute traffic miracle! 21:20:37
Video Update: Ron Paul on The Kudlow Report - March 22 22:17:59
VIDEO: We Are Winning! Rally outside NBC Studios by LA grassroots 17:13:11
US Marine to be discharged for saying his oath is to the Constitution, not Prez 17:10:38
Ron Paul's Personal Video Request 23:39:30
WNYC New York Public Radio Covers Daily Paul! 14:04:33
Ron Paul is Respected Around the World 06:44:14
NEWSFLASH from St. Charles! "Santorum's Campaign Team" Secretly Drafts Letter to MO GOP on Behalf of Central Committee 11:03:42
Washington Times - Tom Mullen Strikes Again: 'Ron Paul reveals benefits of brokered convention on Jay Leno' 09:22:22
St. Charles Caucus HIJACKED - Response to The Blog Czar and Other Things 08:10:09
The Three Political Parties of America 09:27:08
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Santorum's Flip-Flops From His 1994 Campaign 23:52:54
Will it be Paul vs. Biden? Sheriff Arpaio Uncovers "Convenient Sequence" Of Missing INS Records: Was Obama Born Abroad? 23:37:30
It's time for all of you who haven't donated to dig deep and pony up. 23:32:22
Huntsman for VP? 23:31:48
Eleanor Roosevelt & Her Communist Allies 23:30:36
Don't Sweat Rule 40 Propaganda soon to hit MSM 23:26:52
Cancer the Forbidden Cures - Full Documentary 22:59:58
Etch-A-Sketchy-Politician 22:50:24
Holy crap, look what's coming in the mail 22:43:52
Queen Nancy 22:41:18
Santorum tells us something we already knew and agrees with Dr. Paul 22:36:31
Bitcoin Donation outlet 22:27:44
Green Bay TV - WFRV Poll : Current Ongoing Poll Has Ron Paul In Lead With 33% 22:27:27
Persuading the non voter is easier than... 22:24:06
It’s Not the economy, stupid! 22:20:04
Rick Santorum, the Duggar family, and Tea Party 22:16:39
Ron Paul More Electable Than Mitt Romney In latest Poll 22:06:16
Obama eliminates more citizen privacy protection... if that was even possible 22:04:36
Ron Paul's name up and down the beach in Tampa 21:50:01
For those of you who know Mark Koernke, he was at ground zero of the Dexter Tornado and had significant damage. 21:46:34
Paul campaign condemns watchdog report alleging nepotism 21:42:35
Obama: Romney is 'pretending' on health care 21:32:26
Doug Casey On Obama Killing Osama 21:27:32
Paul Delegates Changing History With Steve Jobs' Weapon of Mass Information 21:23:29
Video - Afghanistan - US helicopter ride to fatalities ! 21:19:12
EXCLUSIVE! VIDEO : Ron Paul Interview On Kudlow - CNBC 3-22-12 21:17:52
for the "Chicks Dig Santorum" File 21:09:17
Rachel Maddow is letting Romney have it...again 21:05:21
Mitt Romney Has No Platform 20:51:08
Barbour: GOP may coalesce around Romney "soon 20:50:01
Smear No.3,483,593: RawStory Propagandists at It, Again. Unfortunately It's Stephen C. Webster's Turn 20:47:01
Jim DeMint sells out...AGAIN! 20:46:37
Poll Time 20:45:36
Lord Monckton: Obama birth certificate 'plainly a forgery' 20:37:14
Utah Caucus Experience - Robert's Rules not Enforced 20:35:22
Response to Americans Elect 20:34:49
FREE Case of SUPER BROCHURES about 600-700. I'll pay for shipping too. 20:30:42
SILVER is The Achilles' Heel to the ENTIRE ECONOMIC SYSTEM 20:27:57
Stossel keeps getting better: on fairness vs. justice. What is fair? 20:20:08
Lew Rockwell : "Its Only Murder When You Are Not Officially Authorized To Do It" 20:20:03
France's Sarkozy announces plans to jail repeat visitors to extremist websites 20:18:46
URGENT - Rule 40 Explains Ron Paul and Voter Fraud! 20:11:45
Never Forget Ron Paul - A Living Thomas Jefferson 19:48:16
Towels 4 Tampa "Let it not be said..." Beach Towels for Delegates 19:43:28
California Bill Aims to Limit Use of License Plate Recognition Tech 19:43:05
Idiot neocons TALKING SMACK ABOUT RON PAUL. Anyone feel like debating them? 19:30:29
Deleted 19:16:52
No Compromise! 19:10:30
Delegate Numbers to date 19:07:50
New Caucus for St. Charles County, MO 19:06:24
Gun Boom Continues Despite Florida Shooting 19:05:34
What price the new democracy? Goldman Sachs conquers Europe 18:50:48
We’re Only 11 Weeks into a 9 Month Primary Cycle 18:50:32
Keep Your Heads Up! 18:41:33
Daily Caller removes my posts re Ron Paul 18:39:12
Paul should issue strong statement on talk radio blacklist 18:16:22
Rand Paul stands up to drug warriors 18:13:47
Santorum is so quick to say lead by example... so I responded - LEAD BY EXAMPLE - Pay for your own security like Dr. Paul 18:11:38
Ron Paul: "We are on target" Campaign Update 3-22-12 18:11:25
Letter from Dokes to central committee 18:09:31
TMOT speach + plays bass/sings Hendrix, ACDC & Petty @ Marietta rally 18:03:09
[Video] Ron Paul gives campaign status update, asks for your support March 23 18:02:28
Cspan & Ron Paul 18:01:22
Santorum campaign drafted letter for Dokes to send to Missouri Republican party leaders 18:00:57
Judge Napolitano makes his first appearance on The Special Report w/ Bret Baier @ 6 pm ET 18:00:08
STOP answering polls 17:52:33
MSNBC - "rig a state convention if you have to" 17:47:56
"Rig a state convention if you have to, I mean that's what insiders do" - Chris Todd, MSNBC 17:45:54
Santorum is bought and paid for by AIPAC 17:40:20
A must listen to by Paul Harvey in 1965. 'Go Ron Paul' Our country is crashing! 17:39:12
"WAKE UP AMERICA!" Rick Santorum Press Conference Interrupted By Ron Paul Supporter [VIDEO] 17:07:19
Ben Franklin would have cried 17:02:17
Donate a minimum of $12 at 12pm for the Give Me Liberty Money Bomb on Friday, March 23rd. 16:57:56
Wisconsin Business Journal Poll - Help RP 16:56:21
What is President Obama So Afraid Of? 16:55:46
Latest Obama vs GOP Poll. 16:54:42
We need a Butt Bomb 16:41:32
Mitt Romney's Etch-A-Sketch 16:36:59
What FACEBOOK and GOOGLE are Hiding from world. 16:33:33
Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms? Poll 16:33:15
Blue Republicans support Ron Paul at Americans Elect 16:19:14
Surely there has been a poll on R/D support 16:14:25
A Message to the American People from History 16:13:58
A Chance to Present 16:04:27
Why I don't like Rick Santorum 15:53:01
The American Logic 15:50:40
i wonder if the police would like this... 15:44:40
Patriots Of The New Revolution! It's Not Too Late! CLICK HERE! 15:26:33
Ten Years Of Obamacare Will Cost $1.76 Trillion; More Than Originally Claimed 15:26:00
Being Pro-life Means Being Anti-War 15:17:44
Ron Paul Won Washington County in Maine 15:05:47
FBI investigates MILCO nuclear trigger smuggling to Israel 14:59:09
ACLU to Consider St. Charles Caucus Issues 14:50:50
Video : GOP Insiders Suggest Ron Paul Cannot Legally Be Part Of Ballot 14:48:49
TOP STORY: Media cover-up of Obama's (foreign) arse...again! 14:46:19
Rep. Justin Amash Votes "NO" on Paul Ryan's Budget 14:30:07
Nanny Bloomberg bans sweets for the homeless 14:25:40
Oath Keepers and the Honor of Warriors 14:25:03
Economist YouGov Poll : Ron Paul Polls Best Against Obama AGAIN! 14:21:26
What we need is smaller government! (HUMOR) 14:21:26
Breaking! New video confirming plan to deny Ron Paul delegates in St. Charles County Caucus 14:17:47
Hannity Poll - Vote for Paul 14:12:14
Koch Brothers' Attempted Takeover Of Cato Could Be Part Of Bold Plan 14:06:46
MSM Columnist: 'Most of us are rooting for Rick Santorum' 14:04:49
Video proof: Delegate Fraud in Georgia 14:00:59
Illinois House Kills Audio Recording Bill 13:55:16
What Dr. Paul has made me realize 13:53:29
PPP: Ron Paul Strongest Republican with Independents 13:49:09
Only Ron Paul Questions Federal Governments Role 13:38:39
Sore Loser Laws 13:35:22
I'm not a birther, but this just popped up on the web... 13:34:09
Jeb Bush Endorse Mitt Romney NDAA 13:32:15
Bernanke Attacking Gold Standard - George Washington University Lecture 13:31:05
Republicans in Athens allege threats from Ron Paul supporters 13:30:53
This is another reason to continue our fight for LIBERTY! 13:29:41
TMOT's Incredible Speech for Ron Paul at Rally in Marietta GA 13:24:53
AP : Romney To Look For Laughs and Votes On Leno Show 13:23:48
This is what Obamaniacs say he has done "good" for our country- 13:11:56
Michael Berry shocked MSM censoring Sheriff Arpaio. Gives him much needed airtime on KTRH. 13:04:19
The GOP’s Voter Fraud and Eventual Suicide 13:00:01
Collin County/North Dallas Convention Info 12:58:48
Reality Check: Delegate slates illegally selected in Georgia? 12:52:52
Missouri Delegate Fraud 12:47:32
Current Situation - My thoughts 12:43:07
The Mainstream is Against Us, We Can Be the Mainstream 12:19:32
VIDEO : Birther Controversy Back In Spotlight As Arpaio Demands Obama Draft Card 12:14:10
Common Error is Never Law, Even When Repeated Many Times 12:13:56
Athens, GA Shenanigans 12:13:12
The "old guard" has two choices. They can accept us and work with the "Ron Paul" Republicans. Or... 12:08:39
VIDEO :Senator Rand Paul On America's Newsroom - Fox News 3-22-12 12:06:37
WoW! Check this Out! The Hill op-ed is saying Ron Paul is now Romney's Poodle! 12:05:58
Stay away from "Americans Elect" website! 12:00:08
Audit Fort Knox! 11:48:37
What IS the truth? 11:34:25
Pandora's box is opening! 11:32:32
Ron Paul Has To See This! 11:29:22
Another Story of a 21 year old Missourian 11:15:58
2 slivers of good news 11:15:11
The 14th Amendment “Incorporation Cases” Violate the 10th and are Unconstitutional 11:10:45
Do Ron Paul's Earmarks Increase Spending? 11:05:52
Anti Romney Topics 11:04:46
Trayvon Martin Case: Lead Investigator Asked to Step Down 11:00:27
Obama's Labor Dept. Proposes to make it Illegal for youth to work on family owned farms! 10:59:48
Coulter: I'd prefer Ron Paul to Gingrich 10:51:00
Winning the Economic War & Fighting Terrorism 10:36:13
Maher: 'Please Stop Apologizing' 10:32:02
We need people this Saturday in Tarrant County Texas. 10:22:31
Alex Jones Breaks Down Martial law System W / George Noory 10:16:17
Ron Paul is Clearly Wrong: Why Bailouts Work and the Dangers of Libertarian Economics (Satire) 10:15:34
St. Charles County GOP Chair Says Caucus Letter ‘Actually Drafted by Santorum’s Campaign Team’ 10:01:23
Advertising The Moneybomb Via Facebook! 09:58:54
Interesting "sidebar" to President Paul's appearance on LENO 09:39:47
Strategy Question: Primary States 09:39:21
Puerto Rico Fraud Charge Article In English 09:38:55
Asians fastest-growing race in United States, census finds 09:21:31
Bill Banning Illegal Immigrants From Georgia Colleges Clears House Panel 09:13:18
FLASH! Postman Says Ayers' Parents Put Foreign Exchange Student Obama Through School (Video) 09:03:40
Neocons whimper: "Why We Just Surrendered to Iran" 09:01:16
More voting fraud makes the news 08:55:35
20 Obvious Truths That Will Shock Liberals 08:41:22
Current State of Play 08:33:14
campaign material sharing 08:17:27
Scary Rick... 08:15:27
An amazing battle in the "Sovereign" war. 07:59:55
US of America Dying on the Vine ... 07:57:24
Who Said It: Ron Paul or Ron Paul? 06:47:17
GGN: NDRP Reaffirms Power to Control All Property/Industry, Pole Shift Reason for Gov. Preparations? 06:25:36
Ron Paul Shows Silver Bullet To A Vampire 11:01:16
Wyoming hijinks - Park County 04:58:21
Why couldn't Dr. Paul just lie this time around? 04:53:22
Fraud Charges Filed Over Puerto Rico Primary in San Juan Supreme Court. 04:47:15
American Elect will HURT RP Delegates! Must Read! 04:44:37
Judge Napolitano: Is the CIA in your kitchen? 04:16:17
Vending machine dispenses marijuana so no-one gets arrested 04:02:04
Drudge wants you to sleep 04:01:21
Ben Swann Reality Check on Athens-Clarke County, Georgia Caucus GOP ELECTION FRAUD 03:52:16
Romney’s China Investments — The Story Behind The Story 03:40:19
3/20/2012 - Alert! Verified True ! Mexico 7.9m Earthquake Pre-planned = Man Made ! 03:38:39
Ron get's mention from Connecticut's veteran Rock Station 106.9 WCCC 03:33:45
Cheers to imagination 03:12:12
What taxes does Ron Paul support? 03:10:31
Youtube "Santorum Exposed" 03:00:38
I left notice of CRIME on St. Charles Police Dept. Tip line! 02:37:32
Lupe Fiasco is down with Non-intervention. Time to Recruit him to the R3volution! 02:14:46
What does moving up the alternate to make it fairer mean? 01:53:31
Delegate Estimates for the National Convention 01:17:44
Santorum's Botched Attempt at Debate 01:02:03
Jamie Allman talks to Ron Paul on Newstalk 97.1 FM 01:01:29
The time we've been waiting for is almost here. 01:00:58
Friday's Money Bomb - If you agree with me, then help. If you don't - tell me why. 00:37:11
This article keeps the faith alive in those who have been 'doubting' - and it's MSM! (Brokered Con) 00:31:25
California has 172 Delegates and most of everyone is a Paul supporter 00:27:13
The GOP private party 00:18:16
Reality Check: Delegate slates 'illegally' selected in Georgia 00:09:27
Why I Support Ron Paul 01:25:50