Posted on March 28, 2012

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Ron Paul speaks with FOX 5 News 23:29:59
Ron Paul Will Attend the Nevada State Convention ... Can't Wait! 22:27:44
Santorum's Response to the Romney/Paul Complaint in Jefferson Cty. MO 21:56:03
Love 22:41:36
Updated: Video/Photos/Audio-Capacity Crowd Cheers Ron Paul-Complete Speech 21:02:05
Rand Paul blocks Iran sanctions bill 18:03:55
WSJ: Fed Buying 61% of US Debt 15:07:04
My Letter To The Editor On Ron's Foreign Policy Was Published In WI Newspaper! 15:30:39
Home prices fall to 2002 levels 06:43:22
My Mom texted me today "He has my vote" 08:14:36
The Mitt Romney and Ron Paul Campaigns Have Filed a Complaint - FINALLY! 07:49:24
"Ron Paul: My Campaign is 'Doing Quite Well'" - Great Article by Brian Doherty 09:21:04
SCOTUS Day 3: Individual Mandate is Toast; What about the rest of the law? - Open Thread 18:26:55
A Little Bit of Liberty Goes a Long Way in Your Gas Tank 08:34:35
Ron Paul was...selectively in South Park's "Faith Hilling" Episode 16:21:12
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"Restore Liberty, Support Ron Paul", an article in the Daily Cardinal 23:55:10
Oregon poll: Not getting women voters! 23:40:51
End the IRS Money Bomb - April 15, 2012 23:36:57
Exclusive: Secret Group Helping Obama Destroy the Constitution 23:29:59
Ben Swann will be on the Josh Tolley Show! 23:25:57
FIJA-SC: David Kennison addresses the Spartanburg Constitution Committee 03/26/12 23:14:28
A Question About Money Bombs 23:13:04
Obama Care Dying, GOP Needs to Embrace Ron Paul Now If They Want To Win the White House 23:09:55
Man up an Paul your car! Amarillo, Tx "Video" 23:06:10
What is libertarianism? 23:02:39
New Government ePayment Regulation Costs Small Business $10 Billion 22:55:09
Ron Paul at the University of Maryland 22:53:47
Institute For Justice comments on potential Supreme Court ruling... 22:51:22
Ron Paul is coming to the Nevada State Convention! 22:46:25
"Offensive" Language Removed From F.B.I. Training Materials 22:40:50
South Park ending... 22:35:02
WP-ABC Poll: Poll: Romney Support Continues to Erode 22:32:59
How do you vote for delegates in a primary 22:23:39
Question about Dr. Paul wanting military to come home. 22:04:50
There is No Next Time 21:56:54
UPDATE: Obama caught in open mic dealing with Russians. J.Boehmer (R) "Alarmed" sends letter. 21:46:20
Get Ron Paul on "60 Minutes" Sign This Petition ! 21:40:47
Jefferson County, Missouri Caucus 21:38:32
One Question for Ron Paul, from Chris Duane - re: The Need for a Shift in Consciousness. 21:34:17
Ron Paul Press Exclusive at the University of Maryland 3/28/2012 21:33:31
Role Playing Challenge 21:25:26
CBS News : Gingrich Financial Supporter Says He's At The "End Of His Line" 21:21:06
Strategy: How to become an ELECTED state DELEGATE! 21:14:31
Sheldon Adelson does not like Mitt or Rick: What about Ron? 21:09:07
Ron Paul Video Contest with $100 Winner! 20:55:50
Ron Paul Interview on The Skip Mahaffey Show 20:48:05
Land Of The Free Quiz 20:47:55
Video: Adam Kokesh clears the Air - Why You should support RP, No Matter What! 23:38:44
The legacy of progressive education: : "the average age of school shooters is 14-1/2" 20:11:43
The Pope Agrees with Ron Paul on Cuba 20:10:05
"Ron Paul Is The Only One We Can Trust" a letter to the editor 20:06:09
HUGE Opportunity in Pennsylvania... 19:59:46
Mitt Romney's Ties to Israeli Military Intelligence 19:57:09
Live Blog Now! Ron Paul at University of Maryland (started at 6:45) 19:45:42
Ron Paul hemp shirt SALE - cheap, free shipping! 19:41:21
An email regarding Ron Paul from Americans Elect: 19:35:59
Please Help Me! 19:34:36
Graphics for RP, Liberty, Peace 19:31:46
Should Ron Paul Call on Other Republicans to Get Mitt to Stand Down? 19:25:29
Tennessee House Passes Resolution Against Agenda 21 19:10:52
Ron Paul in Maryland tonight... 19:05:20
Family's rights ripped away unjustly 18:52:21
Jack Hunter: Ron Paul 17% 18:52:10
The nurse said "Don't worry he's just saying what he's thinking" 18:30:38
NWO False Flag event at 2012 London Olympics? 18:24:41
Rothschild's Appear to Hold Shares in Every Major Company (Fortune 500) 18:20:10
Here we go - Dominion Voting Systems - get ready! 18:10:44
Why free market Republicans should support Ron Paul 18:09:49
Unmanned drones: delivering hot Hellfire missiles and death to some; hot tacos to others 18:05:58
Obama is to Abdulrahman as Zimmerman is to Trayvon 18:03:51
One Question for Ron Paul 17:41:43
Fox News : MF Global Treasurer Declines To Testify About Alleged Corzine Money Transfer 17:39:05
RT : Rand Paul Alone Stops Harsher Sanctions On Iran 17:32:55
GOP Survey - Take Part and Let Them Know Who You Support 17:30:58
When does it suck to be in first place? 17:27:30
ron paul questions 17:24:47
Talked to Rick Santorum this morning 17:23:16
Question RE: the FED 17:09:31
Dr. Steve Pieczenik : America Held Hostage By Military Industrial Complex (Audio) 16:48:15
Free Market Investments... 16:35:06
Rasmussen Reports : 29% Say U.S. Heading In Right Direction 16:28:48
VIDEO : Judge Acquits Hutaree Militia Members Of Conspiracy Charges 16:19:27
"Ron Paul Should Be Respected, But Not Elected" - Prep talk to supporters on 16:06:50
Media Admits Ron Paul is the ONLY person to solve gas crisis! 15:57:29
Debt Wall 15:54:23
Ron Paul is First Republican Candidate to Appear in all Fifty States 15:52:08
Putting the Debt into perspective *VIDEO* + REAL Solutions (GREAT education tools!) 15:48:03
I just realized something BIG 15:44:44
Ron Paul, First to Appear on Ballot in All 50 State 15:43:52
Convicted via Sotomayor's comments: We do not have anything close to a free market. 15:41:09
Ron Paul Beating Newt in National Polls Over Last Week 15:37:41
The GOP is trying to determine the "Ron Paul Factor" - I was "randomly" chosen for a "Special Congressional District Census" 15:35:38
UW Madison event moved to larger venue! 15:35:12
Liberty Candidate Running for CO House District 53 15:32:01
FLASHBACK: June 2004 headline: "Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate" 15:19:27
Bailed out by the Federal Reserve 14:58:01
NY Times : Justices Rule Against Pilot In Privacy Case 14:57:03
Stem cell research and government funding 14:44:29
We need to step it up against Romney! 14:35:52
The impossibility of striking down Obamacare without first reversing many, many, ignorant supreme court decisions 14:11:48
Ron Paul interview on Wisconsin radio 620 WTMJ ahead of Rally in Madison University 14:08:13
My One Question To Ron Paul 13:55:48
Pennsylvania Primary is looming 13:44:08
Wait, Did CNN Just Lose HALF Of Its Viewers? 13:31:28
Bernanke Promises Record High Gas Prices Through Summer 13:26:16
R3VOLUTION at the University of Houston 13:26:10
How about we form the Ron Paul coalition and start fighting for causes of liberty 12:58:29
First time in my life I ever heard this question 12:57:01
'The Ronulans are among us' - Doug Wead 12:56:23
Urgent! Vote In This Poll! RP is only 4th! 12:52:42
The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order 12:36:57
Houston Area Ron Paul Delegate 12:18:09
Al-Qadahfi on the Kennedy Assasination - Obama Would be Dangerous for America 12:14:50
False Language is Powerful 12:10:30
End the TSA! 12:02:19
Media Blackout and Distortion of Ron Paul 11:58:38
Who Gets the Old Maid 11:52:09
Lonestar Deception in Texas 11:51:41
Man sets himself on fire outside tax office 11:45:19
Ringer: All out rebellion is the only way to stop universal healthcare (mentions Paul and Woods) 11:41:27
I'm owed an explanation. 11:10:04
Two countries, two governments, one speech. The manifistation of subversion. 10:57:40
NY Times covers Paul campaign 10:55:59
Latest Pennsylvania Poll - Santorum lead shrinks from 29% to 2% 10:51:56
A manufactured “crisis” 10:37:02
School Terror Drills 10:18:11
NYT writer tries to end Paul's campaign early, claims "no one can remember" his candidacy 10:14:32
CNN: 61% of GOP Wants Ron Paul to Drop Out 09:55:07
New App - GOP Unbound 2012 - Delegate Count Tracker 09:40:06
Rule 40 09:39:21
"Avoid at all Costs" the Newest Toxic Artificial Sweetener: Formaldehyde is Byproduct in Body 09:32:27
Utah demands Fed return public land to state - other states to follow 09:12:26
Kay Griggs Discusses The Diary of Colonel Gary Griggs: War is hell on purpose. 08:49:27
The Generalized System Of Preferences And For Other Purposes 08:48:07
My email to RON PAUL-HATER Laura Ingraham... 08:35:13
Healthcare federalization in Supreme Court III: Cuccinelli comments after day 2 08:01:16
JOHN BOLTON: TRAITOR to the United States. 08:00:44
MSM: Using Gingrich to Oust Paul :- NOT WORKING. 07:46:06
Ron Paul Summation at March 27 Subcommittee Meeting with NY Fed Chairman Dudley. 07:46:05
...The mysterious and unexplained death of Andrew Breitbart 07:38:55
Gingrich lays off 1/3 of campaign staff 07:19:21
Doug Wead Blog: How Ron Paul’s delegate strategy is actually working 07:10:21
Ronald Reagan sounds a lot like Ron Paul 07:05:16
If you want to understand your son or daughter study Ron Paul. 06:34:23
45 seconds of your time for comic relief. 06:14:01
Archive 05:06:29
leno: Ron Paul vs Romney 03:58:11
Ignoring the coming bond market collapse in favor of Etch-a-Sketches 03:05:24
Romney, Paul Allege ‘Dirty Tricks’ by Santorum Supporters 03:01:21
Conspiracy charges dropped against Mich. militia 02:59:35
Ron Paul First GOP Candidate to Appear on Ballot in All 50 States 02:27:24
CALIFORNIA needs banners (sings too)! Calling all states that are done! 02:19:10
Jack Hunter is the MAN. 02:06:10
Obamacare, but why are the big questiosn coming now? 01:47:02
Santorum raises $9 million in February 01:45:19
Is it possible to opt out of paying Medicare or Medicaid, whatever it is? 01:43:31
Converted an 80 year old Democrat! 01:41:06
Chicago Media Ignores a Ron Paul PARADE Float! 01:25:57
LOL Rick Santorum campaign team edits Ron Paul's Missouri WIN out of wikipedia 01:20:20
More entertaining fiction from Benjamin Fulford? 01:15:32
Economic war will be the down fall of dollar reserve status 00:58:10
Interview with Billy Corgan! Doesn't directly endorse Ron Paul but.. 00:44:42
TheTruthAboutGuns DailyRunDown: Drive-By in UK? Remington to leave NY? & Hutaree Militia Update! 00:42:37
Karma - Romney Staffers Robbed 00:40:37
Kids All Over America Are Being Put On Buses And Sent To Alternate Locations During School Terror Drills 00:36:41
The Paul Doctrine-Beats the Bush Doctrine All to Hell 00:30:56
Dan Halloran (R,L), was just picked by the Queens County GOP to run in the newly-created NY-6 00:13:28
Ron Paul merchandise in Texas anybody...? 00:05:15
Gingrich to lay off one-third of campaign staff 09:19:04
Why I am a Republican 11:31:14
Medved and Jan debate the Iraq war 11:32:00