Posted on April 18, 2012

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'Why Ron Paul Should Not Be President' (paperback edition) 23:46:01
Ron Paul attracts 2,000-plus to University of Rhode Island town hall meeting 20:28:37
Californians Don't Know they Must Register Republican 19:07:31
Ron Paul campaign condemns Alaska GOP exclusion of all non-Romney delegates 18:59:49
Greenwald Savages American Media Coverage 17:41:26
Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul, Round 2: Congressional Approval For War 14:17:39
Ex IRS Agent Sherry Peel Jackson Released From Prison, Speaks on Ron Paul 12:06:05
Ron Paul Included on 2012 TIME Magazine: The 100 Most Influential People in the World 22:03:46
New Ron Paul book: "Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman" 00:03:52
Happy Tax Day, Except in California! Taxation-Induced Cancer Kills 11:20:27
Ron Paul: Penny Unwise, Dollar Insane 00:15:47
Ron Paul At Cornell University, Ithaca, NY on April 19th. 17:40:05
Ron Paul At University Of Rhode Island - Wednesday April 18 08:21:41
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Nice Interview 4/18 Rhode Island Radio WHJJ 23:52:31
Alaska GOP Chair Tries To Exclude All Non-Romney State Delegates 23:46:23
Alaska GOP Chair Tries To Exclude All Non-Romney State Delegates 23:45:25
Words of Wisdom From Yoda Worth Reviewing Given Current Events 23:42:24
PA Ballots and Ron Paul Delegates 23:35:45
Remember the South Korea, Colombia and Panama Free Trade Act? Using CO's Prez Santo's Own Words It's Part of a "New World Order" 23:23:32
Bruins Tim Thomas is a Ron Paul Fan 23:06:42
Timothy Sandefur: The Right To Earn A Living: Economic Freedom and the Law 23:04:03
[VIDEO] Fraud against Ron Paul - WYGOP Convention last weekend! 23:02:29
Evidence of NWO Mass Arrests? - 2nd Largest Property Developer In the World's Co-Chairmen Hauled In! 22:56:07
The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection 22:50:31
{HOT Off The Press} : Ron Paul Attracts 2000 Voters To University of Rhode Island 22:48:54
Section 31406 Of Senate Bill 1813 (passed) requires Government Blackbox in ALL 2015 Vehicles 22:41:14
Matt Larson Offered $1,000 To Shut Down YouTube Channel 22:18:47
Rick Santorum bashes Mitt Romney 'frightens me' to think of him as the nominee 22:05:33
I wish I came up with this idea! 22:04:27
You talk of liberty, without knowing what it really is. 22:03:28
Ron Paul - Biblical Principles and Christianity 22:00:35
The Ron Paul Supporter's Creed 21:56:52
Mandatory 'Big Brother' Black Boxes in All New Cars from 2012 21:56:46
Representation Without Taxation - So Where's The Outrage? 21:56:11
{VIDEO} 2 Years After The BP Oil Spill, Is The Gulf Ecosystem Collapsing 21:50:01
{So Much For Protecting Our Border} : National Guard Withdrawing 900 Troops From US - Mexican Border 21:43:59
Pounds for Paul 21:43:34
Bloomberg Wants Ban On Smoking In NYC Apartments 21:39:44
{VIDEO} Sen. Rand Paul Pushes For Further Investigation Of The GSA Scandal On{ 'FOX BUSINESS'} 4-18-12 21:39:25
The New Normal- Defining Irony (TSA at it again) 21:23:58
Ron Paul is The Health Freedom Candidate 21:14:44
Must See! License Plate Scanner in action video! 21:05:43
A Tax Question That Makes You Wonder, Why Pay? 21:02:31
Ron Paul nomination for President's Citizen Medal 20:57:41
Health Freedom Expo CEO Julie Kline Presents Ron Paul Health Freedom Leadership Award 20:56:34
Congressman Ron Paul is one of Time Magazine's '100 Most Influential People' 20:37:42
Donate, and get a 20:21:19
HD VIDEO: Ron Paul (Highlights Edit) from CA State University Chico 4/3/12 20:16:27
Paul Supporters Win Georgia GOP Vote Against the NDAA 20:13:37
What Real Militas Should Be About 20:12:53
Competing Currencies: The Founders Said "No." 20:03:11
Funniest video on Santorum ever! 20:02:00
This Doctor Had Good Advice 20:01:46
Become a Founding Member of The Alyssa Peterson Society. 19:53:08
Liveleak video: Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney- How the hell is Romney winning? 19:52:48
Kentucky - TODAY is deadline to register to vote 19:48:37
The Twelve-Year Conservative Compromise 19:42:51
Greta Poll: Has your opinion of Romney improved? 19:41:53
Another Liberty Candidate Needs your Help! 19:20:12
Another Liberty Candidate Needs your Help! 19:20:01
Pro-taxation-vandals-deface-ron-paul-2012-louisiana-campaign-headquarters 19:02:58
Super Brochure delayed delivery? 18:49:21
12 Year Old Girl Explains the Monetary System - Mind Blowing! 18:33:44
12 Year Old Girl Speaks to Corrupt Banking 18:26:03
What an interesting day... 18:12:31
Let's talk checks 18:05:22
NDAA: Just Watch! 17:59:11
Help Alaska Delegates Get To The State Convention! 17:42:36
An Uplifting email from Michigan HQ (from RPF) 17:35:13
Hey Ricky! A Swansong For Santorum 17:32:07
Deutsche Bank: Worst of Global Crisis Yet to Come as Rescue Cash Runs Out 17:20:28
Stop Cispa Now! Sign Petition! 17:14:34
Liberty - A punk rock song for Dr Paul 17:06:40
Kotaku's Snarky Article on the Ron Paul Video Game 17:04:02
AP slowly updates GOP delegate projections 17:01:33
North Carolina Primary May 8, 2012 16:58:46
White House wants nomination for 16:56:20
Spain's king fractures hip during elephant hunt 16:54:30
US Credit Downgraded Again 16:40:36
"If Romney can declare the nomination without 1,144 delegates, then so can I." 16:33:25
Current List of the "Committee of 300" 16:13:25
..A Spiritual Economic Book on $ And Remembering Who You Are 16:05:47
This was a bing result? Ron Paul campaign still strong as he seeks to change politics despite GOP opposition and media silence 16:03:52
Why Is Ted Nugent backing Romney ? 16:01:11
Ted Nugent Being Investigated By Secret Service For Threatening Remarks He Made During Radio Show? 15:44:05
Tarrant County Texas Conventions this Saturday! Live updates 15:42:26
Man strips naked in protest to TSA 15:41:36
Rick Santorum Delegates Surging to Ron Paul 15:40:27
The Bush and Obama (B&O) Railroading of America 15:35:33
Will Are Revolution Come To This 15:32:31
The Bush and Obama (B&O) Railroading of America 15:29:22
Sherry Peel Jackson: What Ron Paul did for me. 15:26:48
Tim Thomas and the Ron Paul bumper sticker 15:24:42
Perfect Response...(hilarity warning) 15:24:41
Still spewing radiation and bull from TEPCO 15:23:18
Surprise, surprise! Romney's Econ. advisors: A Fed lover, a lobbyist, and a Bushie! 15:17:45
Uh-Oh, Ted's in twubble now... 15:10:12
Flyers/Penguins Game 3 Debacle and the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION 15:07:20
Obama eats dogs and Romney forces them to ride on top of cars - animal cruelty much? 15:03:18
SoCal Activists, join us at Liberty HQ in Venice! 14:59:40
Michael~Help! 14:58:33
DELEGATE for Ron Paul on half hour radio show in RI 14:57:27
We are going to DOMINATE in 2014 and 2016. Locally, State level, Federaly (And internationally) 14:50:44
Praise for Dr. Paul's Campaign 14:48:24
Join Our Reading Group Discussions 14:47:30
How real is our news? 14:47:23
State Convention Protocol 14:33:44
My Mom just forwarded me this message from my Uncle (NAM Vet) 17:32:14
98,000Federal employees owed a combined $1 billion in back taxes. 14:30:41
Ron Paul Campaign Announces Rhode Island TV Ad Buy 14:29:36
PLEASE pump up the comments section... 14:27:31
Romney Can Be Convicted of Voter Fraud in 2008 - Can the Paulistas Make It Happen? 14:25:10
The American Majority 14:22:07
Ignorance Is Bliss - Gullible Public Or Lying Media & Government Or All Of The Above (VIDEO) 14:20:53
Rand Paul on the Alex Jones Show TODAY 4/18 14:17:02
{VIDEO} New Ron Paul AD {"The Plan"} Airs In Rhode Island, Thursday, April 19,2012 13:59:20
Government Preparing for the End of the Federal Reserve Charter in 2013 13:50:08
MUST READ: Fmr. IRS Agent/WhistleBlower Sherry Peel Jackson: What Ron Paul Did For Me 13:49:22
SoCal Meetup reppin' Ron Paul during NorCal Lake Tahoe snowboard trip 13:47:36
To Fellow Christians 13:47:33
Ron Paul named 1 of TIME 100 Most Influential People in the World 13:47:26
Ron Paul supporters pick up delegate seats at state Republican meetings, angle toward contested national convention in August 13:46:07
If there is a Wealthy Ron Paul supporter that is maxed out reading this... 13:22:48
FREE 2'x4' banners (plus $8 shipping) 13:14:30
How Can Christian Supporters Say Ron Paul Can't Win? 13:12:23
Four dollars for a gallon of water? The dream of Monsanto and other corporations wanting to privatize water 13:12:15
12 Year Old Girl Explains How to Destroy Corrupt Canadian Banking System 13:09:59
2012 Time 100-The 100 Most Influential People in the World: Ron Paul 13:09:01
sorry -old news posted 13:07:35
PiX: Have You seen Your Fine Beautiful Selves @ the Official RP2012 Campaign Flickr Acct. lately? 13:04:21
Why We Need Ron Paul To Be Our Next President! 12:59:47
Chance encounter with Police restores faith in them regarding Martial Law 12:54:59
Is Ron Paul Actually Jack LaLanne? 12:53:06
*Paul Vs Krugman!* 12:50:17
Paul vs. Krugman - click for a great smackdown! 12:47:47
Media Awareness Week 12:46:50
A Ron Paul Video Game ! 12:45:44
Penny Unwise, Dollar Insane by Ron Paul 12:42:15
{VIDEO EVIDENCE OF VOTE FRAUD} 2012 Wyoming Republican State Convention : Erroneous Ballots Cast Purposely 12:41:28
4:44 Last Day on Earth : Hollywoods Latest "Propaganda Materpiece" { HD TRAILER} 12:32:51
Cop arrives at wrong address and KILLS dog in front of owner 12:26:04
[EXCLUSIVE RAND PAUL INTERVIEW] W / Alex Jones,, 11am - 12noon CT 12:25:15
BREAKING: Rand Paul on InfoWars today, April 18th. 12:20:30
Odds of Obama's reelection at 62% 12:19:28
Video evidence of the vote fraud at the Wyoming state convention over the weekend 12:13:11
RT : Ron Paul Says De'd Protect Bradley Manning And Other Whistleblowers 12:06:34
Santorum mailer: Romney as GOP nominee 'frightens me' 11:50:00
Ron Paul the VIDEO GAME! 11:41:27
Article on monetary theory and pro gold standard on my flight from Bulgaria to Greece 11:41:09
[MORE TSA TYRANNY] TSA Treats 95 Year old Wheelchair Bound Veteran Like A Terrorist, $300 Stolen 11:39:25
We'll be going against "Shill"ary in November... Obama is toast! 11:37:54
You've heard of the 9-9-9 plan. Here is a better plan: The 10-10-10 Plan! 11:32:00
Ron Paul endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate Kurt Bills (MN) 11:22:20
Old Book-Income Tax-The Root of All Evil 11:22:15
How Romney STEALS delegate votes from Ron Paul with deception! 11:20:11
Ballot Box Switcheroo? 11:17:48
Updated: Ron Paul Rhode Island - LIVE! Stream/Pics/Reporting 11:17:27
US troops pose with Afghan insurgent bodies 11:07:13
Just how organized ARE Romney delegates? 10:58:52
Shareholders Reject Citigroup Executive Compensation Package 10:58:49
Who Owns the Federal Reserve ? 10:53:19
Vernon Robinson for Congress? 10:51:40
Any Ohio RP fans out there know 10:51:02
Men of Honor 10:21:55
MO Congressional District Conventions 10:12:34
I Binged Ron Paul This Morning and 10:12:05
Video: Oh oh, Dr. Paul being brave again! Q&A @ San Antonio, TX Luncheon, April 12, 2012 09:41:12
Santorum mailer: Romney as GOP nominee 'frightens me' 09:40:47
Video: Squirm ya little... er, tall Statist RINO Liar! Squirm! Kelly Maher P0WNzd @ CO State Convention Ctr! 4/13/2012 09:30:26
Ron Paul is Real! Best quote I have heard all year. 09:25:28
Even our pets are becoming vitims of a police state 09:15:58
NEW VIDEO Ron Paul: 'We have a revolution to fight, a country to change' 09:14:58
Does anyone know Ted Nugent? 09:11:56
Ron Paul on NEOCON Talk Radio in RI CALL! 09:01:36
The next moneybomb? Not a moneybomb, let's try a Raffle instead! 08:46:56
Fred Mars has a good grip on Reality 08:41:05
Delegate Updates: Can Our Paid Staff Always Discuss The Real Est. Delegate Totals? 08:11:32
Ron Paul Rally at University of Rhode Island April 18 08:10:00
$5 a Day Everyday This Week - Lets Push the Moneybomb to $2 Million by Week's End 08:01:56
Santorum Letter: Romney Nomination Truly Frightens Me! 07:31:33
Politics vs Ron Paul with Joe Rogan - WARNING ! Explicit Language (Great Compilation) 07:25:47
The Campaign should sell Silver to raise money. 07:18:03
Ron Pauls Message is Spreading Even a 12 Year Old Canadian Is Clamoring for Sound Money 06:58:43
Get to know Dr. Paul 06:48:30
Mitt Romney Admits Massive Media Blackout of Ron Paul! 06:22:50
Those who want to be rid of Carl Levin, Co-Author of the NDAA please read! 06:20:41
Some Ron Paul truth in the main stream media?! 06:10:43
Concentrated Activism - Go Viral: Expose Romney Wave 1 05:15:49
Santorum's stance 04:50:55
I would like to see a poll Paul, Romney, Obama 04:32:09
The Tea Party is "not educated enough" to support Ron Paul, going for Gingrich 03:46:19
TV spot - Romney family endorses Dr.Paul 03:17:10
The Ultimate Romney Flip-Flop Compilation 02:34:34
The Man Who Should Be President 02:31:55
44% of min. wage workers attended or graduated college. 2010 data, Schiff radio 02:24:54
Gives Life Restores 02:22:38
Ron Paul rubber keychain! 01:57:20
I just pictured Ron Paul in the Oval Office. Tell us your fantasy. 01:55:23
Future NOW: What lingers on in Labs; NOT lack of Human Innovations, but Multitudes of Political Interferences! 01:54:54
Romney Hands Over Nomination to Ron Paul 01:45:14
New Grassroots Ron Paul Ad – Establishment Candidates Are All The Same 01:39:52
The GOP Lost the Birth Control Debate a Decade Ago 11:26:39
Romney Campaign Slogan, "Do exactly what Ron Paul says." (link added) 01:16:45
Dr. Isaac Asimov 01:14:46
GuardianUK: Torture? It's what Govts have ALWAYS done - UK destroyed Records of Colonial Crimes [committed just 50 yrs ago!] 01:03:58
FUNNY: Should Newt Gingrich Drop Out? 00:49:55
Ron Paul Delegates in Alaska Going the Extra Mile 00:46:56
Sen. Rand Paul Re-Introduces Amendment To Eliminate Foreign Aid To Egypt - 00:28:46
My Dear, Sweet Mother 00:25:18
BOMBSHELL: Constitution is a Trust, the People are the Beneficiaries! Public Servants are Trustees! 00:03:53
Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney - How the Hell is Romney Winning? 00:02:45
New Video Ron Paul on the issues 17:31:04
Count Me. (An Ode to Liberty) 11:16:18