Posted on April 9, 2012

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7 Month U.S. Tour Coming to an End! 21:24:51
Santorum Supporters Should Switch to Ron Paul 16:21:19
TV Ratings are in a Tailspin 15:38:11
LA Times: 110,000+ ACTIVE Duty Military on Psychotropics! Sgt. Robert Bales was also allegedly taking 'em. 15:17:51
Ben Swann (Reality Check) Santorum Delegate Count a Lie?! Paul Winning? 16:58:38
Ron Paul Revere: The fascists are coming! 09:31:57
Study: EPA-approved GMO insecticide responsible for killing off bees, contaminating entire food chain 06:40:22
Philly Phreedom 2012! Featuring Dr. Ron Paul 05:45:31
Video - Where is Ron Paul? 12:35:48
Ron Paul UCLA Rally Recut 00:15:44
Ron Paul to Make Three-Day Campaign Swing in Texas: April 10 - 12 09:33:44
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Obama Invests $5 Million In Bulls*t Energy (No Joke!) 23:28:49
The Swiss government's exceedingly positive report on homeopathic medicine 23:09:31
US gives Iran 'last chance' warning over shutting down nuclear facility 23:01:20
Russia Today: China watches US military buildup in Australia 22:55:33
Netflix creates pro-SOPA super-PAC 22:55:24
another amazing video to share 22:47:38
Russia Is Massing Troops On Iran's Northern Border And Waiting For A Western Attack 22:46:44
Billboard in West Virginia and South Dakota 22:45:56
Voter Fraud Video: Imposter Given Attorney General Holder’s Ballot By McCullough Monday April 9, 22:42:22
2 Good shows upcoming on Coast To Coast AM. (10PM PT) 22:41:01
DMP Eurozone Bailout Hearing 22:16:41
The DNC and GOP Are Doomed 22:05:39
An Idea Whose Time Has Come 21:53:41
New South Park mocks bureaucratic solutions to 'Bully' problem 21:41:39
Ron Paul asks for Money Bomb- April 15th 21:34:56
The Heritage of Israel 21:20:56
"In It To Win It" Money Bomb! April 15th! Sign up and Pledge NOW! 21:18:28
Would George Washington go with the present GOP or would he go for POTUS with a new truthful, honest, open and principled party? 21:09:32
New IRS pub on why taxes are not voluntary - Schiff one example 21:00:06
☛ California Primary Voter's Kit. Information, Downloads And Everything Else Needed To Vote For Ron Paul On June 5th 2012 20:43:06
New York Times (Blogger) Compares Ron Paul 2008 vs. Ron Paul 2012 Campaign: "A Living Autopsy of the Ron Paul Campaign" 20:37:06
"Election Integrity: Past, Present, & Future Live Skype Interview W Kurt Hyde" 20:35:29
Why Ron Paul Matters More Than Newt Gingrich 20:33:29
Thanks to BPA and other chemicals the new age of puberty for girls is 10 20:22:32
Paul Backer Wins Re-Election As Iowa Chairman 20:19:25
Germany throws weight behind Iran’s nuclear energy program 19:56:25
Social Media 19:43:03
Garet Garrett: Ex-America, part IV 19:28:52
URGENT! Denver County Delegates 19:18:18
HELP! Colorado State Convention this week! (Also CD Assemblies) 19:12:59
Gary Johnson, a fraud ? 19:11:09
Media Fights Its Own Bias of Ron Paul 19:03:07
Looking for people willing to donate $5 or more on April 15, 2012 - Join Us 18:59:30
Washington Post: "Just bring them Home" 18:59:19
Paul, Bigger In Texas 18:45:27
GRASSROOTS PROJECT- Josh Tolley to speak at a New York TEA Party rally for Ron Paul? 18:41:54
OnStar markets ‘family-friendly’ spy system 18:40:25
Time to cancel Netflix 18:29:38
Rick Santorum = Opus dei 18:28:13
Kunstler: Indebted Millennials Will Rise To Throw Off The Shackles Of Their Debts! 18:27:10
Ron Paul : Past, Present and Prospects 18:25:38
The Great Birth Certificate (Trust) Scam: This is How They Are Enslaving You ... 18:12:26
Ron Paul news is the best news aggregator on the internet 18:05:02
Colorado State Conv. this week-open letter from Edward True about hijacking 17:57:03
Where's the Daily Paul? 17:56:33
Add ‘Preppers’ to the List of Potential Terrorists 17:51:09
Liberty Classroom 17:06:49
I want to pack my car with Ronulians tomorrow and head to College Station. 17:04:53
Governmental Creative Accounting 17:03:36
The Number 1 Thing You Can Do To Ensure "the r3VOLution" Lives On 17:02:57
Handing out flyers at gas stations and markets 16:49:03
Catholics For Obama (cfo) 16:37:18
Can you spare $5 today? 16:33:20
How many states must Romney win... 16:14:05
Obama sold vote count to company in Spain Linked to Soros 16:13:27
Hooray for the American Empire: life in Afghanistan 16:07:34
Why don't you trust this great delegate tracker ? 15:52:45
Gary North - "Why Ron Paul should not run third-party" 15:52:16
Jane's Defence Weekly: Israel WILL NOT be able to Stop Iran's Nuke Prog. in a PreEmptive Strike! 15:41:11
Looking For More Williamson County (tx) Ron Paul Supporters! IMPORTANT 15:37:15
O'Keefe is offered ballot using Eric Holder's name. 15:19:53
Why Ron Paul is Running for President. 15:17:53
URGENT: 2nd amendment message from Rand Paul 15:11:53
Is there still a chance for a brokered convention? 15:03:44
US Subversion of Foreign Nations: Using Terrorist Group in Covert War on Iran 14:58:04
U.S.-Brazil Form Defense Cooperation 14:55:31
Texas: Conservative watchdog group questions counties with too many voters 14:54:19
New website in WA about the coalition 14:36:28
Why Gold Would Thrive 14:27:42
New York Times - Romney friendship with Israel Prime minister since 70s 14:08:22
Why Van Jones Fears Libertarianism 13:58:57
Paul Craig Roberts explains what's wrong with an income tax 13:56:07
Biden strips sheriffs of constitutional arrest powers. 13:53:23
Wisdom from Hayek! 13:50:00
Attorney General Eric Holder Lies About Voter Fraud - video 13:49:37
Why Ron Paul Should NOT Run As A Third Party Candidate 13:48:50
Ready For A Brokered Convention? 13:31:06
The Texas for Ron Paul Rally and Music Festival! 13:14:26
Romney to address NRA after revealing he's a gun owner 13:13:57
Why aren't we thriving? Mind = blown after watching this video. 13:10:40
END THE FED - Attack From All Sides! 13:08:59
Hook up a flatscreen TV in Truck or Car 13:05:47
2014 U.S. Senate seats available to Ron Paul 12:55:57
On the lighter side, this is how the IRS works! 12:50:57
VIDEO: Morning Joe Discussing Ron Paul's Legacy 12:28:57
The new Soviet America: US filmmaker repeatedly detained at border! 12:08:36
More Doug Wead: This time an interview with Jesse Benson 11:52:55
America: A Government Out Of Control 11:51:59
Important: What qualifies a good Ron Paul delegate to National? 11:51:43
OMG, anyone can get Eric Holder's ballot and vote .. 11:48:53
The quotable Mises 11:43:06
Apparently voter fraud is as easy as snapping your fingers - voter handed AG Eric Holder's ballot on Election Day in DC 11:42:24
Ron Paul Madness - Great video 11:39:08
Homeland Security in Texas Accused of Faking Inspection Reports 11:35:47
Americans Love the IRS! 11:33:18
Wisconsin US Senate candidate calls for Fed Audit 11:30:42
Boycott Advertisers, Protest Individual Reporters Directly...Time to Step It Up a Notch. Game On. 11:22:09
Nate Silver's "Autopsy" of Ron Paul Campaign 11:07:49
Help needed for Pennsylvanian Delegates 11:03:59
☛Do You REALLY Want To See A $10 Million Dollar Money Bomb On April 15th? 10:57:43
Authorities widen fake coins investigations 10:45:20
Mushrooms Offer Solutions for Environment and Economy 10:36:47
Pakistan acts on China's advice: TRADE with India 10:23:58
☛Have You Sent ♥ This To Everyone You Know Yet?☮ 10:11:01
Criminal Cabal Head Bush Sr 10:08:49
Plutocracy has to be dismantled in America if we are to survive ... 09:41:48
Exposing the Media 09:24:19
Why Ron Paul Matters More than Newt Gingrich 09:22:05
Digital Gold: Bitcoin 08:58:46
Most convincing proof of gross voter fraud yet - this from a Benedictine Monestary! 08:23:43
Politico: Ron Paul's Baby Boom 08:23:07
Poland latest Nation to Ban Monsanto's GMO Maize 08:15:30
Ron Paul Was Right! South Carolina Approves Gold and Silver as Money! 08:12:07
AP Reports: US Navy deploys 2nd aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf amid Iran tensions 08:11:50
An Editorial which appeared in the Bangor Daily News,4/9/2012 Bangor Maine 07:53:09
"You can't eat gold!" 07:29:08
U.S. Marines Coming From Iraq Offering Their Services To Mexican Cartels<- Could this be TRUE? 06:47:46
New Grassroots Video: Establishment Candidates Are All The Same 05:34:00
The Court Cased that ENDED the FED 05:33:27
Superdelegates - the latest MSM narrative 05:27:51
Gingrich campaign virtually over. See the evidence. 04:38:32
99% Of The Vitamin B12 On The Market Contains Cyanide 04:31:36
In cancer science, many 'discoveries' don't hold up 04:26:58
[] Col. Douglas A. Macgregor on Ron Paul April 09, 2012 04:18:13
USDA Admits Exterminating Birds, Crops, and Bees 04:16:07
Gave Away A Ron Paul Vehicle Magnet Off My Car 03:26:41
Bush & Obama Exempt Active & Retired Government Officers From Local & State Firearm Laws 03:23:22
Close encounters of a Paul kind 03:17:11
My letter to Oath Keepers 03:12:59
Video Shows US Contractors Killing Civilians 03:04:08
Ron Paul discussed on Max Keiser about Silver 02:55:20
U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government 02:52:42
rising and standing 02:33:14
Ron Paul Revolution: A New Era Of Freedom 02:30:09
We are EMR Guinea Pigs by minvanjack 02:18:41
Top 5 places not to be when the dollar collapses. 02:05:52
Ron Paul Forgets the City that Launched him. Austin is horrified he won't even visit 02:01:59
Examples of pro freedom politicians outside the US? 01:33:08
The rEVOLution headlines on POLITICO! 01:09:42
- Can Dr. Paul Pull a Warren Harding Like at the 1920 Brokered Convention? 00:35:25
POLITICO: "Ron Paul's Baby Boom" 00:27:45
More Govt Waste, Woo Woo Edition: GSA wasted Your NOT-'Money'/FRN's on Psychics. Yes, I said Psychics! 00:24:55
Gingrich says campaign 'on a shoestring,' 00:24:51
Fed Denies Link to Watergate, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein 00:14:02