Posted on May 21, 2012

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Have you read Ben Swann's bio? 23:26:09
Video Message from Ron Paul on Continuing the Delegate Strategy 22:50:30
Video Update: Newt Gingrich on the Hannity radio show recognized the Ron Paul movement ... 19:41:38
Major Tea Party Announcement in NJ! 17:43:09
Ron "Paul Fest" Gains More Celebrities! Country Stars Burns and Poe Make Huge Announcement! 19:19:49
Awesome Article and Video! Ron Paul wins Minnesota and takes on Romney on his home turf ! 12:41:35
Doug Wead: Romney Fraud at Arizona GOP convention 10:43:06
CS Monitor: Ron Paul 'bloodless coup' in Minnesota takes most delegates. 09:09:13
Billionaire Investor Bets On Paul 07:24:15
Ideas For the Post-Campaign Future 19:12:20
South Dakota for Liberty operation is up and running! 19:14:17
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Will Ron Paul Force Mitt Romney Into a Debate? 23:52:43
Letter of intent for national delegate Nebraska May 25th 23:41:47
Three NATO Activists Charged with Terror Plot After Posting Video of Police Harassment 23:40:03
Correcting the "Ron Paul is Anti Israel" claim 23:27:23
Mitt Romney ad on Daily Paul, What? 23:20:44
2013 NDAA, H.R. 4310 still not absolutely clear about U.S. Citizen Detention. 23:15:20
I had a Dream 23:14:58
Collateral Murder - Wikileaks - Iraq 23:07:42
Please stop with the Ron Paul attacks and Gary Johnson "Endorsments" Please! 23:04:57
Smoke Screen 2012 23:02:08
Most Inspiring Paul Video Ever? Social media video bomb... 22:55:34
Comedian Sam Tripoli supports Ron Paul 22:48:34
JP Morgan’s Regulatory Arbitrage of turning Financial Loss into Political Profit *vid* 22:44:43
Liberty Candidate in New Jersey - Ernesto Cullari NJ6 22:43:13
C-SPAN.ORG. - (Video) Sen. Rand Paul & "Ron Paul's Revolution" - Author on 2012 Presidential Race 22:42:02
One Man, One Big Army! 22:28:49
Liberty and Justice for All 22:25:24
Bono Smugly Declares 'We Need More Aid' And Only The 'Brain-Dead' Disagree (VIDEO) 22:16:19
Pick the VP 22:10:39
Ron Paul Revolution 22:09:44
Arizona convention thuggery Detail video 22:09:39
Shep Smith, Judge Napolitano Go Off On Feds For ‘Trampling Our Liberty’ With NATO Summit Arrests 22:08:45
Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media 22:07:45
Drone Photos and Drone Crew Photos (High Res Pics) 22:07:32
The Benefits Of A College Education 22:06:24
Exclusive: U.S. lets China bypass Wall Street for Treasury orders 22:04:13
POLL: How much would Dr. Paul raise if... 21:55:22
Watch Sean Hannity with me! (video) 21:52:35
China Is Drowning In Excess Commodities And Canceling Orders Left And Right 21:52:28
David Rockefeller Gets Told Off 21:48:56
General Election Advertising Campaign 21:46:34
Who Is Sheriff Richard Mack and Why Is He Running for Congress? 21:42:22
We Are Not Taking Over The GOP 21:41:55
Video - Ron Paul - Running As Independent? 21:36:55
<Select California Precincts to Mail Super Brochures!> 21:23:40
Overton Window 21:13:41
★ TODAY May 22nd is the LAST day to become a Delegate in ILLINOIS. Hurry, we need all of you to help with this. 21:12:16
Can you believe Romney's people haven't noticed this? 21:11:14
Some oldies but goodies 21:08:18
Ron Paul Forming His Own Party as Obama and Romney Join Forces 20:59:45
Banner Bomb Anyone? 20:50:53
The Colorado conventions. Includes evidence of Romney campaign fraud and passion from Liberty lovers in CO. 20:30:57
Sign Wars 20:29:20
Are State Parties Bound by Tampa Convention? 20:29:20
My tax Idea 20:15:28
One way to talk Paul up with those you don't know 20:14:51
Winning Delegates 3 At A Time - Last Chance E-Mail Campaign Updated 20:07:35
Will it be Johnson/Paul 2012? (Subliminal shout out to Ron Paul in a new ad from Gary Johnson) 20:03:22
Arkansas Primary Results LIVE: Can Ron Paul Win Delegates In The South? 19:58:02
Can Anti-establishment Republicans Give the GOP a Senate Majority? 19:49:16
Lyndon Larouche: America Is Now In The Greatest Crisis In It's History 19:47:10
What about innocent Americans imprisoned under the GWOT? 19:44:18
Attn recent & perspective graduates: 19:43:08
Here's how you do a delegate count! 19:37:28
Peace is Cheaper - Great New Video Ad from Gary Johnson 19:32:40
Peter Thiel 19:27:55
Any chance of getting Ron Paul on a "Live On Air Google Hangout" like Richard Branson just did? 19:25:49
Guess Who Can See Texas From Her House? 19:23:07
Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media 18:57:28
Romney Working With Super PAC? Isn't That Illegal? 18:33:12
Are Homo Sapiens an Endangered Species? 18:30:57
Another one bites the dust: NJ Tea Party Rebukes Others for Turning To... Ron Paul. 18:25:08
Youth for Ron Paul School Announcement 18:22:39
Better of 2 equals? 18:20:36
Not sure how to answer this question when talking to Non-Libertarians 18:14:12
Tillmann - What If (Words by Ron Paul) 17:59:38
Customer Shocked “Allocated” Gold Not in Swiss Bank 17:51:51
Do this and we win California. 17:48:12
Video from the Arizona GOP Convention May 12th 2012 17:47:43
Social Media Troll Campaigns Say Ron Paul Out of Race and Politics! Stop the Lies! 17:39:46
Lawsuit - Time to take the gloves off 17:32:57
What is the "magic number" of stealth delegates? 17:32:49
Judge Napolitano and Shep Smith: Federal Government 'Is Trampling On Our Liberty' 17:27:28
Worst Drinking Game Ever 17:23:52
We didn't come this far to play nice to the corrupt GOP! We're here to win! PERIOD! What do you think? 17:19:03
Bin Laden died 6 years ago, says CIA ex-agent 17:16:40
Just Switched From Democrat To Republican In California 17:12:40
Going away from the offensive and towards the just - Dear Dr. Paul... 17:10:56
Delegate Selection Process 17:00:34
Perhaps we need a new battle cry 16:44:52
Bipartisan Congressional Bill Would Authorize the Use of Propaganda On Americans Living Inside America 16:42:49
SATIRE: Ron Paul Forming His Own Party as Obama and Romney Join Forces 16:41:27
2 more arrested on terror, explosives charges in Chicago during NATO protests 16:41:21
Are we as strong as Goldwater or Reagan? Thats the real question. 16:39:05
Michigan...County Conventions are August 16. Prepare! 16:30:46
Romney, you will NEVER be POTUS, here is why! 16:24:41
Romney sweeps Utah by getting all 40 delegates? 16:21:54
cc the DHS, NSA, CIA, and FBI on all of your emails 16:20:00
After NDAA Amendment, Indefinite Detention Still the Law! Time to throw out about two-thirds of Congress! 16:16:19
Rasmussen Poll Shows Paul Taking More Obama Supporters Than Romney 16:14:32
The Real 2012 Delegate Count Website: TheReal2012DelegateCount 16:08:52
Bipartisan Congressional Bill Would Authorize the Use of Propaganda On Americans Living Inside America 16:01:26
Herman Cain Has a Revolutionary New Idea?... A 21st Century Gold Standard. 15:55:03
U.S. lets China bypass Wall Street for Treasury orders 15:52:26
Jesse Benton's $586,616 15:42:49
Jack Hunter: Ron Paul’s Movement Can Make GOP Consistently Conservative 15:40:12
Mitt Romney Releases First General Election Ad 15:31:30
New Brian Doherty blog follows book, campaign 15:26:04
New Ad from Gary Johnson Campaign Sneaks in Ron Paul Plug 15:25:36
Easy way to explain Sound Money 15:12:25
URGENT: In #CA 3 hours left to register Republican to vote #RonPaul in the June 5 GOP primaries! 15:08:26
Video: Review Time! Stop the Trickeration! 15:02:56
☛ Step By Step Guide On How To Become A Delegate In OREGON! There Still May Be Vacancies To Become A Delegate. Find Out Here 14:58:01
Thank You Dr Paul We Love You - President Paul 2012 14:56:13
What's Driving the Eurozone Bank Run? 14:55:39
Fukushima? 14:52:25
Real or fake coin? 14:47:29
RNC Rule 37 Section (b) Or How We Will Win The 2012 RNC Convention Nomination 14:40:55
Watch The Vote is looking for this guy to get an Affidavit from him 14:38:20
Legal Council for the RNC Jennifer Sheehan's letter to Nancy Lord (Utah committeewoman) regarding unit rule 14:37:47
Blatant Bias Against Ron Paul From LA Times. Astounding. He Doesn't Exist Apparently 14:31:04
Why Peter Thiel gave 2.5 million to Dr. Paul 14:29:27
Americans Want Smaller Govt., Fewer Services, & Lower Taxes 14:25:16
My Email to "Libertarian" radio talk show host Billy Cunningham 14:22:19
Got this on my facebook about Arizona-Update 14:21:14
"This one's for the Ron Paul Revolutionaries!: 14:17:15
Corruption in Arizona - active perps and perpetrators by omission 14:13:28
Brokered Convention still possible? 14:13:05
NATO. "1984" Revisited. When "War is Peace" 14:03:27
My own country going down the tube 14:02:22
Calling all attorneys: Can you help? Where are you from? Please provide your credentials. 13:58:15
For the masses 13:58:06
NATO Protesters Held Without Charge in Chicago, After Police Raid without arrest warrant 13:55:05
Actual Delegate Totals (Best Case Scenario) 5/21/12 13:46:13
Breaking: Cardinal Of N.Y., Cardinal Of D.C., Notre Dame, and 40 Other Catholic Dioceses And Organizations SUE Obama Admin.! 13:44:05
HSBC System Fault Sparks UK Credit card Freeze 13:43:15
In search of active West Virginia RP supporters. 13:42:42
door to door confiscations of raw milk 13:42:00
A 12 year old knows the truth! Do You? 13:15:37
Pledge of Allegiance unbinds delegates 13:04:53
Mark Rushdoony on Inflation as Larceny in the Heart *vid* 13:00:57
Ron Paul’s Final Money Bomb Fails To Break Million Mark – Why? 12:57:20
Ron Paul banner over I-64 in KY 12:56:06
Legalize the Constitution 12:42:01
To all the MSM and Romney camp 12:35:20
Thousands March With Veterans for Peace at Chicago NATO Summit 12:29:31
Run for Political Office and Republican Party Positions 12:28:39
OK, It's Monday 12:19:32
Addressing the TENSION, and Delegate comradery ... my way ;) 12:12:15
Arizona Grass Roots 12:07:17
I Want to give help to a neighbor who is losing her house. 12:04:49
Veterans Discard Medals at Nato Summit 11:58:00
Daily silver/gold coin use 11:51:19
Minnesota Liberty Minded Individuals Provide Secret Service Protection for Ron Paul... Check it out! 11:50:56
Plans for MASSIVE military spending increases. Did no one tell US Politicians why the USSR collapsed 11:43:16
Passionate delegate speech (must see!) 11:41:22
George Soros Endorses Mitt Romney 11:36:54
How the Fed Steals, Obama Conspiracies, Dwayne Wade = Mitt Romney, and More! 11:28:05
TODAY is the last day in CA to register Republican for Ron Paul 11:25:59
More claims that Paul has dropped out 11:19:38
Another poll, results 11:02:18
TMOT Drive Time - Romney winning is actually worse than an Obama Re-election 10:35:24
(Video) Obama : The Groomed From Birth Dictator 10:24:46
Free Competition to Humiliate Obama 10:20:07 - Fact Sheet: Chicago Summit – NATO Capabilities 10:17:39
Finally some mainstream coverage!-CBS 10:16:29
Still not a peep: JP Morgan Accused of Manipulation of Poland's Equity Markets 10:05:36
A consensus on the top 10 Alt. Media “True News Sites”? 10:03:21
TRUTH 09:55:08
Ron Paul will lead the way! 09:53:25
The Top 50 Excuses For Not Prepping 09:49:39
Red Alert! Obama Is Being Outted Bigtime! This Is A Must See! 09:49:32
Still Vacancies For 30+ Alternates in Johnson County Texas, Get In There! 09:44:28
"Votes For Chairty" new website launch: 09:41:30
What is the best font to use when posting on the DP? 09:38:49
9 Republicans vie to succeed Ron Paul in US House 09:37:44
Caucus or convention in which Mittens did NOT cheat yet? 09:30:56
America Screwed-up Big Time In 2008. Will She Do It Again? 09:26:05
Romney is just another NWO Shill - Here is your Proof 09:25:33
Missouri lawmakers debate U.S. gold, silver coins use as legal tender 09:17:54
This is really funny 09:16:52
I just came around to Dr. Paul's position on foreign aid 08:59:17
Teacher Yells At Student: Criminal Offense To Criticize Obama (Audio) 08:56:30
Jim Cramer Is Predicting Bank Runs In Spain And Italy 08:55:04
The Real Delagate Count 08:50:32
Paul's facebook count has increased lately 08:43:04
Ronpaulvotecount.Org Credit Due & Update - Local Breakdown - Future Goals 08:37:01
Help out a liberty candidate that has Pauls full support!*video* 08:33:51
Big Ag, Monsanto take over research universities... 08:16:47
New Ron Paul Video: Unite 4 Peace! 07:46:53
Robin Koerner on Blue Republicans and Why Ron Paul Remains the Hope for the US's Future 07:31:16
Facebook Ron Paul status update art to share 07:26:45
☛ Step By Step Guide On How To Become A Delegate In TEXAS! There Still May Be Vacancies To Become A Delegate. Find Out Here 07:23:23
♣ Step By Step Guide On How To Become A Delegate In New Mexico! There Still May Be Vacancies To Become A Delegate. Find Out Here 06:59:45
Ronpaulswag.Com Are Thieves! Do Not Order From Them! 06:19:40
☛ Step by Step guide on how to become a Delegate in ARKANSAS. There still may be vacancies to become a delegate. Find out here 06:17:50
Something I Just Figured Out About Facebook... They Hate It When You Friend People You Don't Know. 05:22:58
New Video - Freedom (Ron Paul) 05:12:20
Moving Forward, This Election Needs To Be About Trust 04:40:13
Ron Paul Is Winning And Here Is The Proof! 04:34:53
Link: APs Romney vs Paul Delegate Count Sucks Lemons 03:43:40
Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban 03:27:34
Impeach Obama for High War Crimes- Need co-sponsors in the house! 03:03:41
A vote in Nebraska for Dr. Paul 02:22:27
*VIDEO* National Committeeman message to both Paulites and Romulans 01:57:21
New California E-Mail and Flyer - If This Doesn't Help, Nothing Will 01:55:42
Strategy to Chip Away at Romney supporters 01:52:41
Fmr Senator from Az. Karen Johnson supports Ron Paul (video) 01:25:36
Robin Koerner on Blue Republicans and Why Ron Paul Remains the Hope for the US's Future 01:20:37
Parallels with Star Wars. 01:16:39
Kentucky Hit Piece just before Vote 01:14:44
Dr. Ron Paul wake up call 01:13:19
VIDEO: Georgia GOP State Convention cancels delegate interviews at the last minute: 5/18/12 01:12:16
WHY Would Any Woman Vote For A Mormon? 01:00:19
For Cheer: Teachers Prank Students :) 00:50:49
Spot a Felony, Swat Some Flies 00:29:44
Cheesecake: Does it Hinder the cause of Liberty? 00:25:55
MISSION:Texas Delegates Must Apply To Go To Tampa Here! 00:23:23
5/20/12 Peter Thiel on 60 Minutes: Ron Paul Worth Every Cent of Investment 00:22:40
Lou Dobbs:'I don’t know where the national media was in 2008. I don’t know where it is now.' 00:15:58
Fans Yell "Ron Paul" At The Byron Nelson Golf Tournament Today - A Stroke For Liberty! 00:06:39
Politico: The Ron Paul Revolution Rolls On! 09:41:36