Posted on April 8, 2012

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Watch: Ron Paul is Beating Romney / Media Lies! 21:54:39
"Tree of Liberty": Great Photo from UCLA rally 00:23:15
VIDEO OF THE 1976 Brokered GOP Convention! 19:15:47
Thank You RP Supporter at Monticello! 18:18:47
Nate Hart just dropped a bomb on the r3volution! 00:23:16
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QUESTION for the Illinois Ron Paul people 23:57:44
Some Jewish Guy Rhymes about the Federal Reserve and Ron Paul 23:49:06
The Fed Theft Explained 23:46:21
The suffocation of unsustainable global debt – Total global debt is now over $190 trillion 23:39:22
Corruption at the county level 23:28:06
Stefan Molyneux gets angry, wow. [VIDEO] 23:28:05
Politico: Ron Paul ideas no longer fringe 22:57:37
Liberty artist Tatiana Moroz to be on Radio Freedom on Monday 22:44:23
Max Keiser : How the Big Banks manipulate Gold & Silver Market - video 22:43:01
Ron Paul - An Argument That Resonates 22:38:45
I'm sure there's a couple people here who would want to do this 22:31:16
Cracks emerge in Santorum’s evangelical support... 22:09:07
Help Ron Paul Win South Dakota (Urgent Request) 22:07:45
The media ignores Ron Paul even though he draws the biggest crowds 21:57:37
Connecticut: The Constitution State 21:55:22
Voter Fraud in Jefferson County, Missouri 21:50:38
Don't Tread on the Internet, STOP CISPA 21:35:32
Ron Paul is Winning the Argument (3/6/2012 - Col. Douglas A. Macgregor (Veterans for Ron Paul) 21:27:34
Who is blatantly blacking out Ron Paul? Boycott them? 21:25:05
April 15, 2012 Money Bomb - Letter From the Campaign 21:19:54
The Revolution Knows Salsa 21:12:59
Ron Paul Girl Sings: The Ron Paul Revolution 21:11:31
* CRITICAL ALERT * Help Needed Gathering DELEGATE Contact Info Statewide at Texas A&M Event April 10th, Tuesday 20:53:46
CIA Super Spy Centers Near Completion 20:43:54
Norcal Intercounty CD Team 3 Leader arrested in Yuba County CA in First Amendment case 20:36:16
St. Charles Caucus news? 20:33:44
Gingrich out? 20:09:02
Mitt going for the jugular 20:04:44
I need a huge supporter in Pennsylvania to help me out 19:15:20
Has the Tea Party become a GOP liability? 19:03:41
Federal Reserve Propaganda Tour Continues, Are Americans Really Buying This? 18:58:28
Ron Paul Girl Sings: Ron Paul Revolution 18:47:27
Ron Paul Girl (Tatiana Moroz) Sings: Ron Paul Revolution 18:46:45
Going to Convention? 17:35:29
What's the plan if Romney gets the nomination on first convention ballot? I'm still voting for Ron Paul in 2012. What about you? 17:34:31
Video: BlackWater Mercs murder Female Iraqi Pedestrian, proving why 'They hate Us for Our Freedom!' 17:16:43
Well, another article which says Ron Paul not campaigning much! Aaaah! 17:14:36
Blackwater contractor runs over woman in IRAQ - video 16:48:27
Al Sharpton : Your Activism Is Needed In Baltimore (Video) 16:31:43
Armed Thugs Using 'Necessary Roughness' 16:19:25
Israel bars entry to Nobel-winning author Guenter Grass - Attention Drawn to Israel's Secret Nuclear Program 16:18:02
Breaking Down Price Manipulation in the Gold and Silver Market - vid 16:13:14
How to get in touch with a moderator? 16:10:57
AMERICAN DEFICIT MARATHON (Team Freedom vs Team Fed) 16:09:23
Moon Landing Hoax made simple- The Earth should look "huge" from the Moon. [false] 15:57:34
Obama signs Executive Order consolidating power to the Executive Branch 15:43:25
United Nations Call for Investigation of Trayvon Martin Case 15:43:16
Ron Paul at UC Berkeley 15:40:34
Letter to Editor: Ron Paul and Getting Honest by Yvonne Gregerson 15:20:47
SNL Takes On Mitt Romney 15:06:50
The US is a Corporation 15:03:29
Parody? - Geithner highlights signs of strength in US economy 15:03:16
$1.6 Quadrillion Annual Transaction Settlement by One Company. 14:22:33
Ron Paul is heading to Philadelphia for "Philly Phreedom 2012" 13:24:37
Look what I found on Twitter — @RossPerot2012 13:19:48
Civil Disturbance and Criminal Tactics of Protest Extremists (.pdf) 13:10:52
Some verification of Benjamin Fulford YouTube Video 12:54:13
Another Credit Agency Downgrades US Bond Ratings 12:53:58
MEMO TO: David Wilcock, Drake, Benjamin Fulford, Alexander Romanov, Chodoin Daikaku; RE: Plan for MASS ARRESTS 2012 12:50:56
Is this the REAL reason for the media blackout of Ron Paul? 12:47:35
An Article On Returning Vets , 12:35:06
Obama Justice Department indicts ex-CIA agent for exposing torture 12:27:58
Full Ron Paul Speech- Town Hall Meeting UCLA April 4, 2012 12:24:49
Easter 4th Amendment Roast! Unreal situation 12:21:41
States Voting to Eliminate Electoral College Delegate Process 12:21:05
Need Help: Video/Avatar Contest Prizes - Chipin 12:11:01
Ron Paul On Nuclear Energy 12:10:24
religion in primaries and caucuses 11:37:23
Canada is Kicking America’s Economic Behind 11:19:50
Ann Arbor " Hash Bash" 11:17:53
The Transparency and Thrift of The Ron Paul Campaign 11:17:48
The Transaction Tax 11:16:47
Rocket Launched in Egypt Hits Israeli City: Meanwhile Obama set to Give Billions to Egyptian Islamists 11:13:04
Local news coverage of Ron Paul at UCLA 10:55:04
Rand Paul Budget Petition 10:42:22
Libertarian rapper "John Galt". 10:35:03
Mitt Romney Will Not Be The Nominee! 10:34:51
National Black Out The Media For Ron Paul - April 17th! 10:22:15
Ron Paul Rally at Texas A&M Tue. April 10th! 10:21:13
Tax Day Protests and Events 2012 10:12:47
Rothschild resigns East Ramapo board, pleads not guilty to mail fraud in Monsey fire case 10:03:35
Rothschilds to Unite French, U.K. Banks to Secure Control 10:00:57
Marc Scaringi on a noninterventionist foreign policy 09:58:54
Happy Easter Michael Nystrom and all the good people of the Daily Paul! 09:39:13
What happened to BJ Lawson? 08:48:51
To all NON Ron Paul Supporters 08:41:42
What more can we do for the April 24th primaries? 07:53:16
If RP doesnt his last act before leaving congress.. 07:26:18
What a great editorial! 07:23:04
How to be a crook 05:48:30
Winning Upcoming Conventions, Including Tampa 05:24:36
Ron Paul Rally at Texas A&M Tue. April 10th! 04:27:19
TX phone from home? 04:23:47
Egan Jones Downgrades USA From AA+ To AA, Outlook Negative -Ron Paul right again 04:02:06
Honest columnist deserves a handshake! 03:32:40
What is war? 02:39:10
Freedom is as freedom does! 02:31:16
no one sleeps tonight 02:28:20
Videos show Blackwater in Iraq running over woman 01:53:03
Wealth Without Production and Food Inflation 01:39:23
We need to win California and Texas 00:41:46
PENNSYLVANIA: Get Connected In Your District 00:34:40
Feels so good feelin good again 00:30:58
Backups of donnjx2's outstanding Youtube videos - download them! 00:21:09
Now they are coming for your Gift Cards! 00:05:56
The Last Generation Of Combat Veterans 00:04:14
This reporter at least knows the score! Latest Washington Times article about Ron. 00:00:23