Posted on April 12, 2012

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Ron Paul is Coming Home to Pittsburgh Apr 20th *Event Ticket Link* 21:02:41
Today April 14th Nueces County TX Republican Convention 20:44:05
Mitt Romney Has A Little Delegate Problem... CBS News Finally Figures It Out 15:58:58
New Ron Paul Song and Video! All original music - "Ron Paul is a Cool Daddio (Cool Hand Ron)" 18:09:36
Doug Wead: Brent Strafford, an American hero 15:23:12
Guess what is hanging in the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport! 15:05:50
Ron Paul Buzz Heightens With Santorum Exit 13:38:53
Ron Paul Beats Obama 44 to 43 in the Rasmussen daily tracking poll 04-12-2012 12:27:26
Video Update: Ron Paul On Fox Business w/ John Stossel - 4-12-12 9pm ET 23:23:49
[=NEW VIDEO=] The Ron Paul Rabble: Political Pioneers 09:24:18
Ron Paul Draws 3,000+ at Dallas/Fort Worth Rally! 08:34:07
Washington Post Suggests Bilderberg Group to Pick Rubio as Romney’s Running Mate 02:04:37
Ron Paul Flix Interview: Doug Wead Explains Santorum Dropout Impact 07:27:26
Christian Leader to Santorum Supporters: Vote for Ron Paul 07:09:16
☛IN IT TO WIN IT Money Bomb! April 15! ~ Latest Version 4/12 03:10:33
Ron Paul LIVE! at the Alamo on Thursday-plus Wednesday's Fort Worth Speech 15:39:25
New Documentary: Fools on the Hill 08:25:13
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Mobile Daily Paul? 23:55:31
National Movement Launched to Impeach Obama 23:50:06
Gary Johnson is not a libertarian 23:21:29
Miracle -baby alive after 12 hours in morgue-TRUE 23:17:53
Nassim Taleb/Mark Spitznagel 23:15:26
American Public "Is THIS THE BEST WE CAN DO?" 23:07:51
Rick Santorum Erases All Anti-Romney Content From His Website. 23:01:28
Took another Govt Contracting Job 22:59:59
What would you like to ask Mitt Romney? - Diane Sawyer will talk to him Monday 22:55:59
PLEASE! Will you fix the width of the web page Please? 22:52:37
Now is the time for a new Paul commercial exposing Romney and Obama as the SAME 22:40:05
Ron Paul-To Run Third Party or Not to Run Third Party 22:36:02
Ron Paul = My Hero 22:25:23
Gov. Jan Brewer VETOES Constitutional Sheriff Bill 22:18:13
In Case You Missed It! : Ron Paul Comments on Obama / Reid Ex IM Bank Proposal 22:16:19
Why is The Daily Paul allowing other candidates to advertize? 22:03:03
"Vote Ron Paul" crop circles. Random thought. 22:00:52
Updating wikipedia or liberty candidates 22:00:50
How To Be a Crook (video) 21:56:13
Santorum for Vice President? 21:53:54
Bought First Silver Today 21:52:45
Josh Tolley Meets Robin Koerner - The Right and Left Unite For Ron Paul! 21:52:17
An Obama Supporter Wakes Up to Ron Paul and Reality - Vid 21:49:30
Please share and help this article go VIRAL. Ron Paul 2012! 21:46:57
VIDEO: ron paul rabble 21:41:19
Ron Paul got a delegate today 21:21:09
Ron Paul on Stossel 21:16:14
Romney + Fox behind the scenes exposed! Let's win the anti Romney vote 21:14:51
Open (The GOP) Convention 21:14:03
rasmussen: ron paul 44% barack obama 43% - 4/12/2012 21:12:43
Deficit plans laughably political 20:55:10
LOL! Earthquake False Flag!? 20:40:34
Hailing Frequencies Open? Communication Via Neutrinos Tested Successfully 20:28:35
Viking robots found life on Mars in 1976, scientists say 20:26:12
Insider Drake: After Mass Arrests, Ron Paul Might Be Our New President 20:25:59
1,001 Delegates, 19 States To Go 20:15:54
Romney is less of a Fiscal Conservative than Obama 20:12:50
This Is Grassroots! Spread It! 20:09:36
Police Arrest Man Under Pretense Of Law To Incite Violence 20:05:22
Ron Paul only candidate able to defeat Obama in new Rasmussen poll 20:04:53
Navy Helicopter Drones To Hunt Pirates, U.S. Next? 19:58:06
NBC: North Korea rocket breaks up after launch 19:43:04
What Happens If Central Banks Fail? 19:42:52
WND : " Is Ron Paul Off The Rails On Social Issues?" 19:39:56
Ron Paul at Cornell University April 19! 19:34:12
Ron Paul at University of Pittsburgh April 20! 19:33:19
Lack of Crowds Vexes Romney Campaign 19:32:29
Photo taken at Alamo; waiting for Ron Paul 19:27:36
Rick Santorum Loses Texas Battle to Ron Paul and Quits 19:22:53
Ron Paul, the kids’ choice for president (Photo gallery) 19:21:30
Ron Paul leading in Colorado - PPP Poll 19:20:51
Today We Are All Patrick Henry 19:09:20
(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? 19:02:12
Romney needs to choose a Vice President 18:52:30
The State Conventions are coming. Let the table turning on the delegate count begin. 18:48:32
Ron and the Judge: Two titans of liberty. 18:47:55
How To Triple Our Donations - Can Someone Get This to the Campaign? 18:29:53
Comment Bomb Needed here-Is the Ron Paul Show Closing Down? 18:28:44
Ron Paul Beating Obama Gets Ignored By The Hill 18:24:11
Ad Tyrone Mall in St Pete, Fl saying Ron Paul has dropped out the race. 18:12:39
Dear Santorum supporters: stuff you might not realize about Dr. Paul 18:03:48
Chico, CA? This article needs your comments! 18:00:56
Sean Hannity...I'm calling you out brotha! 17:52:24
Rally at the Alamo 17:41:12
RP at Independence Hall Philadelphia Sun Apr 22 17:36:02
Space Themed! President Obama and Mitt Romney Ad 17:32:45
DP Posts should allow embedded pics and videos 17:32:44
Did DailyPaul get a new logo? The one I see at the top next to an ad looks sharp! 17:08:25
Oregon Must Register by April 24th 17:07:47
Big Surprise: Pakistan Wants To Be Left Alone 16:57:23
Time to Bring Out The Judge 16:55:28
CBS News: Inflation rising in 2012! 16:47:59
Now that Santorum's out - the MSM attacks on Romney begin! 16:44:15
FL Gov. Rick Scott vetoes bill that would reduce sentences for drug possession 16:43:38
Ron Paul - CSPAN Airing TX Now (Link) 16:32:56
Veterans for Peace Leah Bolger Faces Jail for Challenging the US Government on how it Uses OUR Tax Dollars 16:26:40
Tax-Breaks for Alpacas? How About Tax-Breaks for Americans? 16:26:28
Votes for Romney hanging by a thread 16:24:56
An Open Letter To Santorum Supporters: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW 15:59:05
John Stossel: I left ABC ‘because it sucked there’ 15:55:39
Score one for freedom and grassroots activism 15:51:23
Just One Pull of a Trigger 15:48:31
Article - Lack of Crowds Vexes Romney Campaign 15:46:34
In Defense Of Your Home 15:42:34
Ron Paul does it again~ Defeats Obama in new Poll- Copies of all others with articles 15:31:47
Paul Meets Quietly with Evangelicals 15:19:11
Show Santorum Supporters the Statement of Faith 14:56:49
More Fraud in Georgia 14:54:39
Virginia Delegates Blocked by Corrupt Committee Chairman 14:52:16
Open letter to Republicans - We will not give up on our constitution 14:45:54
Ron Paul Star Wars Poster: Daniel Williams' Road to R3VOLution Vid.Game UPDATE, a RawStory Exclusive! 14:38:40
Ron Paul Delegates in Pennsylvania 3rd Congressional District 14:37:16
The Real Mitt Romney 14:31:41
No Coverage of 3/29/12 Bill: H.R.4310 - NDAA for FISCAL YEAR 2013 14:15:14
Still no charges almost one year after Gibson raid - video 14:13:23
Free service offers users anonymous IP address, encrypted Internet history 14:07:29
you have a choice! picture 14:06:29
Chickenhawk Rush Limbaugh received draft deferment for cyst on his butt 14:00:57
The Mainstream' Media's Nightmare : Romney vs. What's His Name 13:56:36
This Internet Provider Pledges To Put Your Privacy First. ALWAYS! 13:47:08
How Did Mitt Romney Get So Obscenely Rich? 13:45:44
Cop Tasers Grampa. Twice. Inside his house. 13:26:12
Daily Caller: Gary Johnson’s Strange Foreign Policy (A Real Downer) 15:57:44
Senator Jim DeMint On Why The GOP Needs To Become More Libertarian 13:17:55
Plea To Americans – The World Needs Ron Paul 13:16:28
Phony KONY 2012: Security Crisis in the Sahel Region of Africa 13:16:27
"Water the Tree of Liberty with the Blood of Patriots" 13:15:21
She Knew Too Much About JFK's Murder So She had to be Terminated with Extreme Prejudice 13:14:39
What a day in Ft. Worth Texas! 13:13:20
Any Rush fans? A modern day warrior, mean mean stride, today's Tom Sawyer mean mean pride 13:08:53
Rumors of QE3 and gold/silver start surging... 13:06:42
Very Good Ron Paul Channel - Veetle. Stumbled on it by accident. 13:01:59
MSM asks: Is Paul the new anti-Mitt? 12:45:55
Hit up a post to keep title on front page / Evangelicals turn to Ron Paul 12:41:16
More Republicans now say Afghanistan war not worth fighting 12:36:13
Actual Delegate Totals So Far/ I need links! 12:35:28
Canadian Municipalities Look to Ban GE Crops, Trees, Plants 12:33:01
RNC Delegate Counts (Google Doc) 12:28:26
Where do we get our oil? - 75% is from the Western hemisphere 12:24:37
Ron Paul: 'We have a revolution to fight, a country to change' 12:19:48
Vigilante Border Patrol? 12:16:44
Pennsylvanians: Boycott The Apr 15 Money Bomb! (Unless...) 12:16:36
Time To Step Up For Ron Paul 12:14:29
'Minimum Wage' Leads To 'Zero Wage' 12:11:59
Marc Scaringi says his views are closest to Ron Paul's - PA Senate Debate 12:09:00
Zimmerman arrested for 2nd degree murder 12:06:53
'Freedom Informant Network' 11:41:17
Newt Gingrich: ‘CNN is less biased than Fox News’ 11:41:13
Wash Times: Why Santorum Supporters should side with Ron Paul 11:26:55
Dr. Paul overwhelmingly winning this poll! 11:17:38
Cancel your Cable or Satellite Service and Help The Taxpayer Freedom Money Bomb! 11:04:57
Ron Paul should definitely win this poll. Please vote and share 11:04:17
Ron Paul Super Brochures 11:00:21
Media Blackout Image with Dates 10:57:54
Gingrich exposes FOX News bias 10:52:43
Ron Paul Video: "I'm Baaack"! 10:47:48
April 15th Money Bomb - Viral Marketing Tools 10:46:32
Why Santorum supporters should choose Ron Paul 10:34:49
Why wait until Sunday, donate now. 10:24:31
Chuck Baldwin: The Man Who Should Be President 09:52:50
Erick Erickson: "Mitt Romney as the Nominee: Conservatism Dies and Barack Obama Wins" 09:44:29
Ron Paul is In It To Win It! ARE YOU!? 09:41:12
Legal Money Competition Visited 09:35:46
Why Santorum supporters should stand with Ron Paul 09:35:08
Miami Herald: We have a Revolution to fight; a country to change 09:32:53
Ron Paul: 'We have a revolution to fight, a country to change' 09:32:34
The Great Collapse of the US Empire 09:30:52
Wrote to my local Fox News Station 09:27:08
Online poll, Santorum with a significant lead. 09:19:05
Some thoughts of Einstein 09:10:03
How to understand the Constitution 09:01:40
Santorum's Confused Supporters Panic With Announcement, Run To Google Look For Ron Paul Despite Media's All Out Focus On Romney 08:29:40
(Humor ) The Government can... 08:16:56
JP Morgan acknowledges commodity manipulation on CNBC 08:07:37
"Paul has scaled back his campaign-trail appearances? " - Nonsense! 08:01:22
Ron Paul C-SPAN Washington Journal 08:01:19
Ray William Johnson makes a monetary policy "joke" about Greece. 07:44:50
Obama Script 2008 v 2012 (Video) 07:23:48
This forum had more useful information when - 07:13:37
Latest Delegate Results 07:10:46
Hollow Point .40 cal NOT Allowed For Military in Combat, Only for Homeland Security Against Americans 07:07:25
I had to share twice! 07:01:49
MORE foreign aid, when our own economy is in the dump? 06:46:32
Daily Paul is #5 on Most Visited Libertarian Websites 06:32:14
FULL Video: Dr. Paul @ Will Rogers Memorial Ctr. Fort Worth, TX, April 11, 2012! 05:03:08
URGENT! Are You Going to See Ron Paul in San Antonio Today 04/12? 04:51:58
☮ GHoeberX: The American Upset ☮ 04:47:13
Temecula California Young Republican chair writes about military support for Ron Paul 04:41:22
UnConstitutional DHS' own WhitePaper infers a coming Federal Green Police Division! 04:24:44
Christian Massacres: A Result of U.S. Foreign Policy 04:13:24
Why has my post been moved to OFF TOPIC? IRS: Do We Have A Labor Dispute? 03:27:52
Romney & Jeb Bush ? 02:52:36
We're going to win! 02:45:10
New supporter. New donor. 02:30:45
Santorum's delegates not bound - why 02:22:36
Detroit News Telling Santorum Supporters to Re-evaluate Romney... 02:18:08
SBC Dr. Richard Land endorses Romney 02:15:04
New ISP. First I've heard about this guy. 10 years of constitutional litigation in digital privacy. 02:05:52
Topic to be discussed after April 15 money bomb 02:01:04
St. Charles Caucus News Report 02:00:38
Roll Call: North Carolina 01:38:57
Why Is the Left Slice of the Democrats Getting Crushed? 01:37:53
Tangy Tangerine 01:36:13
Ron Paul's campaign music 01:30:55
Ron Paul Flix interview of Ron Paul campaign adviser Doug Wead 01:01:37
Please help me take down a corrupt GOP Chair 00:46:59
Jon Stewart tonite 00:44:52
Anyone Short US Treasuries? 00:39:36
Boycott MSM Sponsors- and LET THEM KNOW IT! 00:32:33
Proof! Gov't Agencies/Officials/Police are PRIVATE entities! 00:30:46
IMPEACH Obama 2012! Support Rep. Walter Jones R107, narrated by Dir. Sean Stone, Son of Oliver Stone 00:25:37
Video Same Tired Rhetoric 00:24:25
These crowds are VERY encouraging. 00:23:53
Gingrich charges Fox News with pro-Romney bias 00:22:25
It's The Elephant In The Room - Republicans Hate Us 00:16:35
☛ Christian Leader Calls Santorum Followers to Vote for Ron Paul VIDEO 00:13:06
DFW: Only CBS affiliate reports on Ron Paul's visit 00:11:59
RT Capital Account w/Lauren Lyster interview Lew Rockwell! How Central Banks are DESTROYING Human Civilization! 00:11:55
New Daily Paul Banner Sucks 00:11:38