Posted on April 26, 2012

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Ron Paul Draws 6,000 in Austin at U. of Texas 23:58:16
Ron Paul University of Texas at El Paso 4/25/2012 (Full video) 20:12:16
The Revolution has come to Pittsburgh 18:27:43
Ron Paul about to win Louisiana (but we need help) 17:29:25
Businessweek: Ron Paul's Torchbearers 13:53:34
Video Update: Ron Paul Interview w/Neil Cavuto - Fox Business Thursday, April 26, 2012 22:07:17
Ron Paul Wins 5 Delegates in Pennsylvania; Romney Officially Has Zero 10:27:35
CISPA To Remove 4th Amendment Rights - Stop CISPA 08:23:54
Ben Swann Reality Check: Infighting at More GOP Caucuses and What the MSM Won't Tell You About Iowa and Minnesota 08:09:08
Ron Paul Packs the House in El Paso 07:23:09
Jon Stewart to Ron Paul: "You're our only hope." 06:42:31
Ron Paul on WPHT 1210 Radio 4/24/12 06:07:33
There's Something About The Month of May 09:54:49
FOX News Admits Ron Paul Will Be On The Ballot at The National Convention in Tampa! 00:03:11
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Communism Alert: High School Economic Textbooks Designed By Paul Krugman 23:58:56
Tonight's Movie: Rumors of War III 23:56:58
Would President Paul Pardon Irving Schiff 23:52:32
This belongs in any and ALL discussions we have about Israel. 23:48:26
Roll Call-Who Voted for CISPA- Wall of Shame-Courtesy of Campaign for Liberty 23:22:25
Israel Anderson Compares Warren G. Harding with Ron Paul - Why He Can Win! 23:22:11
MSM pushing bogus Stephen Colbert vs. Ron Paul Super PAC story 23:16:23
Is The MSM Starting To Sour On Obama? - Ron Paul Gets Most Favorable Coverage This Year 22:08:56
Here We Go Again: House Passes CISPA 21:55:43
Any updates from Alaska? 21:55:25
Leave Mitt Central Alone 21:51:03
Charles Goyette Talks Up Ron Paul on National Radio Program 21:43:57
I am the Taxman 21:43:26
How did this happen? Did that damned MSM make the military think Ron is out? 21:39:17
Revolution Pac Evolve - Episode 1 = Bad 21:36:49
What's is really going on? I want to know the truth! 21:31:53
texas ballot 21:30:26
What we learned from our PA delegate race that will help the next states 21:26:15
Call Your Congressional Representative through your Computer - Voice Your Opinion on CISPA! 21:25:58
Total delegate count for Romney and Paul 21:24:01
Ron Paul on Labor Department Outlawing Chores : "I Will End These Regulations" 21:15:00
Don't be fooled by the misquote of RNC Rule 40 20:49:56
Petition for a Romney vs. Paul debate! 20:48:27
Age of Aquarius and Ron Paul 20:44:42
Why Isn't Ron Paul Calling For A One-on-One Debate! 20:29:11
CISPA Has Passed in the House: Help Formulate a List of Those Who Voted for it 20:16:32
Huff Po article claims Ron Paul only raised $13,104 in March 20:04:33
left-over material from RI for TEXAS 19:58:28
Scientists reveal Romney and Obama are actually clones 19:54:44
We need coalitions to stop Obama's clone Romney 19:44:35
Veterans for Ron Paul: Jenny Bridges 19:44:25
Veterans for Ron Paul: Gabe Lanz 19:43:07
Star Ledger: A Brit offer an analysis of the neocons vs. Ron Paul 19:40:24
Doug Wead: Scientists reveal Romney and Obama are actually clones 19:38:46
Military/CIA Expand Drone Strikes In Yemen Under Obama's Approval! 19:34:24
Romney supports NOM (National Organization for Marriage)? An Anti-Same Sex marriage group 19:14:42
Cybersecurity Bill Passes In The US House 19:14:14
Will We Break another record tomorrow? 19:11:11
(VIDEO) Ron Paul vs. Steven Roach on The US Dollar 19:09:12
Cartoon : Ron Paul Is Still A Contender! 19:03:56
Ron Paul 2012 Wins Majority Of Washington Delegates To Convention, Other States Expected To Follow 18:56:42
These are what we could categorize as Sheeple and 18:50:57
(Video) Bachmann Says She Is "Working Behind The Scenes" To Unite The GOP 18:33:11
Portland, OR outlaws Groupon 18:30:50
Decorated Vietnam Vet "Calls Out" Ron Paul 18:28:19
Hurry! Ron Paul is sounding the call for Liberty 18:19:32
Ron Paul's Interview With Austin, TX's KXAN (NBC Affiliate) 18:08:37
Around 500 global brands owned by 10 Corporations 18:07:20
Freedom is Popular. Hypocrites are Hated. Socialism is Slavery. (Graphic) 18:03:15
Natural born Torchbearers 18:01:50
CNN article about US, Ron's supporters! 17:58:37
As Ron Paul Continues To Add Delegates To His Coffer, GOP Nomination Is Becoming A More Likely Prospect 17:53:58
Ron Paul Delegates Stacking Up, Here's What It Means For His Nomination Prospects 17:53:00
AP: US Soldiers Promised Massacre, Including Children, Days Before Bales' Alleged Rampage 17:41:59
(VIDEO) Joe Scarborough : Carter's Comfort With Romney Is 'Very Telling' 17:27:52
The Illusion of Choice: These 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy 17:21:35
Singer - Marie Osmond loves President Paul 17:13:09
Mega-DEBATE announced-Paul vs Romney 2012 vs Romney 2000 17:09:11
Green Police crack down 17:05:56
Let's Hold An "enforce The Rules" Money Bomb For A Legal Fund! 17:04:40
Russian Troops Train on American Soil 17:02:28
Found This On Google : John King and Dana Bash of CNN are DIVORCING! 17:01:02
Smart Meter Opt Out Fees Suspended 17:00:16
Petition for Final Debate 16:55:13
Wanna know why Russians have been invited to Colorado? 16:52:26
CISPA amendments link (vote is tomorrow) 16:51:14
Ron Paul's Letter To His Congressional Colleagues-Hands Off The Internet! 16:33:36
The tide is turning-we must keep working, but this is wonderful news. 16:25:40
. 16:23:57
Former TSA boss: Resentment of agency ‘dangerous to security’ 16:15:38
Marco Rubio's Dangerous Foreign Policy Exposed (Mitt's bff) 16:10:20
Ron Paul, President Obama in Opposition of Cybersecurity Bill 15:38:46
RedEye's Andy Levy Destroys Obama: "Cool" presidents don't raid marijuana dispensaries 15:38:09
surprising google find, right near the top 15:35:29
Justice Sotomayor: Tax Evasion, Perjury - What Did Obama Know and When? 15:33:58
Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up 15:26:00
Rp liberty radio tonight 15:24:08
Fukushima Is Falling Apart!.. Are You Ready For Mass Extinction? 15:21:47
My email to Romney campaign; critique please! 15:18:53
what is a Delegation Chair? Is this an important position? 15:17:57
Southwest Washington Liberty Political Action Meeting in Kelso, WA on Saturday 5/5 15:16:48
Ron Paul on Labor Department outlawing chores 'I will end these regulations' 15:09:20
Blackout Romn-y and Oba-a 15:05:53
Recent Farage 'fireside chat' @ the EU 15:02:31
War Under The Table: US Backed Mercenaries Training Syria Terrorists *video* 15:02:12
4.21.12 Major Christopher Miller - A Tribute And Salute 14:57:20
CRITICAL ! Texas NEEDS 20% of The Vote For Ron Paul In Order To Send Delegates To Tampa 14:51:49
Funny headline on Drudge right now 14:38:31
The Next US President Will Be… 14:38:19
CIA Kills US Troops 14:34:05
How to Tell a Democrat from a Republican / Just for FUN ! 14:26:58
NYT finds 'GunOwner' of their Collectivist Dreams: a New Female Hunter who's AGAINST Guns, FOR GunControl! 14:22:31
Jimmy Carter likes Romney 14:20:19
Look what our Government is doing in Afghanistan NOW 14:11:40
MEMO to Paul Campaign: Challenge Romney To A National Debate Now! 13:56:04
local government for sustainability 13:52:53
Great Way To Spread The Message 13:42:38
► FREE Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout "Honest Ron" Paul vs Barack Obama California Primary Edition 13:40:13
Is the 'Atrocity Prevention Board' a good idea? 13:27:48
Karl Rove-linked group Crossroads slams "COOL" Obama 13:20:52
Angry Congressman: "The TSA Hurt My Privates!" - Video 13:15:04
Young Author Begs for Ron Paul on the Ticket on FOX daily program 13:07:56
House Rejects 'Big Brother' Transport Bill, Democrats Attempt Failed 13:07:21
Ron Paul Video Game Making Headlines 13:07:11
Eliminate the Federal Income Tax? 13:02:02
Ron Paul coming to San Diego (Warren Mall, UCSD) Friday May 4 at 7pm 13:01:12
Gold Noses at $1650 per oz After FED Meeting 12:53:18
(Keystone Congress) Momentarily Confused Congress Declares 'War on War' 12:47:11
Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney - - - Crowd Size Documentation 12:46:29
For Paul's "True Believers," A Study In American Optimism 12:43:33
GOP 2.0 to replace Obsolete GOP 12:38:51
Youtube is broken on Daily Paul 12:33:56
Sign Bomb Rapid City, SD w/ video 12:33:12
Biden: Romney’s foreign policy is ‘totally out of touch’ 12:31:06
Candidates for House/Senate refuse to say how they would vote on key issues until after they’re elected 12:30:42
It Just Gets Worse & Worse : Secret Service Investigating Reports of A Second Prostitution Scandal 12:28:49
Attention All Californians. Exit Polls are the answer! 12:26:49
Absentee and Early Voters: They are Stealing Your Votes 12:21:19
The Next US President Will Be…. 12:19:19
Will Mitt Romney Arrest Medical Marijuana Patients? 12:16:04
TSA Still Groping Children At Airports 12:13:02
The Children of Fallujah 12:09:30
Ron Paul true believers: An analysis of Paul's supporters and their commitment to his movement 12:08:46
The Ron Paul Creed! 12:08:17
No Joke! Elite Russian Airborne To Train on U.S. Soil In Preparation For Martial Law 12:05:49
Wow... Just... Wow 12:05:48
New York State Delegates 11:58:27
Allen West Voting For CISPA 11:57:01
Article: Ron Paul's Torchbearers, need comments please! 11:55:48
Liar Liar Priebus to Newsmax: Conservatives Coming Around to Romney 11:53:34
This Would Make A Great Campaign Ad : "If I Wanted America To Fail" (VIDEO) 11:48:03
FOX's GRETA van Susteren w/ RNC Chair re: Ron Paul 11:45:11
WSJ Removes Primary tracking, Replaces with General Election Tracking 11:44:18
Letter to local news station 11:36:20
Just got banned 01:30:34
anyone else heard about a CIA plane crash with 4 tons of coke onboard? 11:24:56
The GOP Convention ... 11:23:31
Obama Thinks Youth Equals Ignorance 11:22:31
On Romney's 'Acceptance' Speech in NH 11:22:23
DP input needed! "Obama Clarifies His Stance on Medical Marijuana" - Politico 11:21:51
Ron Paul: Hands Off the Internet! 11:19:44
Hypocrisy At Its Finest! War Crimes - Purely Political 11:15:38
Since the start of the Fed, prices have increased at the consumer level by 2,241%. 10:57:07
Russian paratroopers to practice taking and holding Denver airport CIA and NSA facilities in a joint excercise 10:55:27
Ballot 10:48:58
Jimmy Carter: I'd be 'comfortable' with Mitt Romney 10:40:01
Scarborough: Rubio ‘not ready to be vice president,’ ‘just like Sarah Palin’ 10:36:57
Constitution- Check 10:31:05
Comedy Central: Ron Paul Scares GOP With Novel Strategy of Knowing Election Rules 10:27:43
Tucson newspaper RP attack article - please light up the comments section! 10:23:02
LOL! "Good news and Bad news" 10:20:14
Understanding the Logic in the lefts Reasoning for Mandating Churches to Pay for Birth Control 10:20:02
Liar Obama increased Federal raids on Marijuanna clinics and is now pointing fingers at Congress 10:18:32
*Attention New York State* It aint over till it's over! 10:17:16
Link: How delegates work in each state (Texas example) 10:16:40
Tisha Casida, Colorado CONSTITUTIONAL Candidate for Congress & Ron Paul supporter 10:14:21
Have you ever been late for work because you couldn't stop reading the DP? 09:54:45
Super Brochures 09:50:38
Another 'Review Time!' Video: Newt Gingrich Drops Out Of The Race 09:46:34
RNC Crime Spree Continues - Ba-Da-Bing! 09:45:10
Pat Buchanan nails it 09:39:42
Ron Paul's speech tonight in Austin. Live updates. 09:32:55
More Proof Mitt is Not a Conservative-Jimmy Carter Has Endorsed Him Twice 09:32:50
Before Work, Call Your Congressman, Demand A Stand Against Cispa Hr 3523 09:25:44
We need to make it Abundantly Clear in these last 14 primaries that Ron Paul is in fact still running. 09:19:36
Ron Paul, In It to Win It 09:19:10
Spoke with Sheriff Mack Tuesday night 09:17:07
NC coastal open beaches issue could help Ron Paul 09:04:56
Politico Article: Ron Paul Power In New England 08:57:29
FAA Releases List of U.S. Drone Locations 08:56:14
CNN actually putting up a decent piece about Paul? What is going on? 08:50:10
Nullify the NDAA 08:42:18
Obama's medical marijuana/gay marriage contradiction 08:37:42
Behold a Pale Horse - Part 1 of new film about liberty and freedom makes its debut 08:16:25
The "compassionate" side of Mitt Romney... 08:14:00
Pres. Obama "Clarifies" his Stance on the War on Drugs 07:52:43
Are absentee ballots a viable alternative? 07:42:34
If we lose Texas, it's over. The revolution will live on, but... 06:58:27
Salazar: 'No one knows' if US headed to $9/gal gas 06:28:10
Ron Paul on Philadelphia’s Talk Radio 1210 WPHT (Great Interview) 06:27:28
Sen Dick Lugar vs. Richard Mourdock 04:01:19
RT Paul-itics 4/25/12 10 minute video, and your favorite, Mary Willison 03:35:15
Going in for the Romney Kill? 03:31:08
Stop The Presses: Ron Paul Gets Jimmy Carter Endorsement! 03:24:26
PETITION: One last debate, Paul VS Romney 03:12:24
Add this to his Rombama's list of flip-flops 03:05:47
Ron Paul to Make big Swing Through California! 03:03:36
Texas Social Media Bomb May 10th 02:51:25
Obama is ready to start "officially campaigning" and attacking Romney 02:33:04
Money Bomb Attacking Mitt Romney?! 02:28:00
On the Other Side of the Pond the Propaganda 02:07:09
Gold Standard a Bad Idea?! 01:54:33
New Website Ridicules Bank of America 01:39:42
presidential election votes to be counted by firm in SPAIN! 01:25:31
Posted this on my facebook about the Fed 01:16:14
Texas Emergency! 01:14:01
Hand Delivered Petition Demanding GOP Leader's Resignation 01:09:43
Jack Hunter: Marco Rubio's Liberal Foreign Policy 01:00:48
Obama is a patriot! All you naysayers (satire) 00:40:40
Spain for Ron Paul ! The Ron Paul Liberty virus is spreading around the world. 00:36:42
I am going to show you a magic trick... 00:35:05
Reality Check: Infighting at More GOP Caucuses and What the MSM Won't Tell You About Iowa and Minnesota 00:18:00
Should Romney run as Independent or Democrat? 00:16:47
Big news: In 10 days, President Obama is hitting the campaign trail. 00:16:23
MO Rep Still called gold/silver exchanges the goofiest of goofiest ideas. 00:13:05
AP: U.S. Soldiers Promised Massacre, Including Children, Days Before Bales' Alleged Rampage 00:12:46
'Smoking Gun' Headline: "OBAMA Greeted with cheers, JEERS at the University of CO Boulder" - Obama's youth support WANING? 00:02:09
USA vs. Arizona: Hate Racism; Support Arizona 07:59:21
Mitt: "..Every new computer sold in this country, after I'm president, has installed on it a filter to block all pornography." 08:15:16
How Good It Feels – The Last Five Days Have Been Amazing for Ron Paul’s Campaign 07:58:38
David Gergen of CNN cannot answer simple questions. 17:40:48