Posted on May 25, 2012

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Founder of Jews for Ron Paul Walter Block, PhD - Why Obama/Romney is a Curse to America and Israel 19:31:19
Update On Groundbreaking Ron Paul Revolution Commercial 16:57:11
Lawyers Confirm All Delegates Are Unbound! 15:38:00
Ron Paul's push for full Fed audit slated for House vote 15:11:24
Poll: 93% have favorable view of Ron Paul 13:29:23
Ben Swann Reality Check: Is Georgia GOP Against NDAA Indefinite Detention or Not? 05:41:02
Massachusetts Delegate Challenge in District 5 18:44:10
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Ron Paul Revolution - Real Change 23:51:40
Arizona situation... 23:42:39
Ron Paul debates Stephen Baldwin on Legalizing Marijuana on CNN Larry King 2009 23:36:21
Ron Paul Revolution Will Not Die! 23:33:32
Balance or Surplus? 23:19:27
IMPORTANT: Just because the RNC is a "private" organization...does NOT make it exempt from federal and state laws. 23:16:50
Lacy Hunt - The Bang Point 23:03:24
Romney thinks bigger is better 23:03:01
Tavis Smiley Questions Minister Louis Farrakhan On President Barack Obama 22:48:28
The Security Strategy For Conventions 22:46:48
The Heritage of Israel 22:45:03
Ron Paul Versus Multiple Mitt 22:43:34
Lawyer For RP Jerry Davis Confirms What Steve Parent Has Been Saying All Along! 22:24:36
Senators Propose Federal Standards for Egg-Laying Hens 22:11:31
Ohio GOP Chair Fell Asleep @ Wheel - Take The Wheel! 21:48:58
Liberty Candidate to Challenge Sean Duffy in WI 21:44:19
New Russian ICBM Said To “Outwit” NATO’s “Bottlerocket Defense” 21:42:30
Alan Simpson pens scathing letter to 'greedy geezers' retiree group 21:30:24
Fort Worth Texas - Need Ron Paul Signs ! 21:18:53
Could You Get By on a ROI of 1,000% a Year, 25,000%, 77,000%? 21:07:43
The overlooked results of the rallies at UCLA, A&M, Madison, Davis, Chico, Berkeley etc. 21:06:30
Update: 12/20 Video ~Honor Student Supporting Siblings ~Arrested~ For Being Too Exhausted For School 20:59:33
★ Ok, The Illinois Gop Is Starting To Piss Me Off. They Extend The Deadline To Register As A Delegate For A 5th Time! 20:57:45
*URGENT* : What Matt Larson, Ben Swann And Attorneys For Ron Paul Didn't Tell You 20:55:37
Are Military & Veteran Entitlements a Right? 20:55:15
GA State Convention apparently not so swell as district 3? 20:47:29
Ken Rudin gives a good assessment of the Ron Paul candidacy 20:44:19
A Big YIKES! The Risk inside your credit card *2 vids* 20:35:57
FBI secretly creating Internet Police? 20:25:02
Could A Ron Paul Presidency Prevent A World Economic Collapse? 20:24:15
Derivatives bailout? 20:23:43
Do you know who Larry Wilkerson is? 20:01:59
June Calendar 20:01:07
Taxpayers Now Stand Behind Derivatives Clearinghouses 19:44:48
Mitt Romney & Ron Paul - One Last Debate! 19:43:41
How alex jones and his idiocy hurts this movement 19:35:28
VP Nomination At The Convention 19:29:37
To All Texans, Mitt Romney is no Friend to Gun Owners 19:25:15
What is the liberty movement about? My observations about recent rhetoric here on the Daily Paul LIBERTY forum. 19:21:30
Financial Derivatives are not new - tales from the 1830's 19:18:02
Ex head ofBrazil's Central Bank tells how they sorted their problems 19:10:28
District Attorney Covers Up Romney Felony Case With Fake Investigation 19:01:12
Does anyone want to buy 1 Oz. of Gold? 18:47:42
National Delegation- Explained? 18:46:50
As we approach Memorial Day, 2012, it is still Ron Paul as the choice for Veterans & Active Duty military. 18:39:43
How to get people to understand 18:39:16
May 25, 2012..Important Anniversary 18:34:08
How to Spot a Rand Concern Troll 18:29:17
Q and A With California House Candidate Christopher David, a "Ron Paul Republican" 18:23:56
Gold, silver and Hollywood accounting 18:03:47
Rush Limbaugh: We went to war for capitalism (omits mentioning WMDs or terrorism) 17:51:00
Milton Friedman- The Robin Hood Myth 17:49:44
A different strategy - Radio Shows 17:49:00
Liberty for All Super PAC to make major announcement this Monday! 17:46:03
Clean plentiful energy! THORIUM The blanks filled in 17:42:51
Is there a Rob from Greenville SC 17:33:00
Ron Paul Delegates Targeted By Government: 2008 17:28:00
Adelson will support Romney, despite saying 'he's like Obama' 17:25:57
!* Techno Chicken * ! 17:19:53
A practical way to support a Ron Paul 16:58:14
Australians Face Huge Fines For Speaking Ill Of New Carbon Tax 16:58:07
Need patriots from the the 37th Legislative District, Kentucky 16:29:04
NWO Rag Celebrates Lack of Difference Between Obama and Romney Foreign Policy 16:28:20
Ron Paul's push for full Fed audit slated for House vote 16:22:19
What to expect at the Texas State Convention 16:19:13
Better get out the shovel...this sh@t is getting deep! 16:19:05
Bank Runs, Obama Birth Certificate woes, and Hillary's antics all cause for False Flag Alarms? 16:07:50
A Memorial Day Ron Paul Message for You to Share 15:54:38
Judicial Watch and voter fraud investigations 15:53:50
BEWARE anyone asking for Social Security number for RNC credientials 15:41:48
Washington State Delegate/Alternate Training Schedule... 15:40:40
An Intellectual and Spiritual 9/11 15:35:22
JW Obtains Obama Administration Records Detailing Meetings with bin Laden Movie Filmmakers 15:30:41
I am sorry, but this is the truth, you still have to be stealth! 15:25:44
Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Cleared in Sandwich Giveaway (Subgate) 15:20:42
Obama Hires Assassination Czar For US Citizens 15:19:18
Swiss franc peg called into question 15:15:13
Kill Cispa! Take 5 Steps To Kill Cispa And Save Privacy! 15:02:43
Blast from the Past: Make Mine Freedom, Too! *vid* 14:47:00
Ugh! Is Romney really thinking about having Rand as VP, would Rand even accept the VP offer ... 14:37:46
Titanic Ron Paul Romney Obama 14:30:23
Geometric Progression: How We Get The Liberty Message Into The Public Consciousness 14:28:59
Ron Paul Supporters need Help! 14:27:50
Will Romney have undercover provocatuers in Tampa? 14:26:18
Would you like to donate $ to send Delegates to Tampa, FL? 14:13:35
random thought 14:12:33
History of Iran 14:07:38
What's the probability something comes out on Obama & Romney making them damaged goods before the GOP convention? Ron's waiting! 13:54:32
"The Geenback Merely the Best-looking Horse on Its Way to the Glue Factory" 13:48:20
Justin Raimondo: Phony 'negotiations' with Iran are meant to fail 13:46:00
For the Children 13:38:13
Who do they think we are, animals?! 13:31:15
Sorry, but Gary Johnson is NOT a Ron Paul! Have you ever seen ten thousand people at a Gary Johnson college rally! NO! 13:29:30
Statistical Proof of Voter Fraud 13:13:41
★ Deadline to become a delegate in OREGON is Thursday May 31st 2012. This thread explains how. 13:11:58
Don't Ever Give Up..It Is Going to Take Time 13:07:07
I have a state coin that "looks" silver, any ideas? 12:59:30
The Thread Thread 12:59:09
Child Protective Services is destroying lives and families *vid* 12:44:29
Spanish Banks - NEED bailouts 12:39:21
Fed Audit bill will get vote in House this July 12:34:02
Think I'm moving over to Johnson 12:27:20
No Lie, I had a Dream 12:21:36
Question on becoming a Texas delegate 12:14:17
China and AMC 12:01:23
Chris Hedges "Brace Yourself! The American Empire Is Over & The Descent Is Going To Be Horrifying!" 12:00:05
Illusion of Choice Graphic 11:56:59
So I ran into my Congressman 11:54:45
Why Won't President Obama Support Our Right To 'Choom' A Doobie Like He Did? - MEDIAITE 11:44:51
Excellent Favorable Article: "Top 4 Obama Myths You Probably didn't know you bought" 11:22:38
Texas- Needs 88 More "At-Large-Delegates" To The National Convention. √ DeadLine 31 May 11:18:21
Not a single Democrat voted in favor of ending FDA raids on raw milk farmers 11:10:10
For some reason the Illinois GOP extends the deadline to register as a Delegate for a 4th time 10:56:45
VIDEO: Memorial Day Tribute for Church Use (or other)... 10:54:28
New Romney ad? 10:52:16
Ron Paul wins illinois straw poll! 10:38:21
Where is Dr. Paul? 10:35:40
Just had to Shout it 10:23:40
Maybe This Is The Reason For All The Confusion Lately 10:19:45
Dr. Afridi's 33 yr sentence, US Blood money would combine Ron Paul's definition of National Security with the traditional defini 10:14:09
Still a Few Free Ron Paul Car Stickers Left 10:12:36
NDAA Is War On The People - Stuart Rhodes Video 10:12:27
Any conventions scheduled for this weekend? 10:06:11
CISPA goes undercover for Senate Vote, named Cybersecurity Act 2012, action needed! 09:55:37
On Memorial Day Weekend, America Reckons With Torture 09:47:01
Ron Paul Is Destroying Mitt Romney! 09:22:33
All Zuckered Up! The Facebook Saga 09:07:39
Facebook Short Sellers Swarm, Sending Brokers Scrambling 08:59:03
Google Trends : Fear Of Bank Runs Hits All Time High For Americans 08:51:23
★ Videos: Tom Woods, Jeff Tucker, Walter Block, and Murray Rothbard | | 5.25.12 ★ 08:39:57
Ron Paul Phone From Home 08:38:38
The First Non-Conspiracy Conspiracy Film 08:24:24
Romney is a Democrat 08:22:59
US Senate Eyes 'Largest Aid Package' Ever for Israel Blessed by Obama 07:49:55
Dear Willard Mitt Romney, 07:35:41
The Reporter: The Once and Future Ron Paul 07:05:47
CNN Hits A 20-Year Primetime Ratings Low 06:04:41
When the Aqua Buddha Shows Up Again? 05:51:51
Nominate Ron Paul to be a CNN hero 05:27:09
I think we need go further than the Republican party, We must infiltrate the Left...Robin Koerner do you hear me? hear me out 05:26:42
Greenspan Admits To Rampant Fraud & Illegal Activity In U.S. Banking System... 04:48:17
Governors Race 04:41:05
The 15 Senators Who Voted to Stop Armed FDA Agents and Warrantless Raids 04:34:55
Where is Michael Moore now ? 04:33:39
Dr. Afridi Must be Defended Somehow Without Cosigning US Bankruptcy 04:22:46
Summer of 2012 04:15:41
Signs 4 Ron Paul Money Bomb! 03:54:40
Students for Ron Paul: Help get a CNN Paul-Romney debate 03:43:38
Please follow the example of Thomas Massie! 03:31:44 the end near? 03:14:58
Ron Paul leads ‘revolution of ideas’ 03:08:21
Fort Worth TEXAS - Share a Hotel Room 03:06:04
Help send me to California so I can win Dr. Paul some more national delegates! 03:00:07
Starting the Libertarian Party was a Huge Strategic Mistake 02:46:24
Drop out of college and start fighting Agenda 21. NOW. (I wish I was joking) 02:34:33
If You Meet The Buddha On The Road... 01:50:38
Fantastic Ron Paul Video 01:25:13
Senator Rand Paul Fights To End The Fda Police State On The Floor Of The Senate 01:21:36
Ron Paul patriot: Meet FDNY's Chris who woke up after 9/11 01:19:57
Reflections On The Ga Gop Convention 01:16:09
Is there any way to make a job out of this? 01:15:49
66 German Police Take Off Their Helmets, Badges & Marched With the Protest Clearing the Way for Them. 01:14:06
RT: Democrats revolt against Obama over TPP 01:09:59
Trolls effectively endorse trolling 01:07:35
Corie Whalen, Republican Liberty Caucus: "Ted Cruz can Unite the Right" 01:05:08
Support Constitutional Candidate Kiran Hill Nevada CD4 00:56:59
Why do this in Tampa? Are they that scared of us? 00:51:53
Not Here - Rumi 00:41:05
Rony 2012 The Movement (new video response) 00:35:24
Is Rand endorsing Romney? 00:26:11
ajax 00:20:24
Darkest Days Just Before Dawn Arrives... 00:18:37
The establishment is really scared. 00:13:43
Reality Check: Is Georgia GOP Against NDAA Indefinite Detention or Not? 00:12:47