Posted on April 25, 2012

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Paul Win A Real Possibility Now That Newt Is Out 17:48:25
Video: Mitt Romney Wins 5 States But Ron Paul Wins Iowa and Minnesota 16:41:52
Ron Paul Powerhouse 15:31:54
Newt Gingrich To Drop Out Next Tuesday Leaving Paul as the Last Anti-Romney Standing 14:12:10
Doug Wead: Dr. Ron Paul vs. Mitt - A Brutal Battle - April 23, 2012 10:00:44
'Ron Paul Wins Washington, On Track to Be Nominated at 2012 GOP Convention' 09:58:25
Santorum: Romney Is ‘The Right Guy’ To Challenge Obama 07:18:19
Lesson: How the Electoral College Works (Grades 3 - 6) 08:52:52
Spain For Ron Paul 18:41:50
Rural kids, parents angry about Labor Dept. rule banning farm chores 02:59:51
Freedom Storm: New Ron Paul Philadelphia Speech Film-Now Out! 08:14:54
Fed's Latest Interest Rate Decree Issued Today - Press Conference at 2:15 09:00:45
Urgent - Ron Paul Campaign needs HELP in Louisiana! 07:37:16
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Fabulous vid of crowds 23:53:57
Anyone find link to tonight's Reality Check? 23:49:02
DF-21 Chinese Missile 23:46:58
Soldier Dismissed over Obama comment 23:46:26
RNC violates their own rules by airing weak pro-Romney ad 23:45:34
Video Ad - Promoting Free Markets 23:40:05
Deleted 23:34:29
Mini Money bomb. + May 5th!+ TODAY! 23:29:39
One For The Record - A Look At Ron Paul 2012 (Video) 23:29:29
Daily Show: Ron Paul reference 4/25 23:25:28
Ron Paul REVOLUTION: The Kick Them All Out Project 23:21:48
Ron Paul Looks to Shine in the Lone Star State 23:13:43
Comments By Day 23:11:10
#RonPaul upset in the works! 22:58:44
Rothschild: “I feel sorry for Mitt Romney,” * OUCH! 22:54:19
Ron Paul High Res Photos? 22:53:04
State Taxpayer Kickbacks & Subsidies to Privileged Corporations - Foreign & Domestic! 22:46:06
Stay tuned, it's just a matter of time. 22:38:38
"aftermath : Population Zero (Full)" -Obvious Propaganda IMO 22:35:04
Obama and Romney met recently for drinks? 22:28:30
Now that both Gingrich & Santorum are out, where are the Christian/Evangelical leaders' support? 22:22:25
The dollar may be done: new reserve currency after the election 22:22:00
VIDEO: Ron Paul CISPA Threat to Internet Freedom 22:18:37
The Individual Mandate Isn't The Only Problem with ObamaCare 22:14:24
This lady makes me proud to be a Conservative! 22:12:17
Ron Paul Attracts 1,200-plus Voters to El Paso Town Hall Meeting 22:08:16
Something fishy is up in Oklahoma! 22:05:48
Stephen Colbert PAC raises more than PAC backing Ron Paul 21:56:54
1,200-plus in El Paso for Ron Paul - with pics 21:51:21
America Loves Israel. Why? 21:51:15
Ron Paul Advertising Co-Ops 21:50:51
Capitalism creates jobs, not Mitt's Bain 21:49:00
Check out this Yahoo "article" 21:36:25
New Poll! Should Romney drop out of the Republican primary? 21:34:47
Poll for Tisha Casida! 21:33:42
Presidential Memorandum - Waiver of Restriction on Providing Funds to the Palestinian Authority 21:10:57
Ron Paul voting information for North Carolina 20:57:41
Do you care about Ron Paul's legacy after he retires from congress? 20:46:53
Mitt Romney sets voting record! 20:43:08
Don't Let Anybody Tell You He Can't Win 20:28:43
Spain-France Border To Be Temporarily Closed During European Central Bank Summit 20:28:01
Ron Paul supporters creed 20:15:48
S.1813 -Big Brother In Your Car 20:08:41
Roswell ramps up security after chicken keeper's death 19:52:59
If I Wanted America To Fail 19:51:00
KVOA Arizona Online Poll - Should Ron Paul drop out? 19:36:51
Where Did All The Liberal Civil Liberties Advocates Go? 19:35:38
More TSA Crimes! : TSA Screeners Charged In LA Drug Trafficking Probe 19:31:36
Romney and RNC break GOP rule #11? 19:31:16
Top California State Senate Races to Watch 19:24:35
Duke University should hope to host a 'Doctor' Ron Paul rally in Durham, NC. 19:20:47
Ron Paul LIVE from Austin Texas 4/26/12 8PM Eastern 19:13:48
Ron Paul 2012 Wins Iowa & Minnesota Delegates, Demonstrating Possible Path to White House 18:58:32
Romney's primary victory speech 18:53:49
Freedom Broadcasting interviews Marc Scaringi at Ron Paul at Philadelphia Freedom Rally 18:53:16
Outrageous! 18:49:29
How Wrong I Was! The Media's 'BLACKOUT' Of Ron Paul Continues 18:36:52
14 FREE Large Banners 18:30:07
Spain For Ron Paul 18:28:29
Ron Paul Republicans and the Media-Humor 18:27:47
Reuters - George Zimmerman : Prelude To A Shooting 18:27:46
INCREDIBLE Anti-Fed Speech Delivered at New York Fed 18:26:40
Interview With Kelly McMillan : B of A Targets US Firearms and Second Amendment (Audio) 18:22:59
Attack of the Green Commissars 18:10:34
After Newt is gone we need to get him and Santorum Removed from the ballots 18:03:29
Good RT interview with Mary Willison concerning delegates. 18:01:49
Spanish Company Associated w/Geo. Soros Will “Count” America's Votes Overseas In November 18:01:23
A Testing Time - Paul Harvey 18:00:30
Ron Paul Wins Washington, On Track to Be Nominated at 2012 GOP Convention 17:44:54
The regime change machine 17:34:39
A Global force for good? 17:31:53
Jack Hunter coming up on Jerry Doyle Show next 17:30:59
National Association of Gun Rights Survey - One three were 100% pro-gun, only one remains. 17:26:35
Ron Paul Delegate Wins in Pennsylvania's 17th District 17:21:28
Police release DUI suspect over diplomatic immunity 17:19:39
Kids marching for peace ... 17:15:24
MSNBC: Ron Paul Is a Revolutionary 17:14:48
Judge Napolitano 4-24-12 Anti-Protest Law Assault on Free Speech 17:13:49
Ron Paul for President - Anthem - by Vietnam Vet 17:11:27
9+ year Veteran Marine Sgt. Discharged "Less than Honorable" for slamming Obama on Facebook 17:07:53
Give me something good to say please. 17:04:47
ELECTABILITY problem: In two 4/25 national polls Romney trails Obama by 6 and 8 points 16:17:14
Who Needs Super Brochures and Slim Jims 16:15:24
87.7% Of All Counties Not Reporting 100% Have Ron Paul in 2nd Place..hmm 16:14:11
Message To The G.O.P. - Revolution! 16:06:54
Retired US 27year in Service Marine Corps Screams Ron Paul As The Only True Candidate! 16:06:41
Romney Ain't Proud of Wins 16:05:20
Does anybody here know how many people showed up for Obama at the university in Iowa City today? 15:54:23
The NY Primary Is Far From Over For Me As I Am Suspicious Of Vote-Counting-Machine Fraud! 15:50:23
TSA screeners arrested for drug trafficking thru LAX 15:38:23
Daily Beast weighs in on Ron Paul & the delegate situation! 15:36:06
Thomas Massie Campaign Update 15:30:42
After 2 years on job, Camille Barnett gets $50k city pension 15:28:28
Despite Losses, Ron Paul is Still Racking Up Delegates 15:22:57
Lesson from Our Elderly: If a Statist Thug breaks into your Home w/out a Warrant, LOCK him in Basement, get $95,000! 15:06:51
My Speech Delivered At The New York Federal Reserve 15:06:28
"There ought to be limits to freedom." George W. Bush 15:01:30
US Dollar VS Gold: Epic Money Battle - Jim Willie 15:00:57
Obama Ban On Youth Farm Chores Is Part Of Larger Power Grab 14:59:20
If your state hasn't voted yet 14:53:48
Ron Paul video game is getting some good hype 14:51:19
To the GOP & Mitt Romney - 14:45:20
Striking back at the FOX News Mole 14:43:58
Israel Defense Forces chief: "I do not believe Iran will decide to develop nuclear weapons" 14:42:18
Newt's Done!-Ends His White House Bid Today! 14:41:31
Mitt Flip - Wants to replace Helicopter Ben 14:37:37
Prez is speaking @ Univ of Iowa right now and strategic placement of people behind him 14:34:50
Our dedication to the cause will help restore the Republic 14:28:44
Family Misses Flight After Tsa Gives 'Pat Down' To Girl With Cerebral Palsy 14:23:32
Newt the Grinch officially out of the race. 14:22:27
POLITICO : Marco Rubio Biography Says Grandfather Was Ordered 'DEPORTED' 14:17:32
education is a tool use for social engineering 14:11:35
Commodity and US Dollar Back To 1749 14:07:56
Spanish company will Count American votes overseas in November 14:06:17
Justices Seem Favorable To Arizona Immigration Law 14:03:24
Revenue or Spending Problem? 13:58:55
This Not Reported By MSM : Spanish Company To Count American Votes Overseas in November, George Soros Major Shareholder 13:56:14
"Eversole: Military Votes Don't Count" - WT 13:55:15
Gingrich Quits: Says He Will Support Willard. I'm Stunned Speechless! 13:54:16
Why Fukushima is a Greater Disaster Than Chernobyl 13:48:35
Front of US News & Report: Ron Paul Water Torutre 13:47:24
Baltimore Cop Vs 14 Year Old Skateboarder FIRED after video was released. 13:47:13
Russian soldiers on U.S. soil exercising to fight "terrorist threat" 13:44:35
"Does Government Have a Revenue or Spending Problem?" 13:43:26
Ron Paul : The Candidate Who Wasn't There, Yet Is Sticking Around 13:38:54
Obama Opposes CISPA, But Will Sign It Anyway 13:34:07
Ron Paul, New England powerhouse 13:28:11
Ron Paul 1, Prof Roach 0 13:26:27
Ron Paul: The Candidate Who Wasn't There, Yet is Sticking Around 13:21:52
☛ Who Decided to Raise the Interest Rate On Student Loans? VIDEO 13:18:02
Sailing in the delegate support 13:17:26
Facebook and CISPA 13:13:24
The msm is saying Ron Paul is out,he is stil blacklisted 13:12:55
Where were all the young people? Mostly 30-60 yr. olds at convention 13:05:21
I need a volunteer 13:05:20
Rand on GSA Scandal: Obama banned Gvt Functions @ Resorts, but Harry Reid asked Las Vegas be Exempt! 13:04:55
A Feel Good Story 13:04:46
RUBIO, the neocon 13:00:12
CBS News : (UPDATE) Gingrich Plans To Suspend Campaign on Tuesday, May 1 13:00:01
... 12:56:56
Gingrich to leave presidential race next Tuesday... 12:55:18
Newt Gingrich Drops Out 12:53:06
How the Nazis Came to Power: The People Thought They Were Free 12:47:22
What type of voting machines were used in the primaries yesterday (4-24-2012)? 12:44:19
"Go After Romney Money Bomb and TV Ad" (Once Newt is officially out) 12:44:09
Virginia - District 5 - Hampden Sydney College - May 19, 2012 12:43:02
ABC News : New Jersey Autistic Boy Records Teachers' Alleged Abuse (Video) 12:34:54
► Gingrich Is Officially Out! 12:29:43
Is anyone sick of the pandering? 12:27:53
Youtube Video: Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Amendment To Expedite Life Saving Medicines 12:20:52
BBC wants to know what people think about the GOP primaries. Let's tell them. 12:20:03
23,983 Less Votes For Rp In 2012 Pa Primary Than 2008? 12:19:46
Free Market America 12:16:39
Phreedom! Embrace the Spirit! 12:07:13
Gingrich Out! We're going to WAR baby! 12:06:24
Welcome Newt Supporters! 12:04:39
VIDEO - Newt to officially drop out 12:02:45
Why I refused to return to fight in Afghanistan's brutal occupation 12:01:30
Voters in Louisiana-vote slate 7 12:00:27
Go after the Romney delegates 11:57:25
Studies Find More Chemicals, Medications in Drinking Water 11:54:56
New grassroots slogan 11:52:24
Gingrich Gives Up! 11:46:44
Today's Quote 11:46:41
Bradley Manning: A Totalitarian Show Trial of State Secrecy 11:45:42
"If I wanted America to Fail" 11:44:46
Real G's Die Young - pour a 40 on tha curb 4 Newt-RIP Newt Gingrich - Tribute to a gangsta 1943 - 2012 11:42:24
Stefan Molyneux & Dave Nalle Debate TONIGHT! The trash talk has already begun - 11:31:10
Unbelievable! The CIA now officially above the law 11:30:31
Seven Activist Arrested at Military Base in Wisconsin in Action Against Drone Warfare 11:26:15's Brandon Smith: Has America Been Crippled By Intellectual Idiots? 11:19:09
Rumors of the demise of Ron Paul‘s presidential campaign have been greatly exaggerated! 11:18:18
Headed to Austin for Lunch with Ron & to attend the Rally! Who else is coming? 11:14:22
Ron Paul Campaign Launches Operations in Texas Ahead of Candidate’s Second Major Tour 10:52:42
Newt Gingrich: We Will Remember You 10:51:09
I have been inspired. 10:47:14
................. 10:42:53
Washington Post Bias Against Ron Paul 10:38:49
Newt Gingrich Drops Out! - Fox News 10:36:47
Light turnouts are a gift! Will we open it? 10:36:22
Gingrich to leave presidential race next Tuesday, sources say 10:29:34
Brokered GOP Convention likely...Romney in a panic 10:28:21
Gingrich to leave presidential race next Tuesday, sources say 10:17:37
NOT for Ron Paul 10:14:39
► New Free Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout "Honest Ron" Paul Vs Mitt Romney Made For The CALIFORNIA Primary 10:13:02
PolicyMic: Ron Paul Wins Washington, On Track to Be Nominated at 2012 GOP Convention 10:09:39
Only 14 Primaries left, but 26 State Conventions are still coming. Let's clean up that delegate count shall we? 10:08:59
Baltimore Cop Vs 14 Year Old Skateboarder (Must See Video!) 09:58:44
Louisiana Caucus this Saturday – April 28th. The most important action a Ron Paul supporter can do – is to come out and vote! 09:48:57
RonPaulRecount.Com: (doesn't exist quite yet) 09:47:18
America's Military Assists Elite & Corporatist Land Grabs in Africa 09:45:56
Ron Paul - Challenge Mitt Romney to a debate 09:33:28
► New Free Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout "Honest Ron" Paul Vs Mitt Romney Made For The Texas Primary 09:26:24
Busted! New York GOP Vice Chair Spreads Lie 09:26:15
ZoNation: Affirmative Action and Socializing the Big Three 09:01:49
Central Bank gold purchases - an assessment of the impact 09:01:42
My trip to the polls- this is really a good one. 08:47:39
Obama Administration to Ban Farm Chores 08:47:16
Computer Voting Needs To Go 08:39:11
Santorum needs help retiring his campaign debt. 08:29:41
Video: Why MSM's now admitting RP is actually winning Delegates is all about: It's 'Safe' Now 08:15:41
Reading Articles Like This Makes My Head Hurt 07:55:43
Mish: An Obama win in November Sets Up Rand Paul 2016 07:51:28
The necessity of disillusionment 07:41:50
Why Mitt Romney makes me sick. 07:34:18
US Marines Major Christopher Miller, Ron Paul delegate SPEECH 07:30:04
Are Texans really this stupid? Fat chance! 07:25:02
Try a new experience - THINK 07:24:36
Paul can win North Carolina listen how 06:59:17
Policymic: Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney 06:26:17
A Paradigm Shift is Happening! 06:16:25
More people rally for Ron at URI than vote for him in the whole state? 05:59:18
Why we are actually winning by numbers - hard proof by logic 05:21:25
Seeking Civil Liberties Roundtable Commentators 03:56:02
Fantastic resource for 9/11 arguments. Best I've ever seen 03:26:56
Secretive 'Bilderberg Group' Set To Meet In Chantilly Virginia, May 31 - June 3 03:18:05
Allegheny County, PA results 03:17:05
UPDATE: AL Alternate Delegates to RNC 03:12:55
Intrade Texas (Primary May 29 2012) 03:00:51
Let's make the nickname Dr No work for us 02:55:02
Donate For Free, Just a reminder. 02:37:57
Former head says TSA is 'national embarrassment' 02:15:23
The Scourge of Usury 01:40:10
Daily Beast: Ron Paul’s Delegate Haul in Primaries Strengthens Hand at GOP Convention 01:27:07
Could this be the smoking gun against Romney? 01:20:38
Some Anti-Romney Points To Use 01:12:51
10 Important Issues only Ron Paul is Addressing 01:12:25
The Daily Beast: Ron Paul’s Delegate Haul in Primaries Strengthens Hand at GOP Convention 01:00:30
Salute Marine Major Christopher Miller on the DP 00:53:39
Repeating Insanity! Stay Focused Patriots! 09:12:03
Romney: Just another globalist? 00:41:01
Pennsylvania ... You do the math. 00:27:36
Welcome US Marine Major Christopher Miller 00:27:10
Where Is Ron Paul's Victory Rally for MN, CO, IA, Etc.? 00:18:09
Obama's Stolen Election-2008- CIA cronies tell of fraud in Philly & OH 00:14:39
Romney’s Etch A Sketch Campaign Begins 08:47:17
Dana Loesch of CNN admits Ron Paul is the only candidate who will reduce spending 10:39:04