Posted on March 27, 2012

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Ron Paul is a dangerous, DANGEROUS individual, and he must be stopped! 19:54:18
Ben Swann Reality Check Thursday: Washington GOP Railroads Delegate Slate 17:19:42
The U.S. War on Drugs may soon run into a problem 18:50:55
The Word "Libertarian" is on the Front Page of the NY Times 14:05:40
BREAKING: Secret video of hostile GOP in Minnesota 20:42:51
What If The National Debt Were Your Debt? 09:52:10
Video Update: NY Fed President Dudley at Hearing on Eurozone Aid w/Ron Paul 3/27 18:08:36
POLITICO - Ron Paul: Stop 'Silly Questions' About Quitting 09:37:58
Uncle Sam is suing Warren Buffett's company over taxes 09:37:42
Insane Michigan Government Announces Plan to Destroy Ranch Livestock Based on Hair Color 08:19:46
True Updated Delegate Count - Ron Paul RISING! 18:47:20
'Ghost ship' off Canada heralds arrival of tsunami debris 17:44:43
Silver Circle Movie Releases Official Trailer 14:40:16
God is a non-interventionist 15:27:42
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Who is AS GOOD as Ron Paul 23:56:42
Ron Paul supporters in the Murrieta/Temecula CA. area 23:53:11
Rand Paul BLOCKS Sanctions on Iran 23:45:44
How Social Issues Crept into the Conservative Narrative 23:37:43
Federal Reserve Transparency Act 23:32:40
NYT Claims "No One Can Remember" Ron Paul Candidacy, Declares It Over 23:32:01
Are Social Conservatives Socialists? 23:18:04
The Engine of War 23:16:37
Don't Stress - President Paul or President Obama Will Both Work For the Cause of Liberty 22:53:04
Grab some delegates in Illinois 22:52:34
End The Drug War Concert & Rally - feat. Adam Kokesh - Richmond, Virginia, April 20th, 2012 22:46:00
We need a Rand Paul, Justin Amash moneybomb going nonstop until their reelection 22:39:23
"Crimes that do not violate a person's rights or liberties should be decriminalized." 22:33:16
Billy Corgan Smashes the Pumpkin 22:31:29
CNN Poll: Majority in GOP say Gingrich and Paul should end bids 22:29:37
New York Times: "Strength and Weakness in the Campaign of Ron Paul" 22:27:13
Rand Paul Blocks Sanctions on Iran 22:24:41
Ron Paul: A Fistful of Euros 22:18:21
Kyle Bass COMEX Fractional Reserve Bullion - vid 22:00:36
Urgent Delegate Attention Needed NOW, Please Read! Very Important! 21:41:37
Hidden Video: Romney-Santorum-Gingrich conspiracy to block Ron Paul supporters 21:32:02
Is Not Registering For a SS# The First Step Toward Freedom? 21:24:19
UGENT, Poll sitters needed for Pennsylvania! 21:23:14
Applying to be in delegate in VA 21:14:10
Had a fun time this afternoon exploring a new medium [for me]: making 'memes'-here's one of em 21:12:52
PLEASE, Ron Paul supporters, vote for Rick Santorum in Wisconsin ! 21:12:32
"Standing" for Paul 20:26:06
Live video Q&A w/ Tom Woods in just a few minutes - You ask the questions 20:20:43
The Epidemic of “Gay Marriage” 20:19:56
The quick and dirty on why Keynesianism is asinine 19:56:28
Great Video with Ron Paul 19:51:10
I love Justice Stephen Breyer 19:34:01
Warning: Do not take photos at any national park or government building, or financial building et al 19:18:34
Wisconsin absentee ballot 19:04:19
Healthcare & Liberty: The Slippery Slope 18:42:55
Intimidation of MSM by Obama Regarding his B.C. Investigation 18:41:39
Sen. Paul Blocks New Iran Sanctions 18:30:55
The Time is Now for a Third Party Run... 18:23:31
Oklahoma GOP Claims That All Delegates Will Be Bound on All Votes 18:11:29
Iran War Pledge of Resistance - Not a Petition 18:01:09
3rd Party Run Petition 17:48:45
Obama Open Mic, "After my election, I'll have more flexibility." 17:42:05
FEDERAL RESERVE BANK: Neither federal, nor a reserve, nor a bank. 17:39:02
WASHINGTON POST : Does The DC Primary Matter At All? 17:33:56
Justice Roberts nails it 17:27:29
CNN / ORC National Primary Poll (March 24 -25) Ron Paul in 3rd with 17% 17:11:14
Judge Napolitano 1st Ammendment Breach -VIDEO 17:10:29
You Made Him 900K: Invisible Children Exec Joking About Taking $900K For Himself 17:07:38
Have you accepted death? 16:49:04
North Dakota to Vote on Eliminating Property Tax! 16:46:29
Justice Scalia to Obama’s Solicitor General: ‘We’re not stupid' 16:44:07
Slaves Rise Up! 16:14:05
IF anyone was to drop out, and run third-party now. Questions. 15:53:17
Washington Post - Ron Paul : The Butler Bulldogs Of Presidential Politics 15:40:37
I Am Running To Be A Delegate For Ron Paul In NJ's CD8 15:29:42
Poll that Romneytorum is dominating. Vote our man up! 15:27:02
iPads, Laptops Stolen From Romney Aides' SUV! 15:22:55
CATO@LIBERTY - VIDEO : ObamaCare In Four Words 15:14:44
Patrick Henry's Dream Comes True 15:14:33
Obama hires rat cabbies as the new brown shirt Nazi’s 15:09:19
Reminder : Ron Paul To Hold Giant Townhall Meeting In Maryland 15:05:59
Ron Paul To CNN Anchor: ‘Stop Pestering Me With Silly Questions” 15:04:23
Mind blown just thinking about.. 14:50:47
Teach people to vote for Ron Paul and earn silver and gold 14:46:44
James Madison and The Gathering Storm Prophecy 14:43:57
High-Fat Diet May Cause Less Weight Gain, New Brain Cell Growth 14:21:54
Kony is Major George Dillon 13:55:55
Are we prepared for St. Charles Rescheduled Caucus 13:46:09
Paul calls for panel to grill Bernake on European Bailouts 13:41:25
Gingrich fantasizes about pulling off an upset at open convention 13:39:01
Transcript from Supreme Court today 13:38:38
NEW SECRET VIDEO of Hostile GOP In Minnesota 13:31:10
Widespread GOP Caucus Fraud : Full Scale Effort To Steal Ron Paul Delegates Exposed 13:27:40
VIDEO : Senator Rand Paul Introduces Amendments To Lower Gas Prices 3-27-12 13:18:23
Press Release: AE Gains Ballot Access in Nebraska 13:06:15
Fear Of Radiation Treated As "Psychiatric Disorder" In Fukushima 13:05:33
Live Blog Of Ron Paul Hearing With Bill Dudley 13:00:32
IT'S OFFICIAL! : The FED Is Now Buying European Government Bonds 12:54:11
Ron Paul's Election Will Hurt Libertarianism 12:47:00
Obama phone call admitting the GOP want Paul out 12:40:43
The Constitution vs. Constitutional Law 12:33:35
VIDEO - Jack Hunter : "Only President Paul Would Actually Shrink Government" 12:30:55
Federal Employee signs Affidavit as to Obama's Origin 12:18:34
WND - Santorum Plan : Block Romney, Woo Delegates 12:17:35
Dr. Steven Pieczenik on 'Alex Jones Today GCN 3-27-12 11am - 2pm CT 12:12:38
Big Agra (Michigan Pork) gone wild: Shave the pigs! 12:11:19
How the New American Empire Really Works by Paul Craig Roberts 12:08:30
The Lesser of Two Weevils 12:05:27
Director Of The New York FED : The Value Of A Dollar Is A 'Unit Of Account' 11:54:56
For all the people that lurk on this site but feel like they can't contribute to the cause of liberty... 11:40:38
Congresswoman Blackburn Wants To Know Why TSA Is Searching Semi Trucks 11:40:38
...unleash the beast of pent up Paul support throughout the nation. 11:35:16
Newt Gingrich Charges $50 Photo As Campaign Struggles 11:34:09
Brothels are legalized in Ontario 10:35:16
Love and Sales: The Thankless Art of Political Persuasion - By Robin Koerner 10:28:02
To all who want to be delegates, beware: GOP has advanced onto their Plan B 23:19:20
Healthcare federalization in Supreme Court II: Cuccinelli comments after day 1 10:13:00
YouTube Bombs! (New idea) 10:10:26
Santorum: ‘Of Course’ I Would Serve As Romney’s Vice President 10:09:33
Healthcare federalization in Supreme Court I: Cuccinelli Intro 10:04:21
Stop the complaining and take the damn time to learn roberts rules and your GOP bylaws! 09:52:34
HELP! When asked at my county caucus who I support (as a delegate)... 09:45:35
April Moneybomb Web Dev, Designer, Promotion and Application Support - Chipin 09:42:13
Our Message to the GOP - Ron Paul or No One At All! 09:35:09
Romney: Godfather of Obamacare - Paul: Godfather of the Tea Party Movement 09:23:15
VIDEO : Corzine Directly Ordered Transfer Of Stolen Customer Funds- Gerald Celente Reports 09:15:28
LA TIMES Wants NEW GOP Candidate! We have him! 09:05:04
VIDEO : No Joke! You Tubers Threaten 'Alex Jones' With Police For Killing Ants 09:04:49
VIDEO: Man Arrested, Charged With Assault For Pointing Finger At Cops 08:56:19
Daily Paul on Terror Watch List? Facebook Pages Also. 08:51:55
FLASH! TSA Blocks Security Expert From Testifying To Congress 08:47:54
Madison's last stand - The Father of the Constitution in the wake of Obama Care 08:28:16
The North American Leaders Summit and Reviving Trilateral Integration 08:20:13
Agenda 21 Explained Must Watch 07:59:28
A personal question. 07:21:25
Jamie Dimon called Jon Corzine threatening his life and demanding that MF Global meet JPM's $200 million margin call 06:48:45
ObamaCare Mandates RFID Chips to be Implanted in all Americans by March 23rd 2013? 06:30:40
Made from Genetically Modified Bacteria Waste, Aspartame Risks Public Health 06:29:46
Ice Age next? Bering Sea Teaming with Ice 06:27:43
Moffitt Cancer Center Researchers Find That Smoking May Restore Tapped-Out Self-Control Resources 06:24:43
Gingrich: I'm Staying in Race Until June 06:02:31
Reporters Bail on Gingrich. Beginning of the End? 05:57:19
Ron Paul "Family Ties" become a campaign issue. 05:54:51
Ron Paul can do it ! 440 delegates for Tampa forecasted right now 05:31:48
1970 Ron Paul Mercury Cougar. Amarillo, Tx 05:16:32
"What if the National Debt Was [sic] Owed by You? 04:46:00
Lexington, KY - All Paul supporters were denied 04:25:51
Insulting a piece of crap... Rick Santorum 04:18:48
Give Me Liberty Hit the Million Jackpot! 03:59:41
When are arrests going to be made? 03:57:40
Mitt Romney Channels Ron Paul: "Eliminate Government and Shutter Cabinet Agencies-Bring Books Back Into Balance" 03:25:15
Ron Paul Piers Morgan Pwnage Double Down 03:20:50
RollingStone Magazine : Another Hidden Bailout: Helping Wall Street Collect Your Rent 03:10:37
Couple of my campaign contributions don't show up in FEC queries 02:48:45
Isn't it ironic? 02:08:45
Insulting & Misleading YouTube Copyright School 02:01:22
Great new ron paul video 01:52:24
Video: Lost in All the Trayvon Shuffe, a PROPER Defensive Use of CCW + Massad Ayoob on the Matter 01:38:56
"We Love You - Iran & Israel" - Real people 01:38:46
Peter Schiff on Fox Business 3.22.12 01:36:00
Student at The University of Alabama writes pro-Paul editorial in Crimson White Paper 01:23:59
How do we get the next Money Bomb to really go off BIG? 01:21:46
AUCTION - autographed "Ron Paul Revolution" shirt by Dr. Paul himself! 01:20:05
VIDEO: Ron Paul 2012: "For the People" (Williamsburg, Virginia) 01:12:36
The Latest Attack On Paul's Character: Campaign Funds Become Family Affair 01:09:13
The Battle of Athens, Tennessee: Restoring the Rule of Law 01:08:37
2 'Give Me Liberty' Money Bombs? 01:03:06
Ron Paul should submit a new bill to congress... 00:53:37
Ron Paul Speeches 00:47:42
Isn't it amazing? 00:46:28
Panic of 1893 00:43:02
The month of April.. 00:39:26
Ralph Nader: Corporate Socialism Runs U.S. Government 00:33:56
New England Liberty LOVE Fest 00:21:51
More Donors for Money Bombs 00:15:05