Posted on April 16, 2012

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Back To The 80's: Ron Paul Campaign Speech 4 Parts Gr8 Video 22:20:46
Is a strip search a form of sexual bullying designed to keep the populace in check? 22:50:02
Reposting Video for Santorum Supporters: 3 Tour Sniper/Paratrooper Disabled Veteran, SSG. Williams Endorses Ron Paul 20:32:15
Strategy to Win California, even if you're out of state 17:06:39
Washington Times - Demise of Ron Paul greatly exaggerated- Ron Paul will challenge Romney in Tampa 09:07:40
US Veterans kill themselves at a rate of one every 80 minutes. 10:18:26
Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google's Sergey Brin 04:30:09
Tony Robbins on Out of Control Government Spending 03:19:55
My 13 Year-Old Daughter Ivy back in the news for Ron Paul by way of Jack Hunter, Tom Davis and the Washington Times 00:52:47
It's Working! Ron Paul Wins Minnesota, Colorado Delegates to Republican National Convention 16:34:54
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Why Fight when you can Run To Liberty 23:46:50
How to Spot Fake Silver 23:36:30
Jerry Doyle for Congress? 23:27:29
Informative video from the mid-ninties 23:26:16
Tisha Casida for Congress 23:18:50
Some high-resolution photos 22:59:23
Ron Paul Revolution (The Joe Rogan Experience) 2012 UFC Joe Rogan 22:47:16
OWS Live Streaming Wall Street Arrests and rest blocked in 22:36:24
We are getting so very close. Go to your local and state conventions! 22:35:10
10 Big Companies That Pay No Taxes (and Their Favorite Politicians) 22:28:54
Americans Making Over $50,000 a Year Paid 93.3 Percent of All Taxes in 2010 22:25:14
Nation of Islam Leader: People Are Going to Kill Leaders 22:22:36
Ron Paul IS BEATING Romney/ The media LIES! Watch This! 22:21:47
The Implications Of A Failed Monetary System *vid* 22:12:15
Ron Paul Video Game...looks awesome! 22:10:55
Pentagon Procurement Perfidy: A Weapon against Taxpayers 22:07:33
No Evidence That AIG Bailout Prevented a Meltdown 22:06:09
The 100th Monkey 22:02:19
LP Chair: "Violence is No Way For Civilized People to Get Their Revenue" 21:37:31
Media silent on recent Ron Paul success 21:35:51
Ron Paul Should Do More Media 21:26:09
Romney the Standard Bearer for Conservatives? What a joke. But hey, this is Fox we're talking about. 21:25:43
I saw an interesting thing happen today (audio) 20:58:24
NEW BOOK pegs the fundamental cause for our loss of liberties... 20:56:26
TSA Agent Has Been Stealing iPads from Passenger Luggage 20:45:54
Bikers For Ron Paul ~ Ride To Tampa Video! 20:44:48
lol- California Spent $205,000 To Move A $15 Shrubbery 20:40:17
RNC and Mitt fundraising together 20:27:47
Winter 1777 - Valley Forge, PA 20:26:04
Ron Paul Proves Election Myths False 20:25:49
Natural Born Citizen for Dummies 20:24:48
What's Your Beef? Tell Houston's KHOU 20:15:48
the official Ron Paul shop running out of several shirt/hoodie sizes! 20:10:13
Love Will Be Victorious! 20:02:11
For REAL: What Would Really Happen If Ron Paul Were To Be Elected President? 19:54:06
Top 10 Reasons Why The Mafia Is Better Than The State 19:43:18
Your Right to Record What Police Do in Public 19:32:37
Why Sanctions on Iran Are Also Sanctions on You 19:30:37
Top Scientist: Fluoride Already Shown to Cause 10,000 Cancer Deaths 19:27:48
8 At 8 Urgent! Very very urgent please join! 19:26:41
My soul is free! 19:26:25
Best picture of Ron Paul? 19:25:32
Mitt Romney Cannot Win! (Rick Santorum was right...) 19:12:58
Money Bomb hits 1 MILLION ! 19:10:09
Best Ron Paul Video I've seen... 18:59:05
California needs material 18:55:43
a nice musical spoof 18:54:38
The GOP Is Done Without Ron Paul 18:37:17
Let's top $3 million by our next donation being DOUBLE that of our original donation. 18:37:07
Can You Spare a Few Signs for Pennsylvania? 18:27:23
"In Time" is a Great Movie in which I see a Paulist Vibe 18:16:28
Have a spare $50k? Romney is already selling seats for inauguration event 18:08:32
We all need to heed the warning barry soetoro 18:06:25
Veteran Showdown: Kokesh in Ultimate Debate - Depew, NY - April 21 17:59:02
Texas: Anyone has any spare for me to use in Texas? 17:53:29
Help Justin Amash Win The New Media Challenge- most new "likes" this week. 17:51:10
New Bill Strips Right of Free Passage For Owed Back Taxes! 17:45:02
Will Europe Finally Collapse in May-June? It Looks Very Likely. Watch Out. 17:32:42
Webpage Up, Content Contributors out there? 17:24:37
Obama leads Romney by 9 points in Latest Poll: Time to Back Paul. 17:22:00
Romney =flip flopper 17:15:05
Federal Reserve Banking System 17:14:08
GOP Voters: Don’t Fall for Pundits’ Psyops, How Mitt Romney is a Traitor 17:12:31
Ron Paul Revolution 17:10:25
Bob Chapman - The Liberty Round Table - 16 Apr 2012 - Ron Paul is coming back despite all odds 17:07:56
*Radioshow CALL BOMB* - APRIL 23rd! 16:53:42
Double your Donation NOW 16:37:31
Ron Paul Will Win In The End 16:33:25
Music Video: America Needs to Stand Tall (and Vote for Ron Paul) 16:30:31
The Scourge Mutilator (Ron Paul) 16:29:32
You guys should see what they can do with "holograms" now! 20:27:36
Romney campaign circulated fake Ron Paul slates in Colorado 16:26:50
Estimate of the Current delegate count 16:14:11
Exclusive: Romney Sells Inauguration Access, Nine Months Early: 16:05:30
Dennis Grover - A Great Liberty fighter - Lost 15:58:03
obviously, you have to control what people think 15:56:57
ALERT! Michigan Government Unleashes Armed Raids on Small Pig Farmers 15:56:08
IRS Travel Ban: Revoking Citizenship By Stealth 15:46:01
Louisiana delegate slate who's who - Dead Pelican 15:38:04
A message to your "Non-political" friends. 15:34:58
Jon Stewart talks quantitative easing 15:34:17
Did You File? How Could I Live Without Filing Taxes? (Video) 15:32:51
Romnety not a natural born citizen? 15:31:30
Did anyone on here attend the Wyoming convention where Cheney spoke? 15:29:42
Examiner Article - Gets Delegate Count Correct! Is the tide turning? 15:25:39
End of America - A movie you must see to believe 15:22:00
Bitcoin 15:21:22
Michigan government unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers, forces farmer to shoot all his own pigs 15:20:48
Israeli TV report shows air force gearing up for Iran attack, says moment of truth is near 15:18:54
Why Airport Security Is Broken—And How To Fix It 15:08:10
DHS Puts in Order for More Ammo 15:06:08
US Marines Give President Obama Lowest Ratings Ever 14:45:43
CON of the CENTURY: Obama used the Trust against us: Trustees Have No STANDING to SUE! 14:42:23
To Santorum Supporters Who "Don' t Like Ron's Foreign Policy" 14:36:40
Ron Paul 'founders would be horrified' over Obamacare (Straight Talk) 14:36:37
101 reasons – Obama in 2012 will not be re-elected 14:35:25
Plz Help Defeat Fascism*comment On Rino's Fb Page 14:30:32
Ron Paul Rally on Independence Mall needs to be captured on video! 14:26:23
Expatriate donations 14:25:42
Voddie Baucham Answers "Why Ron Paul?" 14:23:30
Executive Order: Feds To Take Control of Domestic Natural Gas Production 14:22:10
Ballot Entitlement Laws Should Disqualify President Obama In Texas 14:13:30
What would it take for Romney to support Ron Paul? 14:09:56
PA District 6...PLEASE READ! 14:00:26
Update on piggy genocide in MI 13:58:52
Executive Order: Feds To Take Control of Domestic Natural Gas Production 13:54:12
Santorum Supporter Note: Going Viral! - Comment in the Article: No approval required. 13:14:38
Do or die, I'm not going to take it anymore! 13:09:01
The Revolution after the Campaign 13:04:20
Counter Attack on MSM Blackout. 13:03:28
Donate Now or it's going to get Scary! 12:50:05
URGENT ! BREAKING NEWS ! This is how we shut down Congress and stop the Wars and Taxation! 12:45:42
Gingrinch stands no chance. Why won't Dr. Paul attack romney? 12:36:47
Challenging times 12:32:02
Money Drive 12:30:59
Please keep a list of all recent caucus wins trending or front page so we can link to it on news sites, etc. 12:23:09
PRO POLITICO ARTICLE? Am I dreaming? He doesn't list the recent caucus wins, however, please comment IN the article! 12:15:55
Ron Paul: "Professor Obama Gets an F" 12:14:16
How I turned a Democratic phone call into a Ron Paul moment! 12:01:20
. 11:53:16
VIDEO : Woman Sobs During TSA Grope Down 11:49:34
Ron Paul's VP choice could sway Santorum supporters 11:41:57
A support article from Politico... 11:31:55
What Happened, Wyoming? 11:29:53
Some real motivation for the Money Bomb? Watch it. 11:29:40
Mitt Romney Campaign Already Offering Donors Inauguration Access 11:25:55
How to become National Delegate? 11:21:53
Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney on National Defense 11:11:06
PolicyMic: Ron Paul Winning Delegates With Santorum Support Coalition - "Ron Paul is a dangerous competitor" 11:06:04
Path To Victory: 10:59:15
The last Money Bomb? 10:58:20
New York Times: Gingrich and Paul Defy Calls to Rally around Romney 10:55:33
Edgar the Entrepreneur 10:51:19
GOP Candidate Torgerson: "GOP convention overrun by Ron Paul Libertarians!" 10:40:09
Torgerson: GOP Convention 'Overrun by Ron Paul Libertarians' 10:33:16
Bitcoin - If the government hates it, don't you think you should at least consider learning about it? 10:33:04
My idea to help boost this current Money Bomb 10:31:49
Has The GOP Made A Mistake By Dismissing Ron Paul? 10:27:52
Romney says he would Eliminate HUD and Other Federal Agencies 10:19:23
Ben Fulford Pope resignation revelation last month was reported yesterday by MSM and Drudge. 10:14:27
Ron Paul Supporters Still Like Their Chances 10:04:34
This lady in South Dakota running for office lies or has no clue 09:58:35
Time to win this. 09:49:02
Get Out The Vote Pennsylvania 09:37:19
TMOT Drive Time Ron Paul: Supporters Should Quit, Horse Excrement! 09:35:20
Happy Patriots Day! 09:28:28
Michigan Liberty delegates website 09:28:26
Santorum and Paul supporters Work together in Colorado, catch the attention of Main Stream Media 09:15:00
Romney Campaign Already Offering Donors Inauguration Access 09:08:07
Can SOMEONE please REIN this Kid in? He LET MSDNC smear RP w/out a SINGLE Rebuttal! 07:13:47
Ron Paul to GrassRoots : Gimme 2.5 Million or It's Over! 07:08:48
Imagine Ron Paul as President. Is This Fair Comment? 06:43:52
Argentine ex-dictator admits killing and hiding 8000 opponents bodies 06:37:15
☛ Sports fans may want to take a look at who they root for 06:32:01
Gun Show booth 06:31:09
Mitt Romney Caught Giving Free Sub Sandwiches For Votes! IT'S A FELONY! 06:22:17
The Real Newt Gingrich 05:50:44
Russia Stunned After Japanese Plan To Evacuate 40 Million Revealed 05:33:24
Has The GOP Made A Mistake By Dismissing Ron Paul ? 05:03:39
Crime of the Century... 04:49:18
Mitt Romney exposed for circulating fake slates to delegates! CORRUPTION! VOTER FRAUD! 04:15:18
Minnesota delegates so far: Paul 10, Santorum 2 04:02:06
The Use of Force 03:52:37
Tax Day Moneybomb should go until Tuesday the 17th - WHY? 03:50:19
An open letter to Congressman Dr. Ron Paul 03:40:50
Ron Paul 2012 Texas Activism 03:17:00
Romney selling access to a special "Presidential Inaugural retreat," to top donors for $50,000 03:13:09
What Is Life? 03:09:57
We Need To Convice the Campaign to Run this Money Bomb All Week 02:25:43
We can dance! 02:15:33
Why Do All The Kids Love Ron Paul? 02:09:51
Remembering Iran Air Flight 655 02:05:20
Awesome Ron Paul Artwork 01:50:27
Let's REQUEST that Romney simply STEP ASIDE for the STATESMAN 01:41:47
Exclusive: Romney Sells Inauguration Access, Nine Months Early 01:40:57
Happy Anniversary, Romneycare! 01:31:54
Selling Gold and Silver 01:15:27
Im donating $300 Please Match Me-Dig Deep! 00:58:16
Could we convince Glenn Beck to endorse Ron Paul? 00:54:50
Can We Get Peter Thiel to Match? 00:28:39
Can we send this person some love? 00:24:24
Ron Paul Is On His Way! New Ron Paul Song 00:20:29
Wow This lady RIPS RMONEY apart! 00:16:10
Extremely Clear Media Manipulation 00:12:01
Fix income inequality with $10 million loans for everyone! 00:11:42
Romney to welfare mothers: ‘You need to go to work’ 00:01:34