Posted on April 2, 2012

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The Importance of the Young - Dedicated to the Youth of the Ron Paul Movement 23:35:03
Doug Wead on Al Jazeera: Ron Paul Is Untouchable and Pure, He Would Never Sell Out to Mitt Romney 20:17:54
RP Cover Story on Reason Mag: The Ron Paul Moment 18:16:14
Texas Straight Talk 4/2/2012: The Supreme Court and Obamacare 14:23:54
Oaksterdam University Raided by the Feds 16:20:41
Supreme Court: "Strip Searches Even For Minor Offenses" 19:18:46
Arizona Passes Sweeping Internet Censorship Bill 10:36:54
Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all 06:06:08
Gingrich: "I Can Support Santorum" - Talk of Shared Ticket to Stop Romney 05:56:42
Dr. Ron Paul on Face the Nation 04/01/12: "I'm trying to save the Republican Party!" 12:39:04
Must See Media Proof They CONTINUE To Black Out Ron Paul! 09:05:15
Rumors of Ron Paul Campaign Demise Greatly Exaggerated 05:45:41
Anonymous Buyers Pledge to Match the Next 10,000 Mailings for Connecticut Super Brochures 05:12:32
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Ron Paul at 16% in latest Wisconsin poll 23:42:01
Need your help! The MSM blocks out Ron Paul but he's on many financal programs... 23:20:05
Colonel Macgregor -Attack Iran Don't Do It = Pearl Harbor Again 23:15:36
Busting the War Rackets $: Meet Colonel Macgregor 23:08:15
Ron Paul Says Supreme Court Has 'Utterly Abused' Commerce Clause But Hopes It Will Overturn ObamaCare Abomination 23:07:59
Urgent News For All Ron Paul Supporters! 23:05:17
Is Alex Jones Controlled Opposition? 23:01:05
TYT: Ron Paul Vs Romney & Obama 22:59:17
URGENT: OK People It is Time To Step Up To The Plate For The Next Money Bomb 22:55:43
Michael Scheuer: Obama keeps pushing the bipartisan religion of interventionism 22:53:42
I just got Robo-called by Frothy's group! 22:37:06
This is huge! Leaked pentagon briefing video on removing the god gene using vaccination. 22:33:20
The best reference for delegates. The Green Papers 22:21:30
Peter Schiff exposes media bias on Trayvon Martin shooting 22:17:08
Incredible ! Youth 4 Ron Paul Rally At UT Expecting As Many As 10,000 People On May 19 21:57:12
Shocked: My Congressman Knocked on My Door Today! 21:56:11
Liberty Versus Legal Crime 21:54:52
Everyone Keep Your Heads UP! We are WINNING! 21:51:07
Holy Spirit Makes Planet Complete 21:50:11
I thought it might be limited to corporate owned media but... 21:38:32
Massive Ron Paul Crowds Coming-Chico/Los Angeles/San Francisco/Berkeley-Please Help Alert the Media! 21:37:52
Federal Judge Slaps FBI For Continuing OKC Coverup 21:34:46
VIDEO - Ron Paul : Stolen Democracy [This May Be One Of The Most Important Election Fraud Videos Ever!] 21:31:01
Will Ron Paul-ers Vote For Romney? (Video & Text) 21:27:30
Calling all of Wisconsin! 21:15:13
Sure sounds like a North American Union to me... 21:12:48
Ron Paul: the Road to Revolution Video Game 21:11:50
A Warning From Washington's 5th District 21:10:42
How China Steals Our Secrets and Congress Does Nothing To Address It 21:02:16
Socialism vs. Liberalism: A conversation with my grandfather... 20:49:30
A great website with uploads of all related Ron Paul voter fraud video clips and youtubes 20:47:48
UN Planned Domination of Society Under Agenda 21 with Author Rosa Koire 20:46:34
Chinese Leaders See U.S. As Declining Nation Trying to Disrupt China's Rise 20:43:52
Monkey Business 20:28:05
Ron Paul rounds to end media Blackout! 20:16:47
Funny Story Must Read! 19:50:40
Shhhhh , Good News! 19:50:16
Go Ron Paul! 19:45:19
Vermont Caucuses April 2nd and 3rd for delegates to their state convention bodies needed 19:43:04
Clear Your Calendars For August 27-30, Republican National Convention 19:34:54
GOP Hypocrisy On Government Summed Up In Cartoon Form 19:31:21
Understanding The Slave Mentality; What makes a slave do what he does? 19:20:15
The Obama Birth Certificate Fraud Explodes; VOTING FRAUD 2008 DNC exposes what to expect 19:18:51
Obama Forgeries and Arrest Timeline: How long before the dam explodes? 18:23:41
Snohomish County Convention: How Santorum Supporters Failed. 18:19:00
Chin up, eyes forward! 18:14:30
ACLU: FBI used ‘mosque outreach’ program to spy on Muslims 18:14:27
R3VITALize The People : Call For The R3VITAL Manifesto 18:04:49
Dallas Activism for Ron Paul 2012 18:04:47
US draws up plans for nuclear drones 18:03:17
Advance of the Police State, Courtesy of the Supreme Court! 17:54:58
Patriotic Black American calls Panetta and Obama Traitors 17:53:53
my site's Table of Contents 17:49:22
How many are members of the Republican Liberty Caucus? 17:45:52
Save the First Amendment Free Speech in Arizona 17:45:26
A Santorum Ad With Teeth Bites Romney 17:31:27
Anybody notice all the Mormon advertisements? 17:18:36
Gallup Poll 17:18:08
Presidential Fact Check: Staggering Results For Ron Paul 17:09:03
Obama raids medical marijuana * BREAKING NEWS * 17:02:25
Hillary Clinton Demands War for the Zionists 17:01:40
Madison Paper letter from former Mayor 17:00:51
Attention California! 16:52:42
The Supreme Court has no appellate jurisdiction over state courts 16:50:24
Obama: Court Striking Down Obamacare Would Be Judicial Activism 16:45:17
WaPo: Why Ron Paul draws big crowds but fails to catch on 16:38:18
Independence Tour (Ron Paul Road Warrior): Philly, PA 16:31:48
Question on Charles Schwab Gold Analysis 16:28:40
How do you solve a problem like Ron Paul? 16:28:12
Ron Paul's "save the party" quote making a splash on Howie Carr and The Blaze. 16:23:50
This fight's getting interesting : ) 16:19:31
Newt Gingrich "I can support Rick Santorum" (and what it means for Ron Paul) 16:14:08
List of Senators up for reelection that voted for the NDAA bill 15:54:15
Supreme Court: Cops May Strip Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere 15:48:56
Frothingham v. Mellon and other cases denying taxpayer standing are unconstitutional 15:42:23
Do Republicans really want to defeat Obama? 15:38:15
Citizen Security Forces 15:36:00
Dr. Doom agrees with Ron Paul 15:28:46
Anyone notice the Comments on the MSM News Sites lately... 15:27:26
Is there a running tab of the delegate count for Ron Paul? 15:22:28
Ron Paul wins if Supreme Court strikes Obamacare 15:13:53
Israelis Are Not Jews and American Leaders Are Not Christian 15:02:01
Romney - GOP "Lesser of Two Evils" - Sanatorium - Perfect Distraction from Ron Paul 15:00:03
3 images for Santorum + Federal Reserve scumbag WARMONGERS 14:50:54
Obama to Implement Martial Law in America! 14:33:28
Video Proof The News if Fabricated on a Large Scale 14:32:30
More Aggressive - take santorum supporters 14:17:03
Paul Ryan supports FOREIGN AID while cutting OUR "entitlements" 14:09:09
Dallas-Fort Worth Event 14:05:01
Fox news rigged poll! 13:57:09
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet – Part One 13:40:47
Poland Breaks Silence About Secret CIA Prison 13:33:01
Video: Houston Cop Goes Nuts - Threatening To Taser Men With Hand Held Video Camera 13:27:14
Why Are Republicans Afraid Of An 'Open' Convention? 13:16:08
Fox News : Missing 11 Year Old Boy Starved To Death In Locked Bedroom, Dallas Police Say 13:09:35
Golden State returns to Iowa! Tomorrow! 13:07:48
Sharia Law in the UK? Too Much Muslim Immigration? 13:02:34
Freak Out and Bomb Everyone 12:53:30
Ron Paul Straight Talk: "The Supreme Court and Obamacare" 12:52:21
The Media is finally being held accountable re; Trayvon Martin case 12:46:07
Need advice on how to make signs 12:41:00
AFP : Country Rises Up In Support For New Hampshire 12:40:19
Help, please. From AZ, re. Redistricting 12:39:28
Gross! I was drinking V8 with my breakfast this morning 12:36:08
Does THIS help you feel any safer? 12:07:34
Santorum Complains About DRUDGE AGAIN : ' Its Gotten Ridiculous - Romney Propaganda' 12:03:49
media lies 11:59:13
"Dr. Doom" Marc Faber: 'Massive Wealth Destruction' Is Coming 11:26:19
6 Year Old Ron Paul Supporter: The Future of the Ron Paul Revolution! 11:18:29
Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Goes Back on Promise: Islamists Government Takeover is Goal 11:08:01
Socialism and The Nanny State Failing Miserably in Europe: Living Conditions Worsen 11:06:20
Carol Paul said something about my Facebook post ;0) 11:03:01
Someone You Love: Coming to a Gulag Near You 10:58:45
NPR: 1940 Census proves war = peace and validates Keynesianism 10:53:14
The Hunger Games movie review - a glimpse of our own future... 10:46:56
Prologue: The Day the Constitution Died 10:25:41
Famous quotes: Sen. Mitch McConnell: GOP Primary ‘Essentially Over’ 10:00:32
Obama's $3 solicitations - the point? 09:48:48
NOW Is The Time To Take A Stand For Ron Paul! 09:46:48
The real hunger games: How banks gamble on food prices – and the poor lose out 09:19:37
Alabama Supreme Court Justice Says Barack Obama Birth Certificate Would Not Stand Up in Court 09:12:49
North Carolina ‘Emergency Powers’ Gun Ban Axed 09:10:33
Now even British subjects have to submit data to U.S. govt.! 09:09:08
Tuesday is Ron Paul Day in Chico! 09:08:34
Ron Paul will not sell the American people out or take bribe 09:08:33
Totalitarianism American-Style 09:07:56
Chart of the Day: The True Cost of Entitlements 09:02:09
From Russia With Fear... 08:59:32
"Top Comments" - New Way to Silence Opposition 08:47:53
Ron Paul Support Bomb! 08:39:47
Santorum said poll numbers ... product of a “Democratic hack” pollster 08:36:30
Doug Wead: Romney gets nasty in Nevada but Ron Paul prevails 07:53:09
Japanese experts warn of earthquakes that could produce 34-metre tsunamis 06:12:03
Confirmed: CIA secret prison in Poland (plus video) 06:01:11
Mass Arrests Soon, (stay Calm) End of the IRS, the Fed and International Banksters? 05:17:36
The Case for an Austere President 03:01:25
Victory for Liberty in OK-5 08:56:35
You are being tracked-the National Vehicle Location Service 02:15:46
Ron Paul Wins My Home-State of Tennessee 01:57:59
Could This Emerging Financial Alliance Kill the U.S. Dollar? 01:48:23
Romney Gets Nasty In Nevada But Ron Paul Prevails 01:47:29
EtchASketch Candidates Ad (Video) 01:36:30
Ron Paul saved my life! 01:33:06
Are the Irish more badass than Americans? 00:45:04
. 00:44:26
Third Time's the Charm 00:39:07
The beauty of seeing a Michelle Obama ad on Dailypaul is... 00:31:48
If you could only share one video... 00:25:21
Pennsylvania Needs Your Help to Win Delegates for Ron Paul 00:23:47
Operation California Activism 00:10:27
Need ideas... Have $ to blow on custom products, want to make Ron Paul swag! 00:06:59
Dog Refuses Treats From Barack Obama! 11:20:59
Why doesn't Ron Paul lead us? 11:29:10
David Gergen of CNN says people are not forced to pay taxes. 08:54:46