Posted on April 10, 2012

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To Santorum Supporters 21:56:34
Two-Gun Texans Need to See This! GOA Gives Ron Paul: A+ Mitt Romney: D- 18:57:42
Look what this guy did with a sharpie! 21:07:31
Ron Paul Wins Precinct 60% To Romney 40% 21:02:49
NO Time to waste! Counter the media spin! EXPOSE Romney NOW! 15:31:22
Paul vs. Romney Debate 14:26:17
Santorum drops out of race! 10 April 2012 14:02:47
New Ron Paul 2012 Ad: Vote Texas 21:02:02
Ron Paul: "Last Nail" 10:25:13
Thank you for fighting for our freedoms! 08:46:06
Civil Disturbance and Mock Riot Drills In Washington State 09:42:52
Brent Stafford: If/when we take St. Charles Co. tonight, we take MO! 07:31:11
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/9/12: Let Private, Voluntary Organizations Help Those in Need 00:17:27
Chip Reid of CBS says he has no opinions 10:47:59
Worldwide Ron Paul Sign Day *The Night of APRIL 14th* 11:41:13
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EXCELLENT 30min RP Interview: Tom Lamprecht & Sadie Klaus, WNBU, NC, 4/9/2012 + CSM: Ron Paul = BIGGEST Threat to Romney! 23:57:58
GOP Delegate Projections 23:57:08
Austin's KVUE Interviews Ron Paul - Talks Campaign, Santorum, And TX Winner Take All 23:43:00
Bush + Cheney = A Romney/ Bain Haliburton is Rich - Bain is Filthy Rich 23:40:42
New Paul Vs Romney Candidate Comparison Handout Sheet. Just Ron Paul Vs Mitt Romney And I Corrected The Typos 23:33:39
Ron Paul: Rick Santorum exit could provide opening 23:30:14
☛ I'm Having a Blast Winning the Info War! 23:28:28
Voter fraud and solution 23:26:44
This Is Big - Texas GOP THREATENS Romney If He Doesn't Come Debate 23:24:51
Hunger Game: "Control them with HOPE.. its stronger than FEAR..." 23:19:53
MSNBC Bungles Paul Put-Down 23:19:42
Merle Haggard just joined Twitter 23:14:28
MYTH: Ron Paul doesn't know how to play politics 23:08:16
GREAT PICS! : Ron Paul Attracts Over 3,000 Voters To Texas A&M Event 23:01:47
Look fellow patriots, hear me out please... 22:58:03
Paul vs Romney Fact Sheet 22:56:51
"What in the world is going on here?"... a Dr. Ron Paul diagnosis... 22:40:28
The Mainstream Media Nightmare 22:40:02
Help support April 15 Money Bomb! 22:39:43
Gingrich may not be on the ballot in Utah - his check bounced 22:35:42
Delegates 22:35:27
An Open Letter to Adam Kokesh on Religion and Liberty 22:35:25
Mitt Romney: "I'm not qualified to be president" 22:28:45
New York Times CLUELESS : Why Ron Paul Keeps Campaigning 22:23:46
Please stop with WTF...RON PAUL IS PURE, This is Why... 22:23:06
"Underground" Fraternity tortures 5 people in basement, police called in 22:22:50
Tapping Potential? 22:15:37
Dallas, TX April 11th * Ron Paul Mega Sign Wave/Rally/Outreach 22:10:41
Santorum Said Romney Lacks Conservative Principles 22:09:28
CNN, Al-Jazeera Falsifying Events in Syria - video 21:57:48
Santorum's Lack of "Courage" to Stay in the Race Means Doom For Paul Campaign. Or Does It? 21:49:32
A Narrative: America, 1776-2033 21:43:07
Amazing Mitt Romney negative video. Well made Parody. Will the real Mitt please stand up! 21:38:41
UPDATE: Local TV station has no clue, Says Romney took all the delegates in Missouri - please let them know they are wrong 21:38:28
Santorum dropped out in primary states wouldn't we get more delegates. 21:38:25
"IN IT TO WIN IT Money Bomb! April 15! Don't Forget! " 21:30:12
Time To Go Third Party 21:30:10
Article - "When governments raid savings" 21:25:59
What we may face if/once martial law hits 21:17:45
Ron Paul attracts 3,000-plus voters to Texas A&M event 21:16:23
Brazil Complains To Obama About Monetary Policy 21:10:17
Gingrich, Paul Vow To Stay In GOP Primary Contest 21:09:05
Vocal Ron Paul supporter to be kicked out of Republican Party before primary 21:06:55
RP Endorsed By Two Louisiana State Republican Central Committee Members 20:46:20
Farewell Rick 20:45:50
We The People -who Support Ron Paul 20:43:36
Concerning The Republican Race 20:33:49
Ron Paul on Radio - Put him at the top of Sacramento Radio Poll 20:31:36
JP Morgan’s TV Appearance by Ted Butler 20:22:37
Jesse? Is that the best we can do? Campaign's statement on Santorum's exit. 20:21:46
An Empathetic Welcome to Santorum Supporters 20:13:25
The big lie 20:00:04
Your help needed-I'm looking for a particular video 19:59:53
Scarborogh to Evangelical Christians 19:45:04
RON PAUL Coming to RI, URI Campus 4/18/12 6:00 pm 19:42:27
Continuation Of The National Emergency With Respect To Somalia 19:40:56
Victory 19:34:41
California Approved Handgun Safe - video 19:33:04
We The People - New video 19:32:29
goosebumps all over when i watched this, ron pauls time has come 19:28:54
Local Districts Santorum Won Now Up For Grabs ? 19:23:43
Santa Rita Super Pac for Texas 19:22:17
Santorum Out Of Race - How Does It Affect Ron Paul 18:56:14
★ Romney Exposé: The Truth on Mitt ★ 18:56:02
delegate questions 18:45:22
What's this guy's PROBLEM? 18:45:01
What Happens to Santorums Delegates? 18:44:13
Ron Paul Right Again... 18:38:25
Romney the obvious winner. All Romney supporters can go home now... 18:33:40
Next Target: Romney 18:24:40
Press Conference Needed for Ron Paul ASAP! 18:21:46
Ben Swann- Fun little exercise! 18:19:18
April 24 looks good 18:13:12
TexasWinner take All? 18:04:23
Top Neocon Joins Romney Campaign 18:01:30
Ron Paul: FDA And Big Pharma 'Are In Bed Together' 17:57:19
Spread: Ron Paul In 2nd place! 17:53:45
Sean Hannity Radio Show with Newt... 17:52:02
New York Times Clueless Why Ron Paul Keeps Campaigning 17:49:53
CRITICAL: Help now or never. 17:48:51
Ben Swann will cover today's events...tonight! 17:41:24
America: Government out of control 17:36:50
Ron Is Now Willard's Biggest Threat 17:35:37
Feel better :) Newt Gingrich's Utah Filing Fee Check Bounces 17:34:52
Women boost Obama over Romney in new ABC poll 17:27:11
deadline to register republican 17:25:46
BRICS to end dollar rule and USA's supremacy 17:24:40
CALLING ALL WRITERS NEWSLETTER back by popular demand! 17:24:03
'Daily Paul' #5 out of 104 Top Most Visited Libertarian Web Sites! 17:22:57
Rick Santorum wants money to pay off campaign debts after dropping out 17:22:48
Ten little indians are down to two: Where can we win a state and create buzz? I feel Santorum, Gingrich will now support Romney. 17:18:29
Calling All Delegate Alternates! 17:17:02
Here's a secret for you. 17:12:50
We need the proof that Romney was PROMISED THE NOMINATION in 2012 17:11:43
Are you Catholic? 17:08:06
Gingrich Urges Romney To Drop Out So He Can Focus On General Election 17:01:40
Spanish Company Will “Count” American Votes Overseas In November 16:56:21
Santorum out. My analysis. 16:54:54
Media Race War is not over! 16:48:44
Money Bomb Server & Going Down, S.O.S. 16:47:32
Santorum dropping take, and it's not good! 16:47:28
Server Going Down! Need Help! 16:46:14
Wimpy Santorum 16:43:17
I have thousands of Ron Paul Gun Rights slim jims and Tax-Free Tip cards to send 16:42:49
THRIVE the movie 16:39:39
Rick Santorum dropping out can be a blessing or a curse 16:38:35
Go where romney is weakest states 16:36:57
"...people who supported Santorum, Gingrich, or whoever..." 16:35:47
Give Paul a Chance 16:27:39
Police state as popular as TSA... 16:22:53
Is Every Single Country Faking Their Deep Space Missions? 16:20:28
Iraqi central bank Confirms existence of (ghost) or unknown behind the increasing demand for the dollar 16:14:13
I recently did 6 radio interviews, most about Ron Paul 15:58:39
A GOP debate in Texas in May is in the works. 15:57:05
The message of the day on the Net: Will Santorum SELL OUT to Romney? 15:54:18
Operation Santorum Storm 15:49:21
The China Money Report: China to maintain gold focus 15:37:47
DoD Handed out another BILLION yesterday! 15:36:51
Ron Paul is "In It To Win It" - April 15th MONEYBOMB 15:28:19
What Happens With Santorum's Delegates? 15:25:09
no matter Santorum or no - just keep doing 15:22:54
Ron Paul campaign statement on Rick Santorum withdrawal 15:21:24
RP Campaign: Please book a rally at the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls, MT. 15:18:35
Ron Paul campaign statement on Rick Santorum withdrawal 15:12:21
"I Am The ONLY One Who Can Beat Obama" 15:08:05
A couple anti-Romney video ideas 15:07:54 to Iran: Surrender Dorothy! 15:07:18
Ron! Challenge Romney! 15:05:00
Ron Paul campaign statement on Rick Santorum withdrawal 15:04:27
Santorum OUT, Texas IN, State Conventions Beware 15:00:03
Ron Paul's brush fires of Liberty is spreading: Hence the GOP is calling it's calling everyone home to force Ron Paul OUT. 14:57:15
This is our chance! 14:56:36
the Paul campaign said ... 14:53:51
Louisiana Caucus Locations 14:52:37
. 14:49:33
Santorum suspended campaign 14:48:35
Rick Santorum Drops Out of GOP Race 14:48:28
Santorum out: Opinion Poll / Comentary. Does this help or hurt? 14:47:55
Fantastic Editorial, from Tampa Mainstream Media: Why RP matters more 14:47:45
Why Van Jones fears libertarianism 14:47:25
We are the logical 2nd choice for Santorum delegates! 14:45:59
Santorum is out, it's Ron Paul vs. Romney 14:35:54
Rick Santorum leaving race! 14:30:32
:breaking News: Santorum Suspending Campaign Right Now - Live 14:30:04
With Santorum out, one more televised debate would win it for us! 14:24:44
Santorum's OUT! 14:20:23
Here is a post I just put up on Greta's blog 14:19:09
The Campaign Is Over - Santorum Is Out 14:13:21
Partial internet outage this morning: selective blocking? 14:12:26
Santorum suspends campaign 14:12:08
Santorum Bows Out 14:09:42
It's time to woo the evangelicals now that Santorum is out! 14:09:25
Santorum Drops Out! 14:06:37
BREAKING: Romney Facebook Page States Santorum Leaving Race 14:05:49
Creditors: MF Global may have transferred $717M funds 14:02:30
Georgia State GOP Secretary Allegedly Choked Man Aiding Ron Paul Supporters 13:59:36
BREAKING: Santorum about to have News Conference 13:54:08
Santorum is making a major announcement at 2:00 est today 13:53:24
Where in the World is the Media? 13:51:37
Obama sends $500 million to IRS for healthcare implementation 13:47:01
Remembering the rEVOLution will not be televised-But it is Alive and Well and Growing! Ron Paul 2012 or Bust 13:37:34
Tax Refunds for the Tax Day Money Bomb 13:27:49
Obama targets journalists 13:23:56
U.S. Aid to Israel Equals $4.9 Million a Day for 64 Years 13:10:05
Know Thy Enemy 13:04:51
Aftereffect of UCLA rally 12:58:35
An email regarding Ron Paul from Americans Elect 12:48:17
Help Me - Electors, Electoral College, 570 votes, Ron Paul 2012 12:40:24
Waitress Gets $12,000 Tip. Cops Keep $11,000. 12:38:46
Why Ron Paul also matters more than Romney, Santorum and Obama 12:35:41
Washington Times -Ron Paul also matters more than Romney, Santorum and Obama 12:35:30
Mike Wallace Should Be Ashamed 12:21:02
Open Question: Do we want Newt to drop out? 12:19:02
April 10 - March 10; Last 30 days ... 12:11:59
Ron Paul Endorsed By Two Louisiana State Republican Central Committee Members 12:03:05
Private Passenger Railroad Planned in Florida 12:02:36
Indiana To Cops: You're Not Special 11:54:44
The Fed's Swap Bailout of the Eurozone 11:45:22
Ron Paul message resonating around the world slowly but surely 11:40:41
LA caucus question 11:26:19
The value of a buck 10:39:50
Vote Texas - New Ron Paul 2012 Ad 10:38:43
Video: New Grassroots Ron Paul Ad: "Establishment Candidates Are All The Same" 10:36:33
A Message to the GOP from Ron Paul Supporters 10:35:39
Have the Banks Gone Mad? 10:28:47
USA Today: "In it to win it" Money Bomb 10:27:04
Witness the Power of an Idea: Ron Paul Massive Rallies 2012 10:22:11
Ron Paul Hits Home State's Airwaves 10:09:28
If Rick Santorum Drops Out, Ron Paul Wins! 10:05:12
"They want to throw me and my girlfriend in jail forever." 09:53:57
What are your thoughts on Reagan? 09:46:36
Tom Woods: "My Biggest Announcement Ever" - Liberty Classroom Launched 09:34:31
Good News Everybody! 09:25:46
Latest Americans Elect numbers 09:17:06
Obama sold the rights to processing our election votes to a private company... Is this for real? 08:40:57
Ride a Motorcycle? Going to Paul Fest and the RNC? Ride With THE R3VOLUTION RIDERS! 08:20:01
Constitutional, Austrian Economic style radio show daily: 08:19:03
Military Votes Not Counted - What it will be this election? 07:56:52
Can't access DP in US? 07:47:26
NAFTA Partners Take Steps to Boost Trilateral Relationship 07:47:00
Who is Lisa Monoco? 07:19:35
Actual Video Proof of Voter Fraud in Washington D.C.! 07:10:05
Paul is now Beating Gingrich in National Polls 06:59:39
Obama leads new poll beating Romney by 8% 06:28:32
Throw your...cell phone! 05:04:01
Who and What is RT News. Video by JBS. 03:28:13
Ron Paul: FDA and Big Pharma 'are in bed together' 03:20:49
Open Letter from WatchTheVote2012 03:16:54
St. Charles, MO County Caucus - Take 2 01:24:27
12 Year Old Canadian Girl Explains How Debt-Based Banking is Corrupt. 11:20:19
quick conversation between my neocon father and I at work :) 01:07:04
Raising $99 for Washington State GOP Convention registration fee 01:04:56
Where can I find ron paul dvds to send to family members? 00:36:47
Wednesday, April 18 : Ron Paul To Hold University of Rhode Island Rally 00:30:14
Calling on the world. 00:21:18
Here's how Obama stole the campaign from Hillary...This lady is for Ron Paul 00:20:59
Shared experiences connect Romney with Netanyahu 00:20:56
Spanish Holding Company (scytl) Located In Barcelona, Spain, Has Purchased The U.s. Election Results Reporting Firm (soe) 00:17:42
Pennsylvania Republican Delegates Run Uncommitted 00:15:59
Texas GOP Exec Comm set to vote on winner take all 00:14:17
Comal Co., TX GOP Precinct Conventions 4/10 00:13:14
How Far Does $1.09 Go Towards Office Supplies? Ask Ron Paul 00:07:25
LAST CALL to help Pennsylvania 00:07:11
What would it take for Ron Paul to endorse Romney? 10:19:56