Posted on May 11, 2012

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Reality Check Special May 11, 2012 - NDAA and the President's Power to Assassinate 20:10:05
Awesome Article: Ron Paulbarians are at GOP's gate 14:55:49
Jonas from Survivor needs our help. 22:45:00
Facebook co-founder renounces U.S. citizenship 13:47:02
Marvel Comics Illustrator making Ron Paul Inspired Graphic Novel 10:18:15
Arizona Republican State Convention - Sat. May 12th 09:32:20
May 10, 2012 Ben Swann Reality Check: All GOP Delegates Unbound at Tampa Convention 21:16:24
BIG Update From Ron Paul! 09:55:16
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Whatever happened to the 'In It To Win It' Money Bomb Contest for Ron Paul? 23:53:57
Anti War Veterans 23:45:51
The "Ron Paul" Candidate 23:26:58
Mitt Romney Sneers At A Dying Medical Marijuana Patient 23:25:08
Organizing for Texas convention 23:21:37
Pregnant woman raped by security guard(TSA) at Greyhound bus station 23:19:27
What would happen to Congress, if we did this? 23:16:59
No Good Mitt-Flip Videos...What! 23:11:34
Who is to blame? What do we do? 23:02:18
Americas Elect a scam by the white house ? 22:48:48
How can I upload Ron Paul Dinner Fundraiser talking about path to victory/delegates? 22:47:58
From Okinawa to San Diego 22:27:54
Obama 60% v. Convict 40% in WV 22:24:52 says it all on their own election tracker page. Ron Paul is winning! 22:15:43
Being "in your face" pro-RP 22:14:00
Hidden in plain sight...again? 21:50:42
Nigel Farage: We face the prospect of mass civil unrest, even revolution 21:45:17
Sign This Petition Call for Resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus 21:40:24
Freedom From Forced Government - 2012 21:37:43
UPDATE: We Won the $1500 from Anonymous; funds are being applied to Texas, now 21:33:08
Max Keiser on JP Morgan's latest problems and silver shorts. 21:21:43
RNC Legal Counsel Says Ron Paul National Delegates Are NOT Bound 21:10:50
Flag of the Republic 20:52:51
Revolution PAC - Evolve w/ Forrest Jehlik Ep02 20:44:29
Ron Paul Revolution: Weekend - Must Read (Please Share With Others) 20:32:24
Mitt Romney Has A Truth Problem 20:29:05
Hundreds of 5yr old municipal Prius hybrids found in Miami - never used 20:00:07
Did you neighbor donate to RP? 19:53:51
Rand Paul : GOP Needs Ron Paul Supporters To Grow 19:46:06
Virginia District Conventions - May 12 19:46:01
Tomorrow: Kentucky 3rd Congressional District Convention 19:43:19
Ron Paul is your President. How do you feel? 19:27:47
Article: Texas GOP establishment email fears Ron Paul delegate takeover 19:19:16
Orange County, California Republican Central Committee Liberty Candidates 19:16:26
GOP candidates Twitter bias for major Texas & California cities 19:09:28
Delete 19:07:41
I never knew there was such a thing! 19:06:25
Suspicious email in a delegates in box 18:49:39
Take Notice: Schedule For State Conventions, Primaries, And State Meetings By Chronological Date (With Delegate Count) 18:25:13
Ron Paul, the Presumptive President in Action 18:12:08
The President Urges Congress to Pass a 5-Point Program to Boost Economy 18:05:49
The Chessboard That Will Be The Republican National Convention: "Pawn" Delegates Vs. "Power" Delegates 17:58:46
Aware 2012 - What If We All Just Stood Up - All At Once - and Counted? 17:50:30
Viral News Network Pre-Launch Analysis - News Only - No Advertising 17:46:19
Tuesday, 08 May 2012 10:56 Romney and RNC Create Joint Fundraising Account for 2012 Campaign Written by  Joe Wolverton, II 17:45:52
Ron Paul Predictions from Gerald Celente in 2010... Ringing true 17:35:47
Free Stuff ! 17:27:54
Urgent - Jonas from Survivor needs our help to help Dr. Paul! $10,000 at stake... 17:21:00
Money Bomb! May 17th 17:18:43
Romney's Father introduced mortgage backed securities ! 17:18:03
On converting Republicans 17:14:14
Pentagon Spends Money on Study, to Investigate Money Spent on Studies 17:12:39
20-Year Sentence For Firing A Warning Shot In Self-Defense 17:06:28
Our Idealist Revolution 17:00:18
He Said What ? 16:54:26
South Dakota super brochure mailing 16:40:34
JP Morgan downgraded? Is this verified? 16:40:29
another good ron paul facebook timeline banner 16:33:26
Major Red Alert! Everybody Better Look At This Toot Sweet! 16:32:52
Interview with Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds on FBI Treason, Deception & Cover-Ups *Video* 16:26:26
Ron Paul and the Militia movement 16:24:45
Are Primaries, Caucuses, And Political Conventions elections? The answer is a big NO 16:08:51
Silver, Gold and the Future. 16:02:11
UN is going to fix US Gov't - Native American problem. That can't be good. 16:02:09
Important info about Ben Swann and delegate information he left out of the important discussion. 16:02:02
Carroll Shelby dead at the age of 89 15:58:22
Tired of YouTube Censorship? 15:44:53
Obama ~ Gay support or Bible attack ? 15:30:14
US military course taught officers 'Islam is the enemy' 15:28:25
NATO Summit Propaganda 15:26:12
Attention Alaska is not a victory yet. The convention is not over. It's in jeopardy of changing in favor of the establishment. 15:18:22
I Received a Carbon Copy, Sen. Feinstein Today 15:12:02
RT: US fears Israeli attack on Iran at 'any moment' 15:11:27
Paul Supporters - More Than Meets The Eye 14:47:46
How could a person NOT like Ron Paul? 14:45:45
Challenging the Congressional GOP Establishment 14:45:19
In my quest for Rule #38 clarification, I found THIS! 14:38:50
Obama Ad Claims to Have Helped Man Get a Job, but Man Claims Employment Since 2006 14:32:04
How do I get an image popping up at the side of my posts, please? 14:27:28
South Carolina State Convention Saturday May 19th @ 0900! 14:24:32
Dan Hughs US Senate candidate CA 14:23:09
Gay Marriage, Taxes and why Everyone Should Support Ron Paul 14:20:51
inspirational Compilation of videos... 14:17:19
My pic of Ron Paul, what do you think? 14:10:07
Let Me Hear Your Testimony! Your Reasoning Behind Supporting the R3VOLution! 14:00:14
Let's get Ron Paul added to Flipboard! 13:58:05
All future conventions-watch out for these tactics, PLUS: Convention jokes. 13:47:57
Arizona Pre-Caucus Dinner & Drinks 13:45:04
Gld Etf Raid Imminent As China Flushes Jp Morgan Of Physical 13:35:24
SC vote rigging 13:32:56
My Econ professor is a Libertarian! 13:22:07
New Website- Liberty For All Super PAC 13:20:50
Woot Shirt: "Who told you I was paranoid? Was it the government?" 13:19:10
Personal Account of the Ron Paul rally at Independence Mall in Philadelphia, PA 13:14:19
Minnesota Mom Threatened With Criminal Charges For Distributing Fresh Food From Local Farms 13:11:02
Lady Godiva Endorses Ron Paul. Will Ride Again! 13:09:48
Jon Stewart will be Taping at Tampa Convention! 13:08:50
Good article: Visit & Google+ - "Paul supporters still battling" 13:04:31
Charlie Cheater: all relevant data found so far. 12:58:41
* breaking NEWS: The guy handing out fake slates in Maine works for ROMNEY (suprise?) * 12:56:33
North Carolina GOP State Convention Has A Resolution To Support Mitt Romney. Help. 12:54:33
55 years with Ron Paul. Exclusive interview with his better half, Carol Paul, on 12:49:28
Full Disclosure 12:48:45
The Great Awakening - The battle is much bigger than just this election 12:47:36
We need to print copies of pro-paul articles and disseminate it to the masses! 12:40:52
(VIDEO) Cop Kicks Pregnant Woman in The Stomach, Superiors Approve 12:33:30
Geraldo Rivera : "I Was Raped By The TSA" (VIDEO) 12:24:42
Ronald Reagan in 1976 12:24:42
Hitler just got word of us! 12:24:38
Ron Paul Forums : Ron Paul is Going To Win! 12:19:41
Constitution Halts Sheriff 12:15:06
Establishment Congressman Says Romney Can't Win 12:09:58
Maine Traitor outs himself 12:08:40
(VIDEO) : Joe Scarborough Mentions Ron Paul "TWICE" While Ripping Obama's Announcement on Gay Marriage 11:50:53
Gay Marriage a Non-Issue 11:50:13
Does printing money, borrowing and stimulus help the economy and consumers? 11:49:20
Just an Idea. 11:46:05
Remind you of anybody?/ "Liberty is too Precious a thing to be buried in books" 11:45:08
Site for Ron Paul has Mitt Romney adds? 11:31:41
Ron Paul is going to WIN, do the math. 11:30:31
Nigel Farage's Daniel Hannan moment in the EU chamber 11:30:02
Texas Brochures - We need help! 11:28:24
Delegate Boot Camp - Strategies 11:27:19
The REAL cost of the Afghan and Iraqi wars 11:20:53
New Delegate Count: Paul Rising! (5/7/2012) 11:19:08
Liberty At Risk is online right now 11:18:02
Help! We could still LOSE Iowa. - We Need a Money Bomb. *Updated* 11:13:23
Geraldo on TSA: ‘I Got Manually Raped...' 11:12:19
LIVESTREAM to Oklahoma GOP convention Saturday 10:58:54
☛ Here are a few ideas on how to get more people to register and vote for Ron Paul. Handouts, Yard signs, Registration Forms 10:51:48
Two Georgia Alternates Need Urgent Help to State Convention 10:47:42
Larken Rose video: The Jones Plantation 10:44:45
CNN fakes an air raid during the Gulf War! (video) 10:36:47
Campaign takes the hard, but high road in Idaho 10:30:27
Delegate Needs Help To Get to MN State Convention 10:24:04
The Phenix City Story Has Many Parallels to Ron Paul Story. Hopefully It Will End a Little Differently. 10:22:55
Ron Paul: "If I am elected President,... 10:20:05
Afghan attacks on US troops under-reported 09:58:24
Stalin Like Purge 09:43:00
Common Sense by Thomas Paine (February 4, 1776) 09:39:10
Romney campaign called me for first time 09:29:01
Debate petition, Dr. Ron Paul vs. Willard Romney 09:21:20
Voting machine information 09:07:34
Romney is worse than Obama - by far 09:04:43
Pennsylvania Ron Paul supporter - "Ron Paul got me in trouble twice" 08:59:44
Advice for debating a RINO 08:51:06
Go Big or Go Home: Paulite Vies for Infowars/Alex Jones Anchor Slot 08:36:18
Can someone please find the vid of Congressmen casting votes for absent members? 08:29:20
On the G. Depression "You're right, we did it. We're very sorry. But thanks to you, we won't do it again." -Bernanke 08:25:01
Any rumors of any hard-hitting ads before TX and CA? 08:22:26
"Former Republican Bachmann to withdraw Swiss citizenship" LOL! 08:18:19
Txs:... nobody is rushing to imitate “Dr. No.” 08:14:00
New Ron Paul Song! (with free mp3 download link included) 08:12:12
Update: "Romney's For Ron Paul" Family Photos' 08:12:07
A short ad to target voters in California who are concerned about medical marijuana 07:54:07
Nice stress test for troubled banks...2 billion in sloppy losses, I guess they always have the Lender of Last Resort 07:07:39
Ron Paul Game Changer: All Delegates Are Unbound! 06:34:26
Video: Obama Campaigns for Ron Paul ☮ 06:23:58
A damaging spin that needs to be countered 05:55:31
Ron Paul Video - Real Change 05:30:28
Need help getting to state convention 05:12:46
Conspiracy or truth? Kissinger Promises China... 'Jeb Bush Will Be Next President'! 05:03:29
'He was an evil bully... it was like Lord of the Flies': Former classmates reveal the 'real' Mitt Romney! 04:48:51
Veterans Today: "Ron Paul’s Mega Crowds… No Media Coverage!" New Photos 04:33:16
All Your Delegates Are Belong To Us! 04:17:38
Knife Robbery Ends In A Bloodbath, Gun Saves Lives 04:05:15
Military members, expose the unconstitutional orders you have actually followed! 03:49:21
Richard Machowicz, Ex-Navy SEAL, Zen Buddhist & Martial Artist: A Message to Nanny Statists 03:49:11
Rabbi Dovid Bendory of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership: Why Jews Hate Guns! 02:53:05
I'm at the Point of Not Believing Virtually Anything the MSM Media Says 02:43:41
55 years with Ron Paul. Exclusive interview with his better half, Carol Paul, on 02:40:34
Delegates?! Bound or Unbound?! 02:37:57
A truly depressing reality 02:27:40
need help in Philly 2 sell Grad Apt furnishings 2 help RP 02:09:30
New song for Ron Paul 01:52:56
Not Mitt 01:47:18
Our Beautiful rEVOLution 01:46:07
Vote in This WND Poll 01:16:29
Great Pictures of Dr. Paul 01:13:32
No one Likes a Bully: Romney Now Unelectable v. Obama 01:06:14
Ted Cruz Inspiring Speech, Crowd Chants "Ron Paul!" 00:57:57
Reality Check: Why all RNC delegates are 'Free Agents' and unbound 00:57:15
Pro-Choice Libs Throw Obama Under a Bus, Endorse Ron Paul 00:56:35
Communists Trolled by Ron Paul Supporters! 00:55:24
Allan Stevo to Newt & Mitt: Your latest suggestion to MIMIC Dr. Paul will never win over the R3VOLution! 00:40:00
Reality Check: RNC Delegates are "Free Agents" and Unbound! 00:35:07
We All Stand Tall For Love 00:33:34
How to take over the Republican Party in 3 Easy Steps by Pat Robertson Circa 1980's. MUST read. Back to the Future! 00:26:49
Dinosaur slayer Paul! 00:24:37
Farage on RT Yesterday 00:16:59
Ben Swann Confirms: Delegates Are NOT Bound, Anywhere! New Reality Check 00:07:28