Posted on May 1, 2012

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Mediaite: Paul Krugman Pompously Insults Ron Paul And His Supporters 22:55:53
Associated Press: Paul Won't Sell-Out (like Santorum and Gingrich) 21:57:28
Jack Hunter: Louisiana Win Edges Paul Closer to Getting Name in Nomination 21:10:03
I'm here (or rather, I'm back) to push back against overgrown and unconstitutional government 20:01:22
Krugman Loses Debate with Ron Paul, then Dismisses the Debate Forum and Ron Paul 18:13:42
Nevada Delegates! Here's An Excellent Article About Our Convention. The Rest Of You Will Love It, Too! 17:10:23
Telegraph:Why the NY Times’s Paul Krugman is Clueless About the European Economic Crisis 13:53:09
Kentucky Supreme Court Rules Highway Checkpoints Illegal 13:42:27
Master HUB for 05-08-12 And 05-15-12 Primary States! (WV, IN, NC, OR, NE) 12:01:38
Forward! New Obama Slogan Has Long Ties to Marxism, Socialism 09:03:07
Business Insider - Ron Paul Destroyed Mitt Romney 08:34:37
Peter Schiff Tells Rick Santelli The Only Way to Fix The Economy Right Now Is "Vote Ron Paul"! 06:58:13
Actually, Mitt Romney is secretly winning a lot FEWER delegates than you think 15:28:59
Video Update: Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman on Bloomberg TV 19:00:26
Paradigm Lost: Why the rEVOLution Has Not Been Televised 22:05:15
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The Deal with Jack Hunter: Is Ron Paul Right About Everything? 23:58:24
Anybody Know What's Happening in Wisconsin? 23:52:05
Why the media cares more about Tim Tebow than the Federal Reserve (video) 23:28:20
Vote for Ron Paul in this Facebook Poll! 23:20:40
Tonight more towns dressed Ron Paul 23:20:06
Middle class dysphoria – What does the new American Dream look like? 23:14:55
Limbaugh and Colbert endorse Paul!? (and Bachmann) 23:14:33
Dr. Krugman wants to hear from you. 23:06:18
Will the Wisconsin GOP Kick Out Its Tea Party Supporters Tonight? 23:04:35
Patriots helping a fellow Patriot 22:59:32
Ron Paul YouTube Channel Shut Down Due To Copyright Infringement! 22:57:13
Mike Shedlock tackles Paul Krugman and the Greenspan Contrarian Indicator on RT 22:52:02
Has Anyone Read "Family Of Secrets"? 22:47:07
Children restore this planet 22:46:52
Latest RASMUSSEN Shows How Ron Paul Is Basically Tied w/Obama 22:46:37
Fox's Bret Baier is a LIAR! 22:43:11
How an American DICTATORSHIP is popping up all around you.(If you let it) 22:33:49
THAT lilt in Obama's voice gives me the heebeegeebees. 22:31:26
Interesting Hotel Room - levity 22:16:54
Free human beings! 22:16:23
Congress Should Grill the FCC Over Redacted Google Wi-Fi Snooping Report 22:15:29
Everyone with a Blog, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube Channel Needs to Post these for the next money bomb 22:07:48
Ron Paul Solo Interview on Bloomberg TV 22:07:01
mitch romney national security advisor - RESIGNS 22:03:55
*Heads Up: Ben Swann Received an Email Regarding Charlie Webster's "Invited" "Temporary Chair" for the Maine GOP Convention 21:41:39
Thousands protesting in Seattle 21:39:51
One Year On, Still No Evidence For Osama Bin Laden's Killing 21:36:03
9/11 inside job. Bin laden CIA. Fox news reported his death in 2002. 21:32:35
If I wanted America to be a DICTATORSHIP.I'd do this(Please Watch) 21:31:40
Uh oh Red State found out about our strategy 21:26:02
"Big Names" Linked to D.C. Madam 21:21:22
Ron Paul Beats the Neoconservatives 21:06:47
All Central Banks Have Printed Money at the Same Time … And They’re Failing Miserably 20:50:02
Ron Paul Cook Book auction 20:49:41
Shocker! Bill O'Reilly takes a cheap shot at Ron Paul tonight 20:46:31
Gary Johnson Endorses Judge Jim Gray For Libertarian VP Nomination 20:46:10
Missouri Sound Money Act of 2012 (Audio) 20:35:16
Bin Laden Died In 2002 Says Fox News. (Save Page Before It Goes Down The Memory Hole) 20:35:00
FDA breaks promise, begins enforcing NDI guidance removing supplements 20:25:02
In this stage of the election..What is the million dollar question to ask Dr. Paul 20:15:21
Obama Lures Anti-War Left Back with Dramatic Visions of a Fake-End to Afghan War; Continues to Drone Bomb the Entire Universe 20:14:53
Greenwald: Since bin Laden’s death 20:06:46
I Would Say NO to Unconstitutional Legislation like CISPA 19:52:59
I Would Have Voted NO for CISPA - Unconstitutional Legislation 19:50:51
Weigel / Slate: Ron Paul’s Secret Primary 19:46:10
Slashdot / NY Times: 'FBI Foils Its Own Terrorist Plots' seems making plots up and then valiantly stopping them is okay too 19:43:04
Interesting Facebook page attacking Louisiana Ron Paul delegates 19:42:21
I just watched a protest walk by my apartment! 19:42:14
Connecticut Bill to Hold Police Personally Liable for Camera Arrests 19:41:20
Hand Signals or Ship Flags At Tampa? 19:35:16
How much influence do delegates have on the VP choice ? 19:35:02
Ron Paul WINNING State Delegate Majorities/Massive Turnout at Rallies 19:21:37
Obama makes suprise visit in Afghanistan 19:16:04
Video - Obama kills Osama: What if real reporters were allowed White House press passes? 19:06:41
Obama kills Osama: What if real reporters were allowed White House press passes? 19:04:18
4409 - Ocean City Police go Nazi Over Electric Bike 18:58:35
Big Breaking Lawsuit 18:58:32
China’s Rise, America’s Fall, by Ron Unz 18:56:17
Delegate counts, conventions, and my own 'reality check'. 18:40:02
Did America have a 90% income tax after WW2? 18:32:29
Update: Bank of America Revoking Accounts With Clients Who Manufacture Firearms 18:26:34
SNOPA Stops Social Media Snooping...Somewhat 18:19:07
RP Endorser Attacked By Establishment (because of endorsement) 18:04:32
Our Votes ARE being Stolen: Fight Back with 17:54:26
Glenn Beck's Explosive Interview With NSA Workers..NSA had 9/11 info on Database...Gunpoint Threat 17:53:30
Maine Rep. State Convention 17:52:10
Will sparks fly at Maine GOP’s weekend convention? 17:51:16
US Senate candidate Eric Hovde agrees with RP on the FED 17:46:02
Stealing the Presidency 17:40:39
A great Documentary on the Failures of Big Government 17:36:43
Let's get #StopCISPA trending on Twitter! 17:34:00
The Paul campaign called last night requesting either $650,000 or $850,000 in the next two weeks 17:30:33
What can I do in Miami, Florida? 17:22:14
How US debt risks dollar doomsday 17:18:23
"I was one of his earliest supporters, I worked really hard for him to get the nomination and I'm thrilled that he's got it." 17:13:47
"Blue Republican" Robin Koerner on Ron Paul Radio - Right Now 17:07:08
I was Thinking About This Family Today 16:48:19
Fear the Black Swan! 16:45:15
Is the Paul campaign primed to pick the Vice President? 16:42:37
I got 3 more today! 16:37:09
Uh Oh! The Campaign Didn't Answer Inquiries About Jesse Thorsen. Ron's In Big Trouble - Not! 16:21:48
Christian Science Monitor article, "The Battle of the Pauls!" 16:18:21
Analyzing Drudge: "Ron Paul To Stay in Race" above "Dentist Pulls Ex's Teeth" 16:14:48
Today in the freest country on earth: NYPD celebrates Mayday! 16:12:53
Communist Banners on High as OWS Takes Over all of NYC's 5th Ave - *Live Feed* 15:46:08
Since bin Laden's death War on Terror and its various civil liberties assaults have escalated! 15:43:25
Weekly Standard Calls Pro-Legalization Advocates "Dumb," Libertarian Columnist Responds 15:41:15
Fellow Christian Leader (A letter written by Emmy Award winning Justin Machacek) 15:40:48
Are we really out of Iraq? Watch the video and see the truth. 15:37:30
Romney Heckled at New York Event 15:35:54
Are there any investigations into possible voter fraud at any of these primaries and caucuses? 15:28:05
DRUDGE! Finally, Ron Paul (w/ PICTURE) Makes It On Drudge (Left Side Column) 15:18:47
I'm trying to find a specific Paul video, but no luck. 15:15:54
► MSN has Ron Paul's back on his investment strategy 15:15:17
Don't forget the lawnmowers 15:05:33
Paul vs. Paul video's economic debate points explained 15:02:47
Inside the Paul vs. Paul debate between Ron and left-wing economist Paul Krugman 15:02:01
The Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman Economic Debate Explained 15:01:22
Great Breakdown of Yesterday's Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman Economic Debate 15:00:44
This Is Shocking - Tower 7 Footage 15:00:07
Dr. Benjamin Rush, (1746 – 1813) signer of Declaration of Independence; member, Continental Congress; 14:59:23
Associated Press Tries To Dig Up Dirt On Soldier Who Endorsed Ron Paul 14:57:31
Greenspan on Bloomberg - Discusses deficit seems to echo Ron Paul. Stay for end. Must see 14:52:14
Truth Became an Issue at the Lafayette Caucus Site 14:39:56
HELP! Only 10 days Until Austin City Election... Robocalls? 14:36:05
If Ron Paul doesn't make it: 14:33:43
Ron Paul Has Great Ideas 14:32:52
Jewish American Rhymes about Israel and Ron Paul 14:32:48
The Velocity of Money Is Coming, Along With Big Price Inflation? 14:29:43
What is “Paulcare?” 14:26:34
Silver Circle Publishes the Entire Comic Book Online For Free! (Great for youngsters, comic geeks, & others you want to convert 14:22:49
Union Uses NAFTA To Fight Alabama Immigration Law 14:22:21
Who's Closer to GOP "Core Principles," Romney or Ron Paul? 14:21:50
Can Dr. Paul prosecute for slander if name is not mentioned? 14:19:46
YouTube Sends Hundreds of Ron Paul Videos to Memory Hole 14:19:40
Ron Paul vows to end the EPA's harassment after EPA official resigns 14:12:00
Class Warfare Is Being Used To Divide America - - and It Is Working! 14:11:14
EMI blocks MLK last speech 14:04:17
Is the FBI Encouraging Terrorist Plots In Order to Stop Them and Boost Their Success Rate? 13:56:12
What is the Real Unemployment Rate? New Bill Wants to Accurately Measure it 13:55:03
I Love America! 13:48:44
Manipulative Gold ‘Fat Finger’ Or Algorithm Trade Worth $1.24 Billion 13:45:07
Should the US have entered World War 1? 13:35:41
Metals Prices are about to Turn for the Better 13:34:36
Attention Ron Paul Supporters 13:25:09
Is College Worth it? 13:19:14
Newt Gingrich suspends campaign via Youtube video. 13:16:01
Yet another false flag 13:02:13
Jon Stossel on PJTV talking about Ron Paul 15:20:08
Newly Found Al-Qaida Documents Pave Way for America's Pending War on... Porn 12:46:44
Former Foes (Except Ron Paul) Want Something Before Endorsing Romney 12:36:00
TSA rectal probes in the near future? 12:21:10
Fukushima still spewing massive radiation plumes; America in 'huge trouble,' says nuclear expert 12:07:20
Cato: You have a 1 in 3.5 million chance of becoming the victim of terrorism 12:03:55
Ron Paul Incredible Video, Removed Twice from YouTube! 11:52:15
Elect Alex Jones As A Delegate From Austin! 11:28:33
Tomorrow (May 2) Ron Paul at Cal State Fullerton Town Hall 11:19:14
For All the People who think Ron Paul foreign policy is "CRAZY" 11:16:28
The Anti Romney Cause 11:14:33
Friday Challenge 10:49:18
Why We Need As Many Delegates at the RNC As Possible: The Platform 10:45:42
HEARING Tomorrow: there's a recall effort in Michigan going on... 10:41:11
Delete 10:39:54
FlyRights app 10:32:28
Great article on Forbes 10:29:39
ALERT - Relevant Knowledge is SPYWARE - Get rid of it. 10:24:11
YouTube channel RonPaul2008dotcom has been deleted 10:20:19
Are you a delegate or Alt. for the Texas State Convention in Ft. Worth? read! 10:10:32
Poll 10:09:40
I am a Delegate to the CTGOP Convention - T-Minus 2 hours to departure 10:03:53
Wrote a letter to the editor of local newspaper(Roanoke Times) 09:58:17
5 Arrested for Trying to Blow Up Bridge, Source Says 09:47:42
Hey Mark Cuban... 09:39:20
Are romney supporters racists? 09:36:51
Best New Sign: Meow 09:34:34
Download the FlyRights app today to report TSA harassment 09:16:46
Mitt Romney's real record in Massachusetts 09:14:44
The Blaze: Free Markets vs. Govt Intervention: Ron Paul and Paul Krugman Faceoff in Bloomberg Debate 09:13:27
End the Fed - Need opinions on this. 09:07:32
John Stossel tells Hannity "Ron Paul will catch on starting next week". Does he know something? 09:03:39
CNBC: Ron Paul Vows to Continue Campaign Against Status Quo 08:51:56
WSJ: Ron Paul Supporters Focus on State Delegations 08:47:53
Sunshine State News: Ron Paul Looks to Slow Down Mitt Romney in Texas and California 08:44:00
Boston Globe: What the Mass. GOP Caucuses tell us 08:41:08
USA Today: Ron Paul and son to hold Tea Party rally 08:36:49
The Hill: Ron Paul, Paul Krugman face off in economic debate 08:29:07
Ron Paul Supporters Fuel Fire at GOP Convention 08:22:33
No time to relax! 08:19:11
Alleged Nominee Romney Draws Small Sleepy Crowd April 30th 06:31:25
Corey Stapleton - Gov, Dennis Teske - Sen., & Vincent Melkus - Congress 05:55:45
Tips on how to win support for Ron Paul in everyday life. 05:37:52
I think I am beginning to despise the word 'Affordable'. What does it actually mean Republicans? 05:32:42
Ron Paul Encouragement video May 2012 05:03:31
Adam Kokesh: Why is Ron Paul the choice of the troops? 03:44:17
Freedom 03:41:20
“I Just Came Back From The Nevada RNC Meeting And Everybody Was Talking About The Ron Paul, Well-organized Takeover” 03:15:15
Ron Paul Supporters Focus On State Delegations 03:11:26
Ron Paul should have a legal "stand-in", preferably Rand Paul. 03:06:04
Balloon Release? 02:50:31
Photo Contest! 02:37:48
Santorum To Meet With Romney - Politico 02:23:15
SoCal Meetup distributed over 800 custom Ron Paul signs so far, more on the way! 01:58:44
Please make a home for young Ron Paul Republicans 01:49:19
Key Witness to RFK Assassination Says Sirhan Sirhan Didn't Act Alone - VIA Yahoo News / CNN Video 01:20:57
I love you Ron Paul 01:19:51
If you got to ask Dr. Paul ONE question what would it be 01:19:05
Secrets of the CIA 01:17:44
Texas Will Have No Bound Delegates 01:15:33
Why Austin Tea Party Express Event Matters 01:14:36
The Ron Paul Effect - Some Of The Candidates Across The Nation Who Are Running On Ron Paul's Platform 01:09:02
Youtube Removes Ronpaul2008dotcom- Censorship In Action! 00:58:32
CISPA - Our Congress Can't Sleep At Night Because of Digital Bombs & Cyber Armies 00:47:37
YouTube Takes Down 2008 YouTube Channel 00:13:02
Ron Paul Signed My Bullhorn! 00:10:00
Yahoo News - Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Caucus 00:08:16
New Ron Paul Song from Texan 00:06:04
Mitt Romney's Face Tells All—or Most, or Perhaps Just Some. 15:15:18
Ron Paul Embarrasses Romney Campaign By Winning Louisiana Delegates 15:15:04