Posted on May 18, 2012

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WE are now the target of the Insiders. How do WE fight back? *Updated* 22:34:21
Friday Night Triple Header: Watch Minnesota, Michigan, Georgia 20:01:09
Michigan CD 1 & CD 8 Conventions Live Now, Link Below 7 Pm Est Start, Live Now, Split screens 18:52:38
Georgia GOP Convention 16:31:45
Update: Ron Paul Race Truck 10:18:51
2,190,825 Views: "Ron Paul: A New Hope" - Dare You Be Ron Paul? 08:57:52
We Won Maine with a 100% sweep! This is how we did it. 08:56:35
Ron Paul at the Texas Convention - June 7th 08:15:19
Ron Paul co-sponsors Obama Impeachment Bill 06:26:49
Ron Paul to lead breakout session at TX state convention. 15:37:17
RT Video Update: Meet the Rich Texan Twentysomething Bankrolling His Own Super PAC 23:08:43
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My question about television 23:52:37
"Racist" Ron Paul Sending Minorities to Tampa 23:32:33
michigan ustrem link - AVG detected a worm virus 23:31:58
South Carolina and Vermont State Conventions 23:31:45
Money Bombs...Can You Imagine When Our Dr. Paul Gets The Nomination? 23:21:32
The Levers 23:10:50
Ron Paul - The Man Who Belongs in the White House! 23:04:42
For those that know me... 23:01:37
I am just lost. 22:52:18
List of Demands to be Met by the GOP in Exchange for Our Support 22:51:16
Remember when Snickers used to cost 50 cents at the liquor store? 22:46:52
MI 1st Congressional District Reporting 22:39:46
VA 5th District Convention - Saturday, May 19th at 10am 22:39:34
Has the Bell Begun to Toll for the GOP? 22:38:26
TMOT: ❝A Nation On The Verge Of Casting Off The Chains❞ 22:30:17
Adam Kokesh Interviews Homeless Marine At Occupy DC. 22:27:18
Mitt Romney holds fundraiser with manufacturer of the Morning After Pill 22:22:11
'President Ron Paul' gets enthusiastic welcome from Minnesota GOP 22:11:04
Army Convoy Heading Towards NATO Summit As Chicago Law Enforcement Prepares For War With Protesters 22:10:31
Sweet Ron and Rand Paul Rap! 22:09:49
I think Romney is going to ask RP to be his VP 22:00:40
Georgia GOP state convention update 21:57:33
MICHIGAN update: Romney delegates are withdrawing their nominations. Why? 21:45:35
Humbled tonight by THIS Money Bomb. 21:35:22
Bamboozle the vote tomorrow Asbury Park NJ 21:26:52
Something Stinks: John Edwards And A Thirty Year Jail Term 21:26:36
Thoughts About Recent Campaign Events 21:19:32
Something Big is going down in district 11 21:18:40
If Paul loses, would you vote for Romney to beat Obama? 20:54:54
Dexterszyd reporting from the Michigan state convention. 20:48:39
When Is The Next GOP Debate? Paul Vs. Romney. Curious, Isnt It? They Want You To Vote, But Dont You Need To See Them Debate? 20:41:01
Quit Being Selfish Does It Matter If Ron Is In To Win Or Not? 20:39:49
It is much easier to rouse people 20:18:31
California Super Brochure Mailings are up: 172 delegates! 20:16:56
GOP State Convention Dates 20:03:01
Lindsey Williams talks about JP Morgan and the derivatives market 19:58:48
Live Michigan Stream! 19:37:05
Got my Mitt Shmitt w/photo in the mail today. 19:36:11
American August 19:35:08
Texas Senate Race: Ted Cruz Sounds Good, but ... 19:34:49
Kay Sieverding, and the true victims of indefinite detention 19:30:17
Forty million Japanese in 'extreme danger' of life-threatening radiation poisoning, mass evacuations likely 19:00:21
Bill To End Indefinite Detention Fails In House 18:55:56
"Americans Elect" Is Finished And Apparently Defunct 18:53:28
Attention California Voters: The deadline to register is May 21 To #VOTE #RonPaul you MUST register Republican! 18:49:43
My first Ron Paul video 18:49:16
Feds Threaten To Disrupt Summer Concerts (Seizing Instruments) 18:34:05
Initial report from MI convention 18:30:33
Ron Paul and the Bangkok rules 18:26:42
Kucinich tries to end U.S. drone attacks 18:26:33
MOVIE: 10 Steps to End America 18:13:59
Joseph Farah: Romney “most dangerous man in America . . . America’s toast.” 18:13:21
Assuming Romney gets the nom, who would you like to see be the VP? 18:11:59
_ 18:07:26
Virginia 10th CD Convention Tomorrow, anyone know the candidates? 18:02:47
US Finally Confirms Ground Campaign in Yemen - Another War Started? 17:46:55
An idea for Paul supporters to peacefully protest the RNC in Tampa: Don't clap! 17:46:08
Minnesota State Convention: Kurt Bills is Minnesota GOP Candidate for U.S. Senate 17:45:08
Anyone Can Create A Blog On Currant And It Goes Mainstream Search Do It For Paul! Positive News 17:24:18
I will not fall lock in step and support Romney 17:17:58
The Universe Setting the Count Down Begining Saturday 20th May 17:15:48
Ron Paul Endorsed by South Dakota State Rep. Jon Hansen 17:13:08
Texas for Freedom Rally and Music Festival LiVE Broadcast 17:05:33
Murder for fun and "morale": Shocking video of lethal Israeli attack on sleeping Palestinian prisoners 17:02:43
NATO Summit Chicago: Ustreams of NATO Summit Protests (all weekend) 16:56:44
The Ugly Side of Mitt, Shocking Video Footage 16:56:37
i 16:54:20
Pics: Lady Godiva Rides at California capitol 16:41:48
4-year-old Texas girl taken from parents and heavily drugged by Child Protective Services 16:40:15
We will face a tough decision in Tampa 16:31:10
Ron Paul at White Castle 16:29:29
Libertarian News: Jesse Benton Rakes in $585,616 from the Ron Paul Campaign 16:00:49
Ron Paul strategy: Control the GOP from the inside out 15:57:48
Just took a poll, Here are the results. 15:54:27
Uncorruptable - Ron Paul, New Song 15:51:03
JP Morgan, Silver manipulation, etc. 15:22:55
Us, Them and the GOP 15:15:00
Obama impeachment bill gaining steam 15:13:28
The campaign is failing big time (update) 15:09:49
You Inspire Me. I am Giving More Right Now $250. 15:00:24
Video Liberals Don't Want You to See: Empowered Black Women taking CCW Course, in Detroit! 14:56:32
Ron Paul strategy for Afghanistan and Libya 14:49:15
What is your recommendation in this financial scenario? 14:44:11
We All Pay When Banks Lose, Hence FDIC Insurance = You and Me 14:44:08
Live discussion of current campaign -Live GA Delegat Update - Money Bomb 14:44:02
Ron Paul is Much More Like Ronald Reagan Than Mitt Romney Wants You to Believe 14:42:37
Do you have your t-shirts yet? 14:40:30
Organic Watergate: Fed agencies allow GMOs in ‘USDA-certified organic’ 14:38:50
Bernie Sanders...he is one of my heroes too 14:37:41
Sick and tired of "Reagan was the bomb" and "Ron Paul is a whack job" 14:33:54
Iraq, Afghanistan vets to hand back medals at NATO summit 14:30:38
Best quote I have seen that fits the current uncertainty 14:27:34
Not Here To Play Nice 14:27:26
Justin asks "What Does Ron Paul Want?" 14:20:08
Where is the cash we hoarded for Texas and California? 14:18:21
What Ron Paul Might Have Said 14:12:20
RT: Congress opens door for US war with Iran 14:12:16
DELEGATES - MUST read: Official Confirmation Of FEC Rules Governing Delegate Fundraising (No, You Can't Take $ From Foreigners) 14:10:07
Adam Kokesh interview with Jon Fye, Candidate for Colorado HD53 13:52:43
Jesse Benton - Keep it up! 13:52:38
Romney repudiated what he said, even though he cannot remember his stance, he stands by it 13:46:01
Livestream for Minnesota 13:43:21
NDAA Indefinite Detention Roll Call Vote / How did your Rep vote? 13:38:23
Republican Party 13:28:40
Any news on this weekend's State Conventions? 13:24:44
Welcome back movement, you are amazingly resilient! 18:03:09
Why not share all offshore bank account info, Willard? Complete tax disclosure Too! 13:02:14
CNN - "The site has blocked you from posting new comments." 12:57:10
Is Breitbarts intel slowly leaking out 12:51:30
Strategy: It's Been A Bad Week! 12:46:55
Surely "Team Nevada" is a Massive Rule 11 Violation? 12:45:41
Caught On Tape: Vote Fraud By Government Officials! 12:44:32
What Does Ron Paul Want?, by Justin Raimondo 12:40:27
In Arizona, Corruption and Incompetence on a Breathtaking Scale! 12:38:47
Rand Paul is a Grateful Dead fan 12:30:43
FBI wants a wire-tap-friendly 'back door' to all internet providers 12:22:54
Arizona Secretary of State Threatens To Remove Obama From Ballot 12:22:22
What Ron Paul did with his announcement 12:21:15
Romney's claim to job creation vs. Obama's loss of jobs 12:11:42
Romanian Fast Food Tax 12:09:21
Evidence Obama Born In Kenya Goes Beyond 1991 Brochure 12:07:17
Rand to release new book on 9/11 about government abuse. 12:04:09
Michigan CD 1 and CD8 Convention live Stream 11:57:48
There are some people you just can't get through to. 11:48:57
TMOT: Ron Paul Has Something In The Works, Stay Focused! 11:39:29
Botched DEA Raid Leaves 2 Pregnant Women, 2 Men Dead 11:31:35
Is Kokesh a Kook? 11:27:28
Volunteer for the 2012 Texas GOP State Convention 11:18:17
Iceland did it! 11:18:05
Ron Paul to speak at the Texas GOP Convention 11:16:59
DYNAMITE! Banking giant HSBC 'a criminal enterprise' *vid* 11:04:32
Double Down! 10:52:47
URGENT! Last day to apply for PCO Washington State 10:47:46
A Notice 10:45:48
Msg to GOP senate/house candidates - want to keep/gain your seat? 10:41:30
The Rest of the Story on Romney's Tax statements...since it is after the filing date and all 10:39:19
When Dr. Paul was campaigning hard, the media ignored him. Now that they THINK he's 10:07:14
Irony: The Minnesota GOP could look more like Jesse Ventura's party than Tim Pawlenty's 10:05:58
Good news...Bye, Bye American Pie 10:04:19
A Campaign Is A Phase Of A War Involving A Series Of Operations 09:59:09
Paper gold & silver Ponzi exposed - Technical analysis 09:48:30
You Be The Artist 09:33:09
Video: NOT "De Facto," we ARE a PoliceState! Thugs raid Activists' Homes w/out Warrant ahead of NATO Summit! 09:31:52
Advice for a TX voter is needed! 09:27:54
Quiz To See If You Are A True Ron Paul Supporter 09:24:43
Our Forefathers Sacrificed Much More: Have Some Guts! 09:23:46
Apathy Will be our Undoing 09:06:36
How I "got Ron Paul's back", last night. 09:05:14
Back into the Bunker 08:50:00
12 yr old Victoria Grant explains how banks commit fraud. 08:49:14
Killer Video: "I Am America" (Are You?") 08:32:58
Ron Paul FLIX Daily News - May 17 2012 - MoneyBomb - WE are the CAMPAIGN! 08:32:29
15 Crucial Facts NEVER Heard On The Mainstream Media 08:32:10
5/18 - Michigan's State Convention - Live Broadcast / UStream Info 08:28:55
New Video: "The Light of Revolution" Music by Jordan Page 08:23:51
Ron Paul may be practicing this tactic regarding those in his campaign. 08:19:06
Despite the Economy this is Just Awesome! 08:15:31
Ron Paul's Secret Weapon - Your Phone! 08:08:35
Police Persist in Attempts to Shut Down Ron Paul Rally 08:06:32
Dana Milbank: Rand Paul's cynical budget 07:39:32
Japan: A nuclear nation... Arrested... 07:35:16
Michigan State Convention opens tonight 07:31:25
To the booers and the dismayed 17:23:25
G8 summit: Obama to announce $3bn in private aid funding 07:18:40
What happened to No One But Paul? 06:31:11
RonPaulFlix Israel Anderson: Jesse Benton decides NOTHING, Rule 38 NOT relevant 06:04:55
Criticism Of The Campaign Is NOT Necessarily Defeatism 05:57:32
Let's roll out Operation BooBird? 05:35:48
Ron Paul supporters will flex muscles at Minn. GOP convention 05:26:36
*Old* Ron Paul campaign facing serious money problems 05:00:18
Former Freedom Watch Producer Austin Petersen Slams Ron Paul’s National Campaign 04:23:16
A Look At Ron Paul's Appeal With Youth 03:55:16
Let us not be Children of the Grave 03:43:55
. 03:39:57
Ustream Idea For Conventions 03:32:55
Romney to Ron Paul: Quit the Race, or Else! 03:21:47
Tom Woods - Ron Paul is Isaiah. We are the remnant. 03:07:31
What's the strategy for California? 03:07:14
Mitt Obamney poster! 03:03:16
No news from Iceland?… why? 02:56:43
Hours Left! Tell Congress To Fix The NDAA 02:33:24
What Does Ron Paul Want? by Justin Raimondo 02:28:43
Ron Paul Billboard visible from the I10 in San Bernardino 02:07:30
Sens. McCain, Kyl, Graham, Ayotte issue treasonous statement for NDAA. Arrest Them. 01:55:45
new video The Beatles Ron Paul Revolution 01:50:32
Prayer for Ron Paul 01:36:35
Mitt Romney is already trying to throw the November election... 01:35:05
This Video Fires Me Up! Hell Yeah, I Needed Something Like This 01:34:54
Adam Kokesh Accuses Jesse Benton of Cheating During Broadcast of AVTM 01:30:17
Update on my Congressional run 01:26:17
Az Gop Delegate List Posted - I think... 01:15:35
Congress Votes Down New Amendment 01:05:47
FBI Domestic Terrorism Operations Unit Introduction to Sovereign Citizens 01:00:08
Victoria Grant - Use the force dear girl. Epic Much? 00:52:33
PST! Treasury bonds selling like hot potatoes 00:49:59
GA Republican Party State Convertion 00:30:33
TX - Voting Question 00:30:25
Where is the debate between the two gop presidential candidates? remaining candidates always debate,why is there no debate ? 00:30:01
Independent Voter Network: "Ron Paul and Political Mavericks: Why Party Establishments Oppose Them" 00:22:11
Now American August - Slaves Rise Up! 00:18:29
The American Reformation Has Begun, Ron Paul the Modern Day Martin Luther 00:12:07
Possibly the longest Ron Paul banner in the world right here in Los Angeles! 00:06:55
Press Release from Clark County Rep Party this afternoon 00:06:44
Delegates determing local candidates and local platforms. 00:06:11
Adam Kokesh: How Ron Paul can still win the nomination 09:43:10