Posted on May 24, 2012

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Rhode Island Elected A Ron Paul Delegate To The RNC Platform Committee! 23:05:38
Sioux Falls South Dakota city councillor States "a Vote for Ron Paul will prove South Dakotans still believe in liberty! 18:56:17
Five Nevada R.I.N.O.s Gave Up Last Night. 15:56:56
Well Well Well... Guess who saved an American Cargo ship from Pirates? 14:37:09
Media Blackout As Obama Appoints First Ever Assassination Czar 12:22:46
RARE 1989 Video! Dr. Paul speaking @ Libertarian Party State Chairs Meeting: Reflections on '88 Pres. Race 22:00:15
*Updated* Massachusetts GOP Denies The Will Of The People; Rules Provisional Ballots Won't Be Counted 08:15:34
Watch and Learn: What America Has Become 07:18:00
Ben Swann vs. Obama's AfPak Lies, & Covers Vets' "Medals over the Fence" Protest @ Chicago NATO Summit! 01:29:14
Penn Jillette on Hannity talking Ron Paul, GJ, and libertarian philosophy. (Video) 00:34:07
Thank You! The Biggest Prize, California: Super Brochures Will Start Arriving Today! 20:46:39
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Thomas Paine: Liberty Tree 23:58:46
Hypothetical Presidential candidates. Give me your top three. 23:51:29
Last years deficit was really $5,000,000,000,000. Must read. 23:48:56
US Senator Rand Paul offers surprise amendment to rein in FDA abuses, disarm the FDA, decriminalize free speech 23:48:18
The Evil Machine Takes You 23:40:52
Texas Car Ad bomb 23:36:58
Ron Paul Democrat? 23:36:31
Dr. Ron Paul may very well be the ONLY Peace President in the USA's entire history 23:30:52
Liberty Candidates Need Your Help! 23:30:13
Detectives find record haul of fake coins worth £4.1million in freight container 23:27:44
Tampa Special Forces Training 23:20:32
If it's our freedom they hate then who is winning? ARTWORK 23:19:08
We Are Celestial Soldiers 23:03:49
Two WWII Himalayan "Hump Airmen" Found After Crashing 70 Years Ago 23:00:24
Can You be Fined if You’re a Romney Delegate but Vote for Ron Paul? 22:54:43
Personal Check: "To Republican Party for facility rental fees" 22:39:49
21 Year-Old Ron Paul Backer Creates $1.3M Super-Pac! 22:39:30
Ron Paul. Right on foreign policy. Right for America. ARTWORK 22:32:34
Payback Is Hell. Russia Today: High Priced Celebrities Cannot Save The Mainstream Media 22:19:03
Romney Woos Senator Paul 22:18:33
Why Was Freedom Watch Cancelled? The Producer Answers 22:08:25
Rand Paul Is No Ron Paul: Effectively Endorses Romney on TV (Video) 21:58:21
Did any of you see that "Morning Joe" jerk on The View this morning? 21:55:27
Montana? 21:53:48
NYPD officer to suspect: ‘My (you know what) will go in your mouth’ 21:51:32
This is a great time to be living in! 21:47:44
Garrett Discusses New Fifth District; Would Like Romney to Listen to Ron Paul | 21:42:02
A Look at Our Future: Scary and Hopeful 21:23:06
What Happens If Mitt Romney Gets Charged With A Crime? 21:21:34
Ron Paul supporters roil Clark County, Nevada, GOP 21:13:10
Barack Obama and Marco Rubio: Groomed by the establishment 21:06:04
Shells - a poem for our veterans 21:05:07
Seen a Romney sticker lately? 21:04:31
Good Cop, Bad Cop 20:53:54
Protest votes 20:50:06
Here’s Today’s Department of Defense Contract Awards 20:47:32
Romney Subgate; Class "I" (eye not 1) Felony; a call to Ronbots everywhere 20:44:42
The Tree Of Knowledge (Terence McKenna) 20:32:49
For the 1st Time, # of Unemployed Who Attended College Outnumber Those Who Didn’t 20:22:19
Rand Paul Email Asks us to Sign "Audit The Fed" Petition... 20:11:26
Is Germany Next? Investors Flee Madrid's CDS For Berlin 20:02:34
Ron Paul Vs. Police State, USA 19:51:28
Ron Paul Revolution - Can't Stop the Truth 19:46:16
Friend and I argue over Paul vs Romney... Guess who wins! 19:20:18
Stand Tall with Ron Paul in Tampa! 19:14:05
URGENT: We must stop Romney from getting California delegates, now! Mail Super Brochures. 19:13:28
The Boiler Room discussing Ron Paul (MSNBC) 19:05:02
PaulStock? or Political Integrity Fest? 19:03:36
IMPORTANT: Deadline For "Intention" To Become a Delegate in Nebraska ends May 25th 18:53:40
Ron Paul Racecar! 18:38:18
My senator's remarks to my email to him about LOST(Law of the Sea Treaty) 18:36:50
How the FDA Eliminates jobs, small food producers & farmers, quality foods, high-level health. and Liberty 18:35:00
Big Brother Coming to Small Town America 18:33:35
Delegate Candidate from MA here (w/ provisional ballots) 18:32:18
The Powers That Be Are Trying To Extinguish the Flames of Liberty at Its Source 18:13:32
Oklahoma for Ron Paul Music Video (Re-Release) 18:11:42
Iraq Vet Shoots Himself In The Head And Survives! WOW 18:07:47
Truely one of the BEST videos I've seen yet 18:03:25
Claim: US Undercover Agents Brought Down Russia's New Superjet: a Claim Which Killed 45 17:36:34
Attention Delegates: Read Usc 42 Section 1971 on Voting Rights (Below) 17:30:06
As Promised, "Watch and Learn: What America Has Become" Transcribed by My Wife 17:24:30
For anyone who knows a US Serviceman either active or inactive or retired... 17:23:28
Daily Caller - The Great Gun Giveaway 17:15:49
Let's put aside discussion about Rand for now. There are more pressing matters 17:02:25
Founder of Jews for Ron Paul Walter Block, PhD - Why Obama/Romney is a Curse to America 17:00:03
The Weekly Standard acknowledges the liberty movement 16:56:48
Rony 2012 16:48:25
Tune in tonight at 9PM EST for Talking Liberty w/ Tracy Diaz! Special Guests Austin Petersen and Steve Parent! 16:44:26
Not sure if its been posted here but its 1 of my favorites. 16:41:27
Do you live in Woodford County, IL? Do you have a pulse? 16:41:05
New Jersey people 16:34:07
Make Sure NYS Sen. Thomas O’Mara Never Gets ReElected 16:29:10
Over 1.8 million videos, what happened? 16:27:02
Scary Flesh Eating Bacteria Question 16:17:02
An Unreasonable Man 16:10:57
RIAA Sues Defunct Limewire For $72 Trillion 16:10:21
Qadoshyah And Suriyah Fish On Ronpaulradio.Com Live Now And 5 Pm Est On Ronpaultribune.Com Voice Chat Room 16:10:05
Sen. Rand Paul Urges Senate to Vote to End the FDA's Abuse of Power - 5/24/12 16:09:16
Ben Swann Reality Check On The Truth About Our Delegate Numbers And Unbound Status 16:03:31
I am not young, I am a Paul supporter! 15:55:10
Texas Delegation to the National Convention doesn't actually vote the first ballot 15:55:05
Pennsylvania State Constable Proposes Anti-NDAA Resolution 15:52:21
Clarke County vacancies - need a job? 15:50:10
Red Alert! Law Of The Sea Treaty Hearing On Cspan Now! 15:41:11
Sad news, but somewhat true 15:33:13
\ 15:32:14
Polls: Obama Leads Romney In Key Swing States Florida, Ohio And Virginia. Bye Bye Mitt! 15:26:47
First Glimpse from new World-Class Ron Paul Commercial 15:10:33
Neocons Assail Possible Compromise on Iran Talks 15:08:07
When are people gonna realize there one in the same! Republicrats 15:07:36
FDA accused of mass homicide of one million Americans each decade 14:58:53
Rombama 2012 14:58:20
Check This Out! Learn To Produce Your Own Healthy Food & Goods For A Fraction Of The Cost Of Store Bought 14:37:40
Support for TX Delegate 14:31:23
Blatant Corruption Exposed as EU Blocks France’s Ban on Monsanto’s GMO Maize 14:19:34
Benewah County, Idaho GOP Shenanigans 14:09:30
Romney Education Plan 14:03:46
Peter Schiff: The Worst Has Yet To Come 14:01:46
Businessman sentenced to three years in federal prison for helping Iraqi family members during sanctions 13:30:10
Occupy the Beach for Ron Paul! - ƎVO˩VE Ep03 13:29:52
Frontline On MF Global's Six Billion Dollar Bet *vid* 13:22:58
★ Attention to anyone who still wants to become a delegate for the INDIANA state convention in June 13:16:07
Our Insanely Big $1 Trillion National Security Budget 13:06:54
Article on Paul Festival 2012 13:03:47
Project Veritas: Investigates Voter Fraud 13:00:21
Ohioans: URGENT! Call Your State Rep: Vote NO on SB 305 - Hidden Compartments in Vehicles 12:56:01
MA Delegate Candidate here... 12:53:29
Mystery Health Care Group Funneled Millions to Conservative Nonprofits 12:48:57
Why We Must Elect Mitt Romney! 12:38:25
Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones 12:30:15
If You Want to Win the Next Time 12:19:03
Secret prisons in the USA: A current controversy 12:08:59
Bilderberg Operative Pushes Mandatory Internet ID for Europe *vid* 11:51:17
VIDEO: Brian Doherty on 'Ron Paul's Revolution' at CATO 11:23:45
George W. Bush Indicted For War Crimes, The Verdict Of The Kuala Lumpur War Tribunal 11:15:56
Rony2012 11:08:05
Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to End the FDA's Insane Police Powers 10:48:32
My wife said she will transcribe the video from "What America Has Become : Watch and Learn" 10:43:04
Mass Delegates, Please Read! 10:40:48
Trump to Newsmax: I'm Mulling Own Super PAC to Defeat Obama. 10:40:17
The Economist: Buying insurgency 10:38:49
Audio: RP endorsed Sen. Candidate Kurt Bills interviewed on MN Public Radio - May 24, 2012 10:29:51
Rand Paul practically endorses Mitt Romney... sigh 12:27:15
Obama or Romney, the Lesser of Two Evils? 10:26:13
DP vs RPF 10:22:15
You must listen to this video... 09:50:10
Obama or Romney, the Lesser of Two Evils? 09:50:06
Money Bombs 09:45:59
Political Site Rankings: Liberty Sites VS Main Stream Sites 09:27:41
if you are obsessed with RP... 09:25:19
Bilderberg: Elitism on Steroids 09:12:05
Internet Freedom Fighters Build a Shadow Web 09:09:24
Judge Napolitano: What If We Have Only Memories of Freedom? 08:55:27
Rony 2012 08:54:17
Ron Paul Pulls a Hamstring! 08:53:36
Ron Paul: Too Late To Apologize: A Declaration 08:51:37
A tale of blowback from petty thievery 08:36:17
Under Obama: 30 Worst Months of Employment in the Past 25 Years 08:30:59
URGENT: We must prevent election fraud in Texas - action plan 08:25:58
Sheriff Richard Mack 08:17:11
Great News From anti Ron Paul E-Mail 08:09:39
Ron Paul - Bad Dream ~Video with Metallica 08:08:28
I fully expect the Convention to be cancelled 08:01:06
kentucky voted 40% against obama 07:58:38
Re Facebook IPO Fiasco 07:55:37
Obama, Romney and Goldman Sachs - 2012 07:55:21
★ Today's Laissez-Faire Links! | | 5.24.12 ★ 07:50:55
Please, wake up America. 07:19:31
We should look into having these guys play at paul fest! 06:52:50
Click On My Name 06:50:22
. 05:07:29
I have seen the wicked in great power 04:16:25
Spain 'Discovers' 28 Billion in Debt 04:10:02
My First DP Birthday 03:39:19
Senate to Reconsider Law of the Sea Treaty Today 03:38:16
Texas Primary May 29 - The Name Of The Game 03:26:38
Is there really no place to discuss religion... 03:16:42
Reality Check: Liberty Movement Taking Over GOP 03:02:38
New York lawmakers propose bill to ban anonymous online speech 02:55:22
Transportation To The PaulFest in Tampa 02:47:40
online Poker Software 02:47:04
Elected to the Caucus Chair? Sorry that means you have to pay rent if you support Ron Paul! 02:43:22
R3volution really hitting some nerves... 02:22:11
Can you tell the difference? 02:00:32
RONY 2012! The video is finally here! 01:24:28
Montana - Cascade County Convention 01:20:17
Obamas DHS Surveils Legit Protesters 00:58:39
What Really Goes On In Iraq - Iraq Veterans Against The War 00:54:49
The Gary effect, continued 00:40:32
Just for old times sake.. 00:18:28
NEW! Liberty For All RP Networking Site For Texans 00:10:53
Adam vs. The Man: Ron Paul Delegate Analysis w/Don Rasmussen 08:52:11
Ban GOP Shadow Party Organizations? 11:01:23