Posted on April 21, 2012

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Iowa All District Conventions SWEEP 4-21-2012.. 23:50:53
Ron Paul Wins 20 Out Of 24 Congressional Delegates From The State Of Minnesota 22:23:09
Ron Paul Hosts CNBC's Squawk Box - Monday April 23rd 20:25:47
Paul Supporters Sweep Oklahoma District 4 18:47:13
WSJ: How the Fed Favors The 1% 14:27:15
Just Returned From The Texas GOP District 17 Convention 14:23:22
DailyMailUK: Return of Debtor's Prison in America - An IL Breast Cancer Survivor jailed, for MISTAKEN $280 Med. Bill! 14:16:40
Ron Paul an unlikely force in Minn. Senate race 13:33:12
NSA Whistleblower: U.S. Government is Lying! Has Copies of Most of Your Emails 14:25:11
Ron Paul Interview at Cornell: "A lot can happen before the convention!" 07:16:49
Albany Times Union: They traveled to Ithaca to hear Ron Paul 05:55:12
"Become Ron Paul" 06:47:46
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This is how you start a Ron Paul conversion... 23:56:39
America the Congo: Couple Held at Gunpoint Arrested After Buying Home 23:53:33
Just returned from Harris County Convention in Houston, SD 7 23:46:55
Ron Paul Wins at Least Six Delegates in Wyoming Caucus 23:44:24
The evil machine said we had no wings to fly 23:35:17
Ron Paul Intro @ University of Pittsburgh, 4/20/12 23:31:16
Adam Kokesh...Just a little inspiration from a while ago! 23:25:23
Something We Could Do In Minnesota 23:19:38
So excited to drive 2 hrs to see Ron paul! 23:03:11
Paul Krugman: "natural rate of interest is BELOW current levels" 22:46:51
Tuesday: Rain is Predicted for the PA Primary 22:44:14
Different media for the message 22:31:44
Obama betrays the left; cheers continued expansion of drug war 22:22:33
Chuck Colson, 1937-2012 21:55:22
Foreign Policy: Adam Segal calls for Anonymous to hack China 21:50:09
The GOP National Convention - any rule at that convention can be changed, including bound delegate rule. 21:38:53
fromTexas SD 12! 21:38:52
MN Nearly Sweeping Delegates! 21:33:10
PBS - The Botany of Desire: Cannabis intoxication 21:13:44
WA State Cowlitz County Convention Results 21:13:05
Operation Infiltration: The Future Of Liberty Is In The Gop 21:08:19
It Almost Hurts-Updated 21:07:06
Subtract 6 Delegates from the Romney count in Minn add 22 for Paul 21:06:48
Homeowner Not Allowed to Fly American Flag, So… 20:59:30
Fight the Good Fight... 20:54:15
Bad delegate news from Missouri. 20:52:06
Keep your Romney, give us Ron Paul ! 20:51:23
OUTRAGEOUS! - CNN Pressures RNC To Dump Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich (VIDEO) 20:49:39
Newt Out? Gingrich Cancels North Carolina Trip 20:48:07
Polls: Rasmussen: Ron Paul head to head with Romney in the latest match ups with Obama 20:36:54
Report from one suburban Houston senate district convention 20:34:20
Dr. Paul being drafted! 20:30:37
"Living In The Land Of Presumptions": How Americans Got Their A$SES "PRESUMTIVELY" Handed To Them! 20:29:16
Rand Paul won't vote for the Paul Ryan budget plan 20:19:10
Dueling "What If?" Speeches-Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano 20:16:14
Ron Paul Brings Out Thousands! (VIDEO) 20:12:45
Ron Paul to host CNBC's Squawk Box! 19:53:23
Medical marijuana: Multiple sclerosis 19:48:08
CT delegate 19:42:59
Here are the numbers to argue RP's non MSM coverage. 19:40:52
Climate Cult Member calls for the Burning of your house 19:40:06
TIME's most influential Top 10: Ron Paul is among them. How did the other candidates in Elections 2012 fair in readers choices? 19:35:45
Ron Paul to Guest Host CNBC's Squawk Box; Monday April 23rd 2012 6:30 AM EST 19:31:21
Ron Paul Visits The University of Texas At Austin - Thursday April 26th 19:30:03
Missouri Split 12 National Delegates Romney, 7 Santorum, 4 Paul, 1 Newt 19:26:57
CNN Pressures RNC to Dump Ron Paul 19:25:10
Breaking: Oklahoma District 4 Ron Paul Revolution Delegate Sweep! 19:21:50
Ron Paul Revolution Alive and Well at the Brewers Game! 19:19:07
Here We Go Again: Congress Pushes CISPA 19:12:22
Ron Paul Doesn't Plan On Quitting, Neither Should You! 18:56:18
Huge Victory For Ron Paul In Iowa! 18:55:20
*REQUEST* for upcoming Indiana Primary 18:55:01
Iowa District 3 results - looking good! 18:51:48
Winners of the Iowa GOP state central committee elections (Paul supporters hold 6 of 12 seats) 18:45:40
Server Outage 4/21 18:41:54
Hidalgo County, TX Convention Report 17:01:47
Raise Money for Ron Paul 16:54:12
Sad news MO Dist 3 16:53:58
Seven Reasons Why Santorum Supporters Should Support Ron Paul 16:50:20
What Ron Paul Did For Me 16:50:00
Dr. Ron Paul One 'Romney Scandal' Away From GOP Nomination 16:41:36
3 of 4 delegate slots 16:38:47
Has anyone heard of this group? Is it legit? 16:38:15
Tea Party Forces Primary For Mult - Term Incumbent Hatch 16:32:52
How did I miss this one? Mike Connell 16:23:39
Marco Rubio Wants GOP Dream Act In Place By Fall Semester, In Time For Undocumented Kids 16:15:30
Taliban commander turns himself in to collect $100 reward 16:14:18
Leaked CIA Memo: Bush knew US torture was 'war crime' 16:07:54
Did Karl Rove murder Bush's "Election Fixer"? 16:06:27
Galveston county Texas GOP county caucus 15:58:20
Who Is Lying: The Federal Reserve Or… The Federal Reserve? 15:49:18
Short Clip From Cornell 15:43:49
Nevada Delegation 15:42:13
WOW chk this page out ;) - The Illuminati supreme 15:41:58
VIDEO - This Guy Is Pretty Amazing! : Art With A Salt Shaker 15:34:11
My email to U.S. Rep Jeff Miller re:CISPA 15:32:44
Minnesota CD2 results! 15:28:52
Are Writers for NBC's The Office Ron Paul Supports? 15:28:18
Success - Perhaps 15:28:04
The New York Observer needs to hear from you! You GOTTA read this editorial! 15:26:43
VIDEO - Jonas The Great! : Ten Month Old Toddler Doing Pull Ups - Amazing Feat - Cute 15:15:48
Attention web designers, developers, and r3volution artists... 15:14:42
Received This Email From A Good Friend Living In Buda, TX...It Works! 15:07:51
Dear Dr. Bernanke 14:50:18
LA Medical Examiner On Final Cause Of Andrew Breitbart's Death - For Immediate Release 14:48:15
Quick simple overview of the Federal Reserve in less than 10 minutes 14:42:06
Senator Orin Hatch : "Now I Love Ron and Rand Paul"... Oh, Really Orin? 14:39:26
Out of MN Congressional District. 14:25:08
Romney Revolt At Liberty University 14:11:52
#WhatCanPossiblyGoWrong: Brewster Jennings Model proved so effective, DoD wants to copy the CIA 14:04:35
PPP poll: Paul ties Romney against Obama, leads Mitt among Independents and scores best among the 30-45 age group 14:02:54
Poker Face coming to Rochester NY this Saturday night for a Ron Paul event 14:02:45
State and USAID - FY 2013 Budget 13:51:46
Congressional race DC 18 Westmoreland PA 13:43:37
WSJ Vid: Omg! Skynet Is Here!'s FAA-FOIA reveal Many Local LE & Univ. requested Drone Usage 13:41:51
Drudge: "Obama tries to buy back youth vote..." Where did it go? 13:32:55
This Post Needs More Comments - This "Author" Needs More Messages in His INBOX 13:32:48
New Energy Documentary Trailer / Q&A: Take Back Your Power, Dangers of 'Smart Meters' Grid 13:30:34
Ron Paul Rallies in Pittsburgh 13:22:45
RT-video TSA Pushing To Have Body Scanners Nationwide 13:18:29
Amendment could strip press freedom in effort to curb corporate political spending 12:59:33
Press Release: "Conservative Media Like Their Criminal White Shoe Boys" 12:55:20
Romney Revolt at Liberty University ! 12:50:42
SOPA mutates into much worse CISPA, the latest threat to internet free speech 12:31:31
Missouri 7th Congressional District Convention 12:31:17
Should We Kill The Dollar Bill? 12:20:31
Full Ron Paul Speech in Pittsburgh 4/20 12:17:08
WSJ- 'Drone Use Takes Off on the Homefront" 12:13:30
Ron Paul: Doesn't Plan On Quitting, Neither Should You! 12:04:22
Thrive Movement! Please read! 11:45:16
Can someone please translate this? 11:44:41
How Ron Paul can still win and thoughts on the upcoming primaries 11:38:47
Question Regarding New York Primary On Tuesday April 24th 11:37:37
This article just proves that we need to be registering more voters in CA! 11:10:48
North Carolina: Vote for Ron Paul Now 11:08:31
Attack Romney! What are you waiting for? 11:03:52
Article - Why has the polling stopped? 10:31:08
Dvds, bumper stickers, and assorted odds and ends available to a good home 10:29:47
International Poetry Forum Contest Gives Paul 2/3 Of The Entries 10:15:36
Iraqi cities hit by deadly bomb blasts (Fine example of US Foreign Policy to "Spread Democracy") 10:10:27
400,000 Member Poetry Forum Contest: 9 entries Paul receives 6, Romney and Gingirch 0 10:06:03
Ron Paul to Guest Host for CNBC Squawk Box -MONDAY 09:51:48
Is the NFL going to start "Helping us get our minds right?" 09:48:30
Obama accidentally proves Ron Paul's point 09:46:44
Here at Texas Tarrant County Senate District Convention 09:38:09
USA Today adds Ron Paul videos 09:26:17
Need Help Immediately! 09:22:07
Republic for the united States of America 09:20:05
Poems Dedicated To Ron Paul 09:14:25
All Those Attending Caucus Today: Be on Your Game 09:12:09
Iowa Politics: What to watch for at the Iowa GOP district conventions tomorrow 08:32:47
TICK, TOCK...TICK, TOCK...Throwing Down The Gauntlet. Hey Paid Staff: Attack Romney Now! 08:26:00
(Desperate) Newt Now Check-bouncing - And - Selling Supporter's Info! 08:25:10
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Facing Legal Trouble - The Rise of Ron Paul 08:16:16
Can Millennial men get their girlfriends to support Dr. Paul? 08:10:12
UK Eugenicists play God, Again: Synthetic DNA 'created.' Behold: The X-NA 08:01:10
Ron Paul still in the race with millions in funding and zero debt 07:40:00
Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich Make Last-Ditch Effort to Hold Off Mitt Romney 07:38:53
Another important anniversary coming up on Sunday, May 13th. 07:35:00
Who's with me? Let's create a new party and show the RNC 07:29:17
Anyone in Indiana who could use some super brochures and yard signs? 06:21:27
Today: IOWA Republican Party District Conventions 05:28:05
Ron Paul : GOP front runner! 04:55:08
Videos: Ron Paul on The Quinn & Rose Show, 4-20 10:25:29
Please help me understand why 03:50:23
TRUETUBE channel presents MED genre (Meditation/Medication) 03:45:46
Mini Bomb Now 4/21/12; Help Reach $1.5 Million 03:25:44
Three Videos Obama's Lawyers Are Trying To Get Taken Down Right Now ! 03:20:27
Ron Paul Rally Pittsburgh, PA Videos at Soldiers and Sailors Auditorium 2,550+ 02:23:31
How You 're A Literal Slave To Banksters (Including Judges) - Matrix Comprehensively Revealed In One Impressive PDF 02:17:20
A man's rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. 02:13:12
Woman’s Coke ‘habit’ cited in death 02:04:18
Orrin Hatch praises Ron Paul and son Rand 01:54:38
Ron Paul sticks to risky issues, appeals to young people 01:48:58
Ron Paul keeps on running 01:41:37
Never Forget and Never Lose Hope. 01:35:15
Reality Check: Does CISPA Mean The End of internet Privacy? 01:19:12
Holy Cow! Ron Paul Blimp Taking Pledges? 01:08:41
Ron Paul Daily News - April 20 2012 01:02:29
Ron Paul FLIX Daily News - Apr 20 2012 - Ron Paul Optimistic! - CISPA - Great Delegate News 00:54:45
Ron Paul to Speak at University of Houston on April 27th at 7pm! 00:19:10
With Santorum Out, Ron Paul Supporters Reach Out to Evangelicals -Christian Post Article 00:12:06