Posted on May 14, 2012

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KARMA: Clueless TSA PornGrope Convicted War Criminal Henry Kissinger! 21:58:07
Jesse Benton to Politico: Paul feared convention mayhem...didn't like disrespect at recent events 21:35:32
Rachel Maddow on Ron Paul's Campaign Strategy Switch 21:40:41
Doug Wead “We are not out, We are Up!” The fight has just begun! 20:28:35
Urgent Notice For Delegates Alternates And Future/Current Precinct Committeemen! 19:29:57
Jack Hunter Video: Ron Paul Has Not Suspended His Campaign! 18:54:37
The truth about delegates, our momentum and the SIX upcoming state conventions THIS weekend! 16:50:33
Ben Swann Chimes In on Ron Paul's Email 16:12:01
Ron Paul has NOT Suspended His Campaign 15:28:37
Message from Ron Paul 5/14/2012 14:29:16
Michigan Delegates Are UNBOUND After All - Romney May Lose Michigan 11:18:15
Ron Paul Supporters Allege Fraud as Arizona Republican Convention is Shut Down 10:53:48
The Mogambo Guru gives some love to Ron Paul 09:41:34
"Mysterious" Aim of R3VOL Delegate Strategy confounds TPM (Talking Pts. Memo) Scribe & RINOs alike! 07:25:11
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5/14/12: The Dangers of the Fed and the Importance of Sound Money 00:37:43
We need to develop a list of phone contacts for parliamentarians to prepare our people for the conventions. 12:41:54
Round 2! ☮ P E A C E ! ☮ Daily Paul Silver Dime Card Drive by Freedom's Phoenix 21:30:40
*100,000 Texas Super Brochures Mailing* 21:27:27
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In The Coming Weeks Ron Paul Needs To Publicly Offer Romney The VP Spot In Exchange For Romney Stepping Aside 23:54:20
Dear Politico, Quote This 23:54:15
Our Pledge to Fight On, with or without the Campaign's Consent. A Call to Arms: 23:52:28
Paul Channeling Gandhi 23:38:26
Delegate Website and Ron Paul-ers 23:20:50
*Nothing Changes Today* 23:15:56
World Class Ron Paul Commercial Coming May 31st 23:10:59
Anybody from Victoria Texas on here? 22:45:16
MN activist: "I get the feeling I'm witnessing history." 22:44:04
"Real" delegate count 22:41:16
There's a reason why we're a minority 22:37:34
Paul Craig Roberts (Served Under Reagan) The “War on Terror” is a hoax 22:35:40
The flag of the Republic in our hands 22:35:31
One Word...Believe! 22:29:18
We Need Some Funny - Video 22:28:33
Ron Paul to speak at Minnesota Convention on the 18th of May. 22:28:26
No More Lies 22:27:05
"We as a group have a morale responsibility to act 22:23:54
ViDEO: Ron Paul on Compromise and Democracy 22:19:47
"A MAD Economy" by Joe Alexopoulos 22:19:45
Robin Koerner on RT: Bugger That! The R3VOLution rolls on Full Steam ahead to Tampa & Beyond! 22:14:09
Strategery! 22:10:03
strategic retreat 22:04:31
I Will Never Be On The Wrong Side Again! If You Think I Will Fall In Line You Got Another Thing Coming! 21:57:07
Rachel Maddow reports on OK convention/ 21:52:59
'Hiroshima' Tactics for 'Total War' on Islam - U.S. Military Documents Exposed 21:52:08
☛ Here are the FIRST 3 things everyone should do for their particular upcoming CONVENTION! Contribute to at least one of these! 21:29:18
49 Headless Bodies - War On Drugs In Mexico Is A Failure! 21:28:55
Michael Steele: Will Romney Win-i Think So (Cooley) 21:27:54
Romney, Ron Paul & RNC Rules 21:15:13
The Recent Announcement By The Paul Campaign. Two Cents. 21:07:33
Jesse Benton, I want to shake your hand, brother 21:03:44
Video, Ron Paul A Campaign For Liberty 21:03:39
Feeling in 08' 20:59:34
Media Reaction to Strategy Shift 20:59:16
Paulboozle, Good'ol Flutes & Drums Liberty Walk? At Asbury Park Nj This Weekend; There Will Be 120k People There For Bamboozle 20:54:18
Jesse Benton Enemy of the Republic? 20:54:04
Obama's Re-Election Secret Online Weapon 20:51:53
The Revelation. The Revolution. 20:51:22
President Paul 20:44:28
now we know why doug needed all the delegate names and emails last week. 20:42:14
I don't know about you guys 20:39:35
MoneyBomb Info 20:38:28
STOP Same Sex marriage...or...become a Delegate? 20:33:39
We Need To Go Stealth Just Like Ron Paul 20:30:56
Our Time Has Come! 20:22:58
Quick list of states won? 20:19:48
Idea to cut cost for the campaign 20:14:23
CNN Shows Ron Paul With all Maine Delegates! 20:13:57
This helps. Thanks, Doug! 20:13:27
Ron Paul is not suspending his Campaign: Official Campaign Release. 20:06:37
List of Childish Behavior Shown by GOP Establishment at State Conventions 20:05:13
More cheating: Arizona 20:03:27
MSM Contortionists Nail Themselves In Their Own Coffin 20:00:46
My Edited Version of the Message from Ron Paul 19:59:05
Make Your DP Headlines Informative & Twittable With A #RonPaul Hashtag Time = votes on June5! 19:54:06
The Ultimate Delegate strategy 19:50:13
Ron Paul is not OUT! He is UP! - Blog Post by Doug Wead 19:46:09
POLITICO links to Daily Paul thread debating what Ron Pauls email means 19:46:01
Dr.Paul NOT suspending Campaign! 19:32:42
Do you remember? I do 19:25:21
From campaign website: Ron Paul Has Not Suspended His Campaign 19:24:53
This Is How We WIN In The Upcoming Conventions. Follow MAINE'S Lead! 19:24:07
Nikola Tesla - inventor extraordinaire 19:19:38
Libertarian / Liberty Movement themed metal bands 19:18:50
Obsequious play by the Campaign makes sense now. 19:16:25
The Guardian lies= says Paul suspends campaign 19:10:44
This Man Is Amazing: A Reminder About the Long Haul 19:08:00
Ron Paul Has Not Quit: It’s the Delegates, Dummy 19:07:34
Robin Koerner Live On RT Tonight! - After 7PM EST 18:53:26
Hopelessly Devoted 18:48:29
Just got my first piece of Romney junk mail today. 18:48:26
Regarding Dr. Paul's recent update 18:40:31
Thanks but no thanks 18:37:04
first-time poster, and NEW alternate delegate! 18:34:52
Nominated, help me spread the word by LIKING my video in Facebook 18:25:00
Had A Talk With A Romney Supporter Today After Ron's Message Was Released 18:20:03
Why not wait until Friday? 18:19:25
Ron Paul HQ California State Coordinator Says Paul Is Not Dropping Out 18:17:11
Put in Nevada Lingo, Pardners... 18:12:24
Holding my ground (as a former Obama supporter) on liberty against an Obama supporter. 18:09:27
Isn't AZ counting votes right now? 18:06:49
Will the Campaign Send Parliamentarians to the Delegate Conventions? 18:03:14
This Campaign Will Never End... 17:55:35
The Announcement Means Two Things 17:53:31
My Take on the paid stream media lies about RP "all but suspending" his campaign... 17:51:45
I've lost a lot of respect for this movement today 17:50:03
Attention All Oregon Republican Voters ! 17:38:15
Still A Candidate 17:37:55
More Thoughts On The Campaign Announcement (5/14) 17:32:48
After The Letter From Ron... Solutions! 17:31:15
New Clue in Case of Sir Walter Raleigh Lost Colony 17:30:16
Time to get active again. 17:26:12
It's A Republic Folks! 17:21:32
Ok People Thursday Moneybomb Is A Huge Day. We Must Come Through 17:19:46
Has there been "recent dirty politics"? 17:07:05
Kudos to Politico for getting Paul story right 16:56:21
they also got behind him in the understanding that the ultimate goal was to get Ron Paul elected president. Now that that's 16:54:25
Michigan G.O.P. banning Ron Paul supporters at state convention this weekend?! 16:54:01
Ron Paul Trending on Twitter Worldwide! 16:50:00
Mario Savio: The machine speech 16:49:55
Idaho Primary Tomorrow (May 15) 16:48:01
Keep fighting for Tampa but start focusing on getting Gary Johnson in the Debates. 16:47:49
Gary Johnson tweeted "@RonPaul suspends active campaigning." Liberty can't be suspended. 16:47:49
Did the Ron Paul Campaign Finally Get What They Wanted from Romney? 16:46:00
Romney: The White Obama! 16:44:09
RIP Ron Paul campaign. it was fun now get behind Romney 16:43:07
Oregon Primary TOMORROW! Tuesday 5/15 16:39:44
Why Paul suspended his campaign now, with contests in his home state of Texas and that of his son’s in Kentucky looming 16:35:47
Awesome Entertaining and Educational Cartoon! 16:35:26
WARNING! Do not carry a large amount of cash in America! 16:34:55
Commit to Donate on the 17th! 16:30:30
Suspending campaign 16:29:33
Yahoo! News spreading disinformation: "Ron Paul ending his campaign for the Republican nomination" 16:26:37
RP should call press conference this week 16:26:12
Az Gop 16:24:51
VIDEO; Ron Paul has NOT dropped out of the race. Ron Paul FLIX 16:20:56
Disinformation from a newspaper in Geneva 16:20:54
News Update: Remaining Az Ballots To Be Counted Today (5/14) At 1:30 Pm PST... 16:20:31
Doug Wead's BIG announcement last week? 16:19:13
Alert To Campaign: Capitalize On This Coverage! 16:19:04
Campaign Staff: "He Is Still In And The May 17th Moneybomb Is Crucial!" 16:17:22
Drudge is the biggest douche! 16:16:21
6 state conventions this weekend! Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, South Carolina, Mississippi and Vermont! 16:14:16
What ! we should be upset 16:13:54
Paul Did Not Say He Was Ending His Campaign! 16:09:12
Relax, Dr Paul has been Spanking NEO-CONS for years 16:08:52
Stop this! The Naysayers must go. 16:08:35
Can somebody ask TMOT if this is what he was talking about-Paul's announcement 16:07:57
The Msm Reporting Of Ron Paul's Email To Supporters - A Personal Review 16:02:40
Delegate - Need Help Getting To MI Gop Convention 5/18-19 16:00:21
National Journal, "Ron Paul Suspends Active Campaigning..." 15:55:26
"RP Out" is Genius Delegate Strategy 15:54:40
Glenn Addison on Jesse Benton 15:51:22
Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - Full Movie (Documentary) 15:50:58
Ron Paul Suspends His Campaign Activities 15:50:20
My Trip to the Oklahoma State Republican Convention 15:50:16
Key Moments From Ron Paul's Race for Republican Presidential Nomination—VIDEO 15:49:40
How Ron Paul Stays Relevant After Suspendingnding Active Campaign 15:49:32
How Ron Paul Will Keep Stacking Despite Suspending Active Campaigning 15:48:49
How Ron Paul Plans To Pursue Delegate Strategy Despite Suspending Active Campaigning 15:48:06
How Ron Paul Plans To Pursue Delegate Strategy Despite Suspending Active Campaigning 15:47:45
Everyone Stop Trippin' 15:46:33
What Is Happening In Idaho? 15:46:17
The Take Away from Ron Paul's recent announcement 15:46:13
Virginia Delegates 15:45:17
I Spoke With Headquarters! Paul Is Still Running and In The Race! Media Twisting! 15:35:27
The Mitt Romney-Ron Paul Connection Grows Ever More Curious 15:35:23
What About The Money? 15:35:04
The Ron Paul R3VOLution 15:34:12
We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty. Now is not the time to give up! 15:33:59
Drudgereport: Paul Out 15:23:58
RP's announcement vague, ambiguous, and divisive 15:23:33
Drudge headline: Ron Paul out! 15:22:44
Now is when the Real Race Begins 15:18:22
Here comes the media spin, Ron Paul all but ends campaign 15:10:24
Arizona Republican Convention Ron Paul Dime Cards 15:09:13
We Have the 100 Year Anniversary of the "Contract to Enslave Americans" Coming Up For Renewal. 14:59:19
Ron Paul Trending #1 On Yahoo! 14:59:15
Yahoo! Ron Paul #1 Searched for Topic 14:58:28
Thoughts on the Campaign Announcement (5/14) 14:58:16
Fraud, Voter Intimidation, Ethic Violations, Assault, Illegal Shutdown - The Az Gop Convention (Videos) 14:49:36
.. Ron Paul wants me to attend convention! Breaking News... 14:45:52
Ron Paul on his campaign moving forward: "I will be right there with you" 14:43:12
Rand Paul Heir to Ron Paul's Libertarian Movement? Says America Needs Spiritual Leadership 14:42:12
The Okgop State Convention In The Parking Lot Was Convention Continuation And Not Rump! 14:39:47
Drudge: Ron Paul Is Out 14:38:53
Alert 14:35:10
Paul Camp Officially Against Winning 14:33:35
Fist fights break out at GOP conventions while Ron Paul wins Arizona 14:15:35
REMINDER: Upcoming Conventions Weekend of May 18th 14:10:27
Media blackout Ron Paul tweets 14:01:30
How to do an unfiltered Google News search for Ron Paul related. 13:59:30
What is so Crazy about non-interventionism 13:59:24
Ron Paul vs the Great Pumpkin. 13:57:28
Now ILLEGAL to Text and Walk! 13:44:46
Establishment Dirty Tricks At Conventions Target Paul Supporters 13:44:04
Iowa State Convention question 13:38:24
When Mitt Romney announces his VP pick... 13:35:50
Will JP Morgan bring down the entire US banking system? 13:34:16
I believe this breakfast meeting is a turning point. The campaign is raising a white flag. 13:20:31
The Evolution Of The Democratic Plantation *video* 13:16:34
What Do We Want? To Win! (And to be the next GOP/DNC Bosses!) 13:15:41
What happened in Wisconsin? 13:09:20
Today's RP headlines, May 14, 2012 (please add) 13:00:57
Enhanced Tyranny on The Way! Feinstein : Get Ready For More Aggressive Molestation At The Airport 12:56:14
Ron Paul Arizona Convention Heros Under Assault 12:51:35
When is CISPA going to be voted on in the Senate? 12:51:05
WA State - URGENT - File as candidate for PCO 12:47:45
Ron Paul supporting GOP and Rule #11 is BRILLIANT 12:45:01
Did your Representative in the U.S. House vote for CISPA? 12:43:22
(VIDEO) Establishment "Dirty Tricks" At Conventions Target Paul Supporters 12:35:15
Motorcycle Ride for Ron Paul Tampa RNC 12:28:02
Confusion is setting in 12:24:33
*Extraneous Issue Thread* Please make any comments you wish to make on extraneous issues here 12:21:42
Ron Paul Wins the T-Shirt Vote...Has this been posted yet? 12:09:24
You Guys Just Don't Get It! 12:09:01
Ron Paul loving radio show "Revolutio Solution" was cut off last night while exposing the Fed 12:00:32
Another problem with AZ ballots 11:33:28
Future of money on the minds of mint officials 11:33:12
The LOVE of Money; A time for choosing... 11:29:03
Women Of the Ron Paul Revolution - article with stunning pictures :D 11:25:48
Video - Ron Paul Revolutionaries chaotic Takeover of Arizona GOP Convention 11:25:36
Apologies To the Arizona GOP and Romney Supporters 11:23:39
May Madness Weekend (May 18 - 20) (Mi / Ga / Ms / Vt / Sc / Mn / Ky) 11:22:48
New Bailout May be in the Works, Fed Nominees up in the Air, Congress Being Pressured 11:12:42
Rand & Ron endorsed Greg Sowards & Kurt Bills... Tell your friends in New Mexico & Minnesota 11:04:47
Arguments Over The Rightness Of A Group Has No Place Here. 11:04:07
Article: "Young voters are leaning libertarian, but only Ron Paul seems to notice" 11:03:06
For those of you who complain that the campaign is not attacking Romney 11:01:26
MOre trouble for Romney as a big bank supporter- Another flip flop coming ! 11:00:39
Might I suggest a Tampa Housing / Expenses Money Bomb? 10:54:35
Who makes the decision on Presidential Ballot counting and such? 10:53:04
Is the Drudge Report backing off the Romney rhetoric? 10:48:34
Doug Wead revisiting OK? 10:46:57
CIA Bay of Pigs report stays secret, releasing would "have a chilling effect" 10:37:30
Texas Primary Today! I Just Voted Ron Paul! 10:07:30
Ron Paul VP short list 10:02:49
Will the campaign just lay down at Tampa too? 09:59:38
MoneyBomb - Ron Paul FTW! 09:29:37
Constitutional Convention " form a more perfect union." 09:26:13
Ron Paul victories in states they were cheated out of beauty contest wins 09:24:27
Parliamentarians: Our Most Important Weapons 09:09:46
New Super PAC to attract young voters - I kid you not! 09:08:38
Arizona Delegates are Fuming, Publicly Demanding Answers from the Ron Paul Campaign 08:59:37
We Band Of Brothers For Ron Paul 08:59:01
Nato killed 72 civilians in Libya air strikes 08:56:41
Their Finest Hour RonPaul201 08:52:55
Money Bomb for delegates in Alaska trying to get to State Convention Part 2 08:51:43
America's Dr.Ron Paul Will Win It All In The Fall 08:47:29
Young Keynesians 08:30:45
The Lies You’re Told 08:26:06
Can a Christian Be a Libertarian? 08:20:13
Ron Paul Won't Serve as Mitt Romney's Vice President 08:19:56
Both sides - OK convention 08:12:57
The No Texting While Walking Law is a Threat to the Law Itself 08:10:00
Is it Worth Becoming a Delegate for the 2012-2014 Cycle? 08:07:00
Re:Texas Straight Talk: FED is Exposed. Next week Expose pics of the "plane" that hit the Pentagon 08:02:17
How to Get Mainstream Media to Read The Daily Paul 07:51:16
PROOF: Romney's Son NOT Booed Off Stage By RP Supporters At AZ Republican State Convention 07:36:35
Ron Paul Official Statement Regarding the Accusation that the RNC broke Rule 11 by Giving funds to Romney 07:21:31
Their Finest Hour 06:52:52
Ron Paul to MSM Translator 06:11:02
Manhunt Underway for Missing FBI Agent.. So What Happened? Did He Uncover The Truth About Our Government? 05:16:36
To Everyone of Homosexual Orientation 04:53:56
AP Propagandists spin Nevada R3VOLution Win as "GOP Identity Crisis" & "Libertarian Hijacking" 04:31:25
Searching For Ron Paul Photo. Backstage B&W With Him Head Down Behind Curtains 04:25:31
Spontaneous Freedom: OK Supporters of Liberty Prevail 04:01:42
Congressman Paul Subcommittee Hearing “The Federal Reserve System: Mend It or End It?” 03:35:06
The Latest on Bush Convicted of War Crimes in Absentia 03:29:30
Family Guy - Tea Party episode - 03:23:22
Did everyone forget Ron Paul asking for donations? See this graph 03:22:08
ViDEO: Blatant Blackout of Ron Paul on CSPAN 03:21:29
Photons Teleported 60 Miles By Chinese Researchers 03:21:19
Ron Paul Wins Right to be Nominated on the Floor at GOP Convention in Tampa 03:19:26
Romney Supporter Punches Paul Supporter at Oklahoma GOP convention 03:05:37
Idaho State Journal - Internal GOP Warfare Characterizes 2012 Primary 03:05:32
ViDEO: Ron Paul on Bloomberg Radio - May 09, 2012 02:58:34
Negativity and Propaganda 02:25:42
New End The Fed Pic ;) 02:19:31
My Apologies To DailyPaul People 02:15:26
See Ron Getting P*ssed On Morton Downey Jr. 1988 02:12:22
Thread Deleted 02:04:14
LOL! Ron Paul Ringtones! 01:34:18
A Breakdown of Jesse Benton’s Comments Consenting the RNC Victory Organization. 01:22:17
Just thought I'd share! 01:20:58
LDS (Mormons) for Ron Paul 01:19:07
70-years-old Mitt Romney supporter punched a Ron Paul supporter at Oklahoma State Convention 00:47:23
Ron Paul is the People's President 00:37:06
Simon Shack of September Clues- Gatekeeper Disinfo Proved by Yours Truly 00:36:51
U.S. Defense Spending Cut? Or Increased... 00:31:23
Why Vote Libertarian? 00:30:12
15 minutes needed from each Californian 00:29:39
Trying to create a source for finding out how many delegates Ron Paul has so far... 00:28:28
How to Defend Kurt Bills at GOP Convention 00:22:21
The RNC "Victory Fund" Will be the Warchest Ron Paul Uses to Destroy Obama - All Part of the Plan 00:13:08
Campaign 00:10:27
How do you answer the "..Ron Paul? But he isn't going to win.." 00:09:09
Attorney BOMB! and Veteran Security... 2.0 00:07:47
A Look at Libertarian Party Nominees Gary Johnson, Judge Gray 00:00:15
The Best of Alex Castellanos 12:16:22