Posted on March 26, 2012

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Peter Schiff is right, again about the Fed Res; 3/26/12 23:33:20
69% of Americans Think the US Should Not Be At War In Afghanistan 20:37:43
Dr. Paul on Piers Morgan 3/26: Ron Paul "A National Treasure" 19:58:44
Paul on Bloomberg TV...Drop out? No way! 10:45:43
Local Nevada TV News Discusses Ron Paul Domination of Clark County Convention 08:20:23
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/26/12: Stop the Fed's Covert Bailout of Europe 06:11:59
BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Move to Unseat US Dollar as Trade Currency 02:45:01
I Am Soooooooooooo Excited! Winning hearts & minds 02:24:42
WA State GOP Caught on Hidden Cam Excluding Ron Paul Delegates 08:35:43
Love and Sales: How to Win Supporters – Not Just Arguments 15:26:15
‘Give Me Liberty’ Money Bomb Reaches $1.2 Million! 05:04:29
Heed my words - KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT! - your fingers too! 20:36:05
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There Is No Iranian Nuclear Threat 23:49:38
10 Reasons Why The Reign Of The Dollar As The World Reserve Currency Is About To Come To An End 23:42:08
Ron Paul on Piers Morgan 3/26 Video 23:28:38
Please help me find the flashlight 23:24:02
4/22/12 - Philadelphia Phreedom Rally 23:20:47
April 15th Money-bomb! - Link inside for Poll 23:19:23
A Modest Proposal for Radical Reform 23:12:45
Wireless Storage System 23:07:22
'Chicken Man' Blows Himself Up As Police Arrived To Evict Him 23:05:35
“The Power Of The British Commonwealth Over The World” 22:50:17
[3/26]Grover's Weekly Conspiracy. Topic= DID THE GOVERNMENT CREATE AIDS? 22:50:09
Winning San Diego for Dr. Paul 22:44:40
Gingrich begins charging $50 for photos on campaign trail 22:38:36
Israel to bar UN fact-finding team from entering 22:15:40
Latest smear article 21:59:49
Use discretion when posting on DP & know that many of the opposition are watching this find out plans! Mum is the word 21:41:39
The Final 4 - Sudden Death Overtime Debates, Please 21:39:14
26-year-old Pro-Paul libertarian software engineer running for Congress 21:30:08
Some good old school 21:29:14
Mini Money Bomb to hit $1 Million Now! 21:15:13
Does the Federal Reserve Have Too Much Power? 21:00:45
Piers Morgan said Dr. Paul will be on his show tonight 20:55:51
WND : Eric Holder Fear Of Your Gun (Video) 20:48:47
VIDEO - The Kucinich Report : The FED Grants 7.7 Trillion In Secret. Now Do You Understand Occupy Wall Street?. 20:39:01
The Trojan Horse 20:38:55
Taking Advantage of the Health Care Bill 20:35:00
Ron Paul Should Have a Third Party Run and Not Take Republican VP Spot 20:28:22
Any "sovereign citizen" type believers here? 20:26:19
POLL: Which GOP Candidate Would You Trust Most to Best Handle Afghanistan? 20:21:24
My First Ron Paul Video - Can you Afford to Ignore Ron Paul? 20:03:14
Money for Autographs? 19:51:19
CNN Exit Polls for Virginia: If everyone on ballot, Paul still takes second place. 19:43:07
GOP candidate name anagrams - hidden wisdom? 19:25:23
Help Needed in NJ - UPDATED 19:16:11
Am I the only one that thinks Paul could do better in interviews with MSM? 19:03:23
What Obama Really Meant to Say to Russian President...Fundamental Changes Are Near! 18:43:50
Americans Elect - how to unenroll? 18:41:11
Trayvon Martin's tweets published 18:39:25
Song: How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? (1929) 18:29:45
ACU chairman endorses Romney, commenters bash him mercilessly 18:26:58
Top 25 recipients of U.S. Foreign Aid 18:22:09
Adam Curtis: Who would God vote for? 18:16:55
Video: TMOT & Catherine openly discuss being a Single Black Woman in America, Equality, Welfare, & The State! 18:14:48
Americans Elect disqualifying Ron Paul Delegates? 18:05:46
Change the Course of Human History 17:58:11
Top Romney adviser: Mitt will erase his conservative positions once he’s the nominee 17:57:25
Shocking Video : Black Coed Threatens to Murder “10,000 Whites” and White Prof 17:36:46
Uplifting Article: Supporters of Ron Paul Rally in Mount Pleasant 17:32:52
the fraud needs to be exposed on a kony2012 level. 17:27:55
The implication that you can't be Christian and Libertarian at the same time 17:22:50
Santorum gets angry, profane on campaign trail 17:06:14
Please HELP me find my Tx Hood county Precinct Convention! 16:54:18
DHS Raids Home To Seize 'Deadly Hair Straighteners' 16:41:49
Obama caught with an open microphone 16:39:49
Petition- help native Hawaiian family's ancestral land stolen by gov't 16:39:34
Texas Starts Today (3-27) Hays County 16:24:37
Tarrant County Texas delegate training all this week! 16:22:05
My article to my local campus paper. 16:17:31
Monumental movie 15:49:02
Mike Lee Endorses Mitt Romney! SOB 15:46:50
Libertarian Perspective: Employers that Demand Passwords 15:32:18
Drudge: "When It's All in Ruins, & We're trading Chinese Money, We'll remember Ron Paul" 15:29:33
World Peace in a Week: What You Can Do (in addition to voting Ron Paul) to Help 15:27:05
Anybody But Ron Paul Slate - Caught On Video 15:19:14
Paul delegates can no longer align with Romney delegates 15:04:31
3/26/12 Ron Paul on Piers Morgan SHOW again - tonight @ 9pm Eastern 15:00:15
How much property does the U.S. government own? 14:33:22
Heads Up: Tyranny Ahead. Just got US Census' NON-Every Decade "American Community Survey" 14:24:05
"NOBODY puts words in my mouth." - Dictator Rick Santorum - Meltdown moment. 14:20:32
Youtube shuts down MoxNews Channel 14:10:12
When the Nightmare Started 14:08:08
Ron Paul will be on Piers Morgan Tonight 13:59:32
When you read this you may feel Oh so Sad for the Man and the US The Washington Times Actually Printed this. 13:49:12
How the War on Terror Has Militarized the Police 13:48:50
Chris Hedges - NDAA lawsuit update. 13:45:41
anyone going to DC tomorrow to protest obamacare? 13:44:46
Rep. Paul Ryan made absolutely clear that he is not now and never was interested in deficit reduction. 13:40:42
Ron Paul Suspects Supreme Court Will Rule “Monstrosity” Obamacare Constitutional 13:16:46
q 13:13:55
Romney won't easily wipe away Etch A Sketch image 13:09:28
Local News Station Ask About Gold & Silver 13:08:58
Total Neocon Freak Out in Progress 13:08:17
The "inevitability" of Romney 12:53:24
Ron Paul Receives The Coveted Endorsement Of A Pre Born Mason 12:48:28
Reasons Catholics should vote for Dr. Paul over Santorum 12:46:56
Rasmussen Poll : Ron Paul Polls 2nd Best Against Obama, Santorum, Gingrich Lose Badly 12:43:20
Ron Paul Congress 12:26:26
The Hill: Gingrich and Paul "Are toast.". Yeah Right Brent! 12:23:59
Looking for user KMax 12:21:53
New Ron Paul Ad - NDAA, Patriot Act 12:12:49
If We Own a Smartphone: no excuse not to donate 12:03:47
Herman Cain does it again with new ad - whyyyy? 12:02:56
Justin Amash Meshes Civil Libertarian Bent With His Fiscal Conservatism 11:51:29
In 2005, Dr. Paul Also Called Soc. Security A "Ponzi Scheme" 11:50:21
Deceit is Powerful 11:50:07
Washington State GOP Caught Rigging The Votes Against Ron Paul - All on Hidden Camera! 11:50:03
Huff Post: Another positive article from Laura Trice 11:49:51
Santorum is going to be on the steps of Supreme Court today 11:47:42
Ron Paul : ObamaCare An "Unconstitutional Monstrosity" 11:46:24
Obama's AFRICAN Birth Certificate 11:33:55
5 minutes one on one with Ron Paul in Louisiana Friday 11:27:43
What is an impeachable offense? 11:15:42
China has more "FREEDOM" than the USA? 11:13:02
Ron Paul on iOS app: GOP Unbound 11:12:46
3/26/12 Ron Paul on Bloomberg 11:10:10
Finally! Media Explains Gay Marriage Constitutionally 10:40:08
Santorum gets angry: I needed to share this 10:39:51
Romney appeals to youth - Has he heard of the Ron Paul Revolution? 10:27:10
15 of 23 Ron Paul supporters win Parish and State Central Committee seats in Louisiana 10:19:40
Jim Sinclair: The Supremacy Of The US Dollar Is Behind Us 10:16:52
Americans Elect Disqualifying Ron Paul Delegates? 10:13:18
KrisAnne Hall Reviews the National Defense Authorization Act 10:02:10
Ron Paul HIMSELF tells us to "pursue fraud" 09:58:03
DNC: Democratic National Coronation 09:45:14
The People of Missouri right to petition is under attack 09:41:34
America's Disastrous Strategy - a different take on the wars 09:33:57
Lets Help Santorum Destroy Himself 09:25:46
Rick Santorum LOSES It! ‘Quit Distorting My Words… It’s Bullsh*t!’ (FULL VIDEO) 09:16:44
Is swearing at reporters a conservative value? Rick Santorum thinks so 08:53:23
Ron Paul Has The Support and MUST Stay In! 08:36:39
The True Nature of Politics 08:26:49
You Call This a War? I’ll Show You a War 08:18:14
WA GOP on hidden camera excluding Ron Paul Delegates 08:22:02
Officer assaults citizen then arrests him for it 07:08:18
Fallujah and white phosphorus 1/3 06:56:33
Fukushima and Vermont Yankee: "When do we get the nuclear industry off the government's welfare program?" 06:48:49
Ron Paul Fantasy Baseball 06:44:47
[Video] Refresher : KRS-One & Professor Griff in "The Obama Deception" (debunked BEFORE it happened) 04:50:46
If you're not paranoid, you're not paying attention! 03:56:13
In Ron Paul we CAN Trust 03:40:29
How to achieve peace 03:03:32
Afghan Killings: Lone Nut or My Lai 2.0? 02:51:30
National Media Assault Day! - *Important* 02:50:41
GOP Caucus Chair Andrew Walden caught in a lie! Could mean 1 less delegate! 02:37:29
Our Cold Civil War 02:37:23
Any Alabama Fans out there? 02:25:00
Ron Paul wins delegates in WA, political games or 'Survivor?' Unbelievable! 01:46:57
"Time Will Tell" John LiPari's Tribute to Ron Paul 01:16:14
underhanded stuff going on in Tacoma Wa. You Gotta see and hear this! 01:15:02
Nascar is in Texas (Fort Worth) on April 14 Let's go! Why not? 01:06:49
Tarrant County Texas Massive Ron Paul Rally! 00:53:43
When the dollar dies, does it save the fed? 00:51:39
Ron Paul Kupcakes 00:45:25
A Conservative, A Moderate, and A Liberal Walk Into A Bar... 00:38:33
Ron Paul to Jay Leno: Secret Service protection is ‘a form of welfare’ 00:36:43
D.L. Crumpton: Fun With Pundits In The Wake Of Ron Paul's Rise Part Four: Rush Limbaugh 00:34:26
Government Explained - Video lol 00:24:11
D.L. Crumpton: Fun With Pundits In The Wake Of Ron Paul's Rise Part Three: Neal Boortz 00:24:06
D.L. Crumpton: Fun With Pundits In The Wake Of Ron Paul's Rise Part Two: Mark Levin 00:14:32
6.2% of all Super Voters reached in CT so far; we should try to get to 100% 08:09:08
Just distributed 180 slim jims 00:10:16
Pls explain this comment I heard from the LIBERTY CAUCUS in California- 00:09:17