Posted on April 29, 2012

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/30/12: The Alarming Suicide Epidemic in the Military 23:09:03
This is what 'winning' looks like? Romney Draws Small, Sleepy Crowd 18:30:02
Want to see what happens when a Senator endorses Romney at the Alaska State Convention? 18:13:25
Ron Paul backers prepare takeover in Nevada 15:57:26
Alaska Dispatch: How Joe Miller and wife helped get a win for the Ron Paul supporters 10:28:19
Victory in Alaska! 18:49:04
Ron Paul Wins Louisiana! 20:48:00
Near Sweep for Ron Paul in Massachusetts 19:03:29
Why doesn't the free market work in journalism? 18:09:51
"Wiped Off The Map" - The Rumor of the Century 18:07:57
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A plea to voters in Indiana, North Carolina, & West Virginia. Make this Abundantly Clear. 23:54:11
As I See It: Spooky Action at Great Distance 23:51:47
Some Help For FOX News 23:44:11
New Mexico town residents may lose utilities for unpaid red light violations! 23:22:48
US Marines Major Christopher Miller speaks out for Ron Paul 2012 23:08:36
Just War Theory Explained 23:03:18
Ron Paul Revolution Detectives To Infiltrators 22:59:55
Looking for delegates - for the Paul Festival 22:59:10
No Ron Paul Media smear? Really ? Who's Leg You Trying To Pull? 22:58:26
How Can We Reach Out To Other Delegates 22:47:22
RedMassGroup blog says we won 17 of 27 delegates in Massachusetts 22:42:57
Delegate Flash Counter 22:42:40
mr obama's ' Freudian Slip ' at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner. 22:38:37
New brilliant Obama Romney Video Comparison. 22:19:26
Doug Wead: "Ron Paul’s delegate math, an accurate update" and discouraging news. 22:19:14
Paul vs Romney Texas Debate Petition, 4000+ signees already 22:15:56
Brokered Convention Likely With Paul As Nominee 22:07:48
AK Gop Can Keep Their 100k! I Say An AK Money Bomb Is Needed! 21:54:55
We all are One...after all 21:45:48
Great redmass article 21:42:41
RP Hunter Cartoon 21:37:08
Ron Paul R3volution 21:19:01
Liberty Weeps by Bison ft. Adam Explicit 21:17:40
Bill Still creator of "The Money Masters," and "The Secret of Oz" on the Gold Standard 21:16:09
Petition for a debate being covered by! 21:03:34
"Did The RNC Break Any Rules/Laws In “Its Official”?" 21:01:49
Texas Straight Talk 4-30 The True Cost of War 21:00:44
URGENT! Massachusetts District 8 Provisionals 21:00:22
If you haven't seen it yet, you should! 20:48:29
Finally got my hands on a copy of The Road To Serfdom by F.A. Hayek! 20:42:29
Raising Funds For National Delegates 20:27:52
Cosmic Vision News: The Global Banking Crisis, Ben Fulford, Drake, Mass Arrests and Ron Paul 20:21:26
Goldman Sachs: Investing In American Failure 20:20:56
All Hands: Please Help! U.C. Davis Rally 20:17:01
Jeremy Scahill - America's Covert Wars (video) 20:07:22
Texas GOP Debate - Sign the petition! 20:03:40
Latin American High Weirdness: The Cults Part I 20:01:45
Get Ready: Texas WILL be mailed Super Brochures: $2000 already donated. Let's win it for Dr. Paul 20:01:28
The CIA, MK-ULTRA and the Jonestown Massacre - Brainwashing and Mass Murder 19:58:09
"Dying To Win" 19:56:02
Which States have delegates that are allowed to abstain from voting? 19:43:24
OBAMNEY 19:42:38
Doug Wead: Louisiana Shocker: Ron Paul Wins 19:38:43
Is it time to bring back this song? 19:35:01
In Tokyo, Trilaterals Push Global Partitioning 19:33:22
ROTFL...! The Greater New Orleans Repubs are Pissed and wants to fire everyone...! 19:28:09
US Military killing Goats and other Animals... 19:13:48
Victory in Massachusetts! 19:09:44
Are you a real Texan? Then Ron Paul is your president 19:06:35
Americans Elect - Last Chance 19:05:14
American Spectator: Pat Buchanan an Obama Lover 18:52:00
Delegates vote to bind the GOP esablishment delegates to vote Ron Paul on every ballot at the RNC convention! 18:45:09
breaking =>Foreign Troops In Columbia To Enter The USA to Confiscate our Firearms! 18:32:29
A vote for a vote for obama 18:25:59
Stand My Ground 18:21:10
AN "URGENT" Message to OUR Military, Police, and Officials from 'We The People' 18:19:18
Kentucky CD Conventions are going on right now 18:06:52
We don't even know how many military bases we have! 17:55:11
"Project Glory" for Ron Paul 17:51:56
What are the chances of a brokered convention? I need numbers 17:50:12
How to End the Healthcare Debate - Forever 17:32:53
United States Budget Dilemma & Why It Will Never be Balanced *vid* - 5mins 17:28:05
Russia Expects a War Against Iran This Summer! 17:24:12
Sparks of Insanity lead to War 17:22:42
Andrew Breitbart’s Coroner Dead from Suspected Arsenic Poisoning! 17:17:09
No One But Paul - Can Beat Obama 17:14:19
The House of Rothschild - the Money's Prophets - full 56min *video* 17:14:09
MA caucus provisional votes...hmmm 17:13:34
Anyone in Nor Cal want to swap resources and knowledge? (CL>barter post) 17:01:40
More the half the topics in this subforum have nothing to do with subforum 17:00:43
The Romney Book: Opposition Research 16:47:47
Do our Louisiana Delegates have enough pocket money? 16:36:20
Time to Wake Up 16:29:46
What is your favorite part of Paul's platform? 16:26:11
Before Its News Article On Rasmussen Poll Says Only Ron Paul Beats In Head To Head 15:59:01
More proof of things to come: Breibart's coroner "possibly" poisoned after investigation. 15:37:58
Michigan County Conventions on May 3 15:37:39
New Store Project 15:24:48
Rules of the republican party 15:07:10
Just a reminder... 15:04:00
Official RNC delegates thread 14:59:09
Help Ron Paul Win South Dakota: Phase II (Urgent Request) 14:50:16
Delegate Tracking on MSM- can't someone file a complaint? 14:45:14
Deflecting Attention From The Real Question 14:34:41
Ben Swann WXIX 30 minute special? 14:33:13
Excuse me, Mr. Romney... 14:27:16
Ron Paul wins 74% of delegates in Louisiana 14:26:09
Message to Republican party 14:20:47
Inside The United States 14:08:23
Rally at the National Convention in Tampa? 14:07:57
Ron Paul Google Maps 13:48:42
Attack Romney/Obama with "Taste Test" amongst average republicans 13:36:30
Daily 'Prayer Call' for Ron Paul! 13:25:10
Kurt Bills for US Senate *video* 13:24:36
Mass Delegates FAQ 13:18:10
May Calendar *Updated* 13:12:44
WSJ Poll - Can RP Win the Nomination 13:02:50
Ron Paul supporters take over Alaska Republican Party 13:00:33
The Five State Rule 12:53:44
Voting on principle is the greater good! 12:51:45
Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Caucus: Sends 74% of Delegates to State Convention 12:48:34
"Uncommitted," Delegates 12:40:54
What States Did We Win? Feel free to Update! 12:36:24
Big Brother: Police Seize Cameras at public forum featuring congressman 12:32:16
Dinner with Ron Paul & Black Swan Author Nassim Taleb ~ Strongly Endorses Ron Paul’s Economic Platform 12:13:09
Now that I registered Republican for the first time is there any reason not to change back 12:10:15
A Vietnamese American encounter in Little Saigon 12:05:41
When will Romney back out... 12:05:07
Don Quixote aka Ron Paul for President 11:59:01
Mormons nervous about Romney 11:47:49
5/5/5 Money Bomb! May 5th, $5 11:38:56
Video: Henry Hazlitt - Economics In One Lesson 11:36:20
(Future Defense Secretary) Colonel Macgregor's Response to General Odierno 11:28:18
Zionists Use al Qaeda to Attack Syria 11:24:21
Reuters: Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Caucus 11:12:55
Can you Hear us Now? 11:00:48
Win a Pocket Constitution signed by Dr. Paul and a Cookbook signed by Mrs. Paul 11:00:37
POLITICO: Ron Paul's payback in Alaska 10:33:46
Ron Paul supporters take over Alaska GOP 10:27:38
Dept of Labor proposed child labor rules withdrawn 10:26:06
The Onion satire on Romney flip flop. Some brief comic relief. 10:25:42
Ron Paul: Alone No More 10:21:25
Why Are We Not Running Ads About The Real Romney? 10:18:25
A Message to All Ron Paul Supporters 09:32:02
Ron Paul Speech (.pdf) - A Republic, If You Can Keep It 09:29:42
Post US collapse...Inflation or deflation? 09:28:31
Wikipedia Shows Ron Paul Winning 20 Secured Delegates in Minnesota, 6 in Alaska, 8 in North Dakota, 17 in Louisiana, and More 09:26:26
Wanna know what happens when a Senator endorses Romney at the Alaska State Convention? 09:06:05
Indiana Delegates 09:03:52
Ron Paul Winning Google Bomb! 08:26:22
Grass roots video idea - turning of the tide 08:23:55
NORML:Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel, for confronting President Obama on the marijuana crackdown 08:23:21
Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama First Debate Preview 08:20:30
*Operation Signs to Texas* Please send your Ron Paul signs and banners to Texas 08:02:25
California Plan to Win 07:42:02
How do we show people that we have "Won" CO, MN, IA, LA, WA, NV, ME or any other states? 07:13:14
Ron Sweeping in Massachusetts Caucus! 06:54:34
Rep. Paul Broun's Raid (on the TSA) 06:32:44
Ron Paul supporters take over Alaska Republican Party 06:25:07
Ron Paul Wins Alaska! 06:18:19
Alaskan Republican Party SCC passes new rule for state convention. 05:21:44
Paul & Napolitano~End the Wars 04:40:37
In 2 months, 50,000 people have "liked" Dr. Paul on facebook. 04:30:14
Converting Dems to RP 03:58:55
"Ron Paul for President" by George Johnson 03:55:34
All Your Delegates Are Belong To Us! 03:53:49
Red Alert: West Virginia Primary HUB (Today! Gogogo!) 03:24:27
Red Alert: North Carolina Primary Hub (Today! Gogogo!) 03:23:17
Red Alert: Indiana Primary Hub (Today! Gogogo!) 03:21:51
How do I become Cali delegate ? 03:01:42
Check out this little project I created, 02:56:12
Alaska Republican Party picks Ron Paul supporter as new chairman (DP mention) 01:37:20
All Christians need to see this 01:34:18
VIDEO Breaking News that is the Antithesis of Breaking News - Your Politix at Work! 01:30:01
April 28 - Best Day For Ron Paul Ever? 01:19:41
Louisiana delegate breakdown - James Burns - Freedom Files 01:19:33
WA Delegate Chip-In Link? 01:18:18
"GOP race down to Romney and Paul (and may be closer than you think)" 01:13:43
Finally! A Preacher that "gets" Ron Paul and posts his SUPPORT on FB! 00:59:53
Hey Texans, here's the guy to vote for senate. He supports Ron Paul 00:57:42
Wanna know what happens when a senator endorses Romney at the Alaska State Convention? 00:46:49
Freedom Project: Cobra ~ New Financial System 00:46:03
Why is this petition not being flooded with signatures? Demand a Debate b/t Romney and Paul! 00:41:40
Any news from Florida, Maryland, Delaware, or Kansas state conventions today? 00:35:53
Ron Paul 2012 - Take 5 min to watch and be Inspired Again - This thing is not overNot even close to over 00:32:31
Suddenly we hear of victories, but suddenly the media music stops! It is all very suspicious! 00:30:44
Be Moved - Remember Amongst the Politics the Importance of What We Are Trying to Do 00:17:16
Can someone explain what this means? 00:16:46
Giving your Social Security Number for the Backgroud Check? 00:13:45
Video: James Burns Reports On Louisiana Caucus Results 00:09:27
"I'm Trying to Change the Course of History" - Ron Paul 00:08:01
Ron Paul: A 2012 Revolution - The time is now to get inspired again 00:02:39