Posted on May 19, 2012

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RT News: Ron Paul going full force to Republican National Convention 09:55:54
Vermont Convention Live 09:31:00
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3 Men Charged with Terror Conspiracy Ahead of NATO 23:46:50
GA State Convention: Section N of the Call For 2012 Georgia conventions 23:44:24
How important is Rule 38 to the RNC in August? 23:35:54
Delegate Discussion With Parliamentarian Dr. Steve Parent Live Now At 23:24:46
Star Tribune (MN): "Paul power takes over state GOP convention" 23:24:09
☛Ron Paul Is Destroying The Status Quo! Total Upset Underway 23:22:13
Texas used to be a one party State-Democrat. Democrats helped form the GOP here 23:06:57
VERY educational Ron Paul video 22:55:41
chemtrails 22:48:03
U.S. False Flag Likely May 20-31, 2012 22:39:57
Attn Delegates: Operation Stealth-Some tips for blending in 22:34:31
"I'll Have Another" Wins Preakness Stakes - Triple Crown Race Declared Over 22:29:52
Action or Reaction? 22:29:11
Kurt Bills in MN and Ron Paul needs your help! *video* 22:29:04
Neocon gets it! Romney finished! 22:26:12
I just saw something interesting on my twitter feed 22:21:00
Very Funny Cartoon - Reagan vs. Obama : Social Economics 101,.. It's Very Good! .No One Left Out 22:13:26
Safeguard All Evidence of Deceit and Fraud 22:12:01
Ron Paul staging mini-uprisings at Friday night congressional district caucuses 22:11:33
Turkish Gold Sales to Iran Soar as Sanctions Bite into US Dollar's Role as Reserve Currency 22:02:27
Goldman Sachs accidentally releases damning documents 21:59:06
Video: TMOT aka Minister Derrick Grayson reflects on GA State Convention - May 19, 2012 21:56:42
Michigan State Republican Convention - 9th District Caucus - Videos 21:44:03
Billionaire Bets On Paul - An NPR Article 21:39:32
Curious property/real estate/architecture question 21:36:08
We owe a big thank you to Bill O'Reilly and Fox News for helping us take over the GOP 21:23:15
Timcast-u Stream-chicago-happening Now: Why I Support Ron Paul 21:22:57
Dont you folks worry about Early Voting? 21:20:41
NDAA Victory 21:14:14
So, It is President Ron Paul, Vice President Andrew Napolitano 21:07:35
Ode to a Troll. 20:51:38
California - Double Check Your Voter Registration Status 20:38:55
Ron Paul Wins Minnesota State Convention 20:17:04
In his eyes I saw - a Warrior! 20:15:01
Let's Not Get Paranoid about Secrecy 20:13:36
deeper insights on Liberty 20:10:18
Blind Chinese Activist Arrives in the USA 20:08:08
Did Peter Thiel just donate again? 20:07:47
Refusing A Search- Funny Outcome! 19:41:30
I just came back from early voting in Texas 19:32:14
Paul Festival August 24-26. Is This For Real? Can Someone Confirm? 19:31:55
Anti-Agenda 21 Legislation in NC 19:17:13
Help Us Gain Ballot Access in Illinois & Then Run This TV Ad 19:12:53
"Really an update" update from South Carolina 19:07:21
AP Headline: Ron Paul Supporters DOMINATE Minnesota GOP Convention 19:05:26
This is us! - Paul's Supporters 19:05:04
Video of GOP stronghold in Mississippi 18:51:49
To post or not to post: that is the question. 18:45:26
To 'Now' Romney loving Bachmann (MN) & McCain (AZ). 18:30:27
Romney Wanted a Donation. He Got A Piece Of My Mind. 18:23:11
Here Is How To Really Piss Off Ol' Mitt 18:22:39
Ron Paul race truck at track 18:22:04
Any Word On South Carolina? 18:07:01
*Edited. 18:06:39
Currency Collapse Dynamics 18:05:21
One question every Romney supporter should be taken to task on. 17:58:14
UPDATE from the GA Convention 17:57:20
Ron Paul Endorsed By Jon Hansen 17:43:25
Romney ads on Daily Paul? I know, Google Ad, but it's just so wrong! 17:42:18
Self Revolution 17:41:41
I just got this from the GOP website. 17:39:50
Urgent: Grassroots Activists Needed For Invite for Dr. Paul To KY Gop State Convention! 17:29:07
Minnesota Convention And Georgia Convention Split Screen With Video And Audio Plus Chat, Live Now 17:16:17
Loose Lips Sink Ships: Silence Is Golden 17:08:21
Full Scale Purge of Paul Delegates? My ASS! 16:52:42
how far can felony laws go? 16:51:19
Is there a list or can someone create a list of all the state delegate victories? 16:50:07
Townhall Ad. VP pick. 16:44:01
Extremely optimistic hopefully true delegate count from LG 16:43:09
I guess we don't have to wonder how this woman feels about Mittens :) 16:36:23
Texas Is Ron Paul Country! 16:29:36
The times-they-are-a-changin (Bachmann almost loses to Paul supporter) 16:18:17
Remember to Get Names, Phones, Emails, etc! 16:17:26
WE Need to pressure the RNC 16:15:58
The Doug Wead Blog 16:01:48
Congressmen Seek Legalize Propaganda on Americans 15:53:22
32/37 RP delegates from Minnesota! 15:48:36
The true delegate count and a question 15:45:33
Minn Convention 12/13 Delegates 13/13 alts for Paul 15:44:44
Ron Paul Just Took 12 of the Remaining 13 Delegates in MN 15:44:26
Clean Sweep in Minnesota reported from ustream live stream! 15:37:29
The Gop 15:30:45
Doug Wead: Michigan Shocker! Ron Paul picks up more delegates 15:13:37
MN: Ron Paul Delegates defeated? 15:04:43
Amazing! Milton Friedman On Why Drugs Should Be Legalized 14:44:38
Cursing – Does it Hinder the Cause for Liberty? 14:24:22
So after RP gets the nomination at RNC, thoughts on Christie as our VP? 14:12:12
Pat Buchanan's brilliant answer to Glenn Beck on Ron Paul's foreign policy 14:11:34
Keep your eyes on the prize *video 13:58:54
Can you see it now? Debate: Dr. Paul vs. Obama 13:56:50
FBI Counterespionage File: The Weizmann Institute of Science - Can You Spell T-R-E-A-S-O-N by US Leaders? 13:54:37
Take Some Action 13:54:03
Kucinich Calls NDAA Authorization for Iran War 13:46:22
More dirty tricks from the GOP. 13:43:45
Judge Strikes Down NDAA, Rules Obama MUST Obey Constitution 13:41:21
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Line to shake Paul's hand filled two hallways and a flight of stairs 13:39:46
Ron Headlining Texas Convention! 13:31:24
Jack Hunter: Ron Paul’s Endgame? 13:29:24
Holding Rand to a higher standard. 13:25:17
At least 8 delegates / 10 alt. in Mich. ( and some pay back for '08) 13:16:00
Sneak Peak Preview - Fantastic Ron Paul Movie Project! 13:15:59
Like Wilburforce? 13:11:23
Let's think up some new ideas for the revolution! 12:52:09
New Obama Exec Order 12:51:36
Ha Ha Ha... They can hear us now. Check out the Politico front page... 12:44:29
Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds praises Ron Paul 12:43:11
Best Weekend Watch! Assume The Position: History Is Based On A True Story 12:19:31
Jesse Ventura talks about his lawsuit against TSA 11:53:33
U.S. Constitution, Amendment 14, Section 3 - Cleaning out the houses for Dr. Paul 11:50:10
Set Your Delegates Free - Santorum & Gingrich 11:39:35
Mini MoneyBomb for North Dakota Liberty Candidate 11:32:48
With Eye On Future, Billionaire Investor Bets On Paul... 11:30:02
Ron Paul backers continue 2012 revolution 11:26:02
*Iowa GOP Money Bomb* - Baby shower for the RPI 11:25:19
Mississippi GOP Convention Updates 11:23:57
Could Ron Paul actually win South Dakota? 11:17:24
The Greek Crisis: Is It Ultimately the Fault of Goldman Sachs? 11:08:53
The Light of Revolution 11:06:12
Would the VP spot be helpful or harmful for the revolution in the GOP. 11:04:13
Give us our $36,000,000 back: summary judgement against the vote riggers 10:51:33
Looks good in GA. Getting live updates. Mitt's peeps no show 10:49:47
Big Peace Blog at Breitbart talks Paul 10:25:46
Cointelpro did a good job on a lot of us. Now that we're back, Let's Win this thing! 10:25:12
MN Stream plus bonus 1 min clip of Dr. Ron Paul himself this morning! 10:14:28
We are making them show their hand! Gaining transparency! 10:13:47
Million Dollar Money BomB. 10:06:38
Michigan Delegates post district results here. 09:37:56
Woot Shirt: "Who Told You I Was Paranoid? Was It the Government?" 09:20:16
Smoky Mountains National Park - A UN "World Heritage" and "Biosphere Reserve" 09:04:07
Gary Johnson: We Can’t Depend on the Elite Media 07:54:28
18 Signs That The Banking Crisis In Europe Has Just Gone From Bad To Worse 07:10:03
Michigan schedule of events and live video stream covering events of 5/19/2012 07:03:49
Meet Diana and Greg, Leaders of the Ron Paul Revolution in Spain - Revolucion del Amor 06:47:16
Another Arm Of The Revolution, What we face in Tampa ? 06:44:39
Harvard To Be Tried for Research Fraud 06:35:11
Obama Kenyan Connection Evidence (you can has link-repositorie) 06:32:43
Meet Diana and Greg, Leaders of the Ron Paul Revolution in Spain 06:29:24
'Policing For Profit' ? 06:22:57
Romney is spooked CHICKEN with chicken-tail between his legs 06:03:05
Romney Is Fraudster King Of Crony Capitalism 05:52:37
Congress May Reverse Ban On Domestic Distribution Of Propaganda Material 05:25:31
Explosive Gun Battle: Brothers In Arms 05:06:54
"Man's mind,once stretched by a new idea,never regains its original dimensions." _Oliver Wendell Holmes US author 04:17:53
ANOTHER Ron Paul Warning comes True: the same Border Fence can keep us in! Capital Control IS People Control! 04:06:28
A Call To Field Candidates for Office. 03:57:27
Ron Paul co-sponsors Obama impeachment bill 03:41:17
Unseen Ben Swann interview 03:05:02
☛ Do you have balls big enough to stand up for Liberty on ALL fronts? Even Ron Paul voted against the Adam Walsh Act! 02:42:50
Tom Woods puts Rand Paul on the spot on dad's campaign & bizarre Texas endorsement 12:33:04
Reality Check, Special Half-Hour Edition; All Episodes in Order 02:25:08
Ron Paul's influence big on GOP delegate at state convention 02:11:11
GOP of MS Banned Cameras During State Convention Tomorrow! Advice Needed. 01:44:53
Michigan cd4 results 01:41:03
The Drones are already over US Skies [in this faked video] 01:33:46
URGENT:The Lost Videos From The Live Moneybomb Event Only On Youtube. Tmot, Superdave, Mary And Cary, Josh Tolley 01:29:42
Guys...Wow As I Sit Here Thinking...The Pieces Are All Starting To Fall Into Place...This Is Huge! Read This and Get Chills 01:13:17
Interesting front page headline from one of Ruperts Rags.."Sydney's Daily Telegraph newspaper" 01:11:51
What is the source of all happiness? 01:07:53
Not really an update update: Hubby and Me: Both on the Ballot Tomorrow in SC 01:01:46
Beware false flag attack on Chicago NATO Summit by US War Criminals 00:40:55
Not Just Republicans Disenfranchising Voters And Delegates 00:31:25
Minnesota Convention Chants "President Paul" 10:55:27