Posted on May 17, 2012

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I'm Sorry 22:49:52
RT: Ron Paul taking over GOP delegates 21:54:08
Federal Judge strikes down "indefinite detention" Today 19:37:26
Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Calls Ron Paul Supporters "Obama Lovers" at GOP Convention 17:12:59
Ben Swann's Response to the Blogger Who Said He Was Wrong 15:51:26
URGENT: NDAA Indefinite Detention Vote Today! 12:22:29
Maddow Guest Host: Romney Scared 12:02:29
Schumer Introduces Ex-PATRIOT Act: Will Banish Those Who Renounce US Citizenship 11:17:37
Meet TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership: SOPA+PiPA+CiSPA+SPP "Free Trade" Agreement in One 10:26:14
Delegate From Arizona Marko Trickovic Spills Beans On Blatant Fraud @ State Convention 07:15:38
URGENT: Please donate to the MO Delegate Chipin- some families having a hard time getting to the GOP State Convention! UPDATE 10:04:30
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Debate on Indefinite Detention on NOW 23:57:06
John Pilger, Gays, Obama and Hypocrisies 23:56:41
documentary re: BO's Kenyan birth certificate 23:48:32
Email from John Tate: Likely last money bomb of Ron Paul's career 23:48:31
Winning my GOP for RP 23:45:26
First Vote Of The 2012 Convention 23:40:36
The DC: Oklahoma GOP continues national trend of disenfranchising Paul supporters 23:39:37
Breitbart three months before his death: Don't trust Glenn Beck 23:38:31
Ron Paul and the Nebraska Primary Prove Sarah Palin Could Make a Difference 23:28:00
What’s Mine is Mine What’ s Yours is Negotiable 23:25:59
Got kind of a "God" question here... 23:22:33
Ronald Reagan Endorses Ron Paul 2012... Truly a Gem 23:15:52
Invisible Gun Grab- Who is Buying American Firearm Companies? 23:15:12
Sarah Palin Warns the GOP “You Had Better Not Marginalize Ron Paul" 23:11:26
America's instruments of oppression 23:11:01
Sarah Palin Interested In Ron Paul's Endorsement For President 23:09:27
I am Ron Paul 23:08:52
US guilty of arming Syrian terrorists. 23:03:53
Update: Use Square Card Reader! 23:03:27
How to lock up Romney delegates for Paul 23:01:58
Get out there and continue to spread the rEVOLution! 22:56:53
Moneybomb double duty 22:53:09
It's ironic that when the biggest crooks are caught, it's often for minor infractions—for example 22:51:49
Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii' 22:49:43
Tonight, We Are Young 22:41:06
MO Delegate Chipin A Big Success! Thanks to ALL our friends Everywhere who helped US meet our GOAL 22:39:05
The Office of the Executive Branch Of Government Ethics 22:31:38
Mitt Indirectly Paying for Ron's Campaign 22:28:31
Will Ron Paul get to SPEAK before the Delegates Vote in TAMPA? 22:07:27
Occam's Razor Cuts Through Kenya 22:05:33
Ron Paul: Jerry Doyle Blasts Neocons & More - Compilation 22:05:09
Big Island of Hawaii Music Video for Ron Paul! 21:55:09
I just received an email From John Tate . . . .I am sorry but Ron Paul will lead us to Victory as our Next President! 21:46:14
Steve Parent what Ben Swann did not mention about Ron Paul Delegates, Roberts Rules, and how to win the conventions. 21:45:47
Will Ron Paul be America's next president? 21:38:14
It's Ron Paul Vs. Mitt Obamney In Tampa Bay 21:24:13
Health Benefits of Raw Milk 21:22:15
Ron Paul will get over 500,000 by the end of TONIGHT! 05/17/12 21:21:20
Rep. Mike Rogers: TSA must get ‘tougher’ 21:18:15
Tmot and Josh Tolley Live in 10 Minutes at pushing the moneybombHURRY and SHarE 21:11:30
Live Event On Now! Front Page Please 21:09:43
Barack Obama's presidential campaign began at birth 21:07:16
We Are One We Are An Army 21:07:08
Get Video Cameras To The People 21:01:29
When Is The First Ron Paul "Money Drone"? 20:39:51
Ron Paul"the Delegates Have Not Been Appointed Yet! 20:34:46
Georgia State Convention - May 18-19 - Open Thread 20:27:30
Livingston County, Michigan Delegates 20:06:41
Rand Paul Endorses Kurt Bills 19:59:57
This guy thinks we are Sheeple! 19:54:55
Romney Subgate Why are we not spreading this like wildfire? 19:48:30
Healthy Reminders of 2008 19:45:38
just throwing out an idea.. 19:45:02
Unthinkable? Did the GOP figure out they don't need Ron Paul's people? 19:40:24
Avoid Giving the Opposition an Edge - Please 19:27:52
Cost of the long road to be a delegate at Tampa? = Thousands. Cost of penalty for voting Paul on first ballot in Tampa, instead 19:24:11
Obama Said He Was Born in Kenya In 2007! 19:17:10
Unofficial apology from the campaign for statements last week 19:16:34
The Romney Vultures 19:15:55
Come on California and Texas - Two of the richest states in the nation! 19:15:35
HP to Slash Work Force by up to 30,000 19:13:40
Need Artist or Cartoonist for a quick project 19:12:29
Once Again Ron is Obama's Greatest Threat! 18:52:19
Your mission If you choose to accept it 18:49:08
Received a robo-call from Mitt Romney... 18:40:58
if delegates are free to vote their conscience, then wont santorum and romney people band up and make 1140? 18:36:04
Senate going against Eduardo Saverin for not wanting to pay ridiculous taxes 18:31:38
George Galloway vs Ignorant American 18:24:47
Who will pay for the massive US public debt? 18:24:31
How many Drake Mitchells are there? Make this happen all over the country! 18:21:38
Daily Caller: Oklahoma GOP continues national trend of disenfranchising Paul supporters 18:19:42
GOP takes lessons from Al Qaeda 18:18:40
VIDEO: Ron Paul Grassroots Discussion on - April 16, 2012 18:07:34
Police State in Forest Hills NY 18:03:34
VIDEO: Rand Paul on Ron Paul's Revolution C-SPAN - April 15, 2012 17:59:25
Ron Paul looks for new donations with ‘Stand for Liberty money bomb’ 17:49:50
Pain in Oklahoma - Doug Wead account of recent shenanigans and sufferings around the USA 17:47:53
Why We Will Win! 17:35:30
Virginia CD5, CD10, and CD11 - May 19 17:28:49
Kentucky CD2 and CD6 Conventions 17:27:32
Obama Born In Kenya Mainstream News! Business Wire, Business Insider, Atlantic Wire and more! 17:27:28
Ex-marine current Ron Paul supporter on the no fly list 17:25:25
"The Delegates Wouldn't Stop, They Just Kept Yelling For Him: Speech, Speech, Speech" 17:11:17
How the US Dollar will be replaced 17:07:08
The National Defense Authorization Act Is An Authorization For War With Iran! - Dennis Kucinich 17:05:14
Lew Rockwell Perhaps Explains Ron Paul's New Strategy, Stealth Delegates! 16:50:55
Tea Party Must Assimilate Occupy 16:40:53
But I Didn't Mean This! 16:32:07
Under Romney, Massachusetts Had Highest Per Capita Debt Of Any State 16:28:36
The Fire! 16:15:36
Fox News: Ron Paul only candidate who speaks 'American' 16:14:49
Rise for Liberty Money Bomb live at 9pm - with delegate update with Ben Swann 16:14:18
For Sh!ts and Giggles - Would you Okay Romney as VP? 16:13:35
A Look at Who Might Lead a “Post Paul” Revolution 16:07:25
When Pigs fly, Republicans Rally Around Romney - (Almost All 60 of the Romney Supporters) 15:57:15
Exclusive - Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii' 15:51:13
Minnesota State Convention - May 18-19 - Open Thread 15:49:41
Amazing 12 yr old girl educates canada about banks 15:49:34
Chinese Takeover Of American Bank, Federal Reserve Approves 15:43:19
Timeline - May 12, 2012 - May 17, 2012 15:37:17
Rep. Tom Rooney (FL–16) wants to detain you indefinitely, without charge or trial, upon the mere ACCUSATION of terrorism 15:32:31
URGENT! Chipin for MN Delegate to State Convention Ends in 45 Minutes 15:17:20
"The first patriot to shoot down a government spy drone will be a hero." 15:15:27
Wise elders are hard to come by. Spend some time with Russell Means. 15:12:04
Worse Than The Mafia! Banks secretly building up private military forces to operate in USA. 15:09:17
Spy Drone Almost Causes Mid Air Collision With Jet Over Denver 14:55:29
Rev. Wright just put the nails in Obama's coffin 14:55:25
What Romney's Scorched Earth Tactics Imply About Our Current Electoral System 14:36:15
This article shows up near the top when you google Ron Paul. 14:35:54
If Obama is Impeached over his birth certificate. Then what? 14:24:34
U.S now Israel colony 14:23:34
Fox News: Ron Paul only candidate who speaks 'American' 14:19:19
Suggestions For Revolution 14:17:53
Thursday 11AM Pacific Check out the front page of DrudgeReport 14:17:08
If you think you are confused.. 14:16:11
Big Win Against NDAA Today! 14:12:56
Thanks to For-Profit Prisons, Louisiana Has Triple the Incarceration Rate of Iran 14:10:06
Curious. How many of you would ever support Rand Paul for President? Vote 'Up' or 'Down'. 14:01:20
(U/FOUO) Domestic Terrorism and Homegrown Violent Extremism Lexicon (.pdf) 13:54:32
Federal Judge: NDAA Terror law Violates 1st Amendment 13:54:10
Gresham's Law Money Bomb? 13:53:44
Activists And Media Blocked By Faceborg Over Bilderberg Coverage 13:52:27
Drivers License, 2 Signatures, 2 thumbprints, a mugshot, & a warning JUST to cash a $30 check 13:42:20
Create a page with chip-ins for expenses for the delegates that need it. 13:37:04
Memo to Romney 13:35:29
So the GOP in nevada is setting up their own party to elect romney 13:32:34
Is the campaign still trying to actually win the presidency? 13:27:39
The next step in DISCLOSURE 13:23:08
Jeremy Scahill on NPR Fresh Air Stuns Terry Gross with the Truth 13:19:44
CFR African Food Security – Depopulation is on the Table 13:19:43
Free Ron Paul Car Stickers 13:16:53
Please post great comments to this article - unbiased coverage! 13:16:24
Jack Hunter: rEVOLution Infinite: Thoughts on a Money Bomb Thursday 13:12:21
Super Extremely Urgent/important Read Immediately! 13:09:06
Live Stream for Minnesota State Convention... What is required? 13:08:51
Foreign Policy: Africa - Spiegel 13:07:10
NEW er Sticker, Shirt Sign, Idea! 13:06:10
Official ticker for the 10 million dollar California mega money bomb! 13:05:49 how! 12:57:34
4,700 Asteroids Want to Kill You 12:49:01
Hacking Democracy - the Hursti Hack 12:44:46
Russian researchers want to replace your physical body with a holographic avatar 12:44:17
Ron Paul, Adam Smith Push To End Indefinite Detention Of Americans 12:39:01
So the Republican Party is a Private Organization huh...! 12:38:17
To donate or to not donate 12:31:27
Facebook End the Fed event 12:29:02
US envoy to Israel: US ready to strike Iran 12:20:18
Enough is enough, time to show the GOP our numbers. 12:13:25
NEW er Sticker, Shirt Sign, Idea! 12:10:32
Just gave $500 to Ron Paul. 12:09:15
Ex-PATRIOT Act to be introduced 12:08:54
This is what is wrong with America 12:06:07
Another Good Topic on Romney's Shadow State Party 11:53:44
Only 2 incumbents defeated in Idaho 11:51:10
Fight On? Dr. Paul Doesn't Bluff 11:50:19
I got an interesting email from my county chairman 11:48:19
Rand on Facebook! Pushing for a full audit of the Federal Reserve 11:45:29
Drawing The Iron Curtain Shut 11:36:17
IF..You Think You are Beaten, You are... 11:21:32
Fund Colorado Delegates to the RNC 11:18:58
Why Obama and Romney Will Compete to be Cheerleaders for U.S. Imperial Dominance 11:16:06
Operation Squawk Bomb Is A Go! 11:15:38
So are we still trying to win the Texas Primary? 11:11:42
Video: Armed MQ-1 Predator drone quietly flying at low altitude over Elgin, Illinois 11:11:22
Sen. Rand Paul & Brian Doherty discuss Brian's New Book @ CATO, May 15th, 2012 11:10:49
Share The HTML Code For The Money Bomb Widget For Other Blogs. 11:10:42
So are we still trying to win the Texas Primary? 11:09:59
WHAT is going on? 10:59:48
Judge Rules NDAA Unconstitutional 10:48:03
British Prime Minister Thatcher's Last Speech before Leaving Office, Against the Central Bank 10:48:02
Screwed again 10:46:06
Does Dr. Paul regret running? 10:40:54
About Ron Paul & Supporters 10:39:37
Freedom Fest: An Email from the American Spectator 10:23:12
True RP News-Live from Michigan with Voice Chat 10:18:23
$ Heads Up! Ron Paul SuperPac Donor, Peter Thiel Is Selling Facebook $hare$ on IPO. Will Make Billions 10:16:54
15 Reasons to Love RAND Paul 10:09:14
(VIDEO) Panetta : "Obama Has Authority To Override Congress To Declare War" 10:03:51
Dear Caroline Kennedy: Throw your support behind Ron Paul (he tells the truth) 10:01:30
Priebus to speak at Michigan weekend convention 10:01:10
Businessmen and Businesswomen For Ron Paul: $10 Million Dollars California Money Bomb! 10:00:16
"Afghanistan demands $4.1 billion a year" 09:59:08
Final Victory is Certain. Part I 09:55:58
California Food Police Gone Wild : LA County Health Enforcers Conduct Door - To - Door Raw Milk Confiscation Operations 09:53:50
Screwed 09:49:47
Medical marijuana user in wheelchair asks Romney: 'Would you arrest me?' 09:46:42
Secondary effect of Delegate Strategy - Education 09:45:27
Are Ron Paul and Rand Paul...? 09:36:09
The Two Party System 09:35:00
The Ron Paul Revolution Is Calling You! 09:30:44
I didn't want to post this yet. Breaking NEWS: Ron Paul Winning Nomination (Either Way)! 09:28:00
Police brutality in SW Missouri 09:22:02
"Tea party, Paul victories no threat to GOP" 09:13:50
Ron Paul Fooled Us All; Donate $50 Quick! 09:08:59
The Coming Dragon! Watch this video, it is catastrophic! 09:07:30
Reality Check: Obama Executive Order Cracks Down On Rights of Americans Over Yemen? 09:00:53
Common Ingredient In Soft Drinks Causes Damage To Brain Function 08:57:03
VIDEO Last Night's Grassroots Video Chat 08:46:15
Senators to Unveil the ‘Ex-Patriot Act 08:38:16
"Weekend at Ronnie's", bit on Jimmy Kimmel 08:24:47
China is Already The World's #1 Economic Superpower - Perhaps Military Power Too 08:24:12
Love for Dr. Paul...please donate! 08:20:44
I Predict Ron Paul turned down VP request from Mitt 08:14:07
Bank Runs spread to Spain ... Black Swan ... and time to Bug out ? 07:51:25
CNN hits a new bottom! Lowest PRIMETIME rating in 15 years! 07:44:01
Bernie Sanders: Wall St will fund both Romney and Obama Campaign. Thats what they do ! 07:25:59
Doritos, Hummus and My Two Cents 07:19:56
Use the Democrat leaning papers and media 07:09:49
We need a pep talk! 06:52:32
"Ron Paul is a little candidate with a big problem." 06:37:38
Anticipated Dirty Tricks 06:36:01
The California r3VOLution Wave 06:33:05
The Real Question: "Will Americans Throw Off The Chains of 100 Years of Debt Slavery & Tax Bondage in 2012?" 06:30:56
NYT: "Romney Camp Tries to Limit Reporters’ Access, and Rope Line Ruckus Erupts" 10:02:24
AWESOMELY Designed Custom Kydex Holsters by a R3VOL Fmr. USMC Vet! Support Liberty Biz! 05:39:08
I wonder if or when 05:19:21
I Trust Dr. Ron Paul. 05:16:25
The death and resurrection of Ron Paul 04:50:50
The Gary Effect 04:33:17
Chipin for Two Minnesota Delegates for State Convention 04:24:01
Ron Paul Liberty money bomb 24 hour live audio and video chat room 03:50:30
OREGON Red Alert: you can still be a PCP or national delegate! 180 rule may not apply! 03:47:31
Help Give Obama A Loss In Arkansas 03:43:16
When Rand runs for president, he'll have my vote! 03:41:00
Yeah Money Bomb Ticker is up 03:33:08
Ron Paul video effects for you to use 03:18:14
Your Mission If You Choose To Accept It Up Vote 03:17:10
Young Americans would rather help Ron Paul's than Romney's people in campaign activism: #Harvard Poll 03:09:45
6-7 Billboards In Every County in the USA = Promoting the Entire Liberty Movement 02:56:16
MSM Radio Blitz Bomb!...? 02:43:23
Obama Budget: 99 Senators Against, 0 For 02:37:47
Dr. Paul, while you're in Washington, I suggest ... 02:06:55
Stand for what we all believe in,Stand for liberty 02:06:47
Delegates stolen in AZ. Where's the lawsuit ? 02:00:28
Obama Impeachment Bill Goes Viral! Tell Everyone! 01:42:06
Video: Drones in the US - "They do not know we can see them" 01:39:17
Amazon misprint -Ron Paul senator from Texas 01:29:39
Anyone good with producing videos and computer graphics? 01:23:50
Santorum's Speech at Texas GOP Convention Won't be Public 01:15:37
I know this would never happen but... 01:13:37
This is what we get for not speaking up soon enough. 01:07:39
Ron Paul/Romney=Obama sign wave 01:03:55
Ron Paul Grassroots has to take over the campaign 01:03:00
Emergency IP List and Pirate Connection Backup 01:00:12
This is a Big Deal in Texas-Midland Paper Not Endorsing Anyone 01:00:00
Video - 1982 - 'Funeral of Most Cherished Comrade' 00:59:11
White Flag Torn To Pieces 00:54:38
We are opposed to secret societies 00:45:49
We've all heard it before, but NOW it is time to hear it again.. 00:41:35
Has Ron Paul been 'Weekend at Bernies'? 00:40:49
Booing is NOT disrespectful 10:40:04
Rule 38 and delegates being subject to fines/penalties 00:11:48
D.E.A.’s Agents Join Counternarcotics Efforts in Honduras 00:03:20
Our future is Liberty Revolution 00:00:36