Posted on April 11, 2012

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Where In the world is the media? Amazing collage photo 20:35:28
MSNBC (Morning Joe) - Ron Paul has won a lot of Delegates 19:03:05
HD Video: The FULL Ron Paul Speech at Texas A & M University 18:08:12
Politico: A Guide to Ron Paul's Money Map 15:13:07
St. Charles, MO County Caucus - Wrap up 18:03:29
Doug Wead: What Now? Ron Paul’s path to victory 12:00:57
Bernanke to Congress: Destruction closer than you think 11:59:22
Newt Gingrich Bouncing Checks in Utah 10:15:30
Politico: How Romney may try to pull Paul into the fold 08:49:45
MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan talks about Ron Paul / Gold Standard 08:00:10
3,000+ Pack Texas A&M for Ron Paul Rally! 09:56:10
Ben Swann Reality CHECK! Santorum drops out, what happens to his delegates? 08:24:00
Check out what came in the mail today! 00:05:05
Welcome Santorum Supporters! 08:08:04
Witness the Power of an Idea: Ron Paul Massive Rallies 2012. You will not see this on television. 09:05:04
Great Ron Paul Movie Now UP!-TAMU Speech-LIVE! 08:04:29
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Jim Grant Eviscerates the Fed in his speech... at the NY Fed! 23:49:32
Will Ron Paul become the new Anti-Mitt? 23:43:47
☛ Press Release: "Conservative" Talkers and Fox News Aid and Abet Obama's Re-election 23:43:14
SEND these to all your local GOP officials, news media, Congressmen and Senators ! 23:42:44
Need help converting older voter 23:42:36
RJ Harris Running for Congress Again 23:30:23
Ron Paul FLIX Show - Apr 11 2012 - Doug Wead Explains Santorum Dropout Impact 23:29:11
Who consumes more natural resources, you or perpetual wars? 23:22:56
Updated MO delegate count for the district and state conventions. 23:21:25
Philip DeFranco Wants To Televise the Revolution! 23:20:16
Loss of Civil Liberties 23:18:55
Toggle Classic Banner 23:03:13
Paul Campaign needs 2.5 Million on April 15th! 23:00:39
Ron Paul is in it to win it and has not scaled back his campaign *or THE HILL IS WRONG* 23:00:30
Defranco Talks about Ron Paul -Wants Footage of 8,000 person event turnouts! 22:59:35
Doug Wead - Evangelicals Turn To Paul 22:38:38
Reality Check 22:38:28
Should we bring in the Missouri Team to help Texas 22:26:33
Lets go after every freedom loving Individual. 22:24:47
Ron Paul should issue a debate Challenge at his next event 22:24:26
Colorado District and State Conventions - April 12-14 22:08:07
MA District Caucuses - 4/28 22:03:27
How Long Will It Take Santorum To Shake His Etch A Sketch And Endorse Romney? 22:00:13
2012 Update? 21:51:23
Grassroots Ron Paul video comparing Romney to Obama narrated by the Judge 21:47:47
Ron Paul's Education Creeps Into The DNR vs. Hog Farmers In Michigan Fiasco! Worth The Watch! 21:34:24
Horrible headline in USA Today...Today! 21:33:13
The Remaining GOP Candidates In Pictures 21:28:43
Any April Birthdays? How About Anniversaries? 21:28:30
POLITICO : Race For Ron Paul's Seat Is A Free - For - All 21:24:09
Life & Liberty March for Ron Paul - May 5 (Austin, TX) 21:21:26
Ron Paul draws 3,000-plus voters to Fort Worth event in Texas 21:19:20
Take Back Your Liberty! 21:17:49
Atlas Society offers fundamental analysis 21:13:11
30% OFF sale at Cafepress - Ron Paul items 21:10:52
The Onion on Ron Paul 20:59:28
Ron Paul to Evangelical Ministers: I'm in! 20:58:56
Ron Paul article needed 20:55:44
Ron Paul better v. Obama in N.C. than Romney! 20:53:17
Newt bounces check again! (video) 20:45:42
To Mitt Romney: I want to see you debate one on one! 20:43:49
Santorum Supporters, Please Read This! 20:43:16
Why You Should Care About SOPA? - Russia Today 20:33:54
Ron Paul's Huge Crowds - can someone send me the URL to the picture? 20:14:42
The sound of Liberty echoing through Louisiana. 20:04:32
Ron Paul's Three Sons All Had RON PAUL As Their Best Man - FACT 20:04:21
GOP - There Is Something You Must See! 20:04:09
RON PAUL Livestream - Asking Questions: AWESOME 19:58:23
Concerning The Republican Race 19:57:16
“We know who it is.” 19:33:06
Hot Mic - "Fox Mole" shows Mitt Romney's Hannity Pre-Interview 19:26:16
got a partial list of santorum national delegates. 19:25:05
Atlantic Magazine: What are Newt & Ron Doing? Stupid article but fantastic comments. 19:09:37
IRS: Failure To File, let's address something shall we? Do we have a major labor dispute? 19:08:32
We the People vs. Mitt Romney 19:08:03
HELP! 19:06:36
Photo: Already thousands waiting in Fort Worth 19:06:17
The Inevitable Ron Paul Video Game 19:04:26
Millions Against Monsanto: The Food Fight of Our Lives 18:47:30
What do you think of a concentrated action to hurt/pressure the mass media 18:42:21
Beware the Establishment's Third Party Trap 18:41:08
Pro Liberty candidate, consistently pro liberty... with one exception! 18:28:55
Ron Paul Supporters : "Lets Crash Romney Rallies In Texas With A Smile!" 18:27:21
POLITICO : CISPA Bill Targeted by Activists 18:15:56
LOL - Charlie Sheen on 18:09:48
TSA now checking bags on Boston's T 18:07:50
If CISPA Passes, the New Utah Cybersecurity Facility Will Enforce it. 18:02:29
Nasa Astronauts, Scientists, Engineers Sign Letter to protest Promoting Man-Made Climate Change 17:59:48
Christian Leader to Santorum Supporters: Vote for Ron Paul 17:48:43
Liberty Candidate in North Dakota 17:47:01
Explosive: Monsanto ‘Knowingly Poisoned Workers’ Causing Devastating Birth Defects 17:46:14
Anti Romney 17:30:27
Ron Paul and Assange - Truth Tellers both and the Evil they face 17:27:03
*Put this on the Front Page!* IN IT TO WIN IT MONEY BOMB! 17:22:27
Bring in new Paul supporters @ 17:22:22
Send this junk to all of your doubting friends and family 17:16:07
San Antonio Ron Paul Rally 4-12-12 17:07:05
Ron Paul Sign Bomb?! 17:06:16
Ron Paul has won a lot of delegates? 17:03:09
Dear Sarah Palin. Choose NOW! From Christian to Christian (hint, It's Ron Paul) 16:49:49
$8,250/oz Silver and ONE BANK! 16:48:19
PSSSTT ! We're One Scandal Away From the Nomination 16:47:21
National Campaign...there is work to be done (new edit) 23:45:45
Ron Paul in Ft Worth tonight. Follow my twitter feed for updates. 16:38:01
Santorum’s Out, But Delegates Still Focus of GOP Primary 16:34:55
HOW to Make a Ron Paul Movie-the TAMU Speech in HD 16:32:49
Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul is more popular than a sitting president 16:30:22
If you're looking for a great Rand Paul interview 16:23:29
If you Ask Allen West, Communism Is Alive and Well in Congress 16:20:10
3500 New Donors In the Past 24 Hours? 16:07:42
Report on Tampa Plans for Demonstrators and the Fight for Liberty 16:06:10
Romney Huddled with Conservative Leaders In D.C. This Week 15:53:41
Ron Paul wins do-over St. Charles County caucus 15:47:09
I wish Ron Paul would explain THIS! 15:46:30
John King Saying It Again 15:43:11
"The Goldman Sachs candidates" - Shout it from the rooftops! 15:39:03
My favorite clip of Jack Hunter from For Liberty 15:38:21
Vote in the NECN poll please 15:27:58
RP Revolution arm gesture reply 15:23:22
CNN Announces Obama vs Romney General Election! Where is Ron Paul?! 15:21:51
What happens to Rick Santorum's delegates ? 15:18:12
Prediction of His Eminency Dr. Alam for Dr. Ron Paul 15:17:19
Ron Paul and Rick Santorum Are Very Similar Because: 15:15:38
On the Money - A Dime a Gallon 14:42:55
Impeach Obama 2012! - The Next Fight In The Infowar 14:42:13
StLouisToday.Com - Ron Paul wins do-over St. Charles County caucus 14:40:58
Ron Paul Campaign Statement On Rick Santorum Withdrawal 14:38:03
Joby Weeks has endorsed me, Jon Fye Candidate for CO HD53. 14:38:00
GOP Soon To Be A Two Man Race! Paul vs Romney! 14:36:59
IMPORTANT! Vote on what the campaign should focus on now. (From Doug Wead) 16:18:22
Ron Paul Android Apps! 14:13:30
Donation from Mexico! 14:07:49
Watching the news, you would think Ron Paul has dropped out 13:54:36
Paul Supporters: Beware the Third Party Trap 13:41:14
Newt Bounces Check, Santorum Has Hand Out, Paul Controls Spending 13:38:46
Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.) : "Keep Taxes Low and Rein In Government Spending" 13:36:43
Spanish village lends land to grow cannabis to pay debts 13:35:40
Christian leader urges believers to support Ron Paul 13:35:02
Funding Busses To Tampa? 13:23:51
Why Santorum Supporters Should Support Paul...And Why Everyone Else Should, Too 13:20:08
PATHETIC : Newt Stiffs Utah, May Not Make Ballot 13:16:02
WND : Tennessee Ok's Creationism Theory In Classroom 13:12:11
Ron Paul Speech At California State Chico April3 2012 13:11:35
To the Mods: Can We Get a MoneyBomb Thread on the Frontpage before April 15th? 13:10:42
A Prime time Convention Speech 13:08:50
Offer an Olive Branch to Santorum Supporters 13:08:24
Ron Paul Draws big crowd at UC BERKELEY APRIL 5 2012 13:07:08
Who's an Ex- Obama, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Huntsman, Perry, Bachmann, Cain, Pawlenty, Johnson, etc. Supporter? 13:01:15
DP Delegates' reports 12:48:29
State Seizes Property Under ‘Green’ Zoning Laws, Terrorizes Man To Death 12:45:13
REVOLUTION' AT RUDDER Local Media coverage of Ron Paul Videos, Print and Pictures 12:19:40
POLITICO: A Guide to Ron Paul's Money Map + FED.Res. Lackeys busy PR-Counter Offensive vs. RP! 12:17:28
Obama: Ronald Reagan a ‘wild-eyed, socialist, tax hiking class warrior’ 12:17:12
Newt Gingrich Campaign Vendors Wonder If They'll Ever Get Paid 12:15:49
High School Government class: Help...Suggestions for homeschool 12:14:09
Supreme Court says police can strip search citizens for any offense 12:10:09
Ridiculous: End of Santorum campaign does not alter delegate process 11:59:00
The Battalion: 'Ron Paul revolution packs Rudder', a college newspaper article 11:58:13
Paul/Perot 2012? 11:57:13
Monsanto's Roundup herbicide can alter morphology of animals - new study 11:55:02
Has Santorum provided us a perfect opportunity? 11:47:45
Ron Paul in Texas - Local News Mashup 11:42:22
Romney is just as Liberal as Obama! 11:40:39
Video from Tisha Casida on the Fact that the President is Not Really in Control 11:36:16
Need help and people in Kentucky 11:33:11
An idea we should all rack our brains around, getting the media to host another debate 11:31:05
Attack Romney NOW ! 11:19:54
Ron Paul Tops Latest Poll 11:06:17
Strip searching driving violations 11:05:48
Excellent caucus article with photo of Brent. 11:03:56
Indiana Statewide Ron Paul "Let Freedom Ring Weekend!" @ Brown County State Park *THIS WEEK* 10:46:37
obama vs DR PAUL 10:43:30
Gary Johnson: 'no, there shouldn’t be [a drinking age]' 10:41:47
Common Ground with President Obama's followers? 10:31:06
Liberty Practice Challenge 10:29:45
Swiss court delivers blow to US tax deal 10:24:06
Revisiting Silver Manipulation with Ryan Jordan 10:23:27
Local coverage of Ron on College Station TV 10:08:26
Ron Paul reacts to Santorum's ending of campaign 10:07:05
Santorum dropping out means time to go third party sooner than later? 09:50:12
Ron Paul Coulda Been a Contender; Campaign Blew it 09:50:09
Does anyone at have any pull with any of the paid staff? 09:47:53
Change The Party From Within 09:41:29
UPDATE: I'M Voting for Ron Paul in TAMPA! 09:32:49
Iran Discovers 3 New Gold Mines w/ 16 Tons of Reserves 09:00:59
Reality Check: What Happens To Santorum's Delegates? 08:44:12
Ron Paul Sweeps Missouri Caucus! 08:36:40
Come Together. Right now! 08:28:26
Stefan Molyneux will host the Peter Schiff show today 08:23:06
Mob the Today Show! 08:18:57
There is Power in our Numbers - IN IT TO WIN IT Money Bomb! April 15! 08:18:22
Who Gets Santorum’s Delegates 08:08:34
Material to show friends on left still brain-washed about Obama 08:08:18
Jasper County Convention 07:41:05
Red State Contributor now considering Ron Paul 07:20:26
TMJ4 Milwaukee news completely ignores Dr. Paul 07:16:32
Traffic Ticket: Can A Cop Lawfully Force You To Sign A Contract? (Role Play) 07:15:08
Why Santorum supporters should stand with Ron Paul 06:45:33
President Paul, President Paul 06:38:25
Ron Paul Sweeps St.Charles Missouri Caucus! 06:34:10
Rick Santorum and Ron Paul: The past and future of the GOP 06:25:14
My T-Shirt Got Attention 05:41:08
A neat piece of political memorabilia auction 05:22:54
It is 24/7 Mitt the Flip! 05:14:45
Is there a "Former Neoconservatives For Ron Paul" group? 04:58:24 04:51:36
Semantics: Constitutional Guarantees or Constitutional Rights 04:30:07
St Charles Missouri Caucus : Ron Paul Had A Clean Sweep 04:20:47
Smart meters...not so smart 04:09:23
Libya ...hell breaking loose? 03:42:29
To Christians and atheists on the DP 03:35:45
Dirt On Mitt Romney 03:30:51
The ascendence of sociopaths in US governance 03:17:15
I got a Ron Paul bumber sticker with my gas today..! 03:10:51
To ALL Daily Paulers here - PLEASE HELP! 03:05:47
Quantum Theory of Mitt Romney 03:00:23
3,000+ Pack Texas A&M at Ron Paul Rally! 02:59:00
Pro-Paul post on local neocon blog needs some lov3 02:49:33
Help Requested: Unbound Delegate Grab For Dr. Paul In Pennsylvania 02:42:25
"Oppose Ron Paul National Delegates" on AZ Slate 02:25:05
Just Take A CHANCE! 01:38:42
Local News: Ron Paul Talks Santorum and Texas 01:24:12
Wyoming State Convention - April 12-14 01:23:34
AP : St. Charles County Do - Over Backs Paul 01:14:26
Any reports from Texas? 00:59:21
Obamney Insanity 00:47:16
LOGO CONTEST for 00:46:00
Winchester: Coalition of "No", Plan to free the city! 00:42:39
George Noory Coast to coast AM show exposing on the FED! CALL IN! 00:41:36
2012 Election IS RIGGED! Viral election fraud vote rigging 00:40:05
Obama: Voters Face Starkest Contrast Since Johnson-Goldwater - What? 00:30:11
"Ideas spread, you can't stop them. An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government!" 00:09:39
ST. Charles Caucus Redo won by RON PAUL! 00:09:37
Ron Paul has 3,000 supporters while Mitt Romney has 400 supporters - *grumbles about "front-runners" implied* 00:08:36
Come On Ron Paul Camp! What Gives? 13:59:59