Posted on April 7, 2012

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Ron Paul Leaves Others 'In The Dust' In Military Donations 13:13:27
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Ron Paul speaking in Ft. Worth Texas 23:51:37
Troops for Ron Paul 2012 - Take back Your Liberty - Awakening Truth by donnjx2 23:39:19
Big Ideas with Rainn Wilson of The Office 23:21:11
From Tunisia to Libya, to Syria and Iran: the US-UK Destabilization Campaign - vid 23:00:14
'For all ye future generations' via 1943 - "Mission to Moscow" 22:51:59
Newt Gingrich has lost the support of the Tea Party Nation 22:21:18
How to Save America in One Week 22:14:42
Ron Paul Is Heading To Philadelphia For 'Philly Phreedom 2012' 22:09:40
America the Titanic 22:00:16
FOX : Race Not Over For Ron Paul 22:00:08
Tactical Studies Group in NYC (MMA + Freedom Philosophy) 21:59:17
Running For State Senate-that's Activism-please Help Me Win 21:57:22
One clip from UCLA Rally. Close up of Dr. Paul speech 21:51:37
Where are the Ron Paul Babies? 21:44:52
signs for TylerTexas possibly from Shreveport LA 21:42:48
A letter to my senator 21:10:23
Ron Paul is heading to Philly 21:08:06
Prediction of His Eminency Dr. M Alam "Ron Paul" Will be 45th President of the United States 21:00:56
The best Ron Paul marketing tool ever! 20:45:25
I Wanna Take You to the Prom, Rick Santorum 20:40:04
NBC hiding smoking gun connection to Obama by refusing to name fired producer? 20:13:41
Special Announcement 20:05:21
Ron Paul to spend 3 days campaigning in Texas (with ticket links) 19:58:47
Anyone putting any effort into DE, RI, or CT? Are they winnable? 19:07:28
YouTube: Is Sugar Toxic? Researches Say Yes 19:03:14
A Preview of the Future of the Internet? 18:59:21
An Open Letter to Justin Raimondo. 18:56:21
Ron Paul needs to stay in it till the end 18:47:58
We Were Cheated BIG-TIME Out of Victory in Wisconsin: Time to Fight Back! 18:15:38
Chaffetz: White House blocking access to ‘Fast and Furious’ witness who wants to testify 17:26:00
Neocons Need To Admit The Mess They Made 17:24:53
Trying To Buy A House But The Banks Won't Let Me 17:10:51
Texas Primary Voter's Kit. Information, Downloads And Everything Else For May 29th 2012 And The County Delegate Selections! 17:02:28
“The Warrior Class”: The Blackwater Videos 16:58:49
Capital District NY for Ron Paul 2012 16:57:39
We do sketch comedy and are big Ron Paul fans 16:42:26
Problems with the Truth: Confessions of a 22-year Rick Santorum Observer 16:25:55
AP Calls it For Romney? 16:21:20
If Rick and Newt Call It Quits 16:19:50
War Powers Act 16:17:22
ARTICLE: "The American Spring Comes to UCLA" 16:14:21
“The United States are not a nation, but a federation of nation-states 16:13:26
500,000 for Ron Paul when he comes to Texas 16:07:35
Economic Whistleblowers Summary 15:54:06
Fair Use School: Response to YouTube's Copyright School Video 15:46:55
Interesting Obama Videos - The Real Obama? 15:38:20
Media's Manufactured Race War has Arrived 15:38:04
Wilkerson:Cheney wanted new cold war with China 15:35:36
Romney’s Vicious Attack Ads Against Conservatives May Doom Romney Now or in November 15:28:36
Renewed "copyright" deletion effort at Youtube 15:27:34
Push to Get Santorum Out Shows Romney’s Weakness 15:26:15
Poking the Black Swan...Out of the Box Thinking 15:24:54
McConnell: Obama ‘Crossed a Dangerous Line’ With rhetoric on Supreme Court Case 15:23:56
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Defies DOJ and Expands Investigation of Obama Birth Certificate 15:22:46
Rick Santorum Has Problems with the Truth: Confessions of a 22-Year Santorum Observer 15:14:06
Doxy’s Midnight Runners – FDA Considers Home Anthrax Kits? 15:12:03
Marine Just Latest Victim of Obama’s Ego 15:02:54
Chilling: Forbes writer who grew up socialist predicted almost everything Obama has done 15:02:53
Marine Stein’s Attorney Gives Statement On Pending Discharge For Facebook Post On Obama 14:59:00
Why GOP “Young Guns” Program Is Deceptive 14:50:36
Bill Allows IRS to Deny Americans Right to Travel - Like the former Soviet Union, U.S. is setting up internal passport system 14:39:23
Freedom Broadcasting Network announce "Drive Time with TMOT" now in production 14:39:22
On the Money - A Dime a Gallon - Dr. Paul - video, 7 mins. 14:34:24
"Drive Time with TMOT" promo on Freedom Broadcasting Network 14:33:51
The Real Face of Bernanke and the Federal Reserve 14:30:52
Fraud suit brought by NY AG against MERS, BofA, Chase and Wells Fargo 14:26:16
Women's group puts out video that Obama cant fool them with birth-control topic for Votes 14:22:51
Check out the Texas GOP website! 14:15:52
Less than 5% of voters will read the dumbest thing ever spoken 14:12:19
The Assassination of an American Teenager 14:02:26
NBC Fires Unnamed Producer who edited the 911 tape Of Trayvon Martin 13:54:46
HOME ON THE RANGE - Original 1873 Lyrics, Tom Roush 13:52:53
I Met First Lady, Carol Paul 13:49:10
Unconscionable media discrimination 13:31:21
Rare earth metals 13:27:42
Van Jones group plans American’s “Arab Spring” revolt - Who is Van Jones? 13:24:38
How to Start a Revolution 13:04:06
Black Out of Media! April 17th 12:35:15
US Keynesian Policy is Being Fought by BRICs – In-Depth Analysis 12:14:22
When will the Hyperinflation Begin 12:07:01
Four ways to creatively grow your own fruits and vegetables using principles of permaculture 12:02:34
Jesse Benton Can Go to Hell? 11:59:31
How the Sierra Club has influenced the anti-American UN Agenda 21 11:51:37
National Black Out The Media For Ron Paul - April 17th! 11:41:31
RT coverage of BRICS 11:40:20
The Bipartisanship of Tyranny 11:37:59
Chicago Cop Shoots Herself @ Nail Salon: Where are all the Liberals calling to ban Off-Duty Cops from Carrying? 11:32:19
National Black Out The Media For Ron Paul - April 17th! 11:24:23
April 7, 2012 - An Easter blurb... 11:15:52
Obama's March Jobs Report Alarms Economists: Gains Fell to Almost Half That of Previous Months 11:12:05
Man Who Was Waterboarded 183 Times, Confesses Complete Responsibility for 9/11 and Will Be Executed. 10:49:32
Highlights of the Brandywine Peace Community's Good Friday Protest at Lockheed Martin (video) 10:48:22
Zombies Ahead: Media Blackout of Ron Paul has Gone Openly Hostile 10:45:15
Burnsville Man Arrested, Jailed for Siding Code Violation 10:43:26
Watch out, Washington: CISPA replaces SOPA as Internet's Enemy No. 1 10:42:36
Theme Song for the Weekend: Eric Clapton's 'Change the World' 10:16:20
Paul Craig Roberts: American Pioneers knew about False Flag Attacks, so why DON'T You? 10:06:36
ALERT: NDAA PoliceState Training well under Way - U.S. Army Domestic Quick Reaction Force Riot Control Training Photos 09:38:19
Barack Obama versus Reality - My new ad for Ron Paul 09:34:22
Do You Know? 09:23:39
WHO Is Voting For Ron Paul at Next Rally - MUST READ 09:11:41
Calling all Texans!... New Liberty For All Super PAC helps delegates organize 09:05:12
RNC shoots down Texas primary change 08:48:30
Ikea vows to stop spying on French workers, clients 08:15:14
Ron Paul - The Invisible Candidate 07:24:00
Drudge tweet on Ron Paul compares him to Dr. Seuss character 07:07:26
Video: SGT Report: Bix Weir - Bankers Heads Roll - Are The Good Guys Winning? 06:58:33
Bully Movie Poster Featuring TSA agent groping elderly woman 06:28:47
Justin Raimondo's Open Letter to Ron Paul 06:24:01
Where was Ron Paul? Clips from last month 05:07:03
Recommend a good fire/water proof gun safe? 04:36:20
ron paul wins 04:26:35
Silence is not an option when your liberty is being taken away. 04:20:06
We Do sketch Comedy and Love Ron Paul. 03:58:46
An Open Letter to Ron Paul 03:30:44
I do not believe the man that supposedly murder innocent people acted alone 03:19:10
What if all Daily Paul members/Paul Supporters spent 30 seconds per day... 03:06:55
Got a call from Tisha Casida (candidate for congress in her colorado district) 02:25:57
Ron Paul : One Voice 02:20:29
Spirit of Darkness 02:15:16
Ron Paul Returns to Philadelphia! - April 22nd 02:00:10
Please Watch Like and Share. This could be awesome ! 01:47:58
Updated! re: Ron Paul Poems I need some help finding something important 01:34:59
Fox Nation has a Postive article about Ron Paul! 00:58:09
CHANGE you can take to the bank! 00:41:16
Fox News continues to push 'Gas prices were low under Bush' lie 00:33:51
TITLE CHANGE: Put your Head in the Sand and Vote this Post DOWN 00:29:07
Doug Wead: "A plea from inside the Santorum camp: Work with Ron Paul" 00:19:41
My New Video. "Ron Paul Revlolution: A New Era Of Freedom" 00:17:51
Man charged with murder in deadly home invasion (click on the box below to view photo if it doesn't appear) 00:05:11