Posted on May 13, 2012

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Ron Paul May Have Won Arizona 21:55:04
Good report from VIRGINIA! 21:36:49
Never Again! 20:19:00
Did You Know "Ron Paul" can be pronounced "Mitt Romney"? 12:33:48
Take A Deep Breath Yall 09:46:36
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August 2012 American People Will Do It 23:55:39
A Documentary for the Liberty Lovers 23:55:27
Documented Martial Law in Chicago 23:49:52
You Guys Like The Sign Spinning? 23:35:16
Christians and Conservatives–Rally Now! Ron Paul Has Out-Polled Obama and Scored Big Multi-State Wins Over Romney! 23:34:00
Deadline to become Michigan Precinct Delegate 05/15/2012 4:00PM 23:13:52
Weekend Comedy Gold: Michelle Obama and Oprah now hate each other! 23:12:18
Last night at the bar, a conversation with friends voting for Obama 22:56:14
49 headless bodies dumped on north Mexico highway 22:54:05
AUDiO: Brilliant Austrian Economist Robert Wenzel delivers a Stunning Speech AT the NY Fed! 22:51:59
Gay Day on DP 22:49:14
Rule 11 Violation: One picture says it all 22:45:29
Republican Delegates Can Ignore Any “Committment” 22:41:00
So what state(s) has Romney actually... 22:35:23
Remember always that it is easy to do what is pleasant 22:31:27
Federal Reserve. Origins to Present. 22:20:20
OK then, Actions of Wead and Benton didn't remind me of "Enemies, both foreign and domestic" 22:13:01
Doug Wead: "This is it. We may have won a chance for nomination" 22:09:49
Get over it! 22:04:17
Led By Joachim Paul, The Pirate Party Won Seats In Germany's Largest State! 21:46:52
Doug Wead just blogged that we lost Oklahoma? 21:41:16
Suspend Donations To The Campaign Up Until Jesse Benton Is Fired 21:40:26
Convention Wars 2012 21:38:17
Caveat Emptor 21:32:21
New Ron Paul Song! (With Free Mp3 Download Link Included) Please Share 21:26:44
tsa yikes! 21:20:03
Social Security Checks Garnisheed for Student Debt 21:12:54
Mitt Romney supporters punches one of our guys. Local OK news report! 20:55:10
Please keep the donations going! 20:47:59
RNC Clearly Violated Rule 11... 20:46:19
Delete 20:34:53 Oklahoma GOP Parking Lot Convention Videos. 20:17:13
Funny post on Yahoo about the bogus unemployment numbers 20:17:01
VIDEO: Rand Paul condemns brutal attack of transgender individual: "A SICKNESS in our society" 20:05:59
Ron Paul doing great in Virginia 20:03:14
Campaign 2012 Bill Moyers &CO: »Fighting for Fair Play on TV» ...without Ron Paul - really FAIR? 20:03:04
Trying to become delegate. Please help me respond to this email from local Republican Chair 19:55:39
Romney Victory, Inc. 19:53:38
Republican Executive Committee Member Calls for Resignation of Reince Priebus 19:52:04
Judge Jim Gray Homecoming event 19:45:25
Imagine if the National Convention goes to the parking lot... 19:40:42
confusion about AZ delegate numbers 19:38:05
☛Stop With the Jesse Benton, Reince Priebus and RNC Victory Organization ~ Remember WHO You Are! 19:33:13
On a lighter note, saw The Avengers today 19:27:26
~ "You see, We are not his, he is ours." ☛Keep It Straight In Your Head! 19:18:15
Convention Plan? 19:09:40
Veteran/Ron Paul Supporter featured in Reuters Article 18:58:23
http:/ 18:52:44
California Help Needed ASAP! 18:49:45
Okay, rule 11 is a no-go... 18:44:27
VIDEO - Rand Paul Wrong On Bible and Homosexuality 18:44:05
California Primary 18:39:15
Unbelievable outrage from CSPAN, watch & take action 18:38:34
A Little Motivation 18:32:47
We need lists of people to vote by precinct in California. Please someone help! 18:27:04
Mother's Day & Julia Ward Howe, an Early Radical, Atheist, Traitor & Subversive 18:26:49
☛ Will the results of the Oklahoma Parking Lot Convention be officially recognized? 18:25:08
Where Jesse Benton Can Go... 18:24:49
Jimmy Kimmel Skewers Barack Obama and gets in deep DOO-DOO for it. 18:15:02
W/O "War on Drugs" headlines like this would disappear "Mexican authorities find 49 mutilated bodies" 18:13:49
Hold All Future State Conventions in the Parking Lot! 18:13:02
Oklahoma Convention: What happens now? 18:07:06
Great video to share 18:03:13
Important: Events In Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon and More - May 15 18:01:16
Comments disappearing? (but not at DP) 18:00:21
Excuse Me, Can You get the Knife out from my Back? 17:33:26
Arizona Ron Paul Supporters Unfairly Attacked: Policymic Rebuttal To Usa Today Story 17:30:47
Ron Paul supporter checking in from the AZ Republican Convention 17:27:38
Chaos At The Az Gop Convention 17:23:04
Why it is imperative to continue supporting Ron Paul despite your opinion on Gay Marriage 17:22:30
Idaho Ron Paul Supporters Plan To Take Control of State Convention 17:17:19
Sacred Cows Called Out in Green Party Debate 17:04:52
Simple Yes or No Question for the Campaign. 17:01:19
Ron Paul Revolution: Could complete biggest upset in GOP history 17:01:04
Paul Supporters Launch World’s First Pizza Bomb 16:55:17
I Don't Care Anymore! 16:49:36
Video Oklahoma Gop Local News Video Channel 4 High Quality 16:40:53
A little of topic help! 16:13:35
Breaking: Ron Paul Campaign Approves RNC Victory Organization 16:01:09
Elections 2012 15:41:01
The Current Depression and why it's "invisible" 15:37:03
Alternative Media Descends on Virginia - Bilderberg 2012 15:33:54
Now we know why the campaign won't attack Romney. 15:32:19
Governor Fallin gets boos at convention 15:24:17
Breaking - JP Morgan Bankruptcy Imminent? (Maybe Not) 15:23:02
How did we do in Oklahoma and Arizona? 15:22:39
Ron Paul campaign statement concerning Reince Priebus and RNC Rule 11 15:20:22
Universal Health Care not a bad idea? 15:18:24
Troublesome Revelation 15:16:57
Hawaii and Wisconsin? 15:11:49
Another one in the blaze: Caption that photo!: Ron Paul 15:04:07
How can the political parties be considered "private"? 14:56:22
Gold: A Most Civilized Investment 14:39:09
For Hours Last Night, Dr. Paul Supporters Were Pushed around 14:29:11
Patriot Hats for Tampa 14:26:28
Wanted: More Delegates 14:25:49
Breaking!Video of violent Romney supporters at OK Convention 14:24:45
Watch Josh Romney Flee The Stage After Ron Paul Supporters Boo...Or Did He? (VIDEO) 14:21:02
Happy Mothers Day Mrs. Paul! 14:13:54
How many Romney advisors are dual citizens of Israel? 14:07:33
Leaked! GOP Memo on Gay Marriage 14:06:57
If Greece Exits, Here Is What Happens 14:02:56
CSPAN Blacksout Ron Paul? Replaces Ron Paul's Name With Mitt Romney? 13:59:03
Make the democrats proud! Infiltrate the GOP and vote for Ron Paul. 13:42:23
VIDEO: Happy Mother's Day You Liberty Lovin' Mammas! 13:40:42
Washington State: The Corruption Of The GOP Keeps On Rolling...To Their Own Demise. Tainted themselves beyond repair 13:37:09
Just a couple different questions from a Newby 13:36:34
Ron Paul Supporters being portrayed in a bad light by Media 13:25:48
Local blogger 13:18:51
Video and Stay 13:13:25
Why Obama and Rand Paul are Both Hypocrites on Gay Marriage. 13:11:42
U.S. military developing spychips for soldiers 13:11:13
CALIFORNIA: High School Girls For Ron Paul (Very Funny :) 13:09:43
Wow - Obama friend bribed Wright 150K to shut up 13:08:15
Romney Supporter Punches Ron Paul Supporter 12:45:44
You want these people on your side 12:44:44
Constitutional Republicans 12:41:49
Should the Blimp fly over the GOP Convention? Vote 12:41:27
Information On How To get to Tampa? 12:38:20
How we won AZ CD1 Delegates 12:38:11
Conservative NJ Blog attacking tea party leader for endorsing Ron Paul 12:36:12
PREVIEW: Tampa Convention Elephant vs. Rino 12:33:10
The Silence of the Paid Stream Media 12:32:23
Local Oklahoma news: "Chaos at the convention, police called to assist" 12:26:16
About Booing the Romneys 12:23:59
Follow The Rules And We Will Win 12:09:12
How Insane the Trading Has Become in Silver 12:06:51
Share this new VIDEO with your tea-o-con friends & family 12:02:41
RNC Election Sabotage? 11:40:33
Oklahoma GOP Cheating Ron Paul In Delegate Process - Local News 9 Coverage 11:37:49
Words of Wisdom to pass on to my friends on the DP. 11:24:27
Paul supporter hit by establishment goon at Ok. state convention 11:23:19
Knives are coming out: Romney taking swipes at Paul's plan to cut spending and debt 11:22:33
RNC Delegates Chants for the Mainstream Media 11:11:14
Blue Dog Democrats and Decline to State voters are swaying California toward Ron Paul 11:10:56
Who would come to a Ron Paul rally in Cincinnati next weekend? 11:09:38
Priebus on Meet the Press said 'he supports our nominee Mitt Romney' 11:03:15
The mainstream media's different take on the Oklahoma GOP convention 10:59:30
Govt trying to implicate Ron and Rand Paul in terrorist activities 10:55:59
Ron Paul Supporters Shout "follow The Rules" And Are Trying To Reform The Gop Which Has Become The Party Of Ill Repute 10:55:48
5 days until Friday 18 May - Minnesota Republican State Convention 10:51:44
Priebus on Meet the Press said 'he supports our nominee Mitt Romney' 10:48:07
'Motion to elect a Permanent Chair'! 10:23:13
Unfair Pa. State Practices Troopers Citation The Constitution 10:20:46
Romney is in deep trouble... 10:15:07
House of reps cancel Holders DOJ credit card 10:08:54
The only people discrediting the Republican Party 09:57:03
PolicyMic: Ron Paul Supporters At Arizona GOP Convention Get Undeserved Media Attack 09:45:58
Greek Olympic Torch Making Its Way to London 2012 Games (you gotta see this) 09:45:00
Oklahoma GOP Local News Coverage 09:43:11
No One But Paul 09:42:58
Video: You, the RP R3VOLutionaries started it All, from the "V"-masks to the Original Tea Party! 09:40:59
Chipin for Michigan Delegates - Eric and Nikki - 3 hours left 09:10:29
Ballot stuffing in Arizona 08:58:02
Slim Jims Montana, South Dakota, New Mexico! 08:56:35
Rand Paul: "I Didn't Think Obama's views On Marriage Could Get Any Gayer" Cnn Poll: What do you Think? 08:45:57
There will be 2 Sets of OK Delegations Presented to the National Convention - Both WILL be challenged - 5 possible outcomes. 08:44:31
Tampa: Security, safety, peace OPEN THread 07:59:42
GOP Establishment makes a mockery of the democratic process in Oklahoma 07:47:02
Does the RP campaign have a strategy that involves NOT confronting fraud? 07:41:20
So how many states did we take yesterday. 06:58:30
Happy Mother's Day to Carol Paul, and to all mother's out there too! 06:57:31
Happy Birthday to Ron Paul's 2012 campaign. (Started May 13th, 2011) 06:56:18
Liberty vs. Anarchy 06:53:15
I interviewed TMOT and Robert Murphy for the new Grassroots Ron Paul Documentary 05:19:10
US Marines deployed in Georgia - the country 05:10:37
Hiring a Lawyer for each Convention! 05:01:40
Answering MSM on its emerging agenda against Ron Paul delegate success with facts 04:49:38
USS Independence (LCS 2) 04:43:54
did we lose ok & az 04:36:13
RE: Ron Paul: KC_Ted "You see, We are not his, he is ours." 04:02:59
Are Traffic Lights Necessary? I Don't Think So! 03:47:46
PATRIOTS Motor Homes for Upcoming Conventions - "Hijacking-Preparedness Vehicles" 03:26:52
What will Romney's official convention song be? "I'll cry if I want to..." 02:57:36
Michigan Gop State Convention Livestream! 02:56:20
Comments made about "RPP" 02:44:03
Welcome To The GOPolice State: How The AZ State Convention went wrong - REAL Wrong. 02:22:41
Mad moms to food police: We'll eat what we want 02:12:30
Ron Paul Has Already Won 2012 & Beyond! 02:05:56
The Message Is Spreading... 02:00:58
Arizona Sonoran Alliance Conservative Blog Names Ron Paul "Fanatics" 01:59:06
Hey Los Angeles! Please Vote For Our Los Angeles County Liberty Candidates for Central Committee This June 5th! 01:52:02
This is how we take the R3volution to the next level. 01:39:18
Kudlow Show - Sen. Coburn, JP Morgan 01:24:43
Whatever happened to this site? 01:22:37
Ron Paul Supporters Accuse Romney Supporters of Ballot Stuffing - Arizona 5/12/12 01:22:17
The Official Statement From The Oklahoma GOP Party Chairman Matt Pinnell 01:17:02
Oklahoma Convention Outside Jake Peters on News9.. 5/12/12 01:16:12
Warning delegates... 01:15:30
Where is Napolitano? 01:04:28
Illegal adjournment of OK convention caught on tape 01:02:25
After complaints about "illegal" activity, Ron Paul faction takes GOP convention to parking lot 01:01:28
Oklahoma Republican Convention wrapped up in parking lot 00:58:45
Where In The Heck Is C-SPAN When You Need Them? Don't They Cover State Conventions? 00:57:10
Disturbing post at Romney chat 00:57:01
Did We Drop The Ball? Wisconsin And Hawaii State Conventions: May 12th 00:56:37
If someone can find and send me a Lifesize RonPaul 00:48:52
Sorry Mods... 00:47:53
Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy Dates 00:39:39
Oklahoma GOP State Convention Moved to Parking Lot Local News 9 00:15:23
Parking lot #2 in Arizona- Huge cluster in AZ 00:13:47
California Registration Deadline May 21 00:13:15
Arizona ALSO takes the convention to the parking lot! 00:13:05
URGENT! Send to Arizona delegates. 00:02:48