Posted on April 28, 2012

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Actually, Ron Paul Is Secretly Winning A Lot More Delegates Than You Think 14:55:09
Ron Paul Louisiana Caucus results, please post here! 13:48:17
Massachusetts 5th District Delegates All Go To Ron Paul! 12:29:24
Ron Paul Revolution in Houston & Austin Texas - Local News Mashup 08:33:36
Calling the Republic of TEXAS! It is an OPEN Primary! Show us who is BOSS! Deadline to register to vote is April 30! 21:34:57
News: All Texas Speeches-Now OFFICIAL-Thousands Swarmed Every City, Every Speech 07:43:02
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Ron Paul 2012 "The High Tide" HD 23:57:26
New video 10 A List Movie Stars reading the Declaration of Independence. Excellent! 23:52:05
Strong Ron Paul showing in 4th district NC 23:42:24
Free 36" X 18" Ron Paul Banner 23:36:36
Kimmel ripped Obama, neocons, and the corporate media establishment at WHCD 23:23:26
Daily Paul, are we ready for the masses? 23:21:18
FFw/JB (4/28/2012): Louisiana Caucus Results - Paul to Dominate State Convention 23:20:21
Fraud possible in Nebraska 23:15:48
Ron Paul Town Hall at University of Houston 4/27/2012 (Full Video) 23:15:47
Ron Paul, Risk Grand Master? 23:03:49
Plurality Money Bomb Needed Immediately 23:01:47
GI Joe 2 trailer- kinda disturbing 22:57:37
Millions Now Home School, Drink Raw Milk and Smoke Pot 22:57:03
Kimmel at WH Corespondents Dinner: Romney is "like Twister" 22:40:26
Ak Gop Chairman Randy Ruedrich Out 22:29:01
Timeless Truths: An Infant of Liberty Reads Bastiat's "The Law" (pt. 1) 22:27:37
Romney Nightmare: Ron Paul Resurfaces Yet Again 22:25:59
What are the chances of a brokered convention? 22:15:06
Whats wrong with you people 22:14:54
Ron Paul supporters dominate Louisiana's Republican presidential caucuses ( 22:07:05
Nevada Congressional Candidate Needs Help! 21:57:14
Did the corrupt Alaska State Chair just adjoun the convention without a vote UPDATE: Paul chair elected 21:56:49
Have Gun, Need Ammo? Buy at And Help Ron Paul! 21:46:10
Does a Parent Have a Moral Obligation to send their kids to the Public Schools? 21:43:11
Is NV Gop 2008 'Shutdown Without Adjournment' Happening In Alaska State Convention Right Now? 21:42:13
Complete Video: Ron Paul in Houston 21:08:32
Did Romney's HOME State just put Ron Paul in the nomination bin at the National Republican Convention? 20:57:51
6 Kinds of Pills Big Pharma Tries to Get You Hooked on for Life 20:53:55
US Arrogance and Rampant Hypocrisy re: War Criminals. 20:52:54
Spelling it out: How CISPA would affect you (FAQ) 20:51:19
Stay Focused & Don't Waste Your Time. 20:49:55
The most uplifting song I've heard all year 20:43:45
Lionel is belong to us 20:37:01
It is now time to start looking at unbinding delegates at the state and national convention. 20:32:37
New Language of the rules for Texas Delegates at the Tampa Convention. 20:24:27
Judge Napolitano's Facebook Page has an Interesting Message 20:12:53
Peak Phosphorus 20:02:51
Rubio being chaperoned over to the Brookings Institution by Sen. Joe Lieberman to take final vows as the newest neoconservative 19:59:02
Texas GOP Presidential Debate 19:53:01
Romney Nomination in doubt – Brokered Convention likely 19:49:57
Time To Investigate, Nullify & De-fund The CFR *vid* 19:47:41
Help With Silver Products? 19:39:18
State Convention Compilation post 19:18:53
Laura Pressley needs your vote in Austin! 19:06:21
I am so happy 19:02:06
NWO award goes to...Dr. Heinz Kissinger 19:01:49
Love will make this planet complete 19:01:12
Decorated Vietnam Vet "Calls Out" Ron Paul for President 18:53:24
Archaic GOP rules versus the Internet and Ron Paul - Has Paul figured out a loophole in the nomination process? 18:52:07
Man Secretly Tapes His Autistic Son at School, Discovers He's Being Bullied by Teachers 18:47:56
Ron Paul wins 4.5/6 CD in Louisiana, Unofficially wins the state 18:43:29
Pro-liberty candidate running in California Congressional District 9... 18:42:12
LOL! Ron Paul supporters disseminate 'caucus voter guide' to guide votes his way 18:38:23
Ron Paul - Revolution Anthem - by Vietnam Vet 18:15:18
Rothschild’s British Concentration Camps 18:12:35
How do I know we are winning? 18:08:01
Governor Romney's Delegate Slate Shaken Up, But Does It Mean The Convention Is Broke-red? 18:06:12
Recommended Reading: What would you suggest 17:50:25
Good News From Virginia 17:33:38
We now have a talk radio show of our own . I am broadcasting R3volution Solution 17:31:11
Help me to help you 17:20:30
☛Alaska Dispatch: Alaska GOP chair Randy Ruedrich out? 17:19:01
Why Is It Necessary For The Federal Government To Turn The United States Into A Prison Camp? 16:57:06
Ron Paul tells all about the Neoconservatives; This is what we are Fighting Against 16:54:43
25 Horrible Statistics About The U.S. Economy 16:51:31
HAHAHA brilliant! XD 16:39:11
Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk 16:25:27
Santorum and Gingrich are not out they are still in this race, don't be confused they have not dropped out yet! 16:22:41
New Punch-Top Beer Can Angers Government Nannies! 16:05:39
Ron Paul Warns of False Flag Event 15:46:33
Blind Chinese Activist Is Stooge For The Subversive Corporatist Us Ned 15:43:02
So what happens when police beat a totally innocent man in America? 15:33:29
Ron Paul-Great Interview With Mike Warren on Fox 7 15:26:22
Essex County Mass Vote too close to call. Need Rule experts to watch this one closely 15:18:13
Weekend Listening - Ernest Hancock Destroys Mark Potok Of The Southern Poverty Law Center 14:58:07
Massachusetts caucus today 4th district. 14:45:13
West Virginia 14:44:18
Air Advertising? Why not?! A relatively cheap way to bypass MSM! 14:38:16
Tx Poll Has Paul At 90%+ Over Romney 14:38:15
Ron Paul's Chilling Gulf of Tonkin warning 14:35:10
My first caucus today, in Massachusetts! We got 2 maybe 3 out of 3! 14:28:27
One Nifty Little Gun *video* 14:28:24
Paul Fest 2012! The Greatest Celebration Of Liberty And Music The World Has Ever Seen! 14:21:49
Back from voting for the only slate full of american patriots! Wow that meant so much to me guys 14:17:08
Follow MA District Caucuses 14:12:59
What you know about GOLD? 14:10:51
Milton Friedman's epic defense of liberty leaves Donahue speechless 13:59:44
New here, excited to "meet" you all:) *thank you all for the warm welcome! 13:45:36
Unvaccinated America 13:44:07
Golden State to perform "Bombs (The Ron Paul Song)" Tonite 4/28 @ Henderson Pavilion 13:41:52
Bombs Away 13:37:53
Russell Means 2012: “If You Have Any Sense Of Justice...Vote For Ron Paul.” Utah June 26 primaries 13:24:13
Dennis Kucinich: Ron Paul Is A Force In And Of Himself 13:23:08
Favorite Videos from 2008 13:14:27
To The People of Texas: Concerning The Republican Presidential Primary 13:00:04
Plan To Stop Texas Vote Rigging 12:57:32
An amazing idea 12:54:48
Cantor's "Young Guns" run ad saying it's "extreme" to oppose the Education Dept. 12:36:33
GOP Backing a loser 12:29:50
Milwaukee Red Cross Told To Prep For Chicago Evacuation During NATO Summit 12:15:44
Reagan Had It Right 11:35:23
Romney Nightmare: Ron Paul Resurfaces Yet Again 11:34:03
America's Biggest Threat 11:32:23
Hey Alaska, what news out of your state convention? 11:29:24
Obamney / Rombama comparison collection 11:18:58
I have a challenge for you (Dr. Paul would approve!) 11:11:15
FOIA requested documents reveal guideline to militarize local police, combat protest 10:57:04
Alaska State Convention today. 10:55:17
Handmade Ural motorcycles - 1993 vid 10:43:27
Ron Paul 2012: Winning states and Drawing Huge Crowds! 10:38:26
BJ Lawson of Physician Care Direct, civil disobedience for doctors, an end run around Obamacare 10:37:30
Titanic Debt ! Iceberg, right ahead ! Starring Obama, Romney and Paul ! 10:36:52
New PAC in North Dakota 10:36:50
Just back from voting in Louisiana 10:25:42
Operation Signs to Texas - Launches Today! 10:11:05
Marco Rubio 'Crown Prince' of the Tea Party claim pure fiction 09:53:34
Write-in Ron Paul 09:48:58
RP 2011 Estimated Net Worth 3.2 Billion. 09:39:20
To all Nebraskans (State election will be held on May 15th) 09:25:31
More Proof Of Victory! Recent Poll Data: Paul Vs. Obama Compared To Romney Vs. Obama 09:21:02
Mississippi Delegate Elections Today (4/28) 09:01:58
Paul Mulsine: Greedy geezers? Make that 'greedy totalitarian geezers' 08:55:46
If you're not helping your delegates 08:51:34
Real Clear Politics delegate count page not showing latest results 08:49:23
Rep. Justin Amash ~ A Force For True Conservatism VIDEO 08:42:53
Message to all Trolls 08:37:39
Romney Nightmare: Ron Paul Resurfaces yet again - Robert Ringer 08:37:29
She did it again... 08:29:01
Spain To Impose Border Checks To Prevent ECB Summit Disruption 08:17:04
Lionel: Ron Paul Terrifies the Status Quo 08:01:08
May 8th - Indiana, West Virginia and North Carolina? 07:32:50
Updated Delegate Numbers- Ron Paul in a CLOSE 2nd! 07:32:34
New obama u-tube channel makes you sick and laugh too 07:17:04
What do you think of ereaders ? 07:16:18
Underwriters Laboratary executive challenges the explanation for collapse of WTC buildings on 911 07:14:45
Jim Sinclair has something to say, (and I personally disagree) 07:07:38
Exit polling in TX: exposing/preventing fraud. 07:07:21
Great Debate Preview 07:04:04
Your unconscious is making your everyday decisions 07:02:28
How The Power Mad Divide Us 06:56:17
Why You Can’t Help Believing Everything You Read 06:50:20
London pre-Olympics militarization raises police state fears 06:44:19
Police State: "robots R’us": Military-style Drones On 63 Military Bases In The Usa 06:39:02
The CAUCUS System only for people who have Money... 06:02:14
Ron Paul Rally Draws Over 3,000 at University of Houston, Texas 05:51:13
Ron Paul's (not so) Secret Plan when he DOES become President 05:48:18
Spain For Ron Paul - La Revolucion del Amor 05:35:21
Ron Paul's (not so) Secret Plan when he DOES become President 05:33:09
Fun With Media 05:28:39
New Video, Ron Paul at University of Texas( New link) 04:32:49
How to vote for Ron Paul - 14 more primaries in May and June! Dates Delegates & State info: 04:09:22
Ron Paul Fan Dr. Laura Pressley: Breakthrough Candidate for Austin City Council 02:14:42
America Again! 02:10:30
Russell Means 02:03:08
Why is no one talking about this? Ron Paul talks False flag! 01:12:30
TIME 2012 Top 100 in the World Poll 01:08:04
Ron Paul - Town Hall at University of Houston - Introductory Song 00:46:02
Jack Hunter: Marco Rubio's Liberal Foreign Policy 00:35:55
Video: Lionel, April 27, 2012 - "Election 2012: I'm WRITING-IN Ron Paul!" 00:33:30
Texans say Don't Count Paul out yet! Great media coverage 00:22:00
Tampa Bay Convention Volunteers 00:02:22